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New Moon

There was a new moon a few days ago and I was admiring it on my evening walk with Chhaya. It was one of those magical night, just me and her. Everything was quiet with the exception of the sound of cars driving by in the distance. The lights from The Strip far away in the valley, the sweet smell of a blooming desert and the new moon above us. We took our time, Chhaya dictated the pace, sniffing almost every bush and exploring.

It's cold and windy today - YES! I love it, I don't like when the sun is burning my skin. A bit past 9 AM now and Chhaya is still sleeping and snoring lightly, laying on my foot. I want to stay in bed all day today and just drift in and out of sleep and snuggle with Chhaya. But I have to pick a friend up from the airport at noon. Perhaps I pick up a latte on the way there.
I have not done that much lately. Nothing exciting at least. Been a good fellow human to strangers. Found two cell phones and made sure they got back to the owners. Got offered money as a "finders fee" which I refused of course.
Finding somebody's property and giving it back should not have a price attached to it. Saw a man drop money and ran outside of a building to tell him, nobody else cared. I don't get that. Took a girl I barely know to do something that I think will improve her life. She still needs some more assistance and I will be there for her. Sometimes a person needs a push, a helping hand or somebody that takes time to listen. Be that person if you can, you might need that help one day. You never know how life will turn out.
Work at the cafe has been slow the last few days from being very busy the last few weeks, it was so busy that I didn't even have time to sit down for a minute a and catch my breath. I made up for that yesterday, I read the daily newspaper and drank my tea slowly. I drink tea at the cafe, not latte.

Do you talk to the moon?

I do. I talk to everything in nature. Even small insects.
I am looking forward to Sunday. Afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental is on the agenda.


My dream job would be to get paid to read and write. Well, one of my dream jobs at least. Another dream job is professional sleeper, like bed tester.
And professional party investigator, meaning get paid to travel and check out various music festivals. Burning Man would get covered extensively.
I wanted to be a journalist at one point in Sweden and then I came to the US and my life took a different track. Nowadays with magazines being a dying breed I suspect that journalism as a profession is shrinking. But I am not sure. In Sweden for example, some are still making a living writing blogs. And some of those blogs, in my opinion are just empty and vapid but I guess vapid makes money.....look at the Kardashians. Plus the kind of journalism I really like and admire are the people that travel to war ravaged places to investigate and write stories about that. Or dig deep into domestic stories that can be difficult to uncover.
People that bring injustices to the surface, people that work to make a positive change in this world. Me traveling to let's say Afghanistan to gather information for a story is not going to happen because I will not put myself in that kind of danger. But I really admire the brave people that do.
Anyhow, today I am reading. I read almost everything except stuff like hunting and fishing magazines, I have zero interest in reading about people bragging about their for fun kill trophies. Women posing with fish they caught or some animal they managed to shoot and kill is like one of the ugliest things ever. Yes, men pose with that as well and that is ugly too but men are in many ways less evolved than women in that aspect (and in many other arenas as well), therefore I am surprised that there are women out there that willingly do shit like that......pose with a dead innocent animal while grinning like idiots. Barf.
But then again, I don't even want to kill a fly so I am extra sensitive to the treatment of animals.

