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Christmas Is Over

Well Christmas is over, at least for me. I put away the Christmas decorations that I had out and it wasn't that many. No tree. Bye Bye Christmas until next time! I feel a bit sad that Christmas is over.....too soon! I had a cozy and relaxing Christmas with lots of food, the only thing missing was snow. It's been raining a lot but there might snow here next week, at least that is the prediction for now. Well, it says "snow showers" whatever that means.

How are the New Year's resolutions going? Mine are going excellent!

I found something called Swedish Cream.....never heard of it before but it is delicious and addicting! I can eat it every day.

2020 Has Arrived

Well..... I think it is officially a new year, a new decade all over the world. 2020 has arrived. Perhaps it will be somewhat similar to the roaring 20s? I hope the new decade will bring more compassion and understanding to where it is needed, the less fortunate, the animals and nature. And more order in the world. If that is even possible.
I had no plans at all for last night. I went out briefly to a place in the neighborhood, won at pool (surprisingly) and headed downtown to the waterfront so I could watch some spectacular fireworks, or so I thought. Yeah Portland did not have much to offer in that department at all but instead I had a very nice walk, it was a beautiful evening and I was in good company. Went home and sat and read, relaxed and nibbled on food. Felt appreciative of my home. My first meal after midnight was a bowl of sauerkraut, I love sauerkraut.
Today I woke up from the sun peeking in through the blinds. A nice day unfolded that I have spent in calmness. To me the first day of the year is important. I want to be in a clean home with not a lot of clutter over from the last year and I don't want to do any errands, clean or anything of that nature.
I want to enjoy the first day of the year peacefully, eat good food and relax. I feel that the first day of the year sets the tone for what's to come.
So far so good.....
Here are a few pics from last night.
Happy New Year everybody! ❤️