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A Glass Of Water

I called my Mom the other day.....for those who don't know, my Mom lives in Sweden a bit outside Stockholm. She told me about a situation that had recently transpired in the neighborhood.
My Mom noticed a couple of police cars outside a neighbor's house and about 8 plastic bags full of stuff close by. She asked one of the neighbors what was going on but the neighbor didn't know. Then my Mom saw the boy, a boy standing by the plastic bags and he was looking upset. So she walked up to him and asked what was going on. She knew that the boy lived there, part of a Muslim family, father, mother and three children that moved in not too long ago. The boy, actually 18 but my Mom thought he was a few years younger, started CRYING really hard when my Mom asked him how he was doing. My Mom is rather sensitive so she too started crying. The boy asked her for A GLASS OF WATER, because he was very thirsty. Ramadan has started and his father would not allow him to drink or eat during the sun being up, that is what dedicated Muslims practice during Ramadan. My Mom brought him water and he drank it and told her that he does not get along with his father, that he wants to live like the Swedish people, that he does not want to be a practicing Muslim, that he does not want to faint in school from being hungry and thirsty. Even I want to cry just writing about this. The young man goes to school, he told my Mom he wants to study and that he has good grades and wants to become a social worker.
And those plastic bags outside the house? That was his stuff that he took with him. He was leaving his family to go and stay with a friend, the police came to help him. I am not sure who called the police.
My Mom says that since Ramadan started the youngest child (a boy) is not outside playing soccer anymore, the blinds to the house are completely drawn shut all the time. The Mom of the family never spends time outside and her husband is much older than her. There is a teenage girl living there as well.
I am extremely opposed to people pushing their religious beliefs onto their children, whether it is withholding food and beverages from them during the month long Ramadan or forcing them to sit in church for several hours weekly. Once a person is grown, mature and can make their own decisons they can decide whether practicing a religion is something they want to be part of.
I feel bad for the other two kids in that family and the Mom, I am sure they are living a very oppressed life.
Not easy when two cultures collide, many children of Muslim families protest and run away or distance themselves from their families once they come to Sweden. When I lived there I knew of a teenage girl that ran away because her family were about to marry her off to some older man in a Turkish village. She did not want that, so she ran away. I would had done the same.
I think that a week at Burning Man yearly during childhood would teach children way more about life, humanity and getting along with others and helping others than any religion forced upon them during childhood.

I should add here that I feel strongly against any religion that forces children to practices that are in my opinion unhealthy, whether it's Islam, Christianity, Church of the Latter-day Saints, whatever other religion or the cult known as The Duggars.


May 28 - that means it's Chhaya's birthday! She is 12. She is so amazing in so many ways - I love her SO much. What an friend I have......

She is so beautiful. I am a very proud puppy Mommy.


Obviously most of you with access to a TV or a computer have heard about what happened in Manchester England at the Ariana Grande concert. I found out yesterday around 5 30 PM my time. Just unreal. Again. Why?
Right now the responsibility for the suicide bombing by one male named Salman Abedi is claimed by ISIS. But ISIS claims responsibility for most terrorist attacks whether they really are responsible or not so the details are still unclear.
Nobody should have to die this way. This is just not right no matter where in the world it is happening. Really there are no words that can be used in events like these to justify anything. All the "stars" are tweeting out their condolences but that doesn't mean anything. They are not doing any real difference in the world anyways, not many of them at least. A tweet? What does a tweet do? To get a family member or friend taken from you in any violent way must be extremely painful and traumatizing. I would had been devastated for the rest of my remaining days. I don't understand what is going on in this world but I do know that human beings are the most evil and viscous beings on this planet and we will be our own demise. I am so sorry that things like this are happening, I am so sorry that some people are cruel and hurt others and animals. Life is a struggle, for some more than for others. Why make it harder? Why add more pain to the struggles we face going through life?
I am sitting here.....I ate today, I am OK, the sun is shining, I hear birds chirping, the trees are green and there are fluffy white flowers floating in the wind. My heart feels sadness, sadness for everything that is wrong. It feels pointless to write about it anymore, we all either write or talk about it......tweeting, FB posts whatever it is - still no difference. Cruelty is everywhere.

Trying New Stuff

I am trying new stuff, here are three new things for me. I love the Santa Cruz Organic drinks and Trader Joe's Organic, now I love the jalapeño one as well. I saw it at Trader Joe's the other day and since I like spicy stuff I had to give it a try.
I also like the Suja juices, I get them at Whole Foods. My fave is the Vanilla Cloud, today I tried Blue Dream and it was OK. With it I swallowed two BioSil capsules. Seriously, my hair is now thin. Long and thin = NO. It used to be thick and I have dug out so much hair from my tub drain the last couple of years that I am suprised I am not bald yet. I should had saved all those long strands and made them into hair extensions. So now I am going to try BioSil and see if a miracle happens. I am only on my third day so I can't say anything about it yet.
I actually had my blood checked in 2014 to see if my thyroid and other levels were fine because I started notice hair loss towards the end of 2013 but everything was normal. First I thought I had clogged up my hair follicles by slathering on coconut oil all over my hair and scalp a few times and left it in for over 24 hours. And that COULD be the case for the hair loss but I did the coconut oil thing in 2013 and I am still losing hair. Now I am thinking it might be the hair color brand I use. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I color my grey hair. I have been having grey hair since I was 18. There is a drawback to being highly intelligent and it is the curse (for me) of having grey hair. ;-) Some people are OK with grey hair, I am not so I color my greys to blend them in with the rest of my hair. But I go about 6-8 weeks in between coloring (last year I went like five months because I just didn't care), I am not obsessing over a few greys showing. It's not all over my head yet but in certain areas. I get box color and I switched to Garnier Olia a few years ago and now I am thinking that the hair color might have something to do with the hair loss. There are plenty of really bad online reviews about Olia, so now I am going to try a different hair color brand, thinking about trying Naturtint the next time I color my hair. you know about some new things I have tried in the last couple of days. Interesting huh? I'm going to play with my bored puppy now.

