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I need to show you the rest of my jewelry that I ordered from TatiRocks Jewelry on Etsy.

I got a pair of long silver earrings with turquoise beads on them and silver feathers at the very tip. Then I got the cutest silver heart ring, connected together by a chain. There is also a silver necklace with a turquoise triangle. Tatiana gave me a silver ring as a gift - how nice! She puts her jewelry in cute boxes with nice stickers on them sends with a card with a message.
My message this time was KINDNESS. This is the second time I ordered from TatiRocks Jewerly. The first time I got a body chain that I absolutely love. I got an body chain with this last order also but I already showed you that one. Love it too. I have two body chains now, enough for a while I think.......

My latest obsession is the body chains, I got inspired by Rihanna, I saw her wearing one in a pic. And I also love knuckle rings. Sooooo cute!


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