If you like Beauty and the Beast this LIFE magazine about it is great. So many nice illustrations and interesting historical facts.
So I have to say that I do not like how the president of the United States is handling himself in meetings with other world leaders. I am thinking about the handshake issue. That is beyond awkward. I don't care if you have some phobia of germs or OCD or whatever it might be, when you are elected president and the president of the USA on top of it, man the fuck up and shake hands. Period.
The world is watching in horror and disbelief. This is not The Apprentice, it's serious now. Or do I have to attend the next meeting he has scheduled and show him how it's done? Melania needs to slap some sense into him, Eastern European old school style.
And another child is dead because of severe neglect and abuse. Happens every day in the US. This is a recurring topic in my blog because it really bothers me. The child I am thinking about is the 16 year old girl that was found in a diaper, starved to death, laying in feces. She was adopted. Two other adopted children were found in the house. Still alive.
A few months ago there was a case about a 14 year old adopted girl raped and murdered by her adoptive "Mom" and the woman's boyfriend.
Do not for a second believe that the child you don't want and decide so "selflessly" to give up for adoption because "it is the right thing to do" will be loved and well cared for. Yes, I know that there are adopted children that are loved, of course but then how many adopted and in foster care children are there that are being abused daily? Too many, that's how many.
Too many children are neglected, beaten, abused, starved, molested, murdered by either a biological parent, a biological parents new boyfriend or girlfriend, by a foster or adoptive family member.
I am 100% for abortion. If you can't take care of a child, don't have it. You think that raped and murdered innocent 14 year old child wanted a life like that? NO. Neither would you.
Better to abort than put a child through torture like that. And now society has to pay for two unworthy to be alive scumbags for an X amount years while they sit in prison.

Lara Croft

Tomb Raider came out in 1996. So it's been 20 years. I LOVE Lara Croft, she is BAD ASS.

A new Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie is set to come out next year. Actually next year in March. I am sooooooo disappointed that I wasn't asked to play Lara.
What fiasco and huge mistake of the film studios involved! If I can say so myself. Instead of casting me they picked a fellow Swede, Alicia Vikander. I guess I can accept that, although begrudgingly.
I was Lara Croft a few years ago for Halloween and I will definitely be Lara Croft again. And if for some reason Alicia gets pregnant, breaks a leg or decides to retire from acting to go and meditate in Nepal or something......CALL Tati for backup! The obvious choice.


The blog has been on the back burner for some time now. I have a LOT going on and it is a lot in many ways, more than I care for and I am to say the least - overwhelmed. I can't say when the blogging will be back to "normal" again.
Since I was on the East side of town yesterday and today, I stopped into Sunrise Coffee. They have 20 ounce size lattes there which I love and so many fun variations of their lattes and interesting flavors. But I am that super loyal person, so I stick with my vanilla latte.
I am too loyal for my own good, most people do not deserve that kind of loyalty.
And I am not talking about latte now as you might understand......

I visited my friend Shelley today that just gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
The baby was so small and so cute. I held her and wished deeply in my heart that her life will be happy and good.
I finally ate my dinner at around 9 30 PM, right now I am craving fruit. For dessert I had Tiramisu, I always want dessert.

And now it is bedtime for me. I might watch a half hour of Dom Kallar Oss Mods (They Call Us Misfits) a Swedish documentary from the late 60's that is mostly taking place in Stockholm. The film makers actually made two more documentaries about the same people, so it's a trilogy, the two that followed are Ett Anständigt Liv (1979) and Det Sociala Arvet (1993). I feel sad watching this, some very tragic stories but also touching about people, life and the struggle. When they show scenes from the Stockholm subway, T-Centralen and Plattan I can feel myself back there, the air of the subway approaching the platform, the smell of the subway, the calming back and forth motion of riding the subway.
I would often nap on it, I was a city child.
Had friends that found misery on Plattan. Some are gone now, didn't make it.
I remember the nights spent in City, balmy long summer nights and freezing cold winter winds that made me shiver. The high rises in the suburbs.
All of this makes me think of an amazing song by Monika Törnell that I LOVE, Vintersaga - it really encompasses the mood in those documentaries. I don't know.....I don't understand the pain and the struggle. Just WHY? Sometimes I really think that I'm not cut out for this life. And wasn't this a cheerful entry after a longer silence from me? Well.....this is my reality and my feelings now. Goodnight.

