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Portland Mess

So Portland was one of the cities where the protests, or I don't know if describing these gatherings as protests would be fitting.....Anyhow the "protests" in Portland lingered for around 160 days or so after May 29 when it all started with the passing of George Floyd.
I went to see what it was all about several times because DUH I live like a ten minute drive from downtown Portland (depending on where you go) and why would I not go and see things for myself? Anybody nowadays knows that you can not necessarily trust media (sadly). I have covered my visits at the protest before and I have some more photos that I want to put up here before 2020 is over and it will be over soon! So I better do this now.
So after several times at the protests, breathing tear gas almost every time and running so I would avoid getting arrested I had enough. I saw way too much destruction for my liking.
Yes I am all for standing up for what is right but when you destroy, loot, spray paint everything and act like an idiot in general I no longer have any respect for you. And I saw that basically every time. So finally I had enough of the Portland mess and stopped going.
Banks are BAD, banks mean money and capitalism so therefore the windows must be broken. Seems like a natural solution, right? Yes I know the banking system is far from perfect. Not sure how else we should solve the issue of money. Perhaps just get rid of money and barter instead? I am not an economist so I will leave that task to those who are knowledgeable on the subject of money and finances. Figure it out already!

Starbucks too is an evil corporation so let's break the window. Hey....if you don't like Starbucks take your business elsewhere, it is that easy. I do not go to Starbucks, I prefer other places for my lattes but I am not about to show Starbucks what a badass I am by throwing a brick through their store window. Fucking morons.

Glass everywhere. Nobody stopping to think that somebody will have to clean that up and that perhaps somebody's pet might step in that on a walk and need expensive veterinary care. I can not stand people that litter and destroy. Simply CAN NOT stand them.

A message written on a piece of cardboard propped up on the sidewalk, not many seem to live by these words. It looks cool and intelligent somehow written like that but is a completely different story in reality when people do not practice what they preach.

Ripping out the free magazines and destroying the holders for them? Atrocious.

Another GREAT idea is to unscrew the bolts that hold the park benches in place and just drag the benches around while loudly announcing to others what size tool is needed to unscrew the benches. Did I say MORONS already? Too many loose screws in their brains obviously.

Some people actually enjoy park benches and others sleep on them, like this guy.
Slept through the commotion.

Burning trash cans. So smart, so cool and so productive!

Burning stuff, starting fires and throwing stuff around.....yeay so much FUN!

I think Portland's autonomous zone called "Cascadia" lasted for about 15 minutes.

Wanting police officers to die? No I am definitely not behind that.

The random scribble does not look good. Is that what you want your children to see? Is that the kind of city you want them to grow up in? Ask yourself that before destroying stuff.
And who do you think is going to pay for all that destruction when it comes time to clean it up?
Go write on your Mom's/Grandma's/friend's house or your own if you are a homeowner but wait that's right you will have to buy it with cash (which is possible if you work hard or hustle good) because banks are bad so applying for a loan is out of the question. Sleeping on a park bench might work instead of owning a home one day if the benches are not destroyed or removed. Then a piece of cardboard on the sidewalk will have to do.

Communism or extinction. Hmmmmm......well the idea of communism might be noble. But is it really possible to follow through with the goals of communism in real life? That can be discussed.

And since I kind of stuck out like a sore thumb in the midst of the protests cause I did not wear a gas mask or black garb from head to toe or yell obscenities at the police I was asked to not take pictures a few times. Excuse me? Everybody else down there was taking pictures and all kinds of footage so do not tell me what to do. Are you not protesting against the establishment and authority or something like that and you are asking a bystander not to take pictures? Doesn't make sense. It's not like I was shoving my phone into faces of people like a paparazzi, I was only taking random pictures. Fuck off, I take pictures if I want to.

In the midst of it all I saw a community garden. But I guess that is of no importance. To see that there ARE efforts made to improve stuff and do good. No let's destroy instead!

