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Fashion Show

A few months ago.....back in August I think? Maybe end of July....I can't recall exactly.
But anyhow, a few months ago I walked in a fashion show. Initially it was supposed to be a couple of shows but the designer I walked for withdrew from Portland Fashion Week and opted to only participate in the last show of the week at a mansion located on a golf course outside of Portland. Nice location.
I arrived and had hair and make up done. And when I saw the result of the make up I was NOT happy. I looked better when I arrived with NO make up on. It was pretty bad, I looked like a white geisha (fitting for Halloween actually). That would be the best way to describe it. So I had to endure looking like this for the rest of the evening. Quelle horreur!

Hair was pretty bad too.

Racks of clothes.

And some pictures. TropiCouture by Suzanne B is the brand. Nice stuff.

Quiet Week

I've had a quiet week so far. No work all week until tomorrow. I volunteered Thursday and had a London Fog latte.

I did not do much besides that and eat and sleep and it felt so nice. Thinking back of the two shutdowns last year that lasted about three months each time - I ate, slept, read, walked a lot, watched random stuff on Netflix and it was good. I kind of want another three month shutdown. I don't like having to do stuff and having to be places that are work related. I have been reading about the 'Great Resignation' and I totally get it.
Made a large pot of soup, the second one this week.

Briefly thought about going somewhere this evening but decided not to. I am going to continue relaxing on the couch, reading until I decide it is time for bed.

Stress And Sadness

I have been through lots of stress lately and feeling sadness, sadness related to the stress and also unrelated to the stress. BUT the stress is over. And it was one of the worst experiences that I dealt with so far and it was because of other people, not me. Just more proof that (some) people are shitty people.
Anyhow.....I have spent hours in this room in the last two months. And I collected my first paycheck in a new (for me) field. A field I am not sure that I will pursue. I might or I might not. Right now my feelings towards this field are far from positive. I will give it some more time and gather some more experiences before I decide. But what I really want to do is....write, read and care for animals. Things related to that. That is who I am.

Fall is here. The leaves are yellow, red and orange. They are covering the ground.
It started raining too. Like everyday.

And the is deep. I feel sadness for life and the world. I want to help ALL the animals in need. I see so much misery. I want it all to go away. WHY does it have to be like this? I feel like the character in Edvard Munch's painting 'The Scream'. I tear up several times a day, if I see something sad when I am out driving or when I start thinking about all the misery in this world. Yes, I know there is beauty too but the state of the world and all the suffering, the collective encompassing suffering is deep.
Yesterday I was downtown. I saw Lucy and her human. Lucy gets food from us at Pet Pack on Sundays. Lucy "lives" with her human, well follows him around on the streets of Portland. He is homeless and is hoping to get somewhere to live. Lucy is sad and cold.
I can tell that the constant noise and chaos bothers her. I want to save her. She is 6 and should sleep inside where it is warm on something soft every night. My heart aches. Maybe one day, maybe if I win a lot of money (and I rarely gamble) I can help animals and deserving humans. Maybe. Or maybe a wealthy individual wants to share their wealth and allows me to allocate that wealth to the needy. Like Lucy. And many more like her.

Things Come To An End

Like everything in life....things come to an end eventually and so did Burning Man.
Time flies at Burning Man. I tell people that never been before but are thinking about going to try to go for as many days as they can because once you are are immersed in a magical place and everything is amazing and then it ends, so you want to make sure you soak in as much of that magic as possible.
The last day I went mooping. And I found a Swedish fish wrapper. How fitting!

A sunset at Black Rock Desert.

Thank You for this time....I will be back next year! (I hope). ❤️

Stopped in Gerlach for a latte.

Hundreds of miles to drive.....

Next year's art theme was announced the other day - Waking Dreams. The Man burns in 322 days!

Renegade Man

I arrived at Black Rock Desert in Nevada on a Wednesday and left the following Monday. Here are some pictures of my days at Renegade Man.

Plenty of music this year too, even though Renegade Man was FREE. Robot Heart came out.

Sunday night Temple burn.

And this place was great - House of Love. 8 30 am and still going strong.

Recent Stuff

Here is some recent stuff in my life.
Today's latte before helping out with the Pet Pack. Yes....fall has arrived.

Later on I had soup for dinner with fresh veggies piled on top. It was so good. More soup planned for the upcoming week.

I got gifts this week at work. A jar of zesty pickles. And a book. Thank You!

And a new outfit for work this week. Pretty purple.

What else is new? I watched all episodes of Squid Games on Netflix. I really liked it.
I would attempt to go into details about why I liked it but I am tired and can't really think. But I do recommend watching it. And it is sad, I cried. And it made me think about life, in that deep analyzing way that is painful. Because life is hard and sad. Sigh....I will go to bed soon. Tired.

More Beach

I was longing for the beach so I went back yesterday for some more. More beach. It doesn't take too long to drive from Portland to the Oregon coast. About two hours. I went to the Underground Shops in Astoria as well and found out that a clothing store I really like, Flower Haze Vintage is no longer there. Disappointment! I still recommend a visit to the Underground Shops if you ever find yourself in Astoria.
Went to the same place as last Friday with Barry, Hug Point.

Beach Shoot

My photographer friend Barry that I have done many photoshoots with in Las Vegas moved up here to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago, he lives about an hour away from me in Washington State. We have been talking about meeting up to take some pictures and today it finally happened. No rain and nice weather so we decided on a beach shoot.
I really hope we got some good pictures today! And I really need to take a trip to the beach soon! It was so beautiful there and I live not too far away either, two hours at the most depending on traffic.
Now I am home, showered off the sand and put some nighttime moisturizer on. It is time for ice cream, reading and then some sleep.

October is here.....Halloween is around the corner. And speaking of Halloween.....
Barry's wife Bonnie makes jewelry and has some amazing stuff. I got these two bracelets from her today. Love them!