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Yuzuru & Alina

I did not watch a lot of the Winter Olympics in South Korea. But GO Norway and Germany for all the gold! GREAT job!
What I know though is that Japan's Yuzury Hanyu must be the cutest guy on the planet. He is perfect! He is human mixed with fairy. I kind of think that the Japanese are the most perfect people on the planet, there is something special about them for sure. Alina Zagitova is a great example of Easter European grace and beauty. I know Putin must be proud.
Yuzuru & Alina are my fave 2018 winter Olympians.

The bullshit that came out of the American figure skaters in some interview is just simply can't compare them to such talent as Alina. They should just go back home to the US, get some of that much needed sleep, cry to Mommy, go eat at McDonald's and work on their skills.
But what I really hope comes out of 2018's Olympic games in Pyeongchang is some form of a positive development in North Korea and the rest of the world. North Korea.....seriously. I feel bad for the people that live there, it is time for a change for them.
I just finished my breakfast and now I am about to start this Sunday.


I coughed up a hairball the other day. A nice sized one too.....LOOK!

With this much hair accumulating in the tub drain every few months I kind of wonder how come I am not bald yet? WTF.
I can't believe how much hair that is. I could make a wig out of it. I definitely have much thinner hair than what I used to have, I used to have really nice hair (looking at pics from years ago I realize this now). Now it is long still but not as nice. And I need a trim. And today is hair washing day. I wash my hair every three days or so, sometimes once a week. It all depends on what my plans are for that week.
This is my latest food obsession, lavender yoghurt. SO YUMMY! I discovered it last week and now I crave it all the time.

Besides this.....I just thoroughly enjoyed an extra hot vanilla latte and a pastry. It snowed even more and I need to drive around in this weather and do some errands. After that I am taking Chhaya out and then I might have time to squeeze in a gym visit. Then I have to wash my hair and get ready and cute because I am going out tonight. YEAY!
It is Saturday and the sun is shining outside and inside my heart. I hope YOU have a nice weekend!

It Snowed

So it finally snowed a bit and the snow did not melt away yet. Perhaps I can ski to the coffee shop tomorrow?

Besides the groundbreaking news that it snowed in my neck of the woods.....I just got back from work. One thing I can say about myself, I can find something funny to laugh about at work every night. I cannot be bored at work, I just can't sit there and be bored. I get a restless feeling inside like I am about to burst out of my skin. I either have to read a magazine or read something on my phone, OR I get loud and sing or come up with something funny, according to me. Because at work I have ADD and Tourette's. Some girls walk around super serious like they have a stick up their ass, zero humor, trying to be sexy or something. Playing "the role". Then they ONLY smile and look alive when talking to the guys in there. WTF? No happiness otherwise? Only around men? SO lame and barf. Those girls probably think that I am annoying and immature, in turn I think they are pathetic because only some guy/s they don't even know can make their mouth turn into a smile. Did I laugh tonight? You bet. At my own humor. None of that fake smile crap. I do have moments at work when I don't want to and won't look at the people in there because I feel annoyed or moody but that feeling usually goes away.....but I can't be fake. Fake is probably more lucrative but I just can't do it. It's not me. I don't like fake people in general. Because of the simple fact that they are FAKE.
Here is an example of my humor, fresh from tonight. A group of guys came in, one of them got put on stage because it was like his bachelor party or something. He was given a t-shirt and then they wanted us all to write something on the shirt. I would never write anything sexual, can you guess what I wrote?

Then I got the brilliant idea to dribble some cranberry juice on a pad (as in period pad) that I got from the dressing room and I taped the pad to the shirt. That is FUNNY! And then I sold the pad, for $2. Perhaps I should be selling autographed soaked period pads? Now there is a difference between being funny and being gross. Funny is when you joke around and laugh etc. Here are some examples of gross, in my opinion. Letting go of loud, long wet sounding farts while spreading your butt cheeks apart in a packed dressing room. Letting guys touch you in hopes to make more $ in a non touching club. Sucking on random guys beer bottles several times a night simulating BJ's. That's GROSS. I am funny (I think) but not gross.
Plus there is a time and place for everything. I definitely know how to "behave" when needed.
Speaking of fake. At work I glue on fake lashes. So I usually wear the Ardell 105 but I found some new ones that I am excited to try... Ardell 152 with tapered tips. They are the ones on the right. Then a friend of mine that is a hair dresser told me about grey drops. I never heard about grey drops before. Have you? She also told me to rinse out the color with as cold water as I can stomach so the hair cuticles close and wait 48 hours before shampooing, if possible. So I got this Gray Magic by Ardell.
Oh yes, I color my hair and I match my color. I started getting grey hair when I was about 18 (a sign of high intelligence as we all know ;-) ) and according to Wikipedia, "Changes in hair color typically occur naturally as people age, eventually turning the hair gray and then white. This is called achromotrichia. Achromotrichia normally begins in the early to mid-twenties in men and late twenties in women. More than 60 percent of Americans have some gray hair by age 40. The age at which graying begins seems almost entirely due to genetics. Sometimes people are born with gray hair because they inherit the trait."
It is what it is. I don't want grey hair so I color it (usually every two months or so, I am too lazy to color every 9 days like Jennifer Lopez says she does). I don't have grey hair all over my head but in certain areas. So next time I color I will try the grey drops. And that is as fake as it gets with me, lashes and hair color. Everything else is natural.