Then things seemed to calm down for a while sometime after the election at the beginning of November. And then the debacle about The Little Red House On Mississippi started and went on for almost a week. And after finding out the details on that whole deal I must say that the family (the Kinney family or whatever they call themselves, since some of them decided that they are sovereign citizens and renamed themselves) should consider themselves lucky. $300,000 richer. Not bad. I know a lot about bad loans and mortgages. I have studied some of the RESPA violations. Perhaps I should start a GoFundMe as well and hope that enough generous people donate towards my mortgage that I honestly believe I was bamboozled into thinking was a great deal when in fact it was a disaster and has caused me a LOT of stress. And I did not kill an innocent person either. Yeah.....this story is tangled for sure.

And that was that.


This is my everyday outfit....pajamas. Obviously if I do go outside I put on something different but as soon as I come back home I change into pajamas and thick indoors socks. I always change from my outside clothes into inside clothes and of course never ever shoes inside.
I do have some errands I have to do today although I rather just stay inside in my pajamas. And it is cold outside today. And grey. I am not motivated but I better get going.....

A Cake Kind Of Day

Today was not just an ordinary day - it was a cake kind of day! A Boccone Dolce kind of day, very very yummy.....!

A cup of tea is always welcome. I prefer a black tea like an Earl Grey with sugar, lemon is welcome but not required.

Santa Was Here

Yes.....Santa was here. I woke up to two presents on the table.

What could it be? A designer handbag and some preciuos stones perhaps? Yes of course, it must be! I have been so good all year. Look! The most sought after items of 2020, toilet paper and disinfectant wipes. I am such a lucky girl indeed. Santa knows how to make me happy! Who needs a Prada or a Birkin when you can have a roll of toilet paper? Diamonds? No thanks. Plus showing off designer items feels so....passé, doesn't it?

Did you have a very Covid Christmas as well?

Of course it is late when I am writing and it is pouring down rain outside. When I wake up tomorrow Christmas will be over, until next year. Already over, so fast! The decorations will stay for another 10 days or so. I like my Christmas gnomes.....I believe in all the old time faerie tales about trolls, gnomes and princesses. I grew up reading those faerie tales.

Christmas Magic

Christmas Eve has arrived. It's late, outside it is cold, dark and quiet. I can hear the occasional car drive by in the distance. The refrigerator makes a random sound, it sounds comforting. The familiar and soothing sounds of home like a dishwasher humming or a washer doing a cycle. Besides that the only other sound is from me typing this on my laptop. I am sleepy and feeling cozy, soon I will go to bed and drift off to sleep.
But first these pics of Santa Claus.

Where is Santa Claus from? What is his story? Read about some of the Christmas magic here.....

Potatoes And Pie

It's the evening before Christmas Eve and I had a very busy day. Up early to meet at friend for coffee, then home to clean because I want it to be nice in case Santa wants to visit, after that I had to get enough food to last me for a few days because I am not going to any stores during the next few days. I am going to hibernate and enjoy Christmas.
I have the most important items.....potatoes and pie. So I am happy!

I brought out some of my Christmas stuff this year and I am glad I did, my place looks very cute and cozy.
It is time for bed......goodnight everyone. I hope you dream of Santa and his reindeers.


