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Mmmmmm of my favorite things to eat. So I decided to actually buy a few stalks of rhubarb and make something edible myself instead of going out to a cafe to get rhubarb pie. All I did was cut the rhubarb into small pieces, add sugar and vanilla beans......30 minutes in the oven, drizzle with heavy cream and then eat it all up. It was sweet and tarty and delicious. So easy that even a non cooking person like me could do it.

I am at the coast again. A pretty view from the balcony as this day came to an end. I am going to be up for a while, watch music videos and read.

Rimsky-Korsakoffee House

Tried a new place for coffee and cake this evening....Rimsky-Korsakoffee House. Named after a Russian composer (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov), the cafe itself is in the living room of a house that was built in 1902. I like that it's open late, until 1 am on weekends, great for a night person like me that loves late night snacks. Interesting atmosphere, I've had better coffee other places but Rimsky's is still worth a visit if you are in the mood for something sweet after the sun goes down.


I saw this on Craigslist a while ago,
"Have you ever been told to "Smile More" by someone? How did that make you feel? Good, bad, indifferent? We're hoping to change that. We're casting for a social-only video for a new health & beauty start up, but we're taking a different, much more empowering approach, and we're looking for real women (not actors), ages 21-35, all ethnicities, all looks who have experienced being told to "Smile More" by others.
The video role will require speaking in your own words, directly to a cellphone, in locations in and around the Lake Oswego, Tigard, and Portland Metro areas.
Total time required filming is 20 minutes max and we will compensate you $20 cash."
So I sent a reply with a link to a blog entry from last year when I was at Burning Man where I mention the phenomena of suddenly being approached by a stranger, (always a man) who is telling you to smile. But I did decided not to participate in the shoot although I got the offer to because I already had plans that weekend. Otherwise you would had been able to view me explain why I think people that do not know you at all but demanding that you "Smile" are completely inappropriate and annoying as fuck.
You won't get a smile out of me if you happen to tell me that. You might get a lecture instead. Or a FUCK OFF BITCH depending on my mood.
Coincidentally enough the letter of the week in last week's edition of the Portland Mercury covers this strange smile phenomena. Here you and ponder.

Met Gala

Long time no write! Let me see if I can come up with something witty to say this chilly and grey evening here in Portland. I have nothing better to do anyway......just laying around on the couch.
So the Met Gala happened last week. The event where the who is who in the world of fashion and celebs put on weird outfits and oooooh and aaaaah over each other and give each other air kisses and fake compliments. The theme was "Camp" (style). I had no idea what that means so I had to look it up, no it has nothing to do with camping in the forest. Anyhow, look it up on Wikipedia if you want to know the meaning. I am too lazy to explain, something to do with exaggerated, theatrical and homosexual. Think drag queens.
One of the most beautiful girls, Rihanna did not attend this year. I really like her. I think she chose not to go. Good for her.
That thing, the Met Gala seems annoyingly fake to me. And who the hell wants to willingly walk around with a chandelier on their head all night long and a dress with chandeliers on it? I guess Katy Perry does. One of the attendees though is one of my faves - RuPaul. Because he IS camp without having to try, he also seems to be a genuinely nice and amazing human being. RuPaul for President! If I recall it right I have said that before in the blog.

Now to the evening's biggest spectacle - Lady Gaga. Four outfit changes? Who changes outfits FOUR times in one evening? I will tell you who. Dancers aka strippers that are bored with nothing better do do or perhaps feeling a bit jittery from too many energy drinks or some other substance. A performer like Britney. Runway models. That's it. Doing four outfits at the Met Gala is in my opinion trying way too hard. And let's talk about two of those outfits.....

The first one (pink dress) reminds me a lot of Angelyne, an old Los Angeles icon, in fact Lady Gaga is like a knock off Angelyne. The second outfit (fishnets plus panties and bra) that style with the fishnets over the panties and a bra plus stripper heels, yes those are exotic dance heels, dancers have been wearing that style for years now. Another example of a celeb taking a dancer (stripper) style, wearing it to some event and pretending to be innovative and original when in fact they are not. Just like pole dancing or what dancers call pole tricks, when done in strip clubs it was frowned upon but now it's like artistic and beautiful and non dancers compete in it. Bitch please.... it was beautiful and artistic 20 years ago too when it was basically only seen in strip clubs. Dancers (strippers, I say dancer) have been the originals in many ways.
There was another Met Gala attendee wearing a pair of glittery and a size too large stripper heels. At least get a size that fits.
I have a suggestion, how about everyone just showing up au naturel next year? THAT would be innovative and brave if anything! Like this!

Hairy! What is shaving and waxing? Pale! No fake tan or tanning bed. Bruised and an ingrown hair! No Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. Just be YOU.
Met Gala 2020 theme - Au Naturel.