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Been Occupied

I have been occupied with this lately.....I got a Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 controller. I'm trying to figure out the Serato program and all the other technical aspects of it. But today after I plugged in the speakers and I heard a song playing I just felt SO happy and excited. I don't want to say too much but I am working on something and I will be busy with this for the next month.

Dancer Stuff

How about some dancer stuff? we go.
I recently found an Instagram account that I really like. And I don't have Instagram myself in case you wonder, the blog is enough. I found it by reading (read it, it's good),
here is the the article I read.
A girl that goes by Exotic Cancer creates funny and spot on drawings of being a dancer through her eyes. Her art is for sale on her website. I will definitely purchase something because I am quite impressed by her art and her wit.

Here are a couple of her drawings.....

So then I thought I should make a collage of her stuff and put it up at work because if you are a dancer you can relate to most of Exotic Cancer's drawings. I mean I have heard it all and seen some stuff too. So I started working on the collage at work.

It ended up becoming two with just girl stuff pertaining to dancers and the other one with what the people that we encounter in the club sometimes blurt out.

There is a magazine about strip clubs called Exotic that come out once a month.

I read it (of course) and in last month's issue, one of the contributors, DJ HazMatt that writes a monthly column called "Tales From The DJ Booth" wrote about dating while working as a strip club dj. His description of dating non dancers was really good. He wrote, "The third group of woman I've mentioned as a dating possibility, is the one that (often secretly) has a distaste for the entire strip club industry. And, trust me, this group is the worst. You've never gotten into a real argument until you've had a self-described "sex-positive, body-positive, feminist" tell you about how all of your friends are money-grubbing whores who have never met their dad. Ahh, the irony of current-year ethics. Personally, I have more respect for the most stereotypical, Dr. Phil-ish, ghetto dancer, than I do a stuck-up rich bitch who marries old men for money (or expects working-class dudes to buy them expensive shots).
And, if you want to talk about women in skimpy outfits being exploited and forced to have conversations with douchebags for tips, look no further than a Dutch Bros coffee stand."

Well, personally I can say that being in a relationship with somebody for the wrong reasons (money, security) has never been my thing. That is prostitution if anything. But swept under a rug while pretending it's "real love".
So when Stormy made an appearance at Stars in Bend Oregon there was a bit of chaos.
A drunk asshole threw a wallet in her face with the excuse that he was "wasted". This ordeal did not come without consequences.....

Yes, the idiot was wasted but he is also an idiot. When dumb asses drink alcohol they do dumb shit. That is nobody's fault besides the idiots. Perhaps people that do not know how to handle their liquor and people that are a bit more moronic than average should stay home and not venture out in public and create problems for the rest of us that actually know how to and can behave normally when out and about and around alcohol. Morons, please do us all a favor and stay home with your beer cans, bottles and whatever else you like to get wasted on.
Interesting also how the oh so righteous Rudy Giuliani doesn't respect Stormy Daniels.
Funny, because he doesn't have such a clean slate himself. Just ask his ex wives. And if Giuliani feels that Stormy is not respectable then how does he feel about Dennis Hof who recently won the Nevada GOP primary? I bet he would act super chummy with Hof.

"Pimp Dennis Hof, the owner of half a dozen legal brothels in Nevada and star of the HBO adult reality series “Cathouse,” won a Republican primary for the state Legislature on Tuesday, ousting a three-term lawmaker."
Is Dennis Hof also not respectable or is this a status that only women involved in porn or other types of sex work can achieve?
You know, I started this blog because I wanted to show that the stigma and stereotypes associated with dancers are often grossly exaggerated and many times not true. I guess I wanted to prove something. But fuck it.....I don't need to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE. I know myself and that is all that matters. You can believe what you want. I have witnessed "regular" men and women engage in despicable behavior and I also read the news everyday about people that murder, rape, molest and torture. And those people are not dancers. So no, I don't have to prove shit to anyone.
And lastly, here is another article I came across. Written about strip clubs and dancers by a non dancer named Olivia.
She visited a few strip clubs in Portland together with a friend and here is some of what she had to say.....
"After the girls were done performing on stage, they’d circulate the club, talking to guests, helping behind the bar or hanging out by the bouncers at the front door. I watched them in awe, casually strolling through a full club in a g-string, while I’m self-conscious wearing a full piece bathing suit during summers. This is when I began realize how incredibly awesome strippers are. They are feminism and girl power and strength, put in lingerie and placed on a stage for people to enjoy. Though some dancers were thin and fit, others were curvy and shapely. But no matter what their body size, they walked around a crowded room nude, and with complete confidence. Though most associate strippers with low self-respect and morals, I saw something different. I saw women who were confident enough, and who respected themselves enough, to express themselves on a stage in front of hundreds of people.
In a “Huffington Post” article, ex-striper Sheila Hageman (a valedictorian college graduate and recent mother of three) wrote about stripping as a “feminist act.” Hageman said that, “Women should feel as free as men always have and that begins with having the freedom to choose what we want and do not want to do with our bodies. I want every woman to have the confidence to claim that freedom without worrying about what others may think. If we dare to be seen for who we are, expose ourselves fully (in whatever form we choose), maybe others who have no voice will be able to also.”
The women were sure of themselves and their place. They made it clear that they were the ones in charge, not the men in the audience. Seeing women in that position of power was refreshing, and it was inspiring.
I don’t want this message to be misunderstood, I’m not encouraging young woman to trade in their university textbooks for lingerie and high heels. But I am encouraging them to reassess what courage and self respect as a woman means. And though some will disagree, I think strippers can be a great example of female confidence and determination. Any woman on a stage, confident and comfortable in her skin, is admirable."

