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How is everybody holding up out there? Here is a snippet of my Sunday and it was a very nice Sunday today.....
I have been volunteering on Sundays since September of last year. Not every Sunday, usually two, sometimes three times per month. We (me and the rest of the group that do this) have changed things around a bit since shelter-in-place and social distancing got recommended in ways that allow us to follow the guide lines. Food is essential even for pets, everything deemed essential is still ongoing. So what we do is give out dog and cat food that has been donated. We also give out toys, leashes, collars, harnesses and pet beds. We give it out to the ones that need it for their pets, mostly the homeless and low income.
Today I put one of my Burning Man bandanas to use. I covered up as much as possible.

It has been really nice to get involved with this group, I have met some cool and strong women, I feel more connected to Portland and I get to meet all kinds of cute dogs and cats.


Here is a report from Portland Oregon amid the ongoing status quo. Since a few days now there are protective barriers in grocery stores (at least some) between the shoppers and the cashiers. Same at the post office. I think that is a good idea. Probably not so fun for the people working in grocery stores and other places that are still open to have to deal with large numbers of people with no protection.
I have a lot of time on my hands. The days and nights are kind of floating into each other....I read a lot and I was already reading a lot to begin with. Soon I will be a human Wikipedia, ask me anything! I walk more. No gym because it's closed but I haven't been to a gym for over a year anyways. Only in my head.
I have been busy with doing not much of anything which have kept me surprisingly busy. Started watching a series on Netflix called Ozark, I'm almost halfway through - it's good.
Discovered this oat milk by Chobani. VERY yummy!

There is unlimited time for studies now. Good!

More time for skin and hair care. Thought about doing a Baby Foot treatment but I think I will wait. If you have dry skin, Nivea is cheap and works well. The Nivea cream has been around since 1911.

And look....there were 500 Q-tips in this a while back. Only a handful left. So I used to have this thing with Q-tips, let me try to explain. I noticed when a box of Q-tips would end then something changed or happened in my life. I don't know if I feel like that anymore, I guess I stopped paying attention to it a while back. This box is almost empty, perhaps the change this time is the change the whole world is going through now? Or perhaps something else with happen once the box is completely empty, or not. One of my readers really paid attention to my writing, he sent me an empty box of Q-tips once. :-)
I found out that there are reusable Q-tips. I will need to get me some of those. Less waste.

Well....I think that is the report for now. And if you are looking for something to spend your time on besides reading my blog, I highly recommend Wonderhussy Adventures on YouTube!
Stay well and PLEASE practice the recommended recommendations for yourself and others.


I received Burning Man's newsletter, The Jackrabbit Speaks the other day.
Right now the main ticket sale, which was supposed to take place on April 8 has been postponed. At this time there is no alternate date for the ticket sale as more information will be gathered in the next coming weeks so an informed decision can be reached. There has been speculations in the Burning Man community for a couple of weeks whether Burning Man will happen this year or not due to the current situation in the world. And what can I say is what it is.
Of course I want Burning Man 2020 to happen and of course I would love to attend but this is beyond my control. Yeah I felt a bit sad over the possibility that there might not be any time spent for me at Black Rock City this year but there is always next year. It has to be next year if this year won't happen.
I have nothing bad to say about Burning Man....I've had some of the most amazing moments there. It is a magical place for me. Grateful for every time I was able to attend.
And the magic of Burning Man shines throughout the year. Last year at Burning Man I was randomly biking around when I got waved down and asked if I wanted to paint a piece of memory and have it sent to me at some point. Of course!
So I painted the purple and green piece. Purple because it is one of my fave colors (although I like all colors) and purple (or violet) is also one of the chakra colors and green because of nature. The other piece the person I was with painted, those colors were the colors at the Playa at that moment (the sun was starting to set). And last week, actually the same day I was wondering if and when I would see those two pieces we painted I went to the post office and received a package with them inside. Each piece was put in it's own box, I also received two beautiful cards and two stickers. It was a couple from California that put all of this together. Imagine bringing all those pieces of clay to Burning Man and all the colors and paint brushes (there were many colors to choose from all laid out on a large table), then keeping track of all the little clay pieces and matching them to the correct address, putting each little piece in it's individual box together with cards and stickers inside a padded envelope, taking all the envelopes down to the post office, paying for postage....just WOW. An example of what Burning Man is.

I ❤️️ Burning Man.