2020 is almost over and I first mentioned COVID-19 in the blog back in January, although I did not call it COVID-19 then because I do not think the virus was known as that yet (at least not that I can remember). I talked about a virus in China.
The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has been the biggest story of the year and the virus has ravaged the world. There are several coronaviruses, COVID-19 is the latest but most likely not the last.
This new virus has divided people depending on what your personal beliefs about it are.
Oregon got the first vaccines shipped here yesterday and I am not considered to be in a risk group so me rushing to get the vaccine is not on my to do list. Actually I do not want to take the vaccine. Never say never but no vaccine for me for AT LEAST one year but most likely more than that. Or never. Why? Simply because I am not volunteering myself as a lab rat.
I have also never taken a flu vaccine. My advice to the people that do get the flu vaccine is to ask for a thimerosal free version. Thimerosal is mercury. I do not get why mercury needs to be an ingredient in any vaccine, supposedly it kills fungi and bacteria in the vials and added for preservation or something like that. adding mercury is a good thing? Doesn't sound like it to me. So no thank you to flu vaccines for me. I would like to know all the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine. And I would like to see all elected officials that preach about the virus and the vaccine to take it with proof that they did. I have also noticed that many elected officials have not followed their own COVID-19 restrictions. If anything they are the ones that should be leading with example.
My concern is that in the future, perhaps the not so distant future you won't be allowed to do certain things if you can't show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination but I will handle that issue if that day ever arrives. Hopefully it won't.
I am not an anti-vaxxer but I do think that vaccination has brought on problems in some cases.
If you read up on poliomyelitis (polio) and how it transmits you will think a bit about people and their personal hygiene and feces. I am thankful that there is a vaccine for polio and other diseases.
I do not think this is the end of corona type viruses and we will get faced with more outbreaks of other viruses and diseases as the world's population increases daily. I do think that better interactions with animals is a key factor to lessen outbreaks and lessen new strains.
Wet markets should be banned and how animals are treated leading up to slaughter and the handling of the meat before it ends up on a plate is crucial. The culling (SLAUGHTER) of the minks in captivity due to COVID-19 was horrible and I read that the virus has been found in minks in the wild as well. Other animals have been found to carry the virus, supposedly it transmitted from infected human to animal. If all humans were vegetarian there would be so much less suffering on many levels.
How we have related to the COVID-19 shut downs and restrictions have varied wildly, again it depends on what you believe and where you live. Some believe this is all a hoax, others take it very seriously but in the end humans do what they think is best and most convenient for them, everybody (with a few exceptions) is an egoist. Included myself.
So before I point my finger in any direction let me point it at myself first.
I visit various grocery stores on a regular basis. Some stores are better than others in enforcing some sort of limitation on crowds and how they sanitize. But we all need to eat and I am NOT going to order my food online and let a person that I do not know and trust handle my produce and food. No, I just won't do that. Have you ever paid attention to random people in the produce section? I have. Touching all over fruits and squeezing 10 tomatoes or apples or whatever before finally picking a few or deciding not to is just gross to me. Like I do not know if those fingers scratched a poopy butt crack or were deep inside a crusty nostril five minutes ago. There are some seriously repulsive people out there that do sick shit. I do not touch produce with my bare hands (not because I scratch my butt before I enter the grocery store but out of consideration for others). HELLO......put your hand inside a bag, yes the plastic bag you put your fruits and vegetables in and then touch the produce.
I also went back to work once things opened up around here (I actually enjoyed three plus months of not doing much of anything) and some places I worked have been very strict on following restrictions but one place that I worked twice is basically a great place to either catch the virus or pass it on. People there were very careless and it was actually a bit disturbing. So yes I have been breathing near people while wearing a mask.
I ate inside a restaurant once (an almost empty restaurant I should add, only one other person in there besides me and my friend and the server) since all of this happened and I ate at outside food cart areas a few times.
I had one hair cut and yea maybe I could had waited but the cut before this last one happened at least two years ago (I guess I must be lazy) and after inspecting my hair I decided that it was time. So I am good for another year at least. Only one person was allowed in the salon so it was just me and the hair dresser and she took my temperature first.
I had aesthetic acupuncture a few times and yes I could had skipped on that but vanity took over. That and a Groupon that would expire if I would not make use of it. Same scenario here, it was only me and the acupuncturist and temperature was taken plus a health screening in advance.
No pedicures though, I decided before the virus shut things down the first time back in March that I would not have a pedicure and nail polish on my toes for at least a year. It’s good to let your nails breathe. I still take care of my feet, at home.
No gym visits for two years....again I must be lazy.
I drove to San Francisco to see if a Burning Man type event would happen at Baker Beach which me and about 1000 other attended. I was there for maybe 1 1/2 hour before I left and talked to like three people and majority wore masks and kept an OK distance. The mayor of San Francisco was not happy with us Burners the next day but it was OK that large crowds were hanging out at some other local beach during the day. By now we all know that the rules for gatherings differ depending on what kind of gathering it is which of course makes no sense.
Oh and let me not forget that I went to the store to get Excedrin when I could not stand having a headache anymore although there was a chance that MAYBE the headache and a stuffy nose meant that I had COVID. I did not find out if I had it or not because I did not get tested. I felt normal the day after I took the Excedrin.
