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I am in Portland and I will be here for about a week.

I am staying in an area called Hillsdale and walking distance from the house there is a great bakery called Baker & Spice, they have delicious pastries and OK latte. The reason it is just OK is because they don't have frequent customer clip cards. I think every great coffee shop should have something like buy 10 coffee or lattes and get the 11th free. On top of quality coffee and baristas that know what they are doing of course.

On today's agenda, get gas at Costco (the cheapest gas around here), go to the bank, walk the dogs and go to the gym (I got a trial membership for free at River's Edge Hotel). There is a Swedish event this weekend that I want to go to.

I Work Hard So....

Today I found the best mug, it says "I work hard so I can give my dog a better life". I ❤️ it!
And last week I spotted some of the cutest post cards I have ever seen, I looked up the artist, she is a local and her art is amazing. Her name is Megan Myers and her site is
I got two cards today and I would like to purchase a print or two. I love everything that has to do with humans and animals, also mermaids and faeries.

Speaking of dogs, I am happy to read that that South Korea has shut down its largest dog meat slaughterhouse.
"About one million dogs are consumed every year and activists have sought to end the custom.
Dog meat was once considered a delicacy in South Korea, but attitudes have changed in recent years.
"This is a historic moment," Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) said in a statement. "It will open the door for more closures of dog meat slaughterhouses across the country, expediting the decline of the overall dog meat industry."
Here is the full article

Even President Moon of South Korea evolved and recently adopted a rescue dog, GOOD JOB President Moon!

Happy Thanksgiving

Try to only talk about fun and light topics and if you can't do that either because you are itching to loudly educate everyone about your views on politics and religion then sit your ass in front of the TV and get lost in that football game.
Do not traumatize you child or children and others with you violent drunken self, they probably have enough of that behavior already coming from you. Do not insult family members with your embarrassing "I am better than you all" attitude. Refrain from showing off your guns and bragging about them when intoxicated - nobody cares and nobody wants to get shot.
People that become violent when they drink should not drink at all. Many will probably have an upsetting day today due to somebody ruining Thanksgiving and often alcohol is involved but in the end it doesn't matter as long as everything looks PERFECT on social media!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

It's Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which falls on Thursday November 22 this year. A day when many eat until they can't button their pants, then eat some more, watch sports on TV and then hope to score some great deals shopping the following day also known as Black Friday. If you want a good time you should go to a Walmart on Black Friday, you might get trampled or times!
The whole traditional Thanksgiving story seems a bit misleading, the true history behind the Pilgrims and the Native Indians is somewhat different right? I am definitely not going to eat turkey but I do enjoy gorging myself on mashed potatoes and pie. Lots of pie. As long as it's not pumpkin pie - yuck.
I read an article in exotic and I thought it was so on point that I will share some of it here.
The article is called "Top 5 Things You Can't Talk About This Thanksgiving" and it's written by Brad Cox.

"Here we are again - celebrating the rape and pillage of native culture, but who cares, right? Because, turkey?
So, here is a fresh-as-fuck list of the five things you should not bring up at your family's Thanksgiving dinner this year.
1) Your Progressive Political Views (Or, Your Conservative Bullshit)
Here's the thing about politics: it's fucking stupid and your opinion is probably stupid, too. That shit is so complex, that even people with PhDs in political science don't tread on the entire spectrum of conversation. The chances are pretty fucking good, that if you are younger than thirty, your opinions are both ill-conceived and based on mostly emotions. Have you ever heard the saying, "Fuck how you feel?" Well, it's true - no one cares how you feel, other than you and your equally under-informed friends. I am just so tired of people screaming at each other via keyboards - abut economics and foreign policy - do you seriously think that you have even a basic idea of how that shit works? Because, you definitely don't, and it definitely annoys people who actually know enough to know that they don't know anything."

WORD! Brilliant! Especially the last sentence. Then the author of the article goes on about four other things you shouldn't talk about this Thanksgiving. Here is the article,
I too am tired of besserwissers pontificating their political beliefs. On one hand I think it is great that people talk to each other and discuss what is going on in the world, this is important AND necessary. I mean, I do the same here on my blog....over and over again I talk about how I feel about certain topics, including politics. But when somebody refuses to listen to a different side of things and is narrow minded....ugh. Just NO. All I know for sure is that I don't know everything and that you have to be kind to animals and refrain from harming innocent people.
One more thing, the three people that got murdered, shot at a hospital in Chicago yesterday won't be celebrating Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Another crazy man with a gun on a mission. Did he also "suffer" from PTSD like the dude
that shot and killed 12 people in California earlier this month supposedly "suffered" from. Yeah PTSD my ass, such bullshit.
So....HAPPY Thanksgiving ya'll! I am THANKFUL every day (well most days) for a lot.
Speaking of something positive, nature does unite us. So go for a walk and look at the beauty of nature. Just don't leave your trash behind, I am tired of picking up litter after selfish assholes.


