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Jesus Loves Strippers

A couple of weeks ago two nice ladies visited the club with goodie bags for us girls.
Us girls meaning the dancers, aka strippers. They gave away the bags and told us that if we ever need anything, a ride, somebody to talk to, a baby sitter etc that we could always reach out to them.
We invited them to sit in the dressing room with us because contrary to popular belief most of us are rather well behaved, do not do anything illegal or crazy in the dressing room and most of us get along perfectly fine. We have nothing to hide. At least I don't. Sit with us, observe and listen. Those tired and worn out clichés about out of their mind slutty drug addicted loud strippers on some outdated moronic talkshow really does not reflect reality well.
I have worked with dancers that have their life together. Personally and financially.
Speaking for myself, I have my finances put together better than about half of the adult US population does. Nothing too bad with my personal life either. I am close to my family and I have friends. I do plenty of stuff outside of the club, my life does not revolve around being a dancer. But since I am a dancer also, the stigma says that I am really spending all my money on alcohol, drugs, supporting some abusive dude and throw in a couple of neglected kids by different daddies too. Wrong.
Do some dancers need guidance and help? Do some engage in a lifestyle that I think is completely crazy and sometimes just plain bad? Absolutely. There are definitely girls that need help. Some girls should NOT be dancers but I suspect that they would be troubled regardless of what they do. But all kinds of people have problems and all kinds of people do crazy shit, not only dancers. I see "regular" people act in ways that I would never ever think of doing myself.
I do appreciate the concern and effort coming from these well meaning ladies that visited us but at the same time I they also visit and reach out to nurses, teachers, baristas, waitresses, beauticians, real estate agents and other women dominated workplaces with these pamphlets, goodie bags and offerings of assistance?
How about trying to "save" all the men that visit strip clubs? Do they need help? Some of them are married after all. Is it morally right to be sitting in a strip club drooling over other other women, spending money that should be going to their wife and children? I don't know.

Current shape of Tati.

I find this pic very amusing. We have a small corner in the dressing room called "Sharing Is Caring" with Q-Tips, body lotion, baby wipes, hair products, anti bacterial rub etc (guess who put that together? ;-) ) and when I was at Sprouts in Vegas last year I saw a box of medicated anti itch tush vipes that I thought would be just PERFECT for our little corner.
This is my kind of immature humor, VERY funny in my book! I never want to grow up and become a politically correct dusty fogbone. So anti itch butt wipes next to a Chanel perfume just make for the perfect pic I think.
Actually I want us to install a camera in the dressing room that would document how entertaining it can be in there sometimes, especially when the Tati Show is on! The camera would be streaming live and people would have to pay to watch (us girls would share the generated income from this), our presence would keep many lonely people company and make many laugh. I have pushed this idea but of course it will probably never become reality. But I think this is a BRILLIANT concept!

What was in the goodie bag? A penny with a cross in the middle that I think is very pretty and that I will save. A card, a note, a pencil, sunglasses, chocolate and a KIND bar. I will give away the sunglasses, the KIND bar plus chocolate to a homeless person that needs it more than I do.
The ladies that came in are part of a group called Xpose Hope. The group have a nice Instagram that I looked at and a website. If you want to check out what they do or perhaps connect with
I am thinking that I will send them a link to this blog entry so they can read my thoughts regarding their visit. Perhaps they can skim through the blog and see that far from all dancers are in need of salvation from despair.
Again, I appreciate their effort. Personally I do not need that kind of help. But maybe somebody else does.....

Fort Rock

Yesterday I visited Fort Rock. A large horseshoe shaped rock formation that is just there, on a flat landscape, actually on an ice age lake bed. I thought of Uluru in Australia (the pics I have seen of it) when I saw Fort Rock approaching in the distance.

The Capricornus constellation (Capricorn).

I had a very nice day, the weather is amazing right now and I was with great company. Feeling HAPPY.

Radiance: The Passion Of Marie Curie

Last night I went and saw a theatre play called "Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie". So Marie was born in Warszawa (Warszaw) Poland and her name was Maria Skłodowska. When she moved to France she became Marie and when she married she got her husband's last name which was Curie.
Fascinating woman, many great accomplishments, including TWO Nobel prices and so much more. The play was very well executed. I enjoyed myself plus I have always admired Marie Skłodowska Curie.

It got chilly and snowed. Time for a warmer jacket.

I had a nice lunch today which included tea for two together with last evening's company.

My favorite Saint. Saint Francis of Assisi. Why? He was the patron Saint of animals.


I went through some of my photo albums yesterday and found these pics from when I visited Hawaii for the first time. I have been there three times total. Oahu three times and Maui once. The first time I went with my friend Shelley, her two sisters and their Mom. The second time I went with my Mom and brother and the third time I went with Shelley.
So here I am with Shelley.....

Snorkling in Hanauma Bay.