I committed these COVID-19 sins when things were opened up (so the restaurant was open for inside dining, the hair salon and the acupuncture place as well). Opened up BUT with COVID-19 happening. Irresponsible? I guess. Depending on how you look at it. During the lock downs there has been only the grocery store for me. Gas station once a week.
And volunteering two, sometimes three Sundays a month with the Pet Pack. No other extra stuff.
As far as flying for leisure during a lock down? Why? Or going to bars, sex parties and other things that were still happening somehow during lock down.....ummmmmm no. Your needs are obviously more important for you than anybody else's. This is human behavior. This is why we have this thing called COVID-19 lingering for most of the year because people do what they think is best for them.
I wanted to go to Sweden this summer and Japan in the fall but of course that would had been unnecessary.
Some countries have been strict during COVID and others more lenient. People in Sweden are are complaining and freaking out when in fact they have handled the pandemic poorly compared to their neighbor countries. The US in my opinion have been rather lenient but stricter than Sweden and people are freaking out here as well. Some countries have been imposing fines for breaking the restrictions and use a text message system where you have to report an outing and get it approved before being able to leave your residence.
Imagine that. People would lose their shit if that happened here in the US. The US would be deemed a socialist communist country by it's inhabitants, when in fact maybe if we would had been extra firm at the very beginning of this things would had been different today.
Do restrictions help? I don't know but if it is possible that they can curb the spread and the deaths then perhaps listening to the recommendations and following them would be a good idea.
A lot of the information we have been getting about the virus make no sense. One week we get told one thing and the next something completely different. So I get it that people are upset, confused and frustrated. People have clashed verbally and physically over this. I've had a few discussions about it as well. The information about COVID-19 has shifted wildly to where it first started (Wuhan or somewhere else?) and from when to how it is transmitted and how to prevent getting sick. Who is more at risk for getting sick and who is not. I have always been a rather clean person but I upped my hand washing and my hands got really dry at first. Got more mindful about not touching my face when I am out in public. Coughing and sneezing in public is something a lot of people don't know how to do properly. So gross. I wear a mask where I have to but I am not going to wear a mask while driving in my own car (sorry if I offend some of you that might do this but that is just weird to me) and I also do not wear a mask when I am outside, like walking, hiking, going from my car to my house. I have seen that some sit at home during online meetings with a mask on. Like why? You are inside of your own residence. I don't get that.
Back in March when the first shutdown happened for the first two weeks I disinfected most of the surfaces at home a few times but it's good to wipe down surfaces now and then anyways COVID or doorhandles, light switches, cabinets etc. I would wipe my hands with alcohol wipes after being in the grocery store but that lasted about two weeks. No more.
I do think some exaggerate, a neighbor did not open her mail box for FIVE weeks thinking the mail could possibly harbor the virus and sprayed down all her groceries with some sort of disinfectant. That is just way too much hysteria for me....perhaps if this was Ebola but not COVID, unless it mutates and becomes deadlier than Ebola. It will probably mutate though. It probably already has.
Now to the three people I personally know that got the virus. I will call them A, B and C.
A is the biggest germaphobe I have ever met. So how A got COVID is a mystery to me. A is the ONLY person I know that isolated when this first happened back in March. Did not go outside AT ALL for three full weeks. No interactions with people. And when A finally had to go outside (grocery store and other necessary stuff) A would take off the clothes A worn outside and washed them immediately. Wiped everything down that was touched.
Anyhow, A got infected when A went back to work. Got tested only because somebody at A's work tested positive, no symptoms at the time of the test. A did experience fatigue and flu like symptoms, recovered and is feeling fine now, did not take any meds to recover. A did not infect the person they are in a relationship with although they got close. A is 46 years old.
B leaned towards the Covid is a hoax theory, thought masks were stupid and still does. B's live in partner got sick first but not tested and most likely infected B. B was so sick that B wanted to die for three days, their own words when talking to me about this. Lost taste and smell for about a month. Both B and their live in partner attended a wedding and infected several people at the wedding. One of the people (the bride of all) ended up in the hospital. B shared drinking glasses with several people at the wedding, not all of them got sick. B got prescribed antibiotics and took zinc, vitamin D and C. Recovered and is feeling fine now. B is 44.
C only got tested due to a runny nose. No other symptoms. Recovered fast and without meds. C is 22.
There you go....those are the three people I personally know that had the virus. Then I have of course read about several cases online, some that recovered and others that didn't.
Most people I have talked to do not understand the meaning of quarantine and isolation. I never quarantined because I went outside and I to the grocery store during shutdown when only essential places were open in Oregon. If you stayed inside and did not go anywhere for a certain duration of time (usually 14 days) you can say you quarantined. Yes perhaps it makes you feel good about yourself to say you quarantined but most likely you didn't....Quarantine is a word that people throw around while not understanding what it means.
I am not sure what to make of all of this. I do know that I won't be rushing to get a vaccine, I do believe that our treatment of animals is linked to our health including the spread of diseases. I feel that hand hygiene and overall cleanliness is important (I am aware that some do not have access to soap and running water). I think that majority of people emphasize their own wants and needs and do not care about the impact of their actions. I think that masks can hinder the spread of germy droplets if worn correctly and changed out or washed on a regular basis. I like the way some Asian countries adapted to the wearing of masks long before COVID was an issue, due to consideration of others.
I know I have said this many times already, human beings will bring on the end of life as we know it. Humans are the biggest plague on this planet.
Having said that....CHEERS, be mindful and take care!
I have been holding on to this pic since the beginning of March. I can finally put it to good use.