Now I have to call my bank in Sweden.....sometimes making a phone call is like the most difficult task ever. It's only a phone call but feels like a huge chore. Then I am going to sleep. My eyes are getting tired and closing on me.....

Valentine's Day Recap

Here is a recap of my Valentine's Day for you (in case anyone is curious).....I woke up around 9 am and went to look for a cupcake for my little cupcake Desi. Then I went over her house and left a small present. After that it was latte time, I wore a pink shirt and pink and grey leggings by PINK Victoria's Secret. I love PINK. And some lady sitting next to me liked my outfit too because she complimented me on it.

Then I walked Chhaya. Here is her paw print that she made at PetSmart last weekend.

Chhaya posing with her art.....looking beautiful as always.

In the afternoon I went to the movies with someone. Saw Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri . That movie has some great reviews and several people I know said it was soooooo good. Me....I was like MEH. The acting is great but as far as a movie goes, I thought it was OK/good but not great. Not like the Guillermo del Toro movie I saw around Christmas, that is more my style of movie.

In the evening I made Swedish pancakes for dinner with strawberry and raspberry jams and whipped cream. I shared the pancakes with someone special. Ate six pancakes and felt full.

❤️ XOXO ❤️ from me.

Natto & Gym

I had nattō yesterday, my first time! My brother loves nattō but I did not try it with him when I saw him last, he enjoyed it by himself while I watched. It is a traditional Japanese food that is very nutritious. Nattō is actually the richest food source of natural vitamin K2. I will definitely eat it again.

I also joined the is time to get in shape. Somewhat at least. I barely exercised all of 2016 and the first half of 2017.....but that is in the past. And that feels good.

Now I want some new gym clothes. I think Puma or Lululemon should sponsor me. DUH.....clearly they should!

Fashion Show

There is a store in town called Tres Chic. We had a fashion show last night at the club and we all wore selected outfits from the store, Heather the owner put the whole thing on together with Ara, one of the dancers.

This was my outfit, fitting for upcoming Valentine's Day. If you that are reading this have a wife or a girlfriend I am reminding you.....Valentine's Day is February 14, that is next week. Although I am aware of that it is a commercial holiday and bla bla bla, it IS nice to spend a little time to show the person you share your life with or a large chunk of your time with some extra appreciation. I always make sure to show the people I care about some extra ❤️ on Valentine's Day. I think it is a cute tradition.

Note the hearts on the ribbon.

Desi wore a super cute necklace with long pieces hanging down and some red feather earrings.

We also got another visit from Xpose Hope last night. The ladies brought us candy, bracelets with anchors on them and these little mirrors that say Jesus Loves Strippers on them, the mirrors were very popular. We loved them. Thank You Xpose Hope!
I have exchanged a few emails with Betty, the founder of Xpose Hope and we might get together for coffee next time I am in Portland. Fun!

PMS & Tea

A couple of days ago I had BAD PMS.....I was out doing errands, looking for something at Joann Fabrics and Crafts, they did not have what I needed and directed me to another store. When I got in my car I started crying, I had a bad feeling inside my body, mainly chest area all day. It's like an unrest, a crazy feeling. Edgy. So before driving to the next store I headed straight for Shari's, barged in there and ordered two slices of pie and a side of whipped cream that I scarfed down in my car.
Immediate relief. It's good that I don't feel like this all the time, I would need to be on some sort of a medication if I did.....I felt borderline psychotic the other day. And today I am back to normal.

If there is a rhubarb option I will always pick that.....they had strawberry rhubarb and the other one is lemon something.
Yesterday I had tea at Tea Buzz.....I love that place. I picked a black tea as always and opted for a traditional cup and saucer. I like traditional when it comes to tea. So my cup and saucer are from England and the other cup and saucer from Japan - perfect picks by Joanna (owner and hostess of Tea Buzz - she is the best hostess ever).
I will go back soon to experience an East Frisian tea ceremony, it's a tea from northern Germany. I am looking forward to it already.

Yummy and cute. I was sharing my tea time with somebody.

Outside the building.

Bathing in sunshine.

Thinking About You

Sometimes life is very difficult and sad. This is what scares me about living.....because I don't think that I have the strength to deal with certain sadnesses, I think I might break to never recover.
A dear friend of mine is going trough something difficult. Today I am thinking about you A. And I am sorry and sad for you, no words will help and I don't know what to say anyways.....besides that I am here for you.
When I was going through something difficult in my life a while back this friend was there for me and I appreciate that very much.

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is here and the big game is over.
I am definitely not an American football fanatic, I did watch the game but to me it does not matter who wins. I don't have a favorite team or a favorite player. I barely know anything about the sport. Somebody will win, somebody will lose, they all get paid very well and it's only football after all.
I can say this much since there has been much debate whether to stand or kneel/sit (or whatever some of the football players do to show a form of protest) during the National Anthem. My opinion? Stand. Absolutely. And sing. Did you watch the game today? If so, did you see the medal of honor recipients that were being honored before the coin toss? One of those older men had a walker. If he can stand, so can all the players. They are being very well compensated for their efforts in the game. They should all be very grateful. If they have anything they want to change in the community, anything they want to protest, they can do a lot of difference with some of that coin they rake in each year. Be a role model. Do positive things. Be kind. Everybody can do something.

We Snort Glitter

What drugs do dancers do? Glitter. We snort glitter in the dressing room.....what else? DUH!

How do you like my dancer drugs pic creation? I threw it together this evening. All by myself. So the image credits are mine (even the idea I think). Thanks.