A while ago I was in touch with a reporter from Argus Leader ( about my experiences of working at Frank Day's in Dallas South Dakota. It has been years since I danced there and I have written several blogs about both South and North Dakota (look in the blog's categories to read them). Since I haven't worked there for so long I felt like I couldn't give an input on how it is to work at Frank Day's nowadays, I therefore declined to answer questions about the current working conditions. I was there on two different occasions and although I did share some laughs, met other cool dancers and had fun moments, Frank Day's is NOT a place for me, so yes those are my words quoted and I stand by them.

I would not go back there. I prefer orderly clubs and non touching and yes those do exist.
I want to point out that I have worked in clubs where some touching is allowed and I decided to set my own boundaries when I first started dancing and I can honestly say that I have always stuck to them. My integrity, personal comfort and how I feel within myself outweighs monetary gain for me. I am also always sober at work and I do not hang out with men from the club after work. Throughout my years of dancing in various places I have seen things that I do not think belong in strip clubs but I have never witnessed or even heard of any girls being victims of sex trafficking. Does that exist? Probably. The no drinking and no drugs approach and also not hanging out with random people that I come across probably deter certain characters from approaching me in the first place. You know....I am not "fun" enough for them and of no use to them which is perfectly fine with me. I do have a life outside of the strip club. Just because certain things go on doesn't mean that you have to participate in them.
An online article written by Jeremy Fugleberg about Frank Day's recently came out with a mention of me and the blog.

I want to add that I did not leave Frank Day's early due to unsanitary conditions or too many expectations. I stayed for however long I was supposed to but I was counting down the days until my departure and I was very happy to leave that place.
I had one "unsanitary" experience and yes, the expectations from the men that go there do exist or as another girl, Whitney in the article says, “When there such high fees, girls are willing to do more there,” she said, “Girls are going to do ... a lot, in the back, you know? It really doesn’t surprise me, because fees are that high.”
I know that some dancers allow for more to happen, bend the rules and of course when there are high club fees and travel expensed etc there is more pressure to make that back plus a profit. It gets old and also annoying when you constantly decline hanging out afterwards at some hunting lodge or repeatedly during lap dances explain that NO you cannot touch there or there. What is normal at Frank Day's would not be normal at most clubs. The sign hanging behind the bar, "No Wives Ranch Corporate Headquarters" basically says it all. Yeah, the boys will be boys mindset is definitely present at Frank Day's. Many hungry men in there wanting to party all night and have no problems with attempting to cheat on their significant other. Then they go back home and pretend that they are "good boys"- hypocrites! The only two people I think about that I met at Frank Day's is very nice older gentleman named Bud that worked there and another nice hunting guide, Edward.
I very much enjoyed talking to them.
Shelley Day is running a business, I do not want to support her kind of business because it is not for me. To each their own. I have nothing bad to say about Shelley as a person.
There are two (so far) comments on the article in Argus Leader and one dude, Matt Eberhard writes, "This is without a doubt THE dumbest article I’ve ever read. The writer was either stoned or mentally challenged. First of all, EVERY place that rents weekly is $300 dollars in South Dakota. Im a landlord- I own rentals and that’s the weekly going rate (call ANY motel). They should be happy to pay the going rate and be able to just walk 20 feet to the bar instead of taking a cab. Secondly, “human trafficking”??? Seriously? Strippers are now human trafficking? What drug are you on dude?
All these girls have one thing in common: Every one of them are too lazy and irresponsible to work a regular job. And if you had to HIRE them you would understand why they are made to pay deposit so they can’t just up and quit in the middle of the week as so many are prone to doing.
This article is concocted crap. Whoever wrote it has a skewed sense of what human trafficking really is. Misleading the country into thinking there’s all these poor girls being kidnapped or something when in reality it’s just lazy irresponsible money hungry females showing off their bodies and partying nightly instead of waiting tables."

