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Great Bargains

In case you don't already can make great bargains on anything Valentine's Day related if you wait until after Valentine's Day to get the card, chocolates, flowers, teddy bear etc.
So instead of stressing and running around on V-Day next year.....wait until the day after or even better about four days or so (for the even better bargains) after Valentine's Day and really spoil your special person with a lot of stuff.
I do not want flowers ever, flowers should only grow outside or in a pot if they are inside, instead of sadly wilting to their death in a vase. I think it is flower abuse to have flowers in a vase. So wasteful.
Look at all the flowers that are left over from February 14.

I like to appreciate my family and friends on Valentine's Day. It's not only about romantic love for me.
The other day one of my friends came over and we had these super cute macarons and some pink bubbly wine that was yucky. I want to find a sweet and yummy bubbly wine and it has to be pink. Still looking.....the one I had one New Year's Eve was ok.
Don't feel bad if you didn't get showered with Valentine's gifts this year or ever.
Remember that many of the couples that show off their "happy" relationship on social media are far from happy in real life.
Celebrate the love you have for family, friends and pets instead! ❤️️

Another thing that is wasteful in my opinion is to get a live tree every year for Christmas only to throw it out when the festivities are over. Poor tree. My plastic tree is over ten years old and it is not going anywhere.

Consider Supporting Me

The power outage was still looming earlier today but I think most of Portland will be up and running by tomorrow. Unless something drastic happens.....I guess you never know.

I have been writing this blog since 2006. I write simply because I enjoy writing and sharing.
Consider supporting me if you enjoy my writings and pictures! Support at any level you can -anything is appreciated. ❤️
Here is how. ;-)
I have Cash App, Venmo and PayPal.
Send me an email and let me know your preferred way to support.
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Power Outage work today either due to a power outage in some parts of Portland. So all the bars were supposed to reopen this past Friday, they have been closed since mid November of last year but on Friday Portland got snow and Portland is not very well equipped for snow.
So work got postponed. The snow lasted through Sunday and started melting fast today turning the outside to slush and then there was a power outage as well.
I went to the store and I saw empty shelves.....kind of weird.

So I spent today catching up on some paperwork that I have been avoiding and now that's done. And now I am going to finish Unorthodox (on Netflix), the mini series I started watching last night. I HIGHLY recommend it.
Tomorrow will tell if I finally can go back to work.

Portland Paused

Since it started snowing a few days ago Portland paused. Some stores closed earlier and other places did not open at all. No work until tomorrow it looks like for now. A few more days to relax and enjoy life.
Friday it was way too cold to do much outside, the wind was angry and the snow came down hard like little grains. But yesterday it was almost like a winter wonderland and I made a few snow lights outside, snölykta in Swedish, to brighten up the evening. I used to make a lot of these growing up in Sweden.

I spent time inside and watched The White Tiger, a movie which I really liked. I really like seeing stories about other cultures. Then I watched the 20/20 special about Anna Nicole Smith called "Tragic Beauty" and a tragic story it is indeed.
And last night I watched the documentary about Britney Spears called "Framing Britney Spears'". Now I love Britney and she can do nothing wrong in my eyes. And I am happy that more people are coming to her defense and understand how wrong she was treated by many (barf on Justin T he is so lame). Britney is amazing.
Tonight I started watching a mini series (only four episodes) on Netflix called Unorthodox and so far I like it a lot. A fascinating view into the life of Hasidic Jews which I do not know much about. Inspired by an autobiography by Deborah Feldman called, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots. Again, fascinating!
Today I had Pet Pack and I was also the barista for Potluck In The Park. FUN! This Sunday was the 1540th consecutive Sunday for Potluck In The Park, rain, shine or snow they are there giving out food, blankets, socks, gloves, toiletries, tarps and coffee. And so much more.

This evening things turned icy. The trees looked pretty.

And since it is Valentine's are some hearts from around my place.
Happy Valentine's Day everybody....! ❤️

Snow In Portland

We have snow in Portland and a winter storm warning in effect. It is super windy and 29 degrees. I can hear the wind outside. I am very grateful that I have a safe place and heat inside. I feel bad for those that don't. People and animals.

Portland is about to start opening up again tomorrow.....that means people can go back to the places that been closed down since the latest shut down in mid November of last year. Including myself. Yeay. I feel stagnant and lazy.
So I will be busy for the next three days with work.
I ordered a phone today. Online. Not sure how I feel about that, it feels a bit sketchy to order a phone online but I am trying to save money and I don't like paying almost $100 more for the same product in the store. Picking out a phone is confusing and annoying. I am annoyed because my phone that I have is technically still working. Although it's not. I can't do anything with it and I haven't for like THREE weeks. That is how long I have been dragging to pick out a new phone. And I will be even more confused if my new phone arrives and for some reason I won't be able to activate it or if there is something wrong with it. If so, do I just send it back and order another one? Last time I got a phone was 2013 and it was free actually. Not this time. This time I was deciding between a Motorola and a Samsung but I picked the Samsung in the end because of more storage space and what I think is a better camera. I like taking pictures after all. And I decided between a white and a blue phone and decided to go with the blue. I wish it came in gold or pink but it doesn't. After it arrives and I make sure it works I will order a phone case. So now I have updated everyone about my exciting phone problems.
That's it....not much else to say. I need to take a bath and wash my hair and prepare a bit for tomorrow.
I know that there are many winter storms across the US and other places. I hope you too are safe and warm.

My Boring Life

Hello and welcome back to another update about my boring life.....Not much has happened but let me tell you about it anyways, perhaps someone out there might find it interesting.
It snowed in Portland a few weeks ago and the snow stuck around for like five minutes. Well a little longer than five minutes but not much longer than that. Here is the picture of the snow. Yeay snow.....

This is what I eat often. Penne pasta with this delicious pasta sauce called Arrabbiata by Rao's. It is a bit spicy which I like and one box of penne pasta and a jar of sauce will make two meals for me and costs about $10. Not bad! In fact I will eat this tomorrow.

What else super exciting can I share? Oh I was craving donuts and this box looked so cute that I could nor resist it....let me say this, the box is cute but I won't get those donuts again.

And finally I got a new mask to add to the collection. It's like getting new clothes.....for the face.

There you you can see there is not much going on. Yes of course I do things like go to the grocery store, the post office, pay bills, do errands, keep in touch with family and friends, I have Pet Pack usually two-three times a month and I do office related stuff on a weekly basis.
I also wrote that I have been feeling kind of BLEH lately, to describe that feeling a bit better....I am happy but also not. Feeling unenthusiastic and have a hard time getting out of bed. Perhaps the COVID situation has dampened my spirit.