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My dream job would be to get paid to read and write. Well, one of my dream jobs at least. Another dream job is professional sleeper, like bed tester.
And professional party investigator, meaning get paid to travel and check out various music festivals. Burning Man would get covered extensively.
I wanted to be a journalist at one point in Sweden and then I came to the US and my life took a different track. Nowadays with magazines being a dying breed I suspect that journalism as a profession is shrinking. But I am not sure. In Sweden for example, some are still making a living writing blogs. And some of those blogs, in my opinion are just empty and vapid but I guess vapid makes money.....look at the Kardashians. Plus the kind of journalism I really like and admire are the people that travel to war ravaged places to investigate and write stories about that. Or dig deep into domestic stories that can be difficult to uncover.
People that bring injustices to the surface, people that work to make a positive change in this world. Me traveling to let's say Afghanistan to gather information for a story is not going to happen because I will not put myself in that kind of danger. But I really admire the brave people that do.
Anyhow, today I am reading. I read almost everything except stuff like hunting and fishing magazines, I have zero interest in reading about people bragging about their for fun kill trophies. Women posing with fish they caught or some animal they managed to shoot and kill is like one of the ugliest things ever. Yes, men pose with that as well and that is ugly too but men are in many ways less evolved than women in that aspect (and in many other arenas as well), therefore I am surprised that there are women out there that willingly do shit like that......pose with a dead innocent animal while grinning like idiots. Barf.
But then again, I don't even want to kill a fly so I am extra sensitive to the treatment of animals.

If you like Beauty and the Beast this LIFE magazine about it is great. So many nice illustrations and interesting historical facts.
So I have to say that I do not like how the president of the United States is handling himself in meetings with other world leaders. I am thinking about the handshake issue. That is beyond awkward. I don't care if you have some phobia of germs or OCD or whatever it might be, when you are elected president and the president of the USA on top of it, man the fuck up and shake hands. Period.
The world is watching in horror and disbelief. This is not The Apprentice, it's serious now. Or do I have to attend the next meeting he has scheduled and show him how it's done? Melania needs to slap some sense into him, Eastern European old school style.
And another child is dead because of severe neglect and abuse. Happens every day in the US. This is a recurring topic in my blog because it really bothers me. The child I am thinking about is the 16 year old girl that was found in a diaper, starved to death, laying in feces. She was adopted. Two other adopted children were found in the house. Still alive.
A few months ago there was a case about a 14 year old adopted girl raped and murdered by her adoptive "Mom" and the woman's boyfriend.
Do not for a second believe that the child you don't want and decide so "selflessly" to give up for adoption because "it is the right thing to do" will be loved and well cared for. Yes, I know that there are adopted children that are loved, of course but then how many adopted and in foster care children are there that are being abused daily? Too many, that's how many.
Too many children are neglected, beaten, abused, starved, molested, murdered by either a biological parent, a biological parents new boyfriend or girlfriend, by a foster or adoptive family member.
I am 100% for abortion. If you can't take care of a child, don't have it. You think that raped and murdered innocent 14 year old child wanted a life like that? NO. Neither would you.
Better to abort than put a child through torture like that. And now society has to pay for two unworthy to be alive scumbags for an X amount years while they sit in prison.