I am not going to respond to Matt online at Argus Leader since I have no interest in going the Facebook route, instead I will do it here.
Matt....judging you from your comment it is YOU that is either dumb, stoned, mentally challenged or all three combined. I gladly paid $40/night for a motel in Gregory instead of staying in Shelley's trailer because I wanted my privacy, I also thought that her trailer was unsafe the first time I was there, therefore I arranged for other accommodations. Plus it's a SHARED TRAILER, not a motel. Dancers are independent contractors therefore we are allowed to leave whenever we want to. Forcing anybody to stay against their will would be highly illegal. Demanding money upfront and not wanting to return it should a dancer want to leave for whatever reason is in my opinion not OK. As far dancers being lazy and irresponsible, that is your opinion. You have made a judgement on all dancers, so I will now judge you based on your comment. You are probably a narrow minded good ole' boy, somewhat having anger issues and slight rape tendencies the way you talk about women as being hungry and showing off their bodies. Shame on those strippers! You mention partying, something that you probably do yourself. I do not "party" and I have managed to hold down "normal" jobs and performed the responsibilities required. I am also a home owner and current on all my bills, so as far as being responsible, I could be the poster child for responsible. I know....a responsible stripper, what an anomaly! I also know several other dancers that got their lives on track, some went on to having good careers after dancing and no I am not talking waiting tables here, not that there is anything wrong with that.
If you Matt would had understood the article it doesn't say that the dancers (or strippers as you say) at Frank Day's are sex traffic victims, the two girls interviewed for the article deny having seen anything that would indicate that at Frank Day's. It talks about that there is a presence of sex trafficking in South Dakota, especially during the Sturgis rally and hunting season. That is a fact.

This article has already started to spread in dancer circles. Some girls think that dancing at Frank Day's is great and others do not agree. Everybody will have a different experience.
Now to another place I worked at back in 2014 that made several headlines, The Wild Alaskan (also found in my blog's categories) a strip club boat in the harbor of Kodiak Island Alaska. This was a GREAT idea but the boat is no longer operating.

I recently ran into one of the girls that I worked with when I was there and she told me that her plus three other girls had some not so great experiences with Darren Byler after I was long gone. I told Darren a few times when I was on the boat that he really needed to deal with the girls and situations in a different manner but I guess things just escalated and got out of control.

EDIT . I guess an article about this is out in print as well. I just found out when a friend sent me three photos of the pages from the newspaper, here is one of the pages.

Death Cafe

Last night I tried something that I have never heard about until last night.....I attended a Death Cafe. I saw the flier at my regular coffeeshop and basically right then and there decided to check it out. I think about death once in a while and I especially wonder what happens after we die, is this life it or is there more? I have always wanted there to be more and I am searching for evidence to support that belief/hope. I thought that going to a Death Cafe would perhaps teach me something. And it was a very positive, although a bit emotional (because death is emotional for most after all) experience and I would definitely go again.
We were a group of 17 and the lady who facilitated the event, Cheryl is a registered nurse, works in a hospice and is an end of life doula. Out of 17 people, three were men. Interesting.....
We all introduced ourselves and after that I was silent, I did not have much to contribute with, I was there to listen and learn.
I can say that I heard interesting stories and thoughts. One lady said that she had seen her Mother after she passed, her Mom was clearly standing in front of her and she looked happy, so that was a positive experience.
One of the men said that he saw his Father after he passed over or passed away.....whatever you want to call it, run around young and happy with a white and brown dog by his side.
The dog had been his Dad's dog when his Dad was younger.
If there is anything I so much wish for with my whole heart is that if we do go somewhere else when we die that we will get reunited with our beloved pets. ❤️
I also found out that there is something called a Mushroom Death Suit. An alternative to getting cremated, embalmed (I would not go that route because formaldehyde is used and that is very toxic) or lowered into the ground in a coffin. There are different alternatives to disposing of a body. Perhaps one could also request a few psilocybin mushroom to be used in the creation of the death suit. I believe in the power of magic mushrooms and so do many others.

Death Cafes are held worldwide so there might be a Death Cafe near you, I highly recommend it!
"Death is not waiting for us at the end of a long road. Death is always with us, in the marrow of every passing moment. She is the secret teacher hiding in plain sight, helping us to discover what matters most."
From "The Five Invitations" by Frank Ostaseki.

