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Happy Halloween 2020

Happy Halloween 2020! I love Halloween, it is my fave celebration of the year! I love spooky stuff, ghost stories and haunted houses. This year there will be no haunted houses for me....yes due to the pandemic. I decorated my place and hung a bag of candy on all my neighbor's doors in the spirit of Halloween. I don't live in a massive complex, only 16 units so we know each other more or less. I even made a good friend, her name is Allison.

Look at this creepy looking flower I saw today (at Trader Joe's). Some have a phobia of looking at patterns of holes clustered close together, it is called trypophobia. Enjoy!

Check out my Halloween costume. (Not really).

Don't forget it is a full moon tonight! Full moon on Halloween!

Personal Responsibility

I feel that us humans are the biggest enemy to this planet....I think that every adult that is fortunate enough to live in a country where they have access to luxuries like grocery stores, a flushing toilet at home and water coming out of a faucet has a personal responsibility to make an effort to do their part to make this world a better place. Anything else in my eyes is morally wrong. You can start small like NOT littering. I just read this very informative article and there is so much information easily accessible on the web. Here are some snippets but I recommend that you read the whole article.

“When a species goes extinct, it’s gone forever. Losing species isn’t just deeply sad, it’s also dangerous. It’s like throwing bits of an aeroplane out the window mid-flight – we don’t know what species are crucial parts of a functioning ecosystem. And when ecosystems start unravelling, we all suffer. We rely on nature for literally everything that matters: food, air, water. Our health depends on the planet’s health.”

“Rich people have lots of choice, poor people have much less, it’s harder for people on low incomes... so the messages have to be different according to people’s circumstances”, says Professor Lang. What does he recommend? “Eat less, eat diverse, buy organic and sustainably produced food wherever possible, and eat a variety of plants.”

“Within the food industry I would like to see a very radical transformation. The food processing industry has got to support organic and biodiverse cropping systems. They must simply produce less. And they must phase down and alter animal production.”

“There are responsible ways of eating meat. You can begin with knowing the farm your animal came from and what kind of life the animal had. There are examples of well-managed, pasture-raised meat.”

“In the last 50 years, fishing has been the leading cause of loss of marine biodiversity, and scientists are concerned about the collective threats facing our seas."

"Fish are sometimes caught up in trawlers as ‘by-catch’ (fish caught by mistake and thrown back into the sea). Around 10 million tonnes of by-catch is caught per year and thrown back into the sea, often dead."

"Dairy milk and cheese have large impacts because of the land use, manure, chemicals and water use – and because of the quantities they’re consumed in.... Cheese is a problem because it’s basically a very condensed version of milk, requiring multiple litres of milk to produce 1kg of cheese.”

Also RECYCLE - please! Six out of ten human items most commonly found in the oceans are recyclable. Animals sustain life threatening injuries because of the trash and recycling that end up in the ocean. The best way to prevent this from happening is to create a strong recycling culture. Please learn how to recycle right and if you have trash, properly bag it, throw it in the trash bin and put a lid on it. And if someone offers you a plastic straw or a plastic bag think you really need this item or could you do without it?

It is NEVER too late to change for the better! My personal journey as a human living my life here on this planet is to improve and do better. I love animals and I love nature.

I also use these plastic bags recycling collecting bins that are located in many grocery stores where I live. I do not use plastic bags when I bag my groceries, I would rather carry the stuff out in my arms than get a plastic bag for that but when I get fruit and vegetables I do bag those (depending on the amount) in the thin plastic bags that are found in the produce section. And I recycle all of those bags.

I do not eat meat and I do not miss it. Last night I had potatoes and cauliflower for dinner and again for lunch today (leftovers). Delicious cauliflower that I cooked in the oven with garlic and olive oil. There are plenty of alternatives to meat and fish.

People's Park

On my way back to Portland from San Francisco I made a stop in Berkeley to check out People's Park. A place with some history, especially during the late 1960s. Political rallies, confrontations between citizens and police, protests, en masse arrests and a the shooting of a spectator by the police sitting on a roof and more.
Then Governor Ronald Reagan said that the Berkeley campus was a "haven for communist sympathizers, protesters, and sex deviants." Sex deviants like how I wonder? Kind of like hypocrites Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki Falwell, that kind of sex deviants or worse?


This is from last week's classifieds in the Willamette Week. I am a bit fascinated. Who is this M? Did she fake pregnancies and then demanded money for an abortion? Will they be able to build a case and take her to court? Interesting.....

I have my own experiences with the classifieds. A guy I unfortunately wasted way too much precious time with, hindsight is always 20/20, put up a few ads. I guess he was lonely and horny plus a bunch of descriptions of what he would like to do with the "lucky" ladies that answered the ads. If any did. Important fact - not into big woman! He put up ads on Adult FriendFinder and Craigslist. The ads I discovered that is, there were probably some I never knew about.
Of course his current lady probably thinks that they have a great relationship, although I would not be surprised if he is back at it again (I don't think this tiger will change his stripes) or slowly easing into it by hitting up the bikini barista coffee shop before work salivating over the teenagers working. The current lady, that kind of resembles a handsome Caitlyn Jenner, will probably find out some fun truths one day. There is much more to say about the truth but I will leave it at this for now.....
As far as myself looking for sexy time companionship in the I would never do that. I would also never do Tinder of any of that stuff. Not my cup of tea. I know it works for some people though so good for them.

Tourist In San Francisco

Last month I was a tourist in San Francisco for four days. The reason I went there was to go to Burning Man at Baker Beach where Burning Man first happened in 1986, I already wrote a blog entry about that.
On the drive there I stopped at a cafe in Redding CA called Kaleidoscope and the owner and I had Burning Man in common, he had been like 17 times or something. Nice meeting fellow Burners passionate about Burning Man.

So this is how I spent my time in San Francisco. I walked around in China Town.

Felt scared driving up and down the many steep streets, by day four I felt braver but the elevation is crazy. I don't know how people park their cars on those streets? Or drive in the rain when the roads get slick?

This became my fave place for coffee and pastries, probably some of the best I've ever had.

I checked out Pacific Heights and looked at the majestic homes. This is one of the most expensive areas to live in the country (Nancy Pelosi calls it home, perhaps she is looking for a fun roommate?). Here is the view from a place I stopped at by Pacific Heights.

The famous Golden Gate bridge.

City Hall.

Saints Peter and Paul church.

On Memorial Day I went up to the Coit Tower to check out the views. That is Alcatraz Island out there in the San Francisco Bay.


An airplane made a ❤ in the sky!

Four days go by fast. I would like to go back and stay for a while, at least two weeks, maybe longer. San Francisco is a big city with a lot of interesting history, amazing architecture and so much to see. I like it a lot.
What I did notice right away was that the city was calm compared to Portland. I did not see any people out protesting, no destruction, broken windows and no graffiti. Interesting.....