I haven't really travelled that much. When I lived in Sweden we would go and visit Poland but besides that I was a student, busy with school and couldn't really afford to travel I guess.
And now if I go to Europe the priority is to visit Sweden. I have seen quite a bit of the US though, lot of it by driving.
I love to travel and I am willing to go everywhere except the places where women have no rights. I have zero interest in getting raped and killed for not covering up in a sheet or knowing that I have just as many rights as a man.
I have a few places on my must travel list. Tokyo (and my brother lives there now),
Machu Picchu and Uluru.


Monday night......Midnight in a while. I am laying here. Thought I share some of the latest with you.
I signed up for a couple of classes today, starting next week. Wanted to educate myself more in a certain area.

Chinese New Year is coming up in February. 2018 is the year of the Dog. Ranking as the eleventh animal in Chinese zodiac, Dog is the symbol of loyalty and honesty. Eleven is my number and as you all know, I have a very special dog companion.

I saw this today. It is nice. I don't eat animals because I love them but I understand that everybody is different and that we all are in different stages of our own personal development. But we can all be compassionate and kind. Well.....that is not true, not everybody is kind. Some people are just brutes.

I had ice cream this evening. ♡ I could not decide on a flavor and I like all three of these.

And a pic of me. Cause I am just such a delicate fucking flower.

I caught a bit of The Bachelor this evening. I have always thought it is an incredibly lame show. All those girls desperately competing for a guy they don't even know? Or chasing fame? More Instagram attention? Trying to get alone time so they can exchange some saliva and possibly herpes as an added bonus, leave a lasting impression hoping to get a rose and be asked to stay for another episode of humiliation. If I would be on The Bachelor (I would never apply to such garbage but let's just say IF), I would definitely be the most memorable.
Like ever. I would act completely unhinged on purpose and to leave that lasting impression I would kick the bachelor in the balls and show him the middle finger with an insane look in my eyes at the rose ceremony. For starters.
Anyways.....I am going to get ready for sleep now. Meaning take out my contacts and slather on some face cream. Goodnight.

Shoot In Chloride

Back in November I met up with Cindy and we drove from Las Vegas to Chloride Arizona and took some pictures. Check out the amazing murals.....this is a very interesting little town so worth visiting and exploring.
Here are some of the pics from my shoot in Chloride.

Photographer Enchanted Eye Photography.

Tea & Escape Room

Went back to Tea Buzz Global Tea Bar yesterday with some friends.

This time I tried the Marco Polo by Mariage Frères, a black tea which was delicious.


Afterwards we went and did an escape room. Have you ever tried it? It is FUN! So here (my location) there are four different escape room options and the difficulty levels vary from a 43% success rate down to 9%. We did a room called "Winter Fall" where we had to locate a hidden hard drive. A 27% success rate and we solved the puzzle with 12 minutes to go! YEAY!

To be honest, one of us had done that same room in the past but she wanted join and she sat back and watched most of the time, she did offer some help but not much. Now we have three more escape rooms to go. It's quite mind boggling.

What else have I been doing lately? I know I haven't been writing here a lot. Since I got back from New Years in San Francisco the blog was down for one week due to a glitch and then I have been busy with something new in my life. All I can say for now is that it is a GOOD busy and I am very HAPPY!


I went to a theatre play today about Tesla (the man, not the car). A few years ago I got a book on Tesla and his life, quite fascinating. Again....number 11 all over the place for me.

Afterwards I gave one of my "Tesla wands" to the person I saw the play with tonight. I got two of those sticks a couple of months ago because I thought they were fun. Tonight I had a reason to give one away to someone that I think will appreciate it.

What else can I say? Oh....I started drinking water. I have been really bad at drinking water so I decided that I needed to up my water intake. It is going pretty good so far.

Besides this I have been busy with......stuff. And now it is late so I am going to get ready for bed so I can get some sleep.


Two girls....same teddy.
First Desi with the teddy.

I took the pic. Isn't it pretty? Hanging out with Desi is like being with the prettiest cupcake in the bakery. More pics of Desi can be admired here
And Chhaya with teddy. My pretty baby!

It has been raining all day today. I went to the gym earlier. Now I am doing laundry and relaxing with Chhaya.

San Francisco

I fell in love with San Francisco. ❤

Driving in across the Bay Bridge, the sun was was the last day of 2017. I felt anticipation and happiness.

The following day, New Year's Day was spent exploring. I thought it was scary to drive up and down some of those really steep streets.....I don't know how people drive like that every day and park their cars on steep hills.
Here you can see Alcatraz in the distance.

The years's first meal. My Mom once told me that a year's first day - your food intake, your mood and what happens, sets the tone for the rest of the year and the tone for the first day of 2018 was great. Plus this is an 11 year and there were a few 11's surrounding me in San Francisco.

We had to go here - Haight and Ashbury.

We went to Amoeba Music.

I am glad I have this friend. ❤

So this January is special because of two full moons, both supermoons, one already happened on January 1. It was called the Wolf Moon. The next one is on January 31 and it is called the Blue Moon but also Blood Moon since there will be a lunar eclipse and the moon will turn blood red at some point. Don't miss out on seeing that! This can't be seen from everywhere but I hope to catch a glimpse of it.
The Wolf Moon in San Francisco.

Until next time San Francisco!