What Is This

So I was turning the pages in a magazine and came upon this GUCCI ad....I was like....WHAT IS THIS???? After some confusion I realized that the mask perhaps has something to do with Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and yes indeed GUCCI held a party at a cemetery in Los Angeles recently to introduce two new fragrances. They also had a recent fashion show called "Rave in a Cemetery".
I would had loved to go to a rave at a cemetery, a real rave not an upscale tidy party where you sip champagne, bob your head to the music and worry about what you look like while wearing inappropriate footwear for a rave. Have these people ever been to a rave?
Anyhow, the person (model) in the picture is wearing an eclectic (mildly put) mix of fabrics and clothes. Wearing some old jewish grandma pants paired with bejeweled shoes, feet clad in patterned stockings that might be fashionable in Sicily but nowhere else. Sitting on an antique bed, the mattress looks like it was pulled out of a dump. I kind of like the sweatshirt though....I like the zippered arms and that sweatshirt would be perfect at a proper rave. Think something like the Prodigy video No Good Start The Dance. A party I would had loved to attend. is Tuesday. I have a bunch of errands to do and I am feeling very unmotivated. I need a personal assistant so I can just lay in bed and watch movies on days when I feel unmotivated.
I am currently accepting applications.

YES on Proposition 12

Do you eat eggs? I do. I am a vegetarian but once in a while I will have eggs and I feed eggs to the dogs as well. I do think about the hens that lay eggs. It is nice to buy eggs from local sources if possible because the eggs that we buy in grocery stores come from hens that live in horrible conditions even though they supposedly have a bit more room to live on than before. I believe that animals that are used for consumption should live their lives as cruelty free as possible, a life with dignity and we should be grateful that animals so selflessly give their lives to us. I would gladly pay a bit more for eggs that came from hens that live cage free. Wouldn't you?
Proposition 12 or the Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act is asking for hens to live cage free, to be able to live closer to the way they are supposed to live. It also is pushing for changes to the condition calves and pigs live in confinement.
Read more about it HERE
or go to
Even if you do not vote you can voice your opinion regarding improving living conditions for hens. Or start eating less animal products. Or buy eggs from a more humane source.
I used to eat meat but since I love animals more than meat I decided to stop. I do still eat animals to some extent, I consume milk products and eggs. I personally think that eating less meat is healthier for you and everyone can make an effort to eat less meat, if you really care for animals. Cutting out meat several times a week won't hurt you, in fact you will be doing yourself and the environment a favor. If you think that you need to eat meat every day to be healthy you are brainwashed by the food industry that wants you to purchase meat. Remember that the tobacco industry have been telling the public for decades that smoking cigarettes is not bad for your health at all.
Other thoughts that I have on how we treat animals.....I think that people that abuse animals should be charged with felony and have to register for life as animal abusers. Kind of like sex offenders. There is a definitive link between animals abuse and violent crimes against humans.
Trophy hunting should be illegal and is despicable. Killing an animal for thrill or bragging rights is sick. Posing with the animal/s that you killed is just as sick. I remember the wall of "fame" at a sporting goods store in Alaska where people put up bragging pictures of dead animals they posed with, I think that was so tasteless and ugly. I don't even kill spiders if I find them in my house.
I believe that animals have souls and have the same right to exist as us. In fact animals probably have more rights to exist than us seriously flawed and destructive humans.
Going to the zoo in 2018? What? A big NO. Do yourself and your kids a favor and explain to them the importance of respecting animals and treating them humanely. Zoos are not humane. Rehabilitation facilities for animals are but not zoos.
We are more informed now than we were 20 years ago, so make better choices.

Buying fur coats and other fur garments is inexcusable. If you have some old fur that grandma passed down to you, by all means wear it, don't destroy it but going out to purchase something new with fur.....just because? NO.
Finally the fashion industry is evolving, catching on and many designers are not using fur anymore. Fake fur works just as well. If you need something furry, grow out your body hair or buy a fake fur item.
Read more about it here

