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I know I have not checked in for a while but me and Chhaya traveled around last week, we were busy exploring. After all there are many trees to smell and climb and squirrels to chase!

No squirrels get harmed when Chhaya runs after them.....they scurry up the nearest tree and sit at a safe distance and snicker at her. Chhaya gets very excited over this.
And I found an amazing reflexology place! 90 minutes of pure bliss performed by a lady named Jun. She massaged my ears, first she put warm towels on my ears.....then she started kneading and pulling on them and then she put her pinky finger into each ear and started stretching my ear opening. Sounds weird maybe but it felt amazing.....! And she massaged my hands and my feet. OMG I love, love, love getting my feet rubbed. I was very happy. I told her that I will be back.

I got done with a hike this evening and I am in bed, ready to sleep. Feeling tired.


It's all about Chester right now. I can't imagine what his family and friends are going through. He will be missed by many. He seemed like a genuinely nice human being.
I am very sad that Chester is gone, I think he was amazing. What else is there to say in a tragedy like this? I guess his music is there still, I have spent many nights listening to Chester while driving and I will continue doing that. His voice was one of a kind.
You will be missed Chester Bennington. ❤

Just No

What is it that I am reading? Chester Bennington passed away today - suicide.
JUST NO! This can't be real?! He had an amazing voice and was a true talent.
Leaving behind six children. I saw Linkin Park in Vegas in 2011.
I can't judge somebody that commits suicide, I don't know how that person feels, what they have been going through to feel that sad. I remember reading about what Chester said about his early days and how he taught himself to sing the way he did.
I know myself how it is to have dark thoughts and feel like the loneliest person in the world.
I can't believe he is gone.....he was so beautiful. I don't know what else to say, I wish this wasn't true. This is very sad. ❤
A pic of Chester from 2011.


Hello from me....I went hiking again this evening. It felt great. Let's see if I can see keep this up, I have been stagnant for too long and it is time to change that!
Came home, ate cherries and got busy reading stuff online. Came across an article talking about that Kevin Hart might be cheating on his pregnant wife. Ewwwww, noooooo! Cheating on a pregnant wife or significant other? NOT OK. Then I continued reading.....I guess the pregnant wife started out as his mistress when he was married to another woman. Well, that changes the dynamic. There is a saying, "how you get them is how you lose them". Maybe there is some truth to that, I don't know. I personally do not think it is right to get involved with a person if that person is in a serious relationship and you know that they are, whether it is a marriage or a domestic partner situation.
In Sweden many people live as domestic partners and that is looked at as serious as marriage and that is how I view it as well. I would never (never say never but I am definitely against it) get involved with a man that has a significant other.
I understand that every couple has their ups and downs and are not always happy with each other all the time but hello.....that is just reality. And every situation is different, there are excuses to why people cheat, everybody has their own story and bla bla bla.....I know. But no, I no longer feel bad for Kevin Hart's pregnant wife, if he really is cheating on her she is getting a taste of her own medicine.
OF COURSE Kevin is denying everything, denying cheating on the current pregnant wife and cheating on the ex wife with the current wife. What else should he do? Admit? No, most men don't have balls like that.

But sometimes it is probably better to be quiet. If you regret the cheating, feel remorse, got caught up in the moment or a situation but really do not want to jeopardize your relationship.....then why even bring it up? Sometimes people get involved in complicated circumstances. This is a difficult subject. I know good people that have cheated and I have also witnessed some really messed up just wrong stuff that I did not think was OK whatsoever. If cheating becomes something that happens more than once or to really stretch it....twice, then it is definitely a problem.
Now.....another "famous" person got involved with a woman and gave her herpes although he denied having any STDs. That is so disgusting, not having an STD but to lie about being clean and transmitting something knowingly. He ended up having to pay her a nice sum in settlement. First of all he can afford it, so pay up. He should pay her medical bills and for pain and suffering. I would be furious if a significant other would come home and infect me with something, there would probably be some legal consequences stemming from that misstep and perhaps a chopped off mentula. One more thing since I am talking about STDs, there is a strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to drugs. Think about that before you engage in some sort of behavior that can have some lifelong consequences, definitely think before cheating on a significant other.
Have I ever cheated? Yes...I can't talk about others and pretend to be holy myself. Yes but nothing "serious" as in going all the way with another person.
Anyhow....enough of this, I think it is time for some Depeche Mode videos now and then it will be bedtime.....Depeche Mode's Violator album has a rose on the cover. That album = amazing songs. I ❤ Depeche Mode.


A veggie burger from Whole Foods - delicious! Meat is not necessary to be healthy. Everybody can at least cut down on their meat consumption, it's about making a choice.

In the evening, a hike to see the view from the top.

It's close to midnight now, I let Chhaya outside so she can pee and after I let her in I will take out my contacts and go to sleep. I am very tired emotionally. I need rest and peace.

Week In Vegas

So what did I do during the one week in Vegas? Well I was busy! Vegas is HOT during the summer, it is like stepping into an oven. Full blast hot air engulfs you. But I survived the heat. The day after I arrived I went over to Emily's house to spend time with my cafe crew. I miss all of them. We caught up, laughed, ate really good food and I even had a drink, a Moscow Mule. I made a salad.