High Wind Warning

It is Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas and a high wind warning is currently in effect until at least 10 this evening. It is windy indeed, I texted a friend earlier and said that there is a freakin' storm outside. The roof is about to come off on the house it sounds like and the windows are rattling.
I already ventured outside today, got latte, went to Silverado Ranch park for a walk with Chhaya and Town Square Whole Foods to get something to eat. I am staying in until later, if I go outside a flying tree branch might come crashing down on me and cause permanent damage or a traffic light beam might fall on top of the car......who knows. Actually the traffic beam falling on my car might be a good thing, I could sue the city then and become an instant millionaire. But I would have to be unharmed, well some broken bones would be worth it, just NO damage to my face (it is priceless) and Chhaya could definitely not even have a hair out of place.
A friend of mine is sick so I made some ginger lemonade yesterday and forced them to drink it, I had some too. It actually wasn't bad. You need ginger root, lemon, honey (all organic preferably) and I also added cinnamon and some turmeric. Cut up the ginger, add the rest, pour some boiling water over it all, let it steep and then drink the brew. That bottle is a drink I got for my friend, the more fluids the better when you have a cold or the flu. So I've heard. Ginger smells really yummy and refreshing when you cut it into small pieces.

So I thought I would tell you about last night, it was Saturday and I am in Las Vegas - also known as Sin City or Lost Wages. But I will talk about my night in a questionnaire style that I borrowed from a magazine to make it more fun.
Some older gentleman named Bill Nye, I do not know who he is, talked about his exciting evening and I will do the same and tell you about mine. I think his night was more eventful than mine actually. I am such a fogbone. A fogbone, for those of you who don't know, is a boring person. You can be a fogbone at any age but I find that people 30 plus have more fogbone tendencies. That is when the boring starts setting in. OMG, when I was a teenager and in my 20's (in Sweden that is) I would had NEVER stayed home on the weekend! NO WAY. I was out clubbing at least once a week, sometimes three. Now.....laying in bed with Chhaya, drinking hot tea with lemon and reading is way more appealing but then again, I go to Burning Man. Clubs in Vegas (the clubs here have been shitty for years) are so boring and lame compared to Burning Man and I much rather stay at home and read than go to some smoky bar because I don't drink and I don't want unwanted and annoying attention from amorous men. It is so exhausting. Anyhow.
Here is Tati's night at home.

I watched....Nothing. I was reading. Blogs and magazines (Time and The Atlantic).
I listened to....The radio. Talk radio 840 AM.
I played....Nothing. No YouTube music videos for me last night.
I googled....(hmmmm let me check my browser history), Hot springs in Nevada and the Navy Seals. Maybe I should join the Navy Seals? If I do I will be the only woman in the Seals, I will make history and kick ass. But I can barely do a push up......maybe they can make an exception for me?
I laughed at....I don't remember. I'm a fogbone with bad memory.
I FaceTimed with....I don't FaceTime.
I called....Nobody. Texted with some friends.
I reorganized....Got some papers ready for my taxes.

And that was it. Looks like tonight might be similar to last night. But you never know, I am in Sin City after all. Who knows, I might get inspired, take a shower, throw on something SEKSI and go down to the Red Rooster or something. ;-)

Even Better

I am so happy to say that we had three very good days at the cafe. Yesterday was even better than cool!
And we even delivered an order (three sandwiches and one quiche) to the Mandarin Oriental, some guest staying there used our delivery service.
The Mandarin Oriental is one of the best hotels on the Strip, I actually want to do afternoon tea there.
I was so busy yesterday that I was running back and forth and did not have time to drink anything until 1 PM and I got there at 7 40 in the morning. It was a bit stressful I have to say. And my friend Cindy (the photographer) came to visit me at the cafe yesterday also but I didn't have to to sit down and chat with her.....

Chef Gabi made these and they were delicious.

When there is whipped cream made I get to eat what is leftover. I love whipped cream.

Yesterday after work I met up with a friend and we drove out to China Ranch and Tecopa. And last Sunday I took my cafe crew there.....a Tecopa trip twice in one week! It's so amazing out there - I have pictures that I need to show. It was the first time out there for everybody that I took, they all LOVED it. We have another outing planned soon.
Now I am doing some laundry and as soon as that is done I will take Chhaya out.....perhaps to Red Rock. Have a nice weekend everybody!