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Life Is Suffering

There is a guy in India, Raphael Samuel who is talking about wanting to sue his parents for giving birth to him. Now whether he will sue or not I don't know, his parents are actually amused and proud, his Mom is lawyer so she basically told him to bring it on. I find his beliefs interesting and I agree with and share a lot of his thoughts and opinions. Like, "There's no point to humanity. So many people are suffering. If humanity is extinct, Earth and animals would be happier. They'll certainly be better off. Also no human will then suffer. Human existence is totally pointless."
And, "it's wrong to bring children into the world because they then have to put up with lifelong suffering."
I agree. I decided as a teenager, my by OWN thinking to NOT put kids into this world because I did not want to subject a child to this world and humanity because humans are the problem, not planet Earth itself - it's humans. If you are worried about your own children and their future then STOP having more kids. Get a vasectomy or your tubes tied already. Or stop sexing with others.
First of all I believe in population control anyways. I think it is incredibly selfish to have a bunch of kids. It's 2019 not 1819. Evolve with the times. Most people will have children because we are taught that this is what one is supposed to do. The false promise that children are the meaning of life. So go ahead give birth whether you find a suitable partner to have the children with or not and whether you would make a suitable parent. Very little emphasis is put on the being a suitable parent part, just squeeze out kids so they can find a job (hopefully) in the future and become good tax paying citizens. Get student loans to improve their chances of having a higher income, loans that have to be paid off and everything else that we burden ourselves with while living life. The burden of just being alive brings a never ending cycle of obligations.
I personally think that life generally sucks because I am a realist. After all, the first noble truth of Buddhism says that life is suffering. And I have a very good life compared to many. I am independent, I am healthy, I have shelter and food, I have the means to do a lot of fun and interesting things and the list goes on. But I look around and see so much injustice and suffering and I wonder WHY? What is the point of this life? It's the suffering of innocent animals, children and senseless violence against others that makes me feel that life sucks. There is so much misery out there. Look into anti-natalism - a philosophy that argues that life is so full of misery that people should stop procreating immediately. Read this and ponder about whether putting children into this world is such a good idea....
To learn more about this you can check out Nihilanand on Facebook or you can read this BBC article,
Meanwhile I am just going to keep on day at a time.

Busy Studying

I have been busy studying since the beginning of the year and my brain is TIRED....I want to rest. But I am not done yet so I have to keep on going.

Besides that I am discovering coffee shops in Portland. Like Upper Left Rosters where they have their own roaster (this coffee roaster comes from South Korea, I asked). My latte was yummy plus I enjoyed the aroma from the freshly roasted coffee beans so I will definitely return here.

Check out my bird/squirrel and whatever other animals that come by feeder, I have seen bunnies running around here too. I put up some lights for them for ambiance.....!
I love my animal friends.

Are you following the Great American soap opera? It is called MAGA. Exciting new episodes daily! Like these.....I am very amused! This is HUMOR!

So I do know that Donald Trump, the current POTUS is on his third wife, the former supermodel and polyglot Melania. Hey, I am a polyglot and supermodel too! These are known facts. Perhaps I should set my sights at the White House as well? I want to be POTUS though.
I want ALL the power. And I want to hang out with Putin, there will be many summits. I am sure Trump's former wives didn't always think he was such a stellar husband, especially when Ivana, wife number one found out about Marla that later became wife number two. Oh the drama....I told you MAGA is the name of the soap opera.
And then there is this.

At least this woman pulled her head out of her ass and cut the motherfucker.....I would had most likely cut him to pieces with that sword, he actually got away lightly with a sliced hand. At least he should had his dick sliced off.
Ladies.....I have said it before. NO man regardless of where you find him, Tinder (or all the other hook up sites), church, library, grocery store, bar, hiking trail etc will love and care for your child/children the way you do.....or the way you are supposed to do because some "Moms" are shitty Moms. There are good men out there (maybe?) but when you have children, innocent small children, toddlers or babies that you should protect perhaps dating should be on the back burner until your kid/s are old enough to understand, resist or speak up and even then you never know. SO MANY cases of the boyfriend molesting, torturing even murdering innocent children.....WTF ladies WAKE UP. NO man is more important than your child.
Go on dates and do your thing away from the house with the new boyfriend and leave your small children out of it. Get a trusted baby sitter.
Oh and I watched Leaving Neverland yesterday. I don't know what to say.....besides again, how can a Mother allow her child to go on sleepovers at an adult man’s house or hotel room? Then there is the R Kelley thing. Look R Kelley was 27 I think when he married 15 year old Aaliyah and there were always rumors about him and NOW people are shocked and outraged? Whatever. In case you didn't know, Priscilla Presley was 14 when she initially got romanced by Elvis who was 24 at the time. Where is the outrage? Everybody loves Elvis - he is The King.

Sunshine & Snow

The other day I was enjoying the warm sunshine.....

And today the ground is snow covered. Far from as much snow as in some other parts of the country though.

It's Friday evening....I want to go to bed early. Tired. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Keith Flint

What the fuck happened? Keith Flint is gone, he passed away this last Monday so March 4.
I can't believe this, he was only 49 and he was freakin' AMAZING. So sad. I can't believe this. WHY? WHY? WHY?
Back in the day Keith was my HUGE number one crush, I've had a few but the most notable were Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) and then I regained my senses and it was Keith Flint (the Prodigy), Keoki (a DJ), Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Ville Valo (HIM). In fact last time I saw the Prodigy in concert they opened up for Linkin Park in Las Vegas, that was back in 2011. And Chester is gone too, something I could not comprehend for a long time.
The first time I say the Prodigy in concert was at Coachella and I was completely blown away. That performance was the most energetic thing I have ever seen and Keith was electric. Just the best. After that I could not stop talking about was Keith, Keith, Keith, Keith non stop Keith every day. My poor friends patiently listened (and suffered most likely) to how much I just loved Keith and how perfect he was and how much I wanted to meet him and hopefully he would like me too....Seriously, the most adorable guy with a beautiful smile, beautiful face and kind eyes. One evening I just happened to run into a guy named Solomon that was affiliated with XL Recordings in London and the Prodigy was under the label and after he had listened to me blabber about my love for Keith and the Prodigy he said something like, "well if you come to London I will take you to a few of their shows".
He probably thought I was nuts. Well, I packed a suit case, got a one way ticket, left Vegas and spent about three months in London. I went to three Prodigy shows and even saw Keith backstage but I was so shy that I did not know what to say. I could only stare at him while my heart was pounding. Sometimes I get so shy that I can't do anything. Of course I wish I would had at least asked him for a hug. And a picture together. Perhaps forced him to go on a coffee date? Huge regret.
I even went to wherever he was living back then, a train ride from London. I can't recall now if it was Braintree or Chelmsford and I went to the local post office and sent a letter addressed to Keith Flint. Months later when I was back in Vegas I received a signed cd.
I hope Keith is somewhere good now. I wish he had not died like that. It makes me feel really bad for him. I feel sad over this....such a loss of a beautiful human.
Keith Flint one of a kind. ❤️ Much love.
Here is a collage I put on the outside of one of my folders a long time ago.