Next time I visit we might go on a day trip together, I have a place in mind.
Then I spent two days at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference. That was interesting.....lots of products offered for wholesale prices, demos and people all over. Many booths selling and promoting hair extensions, lash extensions and microblading. I am interested in skin care and got a 30 minute demo facial from a woman that REALLY knows her craft, Gennipher Wilson. WOW!
I did not want to leave her hands. If I ever go to this conference again I am definitely making sure to see her again, she is amazing. She has youtube videos in case you are interested.
So I was on that table and Eminence (skin care brand) products were use during the facial I got.

After the conference I had a few days left which were spent doing errands. I finally got a huge task behind me that I have been fighting since late 2015. Imagine the stress and irritation this has caused me (a LOT of stress actually). I KNEW I was in the right and I am very persistent and stubborn when I want to be, I got what I had requested but I am not done with this yet. Now I need to get redeemed but that is another issue in itself.

Another Trip Through Nevada

I recently finished yet another trip through Nevada and took some pics so all of you that perhaps never been there can see. So Las Vegas is located in the very South of Nevada.....I drove from Oregon to Nevada (destination Las Vegas) and back.
About 115 miles outside Vegas you will find the town of Beatty. There you should stop at a large candy and nut store, Death Valley Nut & Candy Co and they also have ice cream there, made on the premises. Get some ice cream - it's good! I had the banana walnut and coffee. The kid behind the counter warned me that the coffee ice cream had caffeine in it.....I was like perhaps if it had some cocaine in it you could had warned me. Then I gave him a $3 tip and he said it was the most tips he made all day from one person. Come on people, spread your coin around!

Very nice toilet sign.

I saw an interesting book. I have personally charmed myself through several states.

Beatty is also the location of Bailey's hot springs. I need to stay long enough next time I come through and try these hot springs, I hear they are pretty nice.

Outside Beatty you can turn towards Death Valley. The hottest temperature recorded in the US was in Death Valley, 134 °F. So perhaps don't attempt a visit there during the summer months. Unless you enjoy feeling parched.

Then I rolled into Goldfield. Dennis Hof votes Republican I see, he owns a few Nevada based establishments.

If you ever wanted to be the owner of a general store out in the middle of nowhere, here is your chance!

A local lady told me to check out something called the Car Forest (actually International Car Forest of the Last Church), turn on Crystal Avenue to get there. Just a bunch of junk cars standing on their noses into the ground. I got a slight The Hills Have Eyes 'hey little girl.....go drive down that abandoned road and see what's awaiting you.'

A gloryhole in Goldfield? Hmmm....what kind of a town is this?

There are a few prisons in Nevada. Pick up a hitchhiker for an interesting addition to your road trip.

Continued North and got to Austin. I think Austin might be the best little town in Nevada. You reach it after driving up a winding road through the hills, very beautiful scenery.

There is a lot to see in Austin, nice places to eat, gem and rock shopping.
I recommend an overnight stay if you have the time.

Make sure you check out Stokes Castle! People used to Iive in this three story tower.

Amazing views! There is a fire pit up there. Perhaps one day I will spend the night in my car parked outside Stokes Castle, the sunset must be fantastic from there.

The loneliest road in America.....

Finally I got to Winnemucca.....about 140 miles from the Oregon border.
There are a few brothels in Nevada as well, this one in Winnemucca is called The PussyCat Ranch.

I love this piece of log - very impressive! The log is a portion of a redwood tree, largest piece of driftwood ever collected!

The scenery just outside Winnemucca is very wild West like. Just vast rolling hills and big sky. Beautiful.
I had my companion with me as always.

milk and honey

Today I got the collection of poems written by Rupi Kaur called milk and honey . This book has gotten a lot of attention and is a best seller. I am not much of a poetry person but I decided to give it a go. I got one book for me and one more that I am planning on giving away. Books make great gifts. And I love giving gifts.

I can relate to this poem.

I am tired today, heavy eyes, want to sleep preferably outside. It's hot - the whole of USA is sweltering.

Moon Over A City

Went to watch the sun set and the moon rise last night. The moon had an orangey red color and was perfectly round when it was really pretty and the pics I took do not make it justice.

Moon over a city.

It is Monday today and that means the start of a new work week for many. I make a weekly to do list instead. I have a few things to take care of this week. Today I want to go and see if I can transfer the pics I took on my drive through Nevada onto some device so I can put them up here on the blog. Then I might try an Olaplex No.3 treatment on my hair. Maybe.

Ginger Beer

This is my latest obsession for my taste buds - ginger beer. I am trying different brands, I want a burn when drinking (I love spicy stuff) and lots of ginger swirling around in the bottle but not too sweet. Most of the ginger beers have a lot of sugar. I found one called Fever Tree at Whole Foods with not that much sugar but I don't like the taste that much. The one in the pic is called Bottoms Up. Good but too much sugar. They have a website with all sorts of ginger stuff,

Sunday evening and a full moon.....well TECHNICALLY the moon was full at 12:07 AM today. I have to go outside and see if I can snap some pics of the moon and perhaps the sunset too.