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Eastern Bloc Mentality

I just watched a video and read an article on BBC about orphanages in Ukraine where they (the state) put disabled children that are then stuck there until they die basically, some of them live there until they are adults. In misery. This is nothing new. I remember watching specials on TV about this same issue when I still lived in Sweden. Footage of children rocking back and forth clad in soiled diapers and a dirty oversized t-shirt confined to wooden beds. Screaming, crying with nobody paying attention to them. I recall watching footage from Ukraine and Romania. This is a typical Eastern Bloc mentality, stuffing away the disabled in institutions and let them suffer slowly until death. Extremely inhumane but this is how things were done in those countries and still are done. My Mom used to say that she did not see handicapped or mentally ill people in Poland when she lived there. Yea.....cause they were put away somewhere, hidden from society. That's why.
Who is responsible for a child after the child is born? The parents or the state? Abortion is illegal in Poland for example. I do not know what the abortion laws are in other former Eastern Bloc countries. But one would think that these poor suffering children and adults would had been better off aborted than put here to live life like that. That is their reality, their reality every day and night while so many of us are oblivious to the suffering felt by countless of humans in various states of misery all over the world. Is it better to give birth to a child no matter what? Even if the child is severely disabled? Even if you have no intentions to provide that child with love, care, food, attention and your time for as long as you live? Cause you are a parent for as long as you live, that human you decided to create did not ask to be put here on earth. That was your selfish decision to create another life, therefore you are responsible. All the children that suffer in the hands of "parents" that abuse them, molest them, beat them to death - is that quality of life to live that way? I read about those children in the news almost every day. Was it better that they lived their short lives in fear and pain? Or had it been better to abort them as fetuses? Or even better not allowed the scum that produced them to be able to have children in the first place? I believe in prohibiting the right to reproduce for men and women that are unfit to care for a child. How that would be decided and implemented I am not sure but if I was in charge I am sure that I would be able to decide on that pretty quick.
I read that about 1 in 4 of homeless people were in foster care but I actually think it is more. How many abused and neglected children will turn to drugs to cope with the pain, try to self medicate in order to feel better inside for a fleeting moment? How do you expect those children to grow up and be that contributing responsible tax payer that the government wants us to be? Cause in the end that is what we are.......chattel.
I can't stand righteous fake religious folks preaching about God and abortion and forcing others to suffer through unsafe pregnancies, rape and duress due to their narrow minded thinking. If men were the ones carrying a child for about 9 months and were stuck with doing most the parenting the tables would be turned. I can guarantee that. Abortion until the last day of the trimester? No problem. That is if men were the ones facing the burden of pregnancy and child care.
This planet is overpopulated. I don't care what Elon Musk and Nick Cannon have to say on that issue because they are clearly delusional and so are the women that choose to have children with them but no better way than to secure a life in leisure than to reproduce with a wealthy man right? But then again, can you blame the women that pick a wealthy sperm donor? Like that young woman in China said over a decade ago, "I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle."
Had I been in charge Elon and Nick would be sterilized already, so not impressed by their attempts to save the planet from underpopulation, according to them. I wish media would stop showing Nick's ugly mug period and the equally dumb looking Instagram thirsty wanna be celeb women that squeeze out his crotch spawns.
The decision to have a child should be the most important decision of your life, also the decision on who to create that child with. But for many it is something that just happens......pregnancy just happens and then you kind of just hope for the best. I think it is safe to say that at least half of the humans that reproduce have no business doing so in the first place.
Whatever. And I have to wonder.....WHO wants to put children onto this planet today anyways? The state of society is rather alarming on many levels. I dislike humanity. I feel truly bad for the innocent.
The children and the animals.
In case you want to read the article, here is the link. Again, this is nothing new. Not much have changed in Ukraine on how they care for children in orphanages since I watched footage on this exact issue as a child myself. If I had Elon's billions the children and the animals would benefit from the money.


It is going to be a hot day today here in Portland. The heat is here for this whole week. I went to the store earlier so I don't have to be outside anymore today until it cools off which will be later in the evening.
I have been eating spicy food lately. I love this hot pepper sauce from Trader Joe's.

My plans for the rest of the week......a bunch of boring but necessary adulting stuff. I am not overly excited about that. I have a to do list that I will slowly tick off items on. I guess I will have to force myself to start on that sometimes later today.
On Sunday I have to go out towards Mount Hood to take care of some stuff.
That is Mount Hood in the rearview mirror from last week when I was there.

So no Pet Pack for me this upcoming Sunday but I was there this past Sunday. My friend Mario finds all kinds of cute stuff for me. The last time I saw him he gave me this super cute ring. Does that mean that I am engaged?