Armistice Day

I learned a new term - armistice. Armistice Day is today. So Veterans Day (which also is today) got changed from Armistice Day to Veterans Day in 1954 here in the US. In many other countries today is called Remembrance Day.
Armistice - an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.
Today 100 years ago on November 11 2018 at 11 AM World War One between the Allies and Germany ended. The treaty was signed in a railway car. Really? WOW. Today world leaders gathered in Paris to talk, walk through cemeteries, sign stuff, chat about the political climate, have lunch, pose for pics and some decided not to participate in some events.....I am not sure what to make of that. Come on now, don't let some rain stop the spirit! Even Femen made a topless appearance, they are very brave those Femen members. I think I would had trampled through the crowds to give Putin a long hug. And of course forced him to pose for at least six or seven pics with me, cheek to have to make sure to take several pics in case a few are subpar.
I agree with Macron, world peace is worth fighting for. I hope that something good comes out of today's gathering in Paris. Can these adults, supposedly educated adults in very important positions, voted for by the people of their countries come to some sort of understanding that will benefit humanity and this planet? If a few of them are tired and over it, which I don't blame them for, I am volunteering to fill in for a few years and then I will probably be tired and over it as well. I speak several languages fluently (I guarantee you that I can outdo Melania in that department), I look amazing in designer clothes, although I will keep it more modest and represent a style that takes animals and the environment into consideration.
No need for high end couture when people are starving. I would also be very involved and hands on in certain issues, I believe in being of service when you are a leader of a country.
Some designer stiletto heels won't allow me to participate the right way.
I also understand that it is problematic to fight for world peace when crazy fundamentalists murder others for no reason whatsoever.....fighting for peace is not easy although it should be. Does anybody want war really? Then again, when I hear of female genital mutilation, masses of crazy men screaming and demanding that a woman should die for committing "blasphemy" (whatever the hell THAT means), people that are cruel to animals, people that hurt children, men that rape, idiots in general - world peace is far from my mind. I want people like that gone, eradicated.
I too spent a bit of time thinking about the horrors of war and the people that died and suffered through it. I drove to a park here in town and stood there for a while, all alone.

And speaking of veterans....there was ANOTHER mass shooting this week. They happen so often, like almost weekly that I think people are getting desensitized to them. A veteran with PTSD decided to shoot and kill some people. Again. There will be media coverage, urges to pray for the victims and then nobody will care anymore, except the morning families and friends left behind, until next time.
Kind of strange that one victim that died in last weeks shooting was present in last year's Las Vegas shooting but survived then and two people that also survived the Vegas shooting died in a car accident a few weeks later.

Everybody seems to have PTSD or some other form of mental issue that they are medicating themselves for with either prescribed drugs or something they get from the local drug dealer, or they booze it up on a regular. Where are the SOBER people? HELLO??! Is it so freakin' difficult to be sober? I am sober and I think it would had been way more difficult not to be sober on a daily basis but perhaps I am mistaken on that one. Maybe it is easier just to be fucked up on a regular, easier to deal with your own life maybe.
For the first time ever I am thinking to have a concealed weapon on me so I can be prepared, at least stand a chance when some crazy person decides to have some sort of a fit.
Because after over one week in Portland I decided that there are cray people everywhere.
I used to own a gun, a GLOCK with an extended magazine but someone stole it from me.
Kept it and didn't give it back to me. That would be stealing right? Yes, it is, I just looked it up, "Withholding property belonging to another person with the intent to permanently deprive them of the property is stealing." That makes you a thief and a pathetic scumbag....YOU the person that unlawfully kept my property. I bet you are still reading here and salivating. Barf. peace. Perhaps possible one day. Think positive! I will try to do a few good deeds this coming week to make this world a better place. We can all do something.


Did you have a fun and scary Halloween?

So I wanted to go to four haunted houses in Portland for Halloween but ended up going to two. First of all I got here a day later than I planned on initially, then I decided that one of them (Milburn's Haunted Mansion) was too far away. Then another one, The 13th Door had "Flashlight Terror" night one of the nights I wanted to go, meaning dark and since I already did a dark one and was disappointed I skipped on that.
I went to Fearlandia one night and it was OK. Not great and not bad.....just OK. I also went to House Of Shadows which is a full contact one, meaning the "actors" can grab, shove and throw you around = FUN! Last year that one was my fave out of the haunted houses I went to so I was very much looking forward to it this year. The night I went they had a "Blackout" meaning all you got was an inch long glow stick and you were thrown into the darkness, literally. It started out great, I had to crawl through a narrow tunnel with zero visibility but after that it was kind of MEH. It seemed like they thought that the darkness was scary enough and all they did was grab you and scream in your face, not enough effort and not enough scary visuals. I wont 't do a dark haunted house again. Last year the regular House Of Shadows was much better. Besides "Blackout" House Of Shadows also had a scary topless burlesque haunt but I have seen thousands of titties and I have zero interest in gawking at those.

I did find all this change while waiting in line one evening....I get super excited when I find change, even a penny. Also, check out my blood blister on my finger! I never had one of those before.

Such pretty colors this time of year.

A view.

I just finished my latte here at Prosperity Pie Shoppe. I am staying in Portland for a few more days.