Our Roadtrip

I took some pictures of our roadtrip - mine and Chhaya's that is, we started the other day. Chhaya is a great traveling partner. Pay attention to the sign behind her. Just an example of how fucked up human beings really are. I am thankful that the World has animals in it, although sadly they are the recipients of our abuse.

There are all kinds of amazing things along the highway. I should stop more when driving so I can take more pictures. But you just get kind of in "I have to get there" mode and drive.

Wild Cat brothel. Nevada is the only US state where prostitution is legal. BUT.....prostitution is only legal in certain of Nevada's counties and there are 16 counties in Nevada. Las Vegas is in Clark County and contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not legal in Clark County. Does it happen anyways? bears poop in the forest? Of course. I passed a few brothels on this trip. Can you see the dog, it was a pitbull, behind the fence? They (the dog and Chhaya) stared quietly at each other for a while, then the dog barked once and I slowly drove off.
There was one semi truck parked outside.

Nevada means snow covered as in snow covered mountains. And speaking of mountains, I summited Mount Charleston outside of Vegas a long time ago. That was one long hike, exhausting but I did it! Chhaya too, she came along and had amazing energy the whole time.

Driving.....somewhere out there.

We arrived at our destination safely. Did not get any tickets and did not hit any animals on the way. The front of the car is covered in all sorts of bugs though, poor insects. We slept in the car along the way. Although I am 5'9" I can make myself small and curl up on the front seat and fall asleep, Chhaya slept on the passenger seat. Tonight I am sleeping in a bed. I am tired now, about to take my contacts out and go to bed.
Took Chhaya for a walk earlier.

My latte this morning.

Another Trip

About one year ago ('s been a year already) I drove out to Seven Magic Mountains, which are some tall colorful pillars right outside of Las Vegas. And yesterday I took another trip out there with my cafe crew, not everybody could make it (lame) but the rest of us had a great time. I really feel like the people I work with are like family, I like all of them a lot.
Afterwards we went to eat at The Peppermill. I had a great evening with friends.

This art installation will only be around until next year, so make sure you drive out there if you visit Vegas or live in Vegas before it's too late.

I Like It When

I like it when the muffins are too ugly to sell. They are not too ugly to eat, I don't care what food looks like as long as it tastes good.
Give me all the ugly muffins, I can make use of them.

We have the best cold brew in Sin City.

I am soooooo tired today, I could probably fall asleep now and wake up tomorrow at 6 AM but I need to do some errands and take Chhaya out, no sleep until at least 10 or 11 tonight.

We Like Coconut Milk

I am trying out different coconut milks, here are some from Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Unsweetened, we like coconut milk - both me and Chhaya.

I should sleep, it's 1 AM and my alarm will sound off in five hours. Yeay.....NOT.

Pure Leaf

So about a year ago I came across this iced tea, Pure Leaf and I really like it. I rarely drink just water so I get stuff to drink that tastes like something. I have "promised" myself to start drinking water many times and I just don't do it. I really should just force myself. Anyhow, these are my two fave flavors by Pure Leaf - Orange Peel and Apple & Ginger. Once in a while you can but two for $4 at some gas station or go to Walmart where you can get them for cheap.

Schlepping around Walmart late at night in Vegas is a mini adventure in itself. Back in the day me and Julia would go to look for matching Hello Kitty and Care Bear underwear for work, often after work meaning around 5 AM. Going to Walmart in pajamas and slippers was a fave. Now I go in saggy sweatpants, flip flops and an overall disheveled look - Stripper Grunge. I love it. Going to raves in pajamas and slippers was a fave back in the day too. Now I go to Burning Man (although I often think about my rave days with longing). I often think back of one memory in particular, it was a Monster Massive party in LA, I was there with Julia. We had been inside the main arena and then we went to outside dance area, the air hit me and the dj played "The Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin and everybody was just in sync singing and it was like electricity in the air. The raves at the Sports Arena in LA were magical. I love that song too.
Here are some hair products I haven't tried yet. A long hair deep conditioning hair wrap and some hair masques.


I got a craving for orange marmalade (marmelad in Swedish) so I got some at IKEA and took it to work. Marmalade and butter on a warm fresh out of the oven croissant is so yummy. That and some tea with lemon and sugar. I really enjoyed that breakfast, so much so that I had two croissants

Not much else to say. I am good, Chhaya is good. That's about it for now.