And now I am going to have breakfast.

Soft White Underbelly

I went looking for the moon on July 13 when it was full. I thought I had pinpointed a spot where it would rise.....and I waited and waited. Looked at the clock. Well, no moon. I glanced over to the right and there it was, in between the tree branches. I was disappointed because I was hoping to see it rise above Portland. It was the biggest and brightest super moon of the year after all! Maybe next full moon I will get it right.

It has been absolutely gorgeous out. I am loving it.
I tried a Margherita from Trader Joe's the other day. Not bad. Only $5, if I recall it right.

One of my fave ice creams. Cherry was my first dancer name by the way. And please do not ask dancers whether their name is their real name or not. It is their real name right then and there, even if it isn't technically, OK? People have nicknames, some people do not like the name they were given and use another, others have a middle name they use, some pick a different name and make it theirs. You do not know the situation so do not make snarky assumptions. Like men don't lie about all kinds of things by the way.....LOL. Way more serious lies than a name. I have many stories to tell on that subject.
Maybe another time.

So I have been very busy lately. I am working on an assignment and it is rather intense. Hence not a lot of blogging.
Therefore I want to tell you about a YouTube channel that has hours and hours of interesting stuff on it that you can entertain yourself with in between waiting for new blogs from me. I discovered this YouTube channel a few years ago, I saw it mentioned somewhere and remembered the rather unusual name and looked it up.
Soft White Underbelly. There is a lot to say about it but I really do not know how to describe it. I find it extremely interesting and can spend hours immersing myself into all the life stories.

Shinzo Abe

Last night I read that Shinzo Abe got shot and I was like this is not happening? Not him? Why? I was hoping he would get care and pull through but no I woke up today to the news that Shinzo Abe passed. Very sad. He had a very sweet, nice and kind demeanor. A kind face and kind eyes, I really liked him. It is terrible what happened.
When he resigned almost two years ago (August 2020) by his own choice due to health reasons I felt that many other world leaders in that position would had not stepped down and instead selfishly held on to their position no matter what. But Mr. Abe was bigger than that, he resigned for the better good of the country and the people he was serving. Truly admirable.
The Japanese people seem above the rest of us in many ways, more evolved somehow.
Since Sapporo (in Japan) is one of Portland's sister cities......and Portland is known as the City of Roses, here are some roses for Shinzo Abe.

The Day After Independence Day

It is July 5th, the day after Independence Day. I stayed at home last night. I have no need to see any more fireworks, I think I have seen enough for the rest of my life. I am completely OK with not seeing another firework display ever again. I heard them though, going off somewhere out there.
Plus after what happened yesterday in Chicago where seven innocent people watching a parade were executed and many other injured, that sort of thing takes away any kind of reason to celebrate. One child lost both parents. This world is sick, well humans are sick. Poor children and poor animals, how they suffer because of the fools that saturate this earth. Adult human beings are truly vile. I am disgusted with so much.
These shooting that have been happening are sickening. It is almost easier to just scroll past it, until it happens too close to home, until it happens to somebody near and dear.
Yesterday I went for a walk in the forest and enjoyed the sun shining through the beautiful trees.

Stopped and saw a pretty flower growing happily by itself.

Last night before I fell asleep I read about Vincent Van Gogh's life and this evening I found a documentary about him (Van Gogh: Of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies) and I sat in bed and watched it and cried. What a tragic life and what beauty he left behind.
On July 21 1882 he wrote....."What I want and set as my goal is damn difficult, and yet I don't believe I'm aiming too high, whether in figures, or in landscapes, I would like to express not something sentimentally melancholic but deep sorrow. In short I want to reach the point when people say of my work, "That man feels deeply and that man feels subtly". Despite my so-called coarseness, perhaps precisely because of it. What am I in the eyes of most people? A non-entity, or an oddity, or a disagreeable person, someone who has and will have, no position in society. In short, a little lower than the lowest. Very well, assuming that everything indeed is like that. Then through my work, I'd like to show what there is in the heart of such an oddity and such a nobody."
I feel that deep inside. And that is all I have to share this evening. Feeling sad and have a restlessness in my chest.

Today's Awww

Today's awwww moment was when I got to hold this little baby for a moment during Pet Pack. So cute! Awwwww....

Went for a walk later.....this looked like something out of a fairy tale.

I don't know if you have heard of CERN. And if you have I don't know your thoughts on it but I am moving my crystals tonight from their place in the living room to next to my bed. Just because.
And speaking of bed, I am in bed. I am tired so goodnight.