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Once in a while I feel like a giving sharing kind of human and bring in candy to work. For me and for my lovely co workers and for everybody else to chew on. We have candy by the entrance, the person sitting at the entrance checks IDs, collects the entrance fee and gives change and you can also grab some candy and perhaps leave a tip that goes to the door person.
Sometimes when I am bored, which happens a lot because I have a short attention span and get bored easily, I will stand by the front door and offer my out of this world humor and hand out candy.

I "demand" a tip that goes in the bucket and to the door person. I do this to amuse myself so I don't crawl out of my skin. I either threaten with violence if I don't get a tip or I come up with something witty or funny (according to me) I am pregnant and we are collecting money for my abortion and by the way it is Trump's baby. Or we are having a collection for my upcoming hemorrhoid removal surgery (I just don't get tired of the hemorrhoid jokes), or I need money for my sex change operation. Because I am really a man and the heterosexual male in general is deadly frightened of any attraction to another man. Even though there are more men working in strip clubs than you would guys just don't know it cause you are "blind" for the most part. LOL! Whatever pops in my head in that moment I blurt out.
So last week a group of young troglodytes wandered in and hovered at the entrance like a flock of dimwits. I offered them some candy.....and one of them looked at me with big eyes like I was trying to poison him and blurted out something like accepting candy from a stripper would be stupid. OK.....whatever. I told him to step away from my personal space. BARF. Yes.....I am definitely trying to give you tainted with dirt or poison candy because all I need is to get into some legal trouble over some troglodyte that means nothing to me.
How about focusing on psychos giving out bad Halloween candy to little kids who just have to go trick or treating because getting candy from strangers is more important than the safety of children? Or how about all the good ol' church going folks that do things that I would never dream of that married dude with two kids who decided to take a girl about 30 years younger than him to Mexico for some "fun". He met her in can do many things in church, looking for children to rape shouldn't be one of them.
So yes you confused troglodyte, the likelihood of you getting poisoned by some candy I got at the store is basically nil but you can never be too careful in life so I guess I can understand your trepidation. After all, I usually don't eat anything strangers offer me either.

Spearmint Rhino

The Spearmint Rhino or The Rhino in Las Vegas recently went through a renovation.....well not that recently, I think they finished up last year. I worked there but it is not my fave place to work. Way too many girls any day of the week, that makes it difficult to make money which in turn is frustrating. Too many girls go home negative, meaning they can't make their house fee back. That happened to me more than once. Plus you have to valet your car if you drive and I hate that. So after a particularly difficult night I drove home crying and decided to get another job, which I did the next day. That is when I started working at the cafe. I am no longer in Vegas, which is good.
There are Spearmint Rhino locations all over the US and abroad. I worked at two locations when I was in London years ago.
One more thing.....they have thousands of names of girls in the computer. One person told me there are 12 000 names and the name you want to go by can't be used already. It took me 45 minutes to come up with a name, I was writing down name after name on a sheet of paper and every name I came up with was a no. Of course I could not be Tatiana or does't matter what name I picked. Hopefully I will never work there again.
Anyhow, if you do work at The Rhino good luck to you.


Last year when I was in Vegas I got two pairs of very cute panties at Victoria's dark blue pair and one dark gray pair with sparkles all over them. They had them in light pink as well but those were sold out in my size. Size Medium in case anyone wonders and wants to get me cute panties as a gift. I only accept Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla and Hanky Panky (the regular one size fits all for the Hanky Panky).
Anyyyyyyhow.....I happily discovered a pair of the light pink ones at Victoria's Secret the other day and I had to have them.

They are the cheeky style and look like this on the cheeks....butt cheeks that is.

And a pic of me just case anyone missed my face.

Speaking of dancing and strip clubs.....I read all kinds of stuff and the other day I came across a few dancers discussing the business in a forum for dancers. Here is some of the conversation and my thoughts on it.....