THANK YOU Olivia for those words.....the article brought tears to my eyes (perhaps I was having PMS and felt extra sensitive or something). But for a woman that never visited a strip club before and to be able to push any judgements aside and look at the dancers and see it for what it is - I applaud that.
Do I agree with her? Absolutely.

World Cup 2018

And today is the day when World Cup 2018 came to an end. The next one will take place in Qatar in four years. Perhaps I will be there? Who knows?
What I love about the World Cup is how all kind of people come together, how emotional it is (I get emotional watching) and when they celebrate you see genuine excitement and happiness, sadness as well and people hug each other. I think it is beautiful. And fotboll (soccer) players are pretty easy on the eyes as well.
But then I read some articles that brought up that domestic violence, I am talking about men beating women now not the other way around, increases sharply during the World Cup depending on how the team the asshole the woman is together with is doing and I am also guessing his level of intoxication. That makes me mad. Fuck that shit.
I also watched members of Pussy Riot run onto the field during today's finals. I don't think the Croatian player should had used the hands on approach like he did, the French player on the other hand showed a good response. An event of this caliber is a good time to make a political or social statement. I have to give it to Pussy Riot - they are brave. And they are definitely not stupid, they do have a message. And now I am a bit worried for what is going to happen to them. As we all know Putin is still ruling Russia and he is not too fond of Pussy Riot. Russia is not a safe place to openly question and criticize Putin and the Kremlin.
I have to admit it though, I still have a soft spot for my Volodya (that is Putin). He is such a CUTIE!
And tomorrow Putin and Trump are meeting in Helsinki. I know one thing for sure....Putin will not be intimidated whatsoever, he is fully in charge. Besides that I have a few more thoughts on democracy, totalitarianism, politics, corruption, the New World Order etc but my thoughts are swirling around in my head and I am getting tired so trying to make sense of my thoughts and typing them down is not going to least not tonight.


I got some unexpected gifts last night! The ladies from XposeHope came in for a visit and they all gave us gifts but I got something especially for me. A book about Astrid Lindgren.....
Astrid was from Sweden and she wrote the story about Pippi Långstrump and I LOVE Pippi.
I also got a Pippi wig. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ❤️ Inside the book I found a handwritten message to me from Betty, the founder of XposeHope.
Astrid wrote many amazing stories for children and adults, I have read most of them growing up in Sweden. I especially remember and get emotional over Brödena Lejonhjärta.
Astrid is very loved in Sweden.

Here is Pippi with her gold coins. Why is Pippi an amazing role model for girls? She is strong willed, outspoken, independent and she loves and cares for animals.
Pippi är bäst (Pippi is the best).

Pic borrowed from SF/SVT

Famous Pippi quotes,

"He’s the strongest man in the world.’
‘Man, yes,’ said Pippi, ‘but I am the strongest girl in the world, remember that."

"I don’t think you have a very nice way with ladies,’ said Pippi. And she lifted him in her strong arms — high in the air — and carried him to a birch tree and hung him over a branch. Then she took the next boy and hung him over another branch. "

"Don’t you worry about me. I’ll always come out on top."

And if you want to know more about what XposeHope is about you can check out their Instagram and their website.

Thank you ladies for all your hard work and your thoughtful gifts. You are appreciated! ❤️

Potato And Cheese

No Ma'ama Jama's today.....they were closed so I got pierogis instead from Big Ski's Pierogis, another food cart in the same area. My fave pierogis are the ones with kraut filling, then potato filling. Well this place have kraut and mushroom and I do not like mushrooms and they don't have only potato instead they have potato and cheese so that is what I got. It's like the fourth time I got pierogis from Big Ski's now and they are not the best, they are good though. First of all because I can't get what I want and the pierogis feel a bit dry at the edges like they have been laying around for too long. Meh. They are good for when you are craving pierogis or are hungry but I definitely had better. Me making pierogis from scratch has not happened yet.....maybe one day but I am so impatient and it is a rather long process. My Mom would make pierogis from scratch when I was little and I remember that I could hardly wait for her to finish the cooking of them so I could start eating. I would gulp them down really fast, they were so good.