Last Few Days

Good Morning or Good Night depending on how you see it, it is 2 41 am here December 9. Here is what I have been up to the last few days....get ready for some excitement!
Met up with friends for coffee, Portland opened up for outside dining. And these two girls I see in a close setting on a regular basis anyways so it's not like they are strangers.

Finally made some raspberry whipped cream, not difficult. Puree raspberries and fold into the whipped cream. I had that with vanilla bean ice cream. Will definitely have this again, I love anything dessert.

Have you met my boyfriend yet? If not, here he is! Me and the boyfriend have an intimate date almost every evening. The other night I fell asleep while my boyfriend was massaging my feet (he is an amazing boyfriend) and woke up the next day with my contacts glued to my eyeballs. One of the eyes was red and irritated from the wild night and both eyes were light sensitive, so I had to wear my glasses all day long which I need new lenses for cause the ones that are in the frames are scratched and I definitely need a new prescription. Maybe one of these days.....

This evening I cooked food for dogs. Turkey with either sweet potato, brown rice or quinoa. Some boiled carrots as well. Unfortunately the girls (dogs) are not vegetarian but do eat quite a bit of veggies and fruit. I try to limit their kibble intake, kibble is convenient but not the best you can feed your dog (in my opinion). So if you have a dog and feed only kibble, read up on that and start giving your friend some better food. It is your very best friend after all....!

I need to be up by 9 15 am for a Webex office meeting so I should probably think about going to bed soon.
Webex meetings are great, no unnecessary driving back and forth for a short one hour meeting that can be handled online (saves the environment, gas expenses and wear and tear on the car), taking the bus to my office I do not even know if that is possible? I can also roll out of bed 10 minutes before the meeting starts, throw on a t-shirt and still wear my pajama pants instead of getting up way earlier and having to find a suitable outfit for an office setting (NO, Pleaser platforms with rhinestones won't work in this office). Somehow people manage to go to the bathroom (on camera) during Webex and Zoom meetings and even masturbate in front of their colleagues. Like what? And people have the audacity to to talk bad about strippers when I have witnessed way more dysfunction in non strip club settings by non dancers. For real. Anyhow, time for bed.

December Has Arrived

Well.....December has arrived. The last month of the year, countdown 'til Christmas and New Years. Many people are so ready for 2020 to be over, waiting for 2021 to be things will miraculously get better just because it is 2021. No, they won't. If anything things might get worse. With overpopulation happening I only see more diseases and problems in the future for the human race. Unless we start changing our ways and I don't know if that is possible for many. I feel bad for kids growing up in today's society. And putting children to the world now? No way. If you are thinking about squeezing out a baby or adding another one to the collection.....think again. And please do not have more than two if possible (sometimes twins and triplets happen).
I am wearing a mask because I had to get my mail at the post office. I made some personal progress yesterday and today. Combed and washed my hair and got another kind of large task at least started. Feels good. Now I can go to bed with much less guilt. It is easier to get out of bed in the morning with less stuff on the must do list.