"Are there clubs that haven't gone downhill?
Title says it all. I am not gonna ask where these clubs are just wondering if they even exist. Seems like everywhere around where I live and 100s of miles in various directions has gone quite far downhill. Makes a newbie wanna get out of the industry really and this is very demotivating. I "do well" comparatively everywhere I go, but this just isn't meeting the amounts I want to make.
Is everywhere on a downhill trend in this industry? Are there any places on an uphill trend? I am wondering if I should get out before I "get stuck" doing this shit."

Oh....I too feel that clubs have gone downhill. Let's see what else the girls had to say.

"The industry has been in decline for a long time and anybody who says it isn't is either stupid or in denial with delusional positivity. Usually it's the latter but the former seems to be infiltrating our ranks and hastening the demise of our already fragile ecosystem.
That being said, we're not dead YET. There's still money to be made but you have to adapt or die. That's the way it is. Don't be in such a hurry to exit the boat. Travel dance, explore your options and have a backup plan."

"The top strip clubs I know of on the East Coast still are making crazy mad money BUT they are strict with hiring standards and a lot of the $$$$$ profit margin comes from high end liquor sales, not really the dancers or the club itself."

"Let's put it this 2006, girls would bitch if they "only" made 400 a night. I was clearing between 800-1000 regularly then. Now, you're lucky to leave with 300.
It may be because I'm older and burned out. I don't look old (ppl still guess me for way younger) but like I said, I'm tired.
Clubs are dead now, compared to what they used to be. Money was more consistent. My regulars from 13 years ago are still coming to see me, and thank God because they're your bread and butter. Not a high turnover of customers like there used to be. I'm about to change careers bc the club scene is going downhill. Yes, there is still money to be made, but I really don't feel like competing with girls who make out/date/fuck customers as a way of gaining competitive edge. That isn't what dancers, strictly dancers, do. Wish I had a more upbeat answer for you. It's an industry-wide thing I guess."

"I've noticed the Average Strip Club Customer is more demanding. & The stalker problems I've faced in the past 8 years have gotten far more disturbing due to social media + Google......Like, the strip club seems to be a social war zone. Years ago when I was a newbie baby dancer, the strip bar was a giant joke that you hid from your parents.
Honestly being a stripper was the smartest move I ever made in my life. However today it's more hazardous than it was in the heyday of stripclubs (1970s-90s.)"

"I work at a well-known club in Miami for over 5-6 years but been dancing longer. I've notice every year, it's getting harder. It's seem like more and more customers/men aren't incline to spend at the strip club other then a cheap ass beer and just there "hanging out." A lot of the girls said that it's the Cuban girls, which flooded the club scene here, that is hurting the business by sucking and fucking customers in the champagne room. But to me, I think it's a generational thing.
The Internet change the game. Free porn sites. Dating/hook-up apps. Social media. Men today have more options than before and as well spending less to no money to see a girl naked. I've hearing from younger guys how spending money at a strip club is just "stupid and lame" and "let just go there, have a drink and look at pussy for free," Aghhhh. Gets me annoyed when I hear it, especially in the club. The worst part is that the older white male are being phrased out as I've been seeing them less and less in the club and more of the "ghetto" crowd coming in. With the new "generation" of customers coming in to fill-in, the dancers of the future are going to have a hard time."

"I think one issue that has yet to be be addressed is societies changing attitudes about sex and stripping. There is far less stigma against stripping than there was 10-20 years ago. That in itself is amazing but it also means there are more girls willing to give stripping a try. And those who do have more liberal views about sex. It is not just Cuban girls who are willing to do more for less money."

"If you are a good dancer, the decline of strip clubs will not hurt your numbers. If anything it's a good time to look at ourselves and see what we can do to improve our game. It's easy to focus on the outside but the inside is where the magic happens. As long as you take care of the inside none of this matters."

"On topic, the industry isn't the golden goose anymore, but I think you can definitely still make a good living as a dancer. It requires more hours & harder hustling though. You can't prance in for 5 hours and clear $500 with just stage & "Hi I'm Selina, want a dance?" There's a hell of a lot more schmoozing & sales skills & patience required to make that money.
It's partly cause of the saturation of girls, but it's also exactly what the OP is saying - clubs lowering standards in all directions & customer quality going down with it."