Chhaya with piggy head and tiger head.....she took the heads off and picks them out for play. So cute!

Now I am going to try and convince myself to go to the gym. The hardest part is getting there, everything else is easy.

Comment Of The Day

And the price for the comment of the day goes to "Tyronne Jenkins." Congratulations!

Wonderful vocabulary, amazing grammar and the imagination is just fantastic.
Whomever you are - you have made your Mama proud (probably several times already).
Unfortunately for the rest of us, these are the kinds of folks that reproduce and continue spreading their gifts around. Barf.
"Tyronne Jenkins" please try to understand (if you are smart enough to comprehend) that your words mean nothing to me. I am only highlighting them here to explain to you that you mean nothing. I know myself. Therefore you mean nothing to my white ass. I hope your weekend goes OK because only a troubled and/or miserable person would bother leaving comments like these. I bet you would never say this to my face because you are a pathetic coward. I have encountered a few of those in my life. Now I am not going to waste any more time on you, I have already spent about 7 minutes on this post.
Anyhow. It's Friday, it is beautiful outside and I've had a pretty great day so far. Now I am going to make some dinner for Chhaya and then we are going for a walk. Tomorrow I am going back to Ma'ama Jama's with Desi for lunch and I am already looking forward to that.
This was me last night at Walmart. I had to go and get a sheet of paper for something I am putting together. I kind of want to get one or two heads like these, I think they are hilarious!


Last week when I was stopped at a gas station I saw a motorcycle with a license plate that spelled out CHILE. I am not a car or motorcycle person, loud engines annoy me but when I saw a license plate from Chile I got curious. So I walked up to the man and asked him if he had came all the way from Chile...and yes indeed he had. That is so IMPRESSIVE! He did not speak much English and my Spanish is sparse but he did tell me he came from Patagonia and had been to Alaska (hence the stickers) and he said something about Utah, I think that is where he was planning on going next. All alone, solamente, just out seeing the world. WOW!
I told him he was amazing and gave him a thumbs up.
By the way, I asked him if I could take a picture of his license plate and he said yes.
Happy and safe travels amigo!

Speaking of traveling the world....I love seeing the world and of course I would like to experience as much as possible but I have a few places on my must see list (or would love to see list).
Tokyo. Machu Picchu. Uluru. Safari somewhere in Africa so I can see the animals in their own habitat (fuck zoos and circuses = animal cruelty). Berlin so I can dance all night long at Berghain and also visit my friend KISA.
Of course seeing as much of the world and it's people and cultures would be the ultimate dream but I won't go anywhere where I would be in imminent danger due to barbaric backwards views and treatment of women.


Check out my crop! A tomato and butter lettuce. I made a salad last night and ate it. Yeay!
And that is all that I had to report for today.

Wait....I have this cute pic of me and Chhaya sitting out on the porch the other day when we were in Portland. And that was that.....nothing else today.

Occupy Ice Portland

The political climate in the US is confusing and many are angry. Some are upset over the recent situation with the migrant children being taken away from their parent/s or the person who accompanied them when crossing the US border looking for asylum. Some blame the Obama administration for this and some blame Trump.....honestly I do not know who and what to believe anymore and who is telling the truth. It's fake news this, fake news that - so who has the REAL news then? What is real anymore? I have listened and talked to intelligent and educated people on both sides of the fence, Democrats and Republicans and what they said made sense on both ends but in general people are really divided. It seems like there is no meeting in the middle, you are either pro Trump or against him. I feel the truth must be there somewhere but it seems like it is deeply embedded in lies, manipulation, power struggles, corruption, politics all layered so thick that I wonder if there is any hope for any good to come out of this situation.
Anyhow, when I was in Portland this week I found out about Occupy Ice Portland. People had gathered and set up camps outside the ICE building, of course I had to go there and see for myself what was going on.
ICE stands for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And here are some pictures, I could not take many pictures because the people protesting don't want that.

I don't have much to say about the occupied area, people were calm there, they had it set up pretty well. They have a kitchen area, bathrooms, wash stations....I mean the place can be there for a while.
Like I said, I don't know what to believe anymore. I know that I believe in good. Human beings are flawed, some more than others. Some are beyond flawed and pure evil. I just want to be a good person in general. I am far from perfect but I am trying, sometimes I am trying a lot....sometimes less. But I am trying.

4th Of July

My 4th of July was spent in Portland. I am still here. Anyhow.....I hope that everybody had a fun and festive 4th.
I don't really celebrate 4th of July that much but we started out with a nice dinner and some beverages.

Then it was fireworks time. Walked on a train track to get a seat across from the Waverley Country Club on the Willamette River.

It's a trolley track, of course the trolley came and went but not while we were walking across the bridge (I was a bit scared because I am scared of heights).

This is what the trolley looks like in daylight.


And that was it. Happy 4th of July!