"I don't care how "good" you are this industry is declining and it's going to affect everyone, eventually. Maybe not today, not tomorrow hell not for years.
And of course we're going to focus on the outside! The "magic on the inside" or whatever metaphysical nonsense you're spewing doesn't pay the bills. The decline of this industry does matter!!"

"lol right. meditating and eating clean and repeating stupid mantras doesn't cut it when the clubs are dead and hot 20 year olds are giving blowjobs for cheap. idc what you look like or how smart you are, when your only options are 7 broke losers with $100 or less in their pocket and they all want the most bang for their buck.. you're gonna have a bad time. nowadays people go to strip clubs on a budget. and the clubs encourage it with their stupid cheap food and drink specials like someone else said.
there's still money to be made but only if you can travel or move to one of the few good cities left. not everyone can travel or move. i think the girls who live in good areas and work at good clubs are oblivious bc they still make money an assume everyone else is just lazy or not cut out for the job."

"I think the industry has changed so much since stripping became mainstream and "cool". Also the internet the fact that girls are on IG promoting and stuff before it was so hush hush for both the dancers and customers and different types were in the club now its just anybody hanging out."

"yes, girls pulling out their phones to make a snapchat video when a guy orders a bottle? No wonder the money isn't here anymore...."

Phew......are you still reading? So I think there is truth to most of that. I do think that overall the strip club business has gone downhill, perhaps not for the clubs in liquor and beer sales but for the girls dancing there. I have always thought that quality over quantity is the key to dancers but so many clubs hire anything that can shuffle around in a pair of heels even if the person has no business being a dancer for many different reasons. Too many girls in the club and not enough guys means that girls (some, not all girls and definitely NOT the author penning this blog) turn desperate and do whatever to make $. Whether it's lowering dance prices, doing all kinds of embarrassing circus tricks like playing with beer bottles on stage to whipping out tits on the floor for a dollar or two to doing dirty dances. Internet, Instagram and cheap prostitutes probably pay a big part as well. Hook up culture too. Having sex for some people is like brushing their teeth, it means nothing. A BJ is not considered sex for some. To me that is crazy but this is reality. I blame Bill Clinton for that one. The younger crowd is desensitized due to porn watching and scrolling through photoshopped unrealistic pictures on IG.....dancing is boring to them when they can see somebody stick something up their ass online for free. Too many girls are willing to give out their number, hang out after work and whatever else they are doing so the ones that don't are of course not interesting. Why spend $ on something you can never have? Personally I think that dancers should act like unavailable and unobtainable goddesses. I do think that certain places are good still but it is usually the more upscale clubs in larger cities that have stricter hiring practices where sucking on a beer bottle on stage would mean you would have to look for another club to dance at. While there is less stigma associated with being a dancer because it is so mainstream nowadays the stigma is still there.....
I do think that in general the heydays of making good money every night unless you are lucky enough to work in an amazing club are can still do OK compared to some jobs but not like back in the day.
I am a rather "lazy" dancer....I am definitely not interested in putting in some extra "efforts" to make money. My number has been the same since I got a cell phone. My phone is not ringing non stop and I do not communicate with "customers" for them to come in and spend money on me. That would be a full time job outside of the cub. No thank you. Have I ever given out my number to a man I met in the club? Of course but far and few in between and the ones that have my number I consider my friends and I do not entertain friends at work.
I guess a lot more can be said about this topic but it's getting late and I am planning on waking up at 9 am so I think I will wrap this up and call it a night.

Beach Days

I recently spent five very nice and relaxing days at the Oregon coast by the beach. Of course I took pics and here they are....first some beach pics. I love the Oregon coast.

I tried the nearby coffee shops to find a favorite for the next time I go.....I found two. One in Lincoln City and the other one in Pacific City, same distance to both from the beach house.

I had an amazing strawberry rhubarb pie. Home made of course with a side of made in Oregon Tillamook ice cream.

The cutest little post office.

A sign that I liked.

Mermaids of course, I love mermaids.

The dogs had a great time. This is Senna's beach and playground and she wants to be by the water, that is her happy place.

Chhaya prefers to sunbathe and take long naps, in between enjoying food and playing tug.

I saw a beautiful rainbow.

So....I did not go by myself. I have met someone that makes me very happy. I don't want to say too much else.....besides that we have a lot in common and that makes me super happy too.

AND to make it ever better.....he plays backgammon! ❤️

Russian Presidential Election

Well.....will Putin remain the President of Russia for a fourth term? Most likely. I have loosely followed the Russian presidential election. Imagine if the only female candidate would go ahead and win? Ksenia Sobchak.....Russia's own Paris Hilton, a blonde socialite and tv personality/actress, feminist and designer of rubber boots. Rubber boots? How do I get my hands on a pair of these boots? Ksenia does have an education so she is not a dummy.....perhaps comparing her to Paris Hilton is not the best example.
And in the middle of the Russian election there is also the recent incident in England involving a former Russian intelligence agent (spy) and his daughter, poisoned by a nerve agent. This has led to tension between Russia and the UK. And this is not the first ex Russian spy and exile to be poisoned in the UK. There have been a few. Basically the Kremlin is showing its power. Although any involvement in this is strongly denied by them. Who might be next to be poisoned? Alexei Navalny?
What does Putin want? To stay in power of course. He is a very patriotic man that thinks very highly of Russia. Look at the size of that is the largest country in the world by area. In Putin's mind, he is the only one that can lead Russia on the road to the great power he foresees for his country. And Putin wants to meet me too of course, we can go horseback riding, take a few great selfies and I will get an amazing interview with him.
Putin is like a modern day Genghis Khan. OK.....Ksenia, send Tati a pair of those rubber boots.


Since all the Irish people celebrated their day today together with everyone else that wanted to celebrate (drink lots of alcohol) I decided to try a traditional Irish dish - boxty. VERY yummy. Although my Mom used to make potato pancakes and I think those are fairly common in Germany as well. I also had potatoes and cabbage today that simmered in a crockpot overnight. A seriously amazing food day. Now I am beyond full, sitting here on the couch with a tired dog by my feet.....I guess it is bedtime for me too pretty soon.

Back From A Trip

Me and Chhaya got back from a trip yesterday.....we were gone for several days and I didn't bring my laptop. I have a bunch of pics from our trip, that was GREAT but I have to do a bunch of errands today and I want to write an entry about the Russian presidential election that takes place tomorrow. So the pics from my trip have to wait. Here are two though.
I found out that even I can run for President of Russia, all I have to do is to live there for at least 10 years. Sounds perfect.....I will take over after my Volodya (Putin).
Driving to the destination.....

And after we arrived.

Time For A Bath

Today it was time for a bath - a doggy bath.
Here are Chhaya and Senna. Senna is Chhaya's new friend....
Getting a bath is not Chhaya's favorite thing to do but she is a very good girl that lets me wash her.

Now she smells good and is sleeping on the couch. She needs to rest from her busy day.

International Women's Day

Here we are is March 8 and that means International Women's Day. It IS a very important day because women were considered second class citizens subpar to men not too long ago in the world we consider the civilized world and women are still treated as second class citizens in many parts of the world today. So yes.....a day like today where we highlight and bring forward that women still struggle is needed and important.
I am definitely for women all the way. That does not mean that I agree with everything some women do and how some act but I am for women's rights all the way.
I am an adult (unwillingly, because in many ways I am still like a child) and since childhood Pippi Långstrump has been my role model. Pippi is a GREAT role model for girls because she is independent and strong. I roll around with Pippi on the dashboard of my car and a Pippi wallet in my purse. I don't need a "nice" Pippi wallet made of now faded fabric is what represents me the best.
If you are looking for a quiet, non opinionated, timid, nodding yes in agreement to everything you say and do kind of girl then keep on looking cause I ain't it.

The person that initiated a special day for women in 1910 was a German woman, Clara Zetkin. These are the kind of people I look up to......people that made (and currently make) a positive and meaningful change in the world.
This is a poster from 1914 Germany, bringing up voting rights for women. Women obtained the right to vote in all the US states in 1920. Sweden was a year before that. And Poland 1918.

And a poster from 1932 Soviet Union, illustrating lifting women up from their second class citizen status.

Trump's Gal Pal

Trump's "gal pal" Stormy Daniels is scheduled to make an appearance in my neck of the woods. I am definitely going to try to take a pic with her, who knows maybe Tati News will be able to score an interview with Stormy? Better than a sit down with Barbara Walters for sure! I am kind of excited over this. But let's not get too excited.....a lot can happen between now and May.
I read that Stormy (real name Stephanie) is suing Trump, now claiming that the nondisclosure agreement they supposedly agreed upon after a monetary exchange of $130 000 was paid to Stormy by one of Trump's attorneys, is not valid because it was not signed by Trump.
If you do not know who Stormy is you don't follow the news, which is fine.....just look her up on Wikipedia or continue reading this blog. I am more than happy to educate you on everything you need to know.
My immediate thoughts on this entertaining American soap opera.....has Melania showed Donald some old school Eastern European rage yet? Preferably using the frying pan or the bread roller, my personal to go tools for beating men. A nice sturdy wooden Swedish clog will do the job too. Or is she just giving him the cold shoulder shooting him icy glares with those mean eyes......biding her time until she files for divorce? Or is this in Trump's own words FAKE NEWS and completely fabricated by Stormy?
Let's see.....Trump was married to Ivana which he cheated on with Marla (he supposedly had many affairs while married to Ivana). Ivana gave him three children and he has one with Marla. Then he got with Melania and she have birth to Barron. I definitely think that Trump used to be quite the ladies man, he was not a bad looking after all when he was younger.
One more thing, $130 000 is not that much money. Stormy should had insisted on another zero to be added into that amount. Who was her financial advisor back then? She should had told him, "You're FIRED."
Now let's talk a bit about Bill Clinton, another ladies man that famously romanced a young Monica Lewinsky back in the day. Monica did an interview for Vanity Fair which I think is very good and she brings up many valid points. Monica was shunned and laughed at back then. Had this affair happened today I think she would had been lifted up in a positive way for coming forward. Plus many were making fun at her appearance as well. What is wrong with Monica I have to wonder? She looks rather attractive to me in comparison to the average woman out there.
Here is a link to the interview,

Bill is not doing too bad. I am sure the ladies still love him. And Hillary stuck with him through it all. I did write something about this back in October 2016 when people were angry over Trump's "grab them by the pussy" comment.
I wrote, " all the sexual assault allegations and Trump's private conversation about grabbing pussy. Am I offended personally? NO. Women are objectified pretty much everywhere. Look around you. We live in a culture where porn is easily accessible. That men watch porn even when they are married or in committed relationships is socially accepted and women should just be OK with it. It is "normal" right?"
"What we do know for sure is that Bill Clinton got busy with Monica Lewinsky in the White House while married to Hillary. There have been several women accusing him of sexual assault as well and Hillary still stayed with him. Does that mean she thinks cheating and sexual assault is OK? I mean, she stayed with him. So she condones this behavior then and she is running for president of the United States? Monica Lewinsky says that she isolated herself, felt suicidal and depressed after the whole Bill affair. I believe her. The public turned on her, made fun of her.
Oh yeah.....called her fat and ugly. Did Hillary care about that? That her husband caused another person to feel this way? Did she reach out to Monica or any of the other women that accused Bill of sexual assault?"
Here is a link to the whole blog entry, read is BRILLIANT.

I say a lot of stuff that could be taken as "offensive" when I am with my friends.
Whatever.....I joke around a lot. I like to laugh and I talk a lot. I don't mean all of it. After all, actions speak louder than words.
Well, that was all for today folks. Here I am typing away on my laptop. I rather read and write than talk to annoying people in various stages of intoxication any day of the week.
Or annoying people in general.