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Santa's Little Helper

Monday today.....I needed to get some stuff done that I have been kind of procrastinating with.
But first breakfast, latte and a croissant from Illumilatte.

Then a trip to the post office with the remaining Christmas presents.....Santa's little helper came along. It is still January so it's almost kind of still Christmas if you really stretch it.....? No? I bet some folks have not put away the Christmas tree and the decorations yet. I sent half of the presents about two weeks ago and today it was finally time for the rest. Better late than never, right? The large box was shipped to Sweden. For the small sum of $104. For one package. My post office trips are usually kind of pricey. I wonder if I can work there once or twice a year just to make my Christmas gift sending money back? And if I can brag a bit about myself.....I love giving gifts and I give great gifts. Lucky you if you get a gift from me.

The me and Chhaya went to the park, or PARKIE as we call it. Today we did a SNIFFIE WALK, that means we take our time and Chhaya just explores and smells whatever she wants. Other times we do a WALKIE WALK, that is when she can sniff around a bit and go pee and stuff but we walk faster and it is more like an exercise thing.

We were matching. Chhaya was wearing her new pink harness, or HARNIE as I call it by KONG and I wore pink sneakers.

After the PARKIE we went to a friend's house for some more coffee and snacks. Today I tried the Starbucks instant vanilla latte, it was OK. I can drink caffeine right before bedtime, I don't get affected by it.


Went to a place called PublicUs this afternoon with my cafe squad. was me, the owner and the manager and their spouses plus the owner's boy.
Not everybody could make it. Another time hopefully. We wanted to check out PublicUs since it has great reviews. In case you want to go it's located on Fremont Street and Maryland Parkway.
My fave part was that they have small real trees inside the place and tables built around them, I like that. But besides that I don't think I will go back......we all had a tea called London Fog and we all sent it back because instead of hot, ever warm......they served it to us tepid because that's how it is supposed to be. Really? So we had them remake them for us. I am the person that orders my latte extra a tepid tea was like yuck. But the company was great, I really enjoy the people I work with - we have fun together and get along.

Then I drove through Las Vegas Boulevard, I haven't been on the Strip in a while. They are building new hotels, a huge (or should I say YUGE) building is slowly coming up north of the Encore and then they are building Resorts World which is on a large piece of land.....but that one is still a few years away from being finished.
Chinese New Year is upon us, year of The Rooster - Happy Chinese New Year!
You can go and celebrate at the Lucky Dragon (opened a few months ago) an Asian themed hotel. If you are in the mood for some bird nest soup you can savor some at a restaurant called Phoenix for "only"
$168. Bird nest soup.......BARF! I am shuddering with the thought of eating that, sorry to all the bird nest soup lovers out there.
Business as usual in Sin City - girls to your room, just dial a number. Just be careful so you don't get robbed of your money, watch, laptop and left locked out nekkid on the hotel balcony. It happens. That is what you get for being desperate and stupid I guess......

Well....I have watched the entire three seasons of SKAM again. I will probably watch the whole thing a third time and I can't wait for season four to come out.
I love it! The love story between Noora and William is super cute but then he (William) kind of disappears and that is very disappointing but the MOST romantic and beautiful love story I have ever (?) seen is the one between Even and Isak. OMG. I can't get enough of them two and the whole of Sweden is also buzzing with SKAM fever, everybody is in love with Even and Isak or as they are also called.....EVAK.
Also, the acting is SUBERB. I don't know where they found these kids but they are AMAZING and so cute all of them. It feels very real, like they are not acting at all. And I really like the portrayal of friendship amongst the main characters, especially the boys. It is so nice to see just genuine friendship and that they care about each other. Makes me REALLY miss my old and true friends in Sweden, what I have with them is that kind of friendship.

"I saw you the first day of school."

And this......"And when everything seems hopeless you need to take it one day at a time. And if one day becomes too much, then just take one hour at a time. And if an hour is too much, just take a minute at a time."
I can totally relate. I know how it feels to be deeply sad and when everything seems hopeless......
HUGS to all of you out there reading this. If you are sad.....I hope it gets better soon. ❤

Kind Of Chilly

Drove down to Sunset Park for a walk with Chhaya today. Kind of chilly but I bundled up and it was so worth it because it was beautiful out. Many of the mountains that surround Vegas are snowcapped right now......this is the time to be here.

Now I'm in bed, listening to music (right NOW George Michael's White Light is playing), Chhaya is snoring lightly next to me. It's about an hour and 45 minutes to was a good day.

Foam Heart

It's been raining all day today.....when I woke up it was pouring down and eight hours later it is still raining. Kind of cozy.
I started my day with a visit to Illumilatte. I have actually been asked if I want to work there.....very tempting because I really like the place and they are way more focused on the coffee aspect than where I work but I had to say no because I just don't have the time to devote to another job right now. Today when I went the barista made a foam heart for me. I really like the girls that work there.

Then I drove around and did errands, got food, got some other errand partner was less than amused with the weather and the boring errands. No long walk today, she doesn't like getting rained on. She is such a cutie!

Oh is the tip jar at my place. It was just a plain jar when I started and I added the rest. I think I will switch it up soon with perhaps a beaming sun, or something else. Maybe a pic of me? ;-)
So while we do have latte, cappuccino, macchiato, americano, straight espresso shots on the menu, we also have tea, chai and lemonade that we make at the cafe and sodas, Perrier etc. We offer crepes (savory and sweet), sandwiches, salads, quiche, croissants (butter, almond and chocolate) and all kinds of baked goods. We are a cafe (a nice cafe), not only a coffee shop.
As far as the tips go......some people tip others don't tip at all. Some give the change (coins) others give a dollar or a few. At first I was surprised that some people don't tip at all but now I don't care anymore. It is what it is and it adds up throughout the day. I am happy regardless.

What else.....? Here is a pic from my shoot with Cindy last month. I like the different layers to it. That is me in the background although you can barely see me.

So it is Sunday evening. A new work week is starting for many tomorrow. Have a pleasant evening and a good week until next time I check in. I am going to make Chhaya dinner and watch SKAM, I am re watching it. You can watch it too (they have all the episodes with English subtitles on Google Drive) .....I love it, total nostalgia trip back to my teenage school years.


Well...... inauguration for Donald John Trump today, the 45th President of the United States. (I know that technically you should write "President" with a lower case p but I think a capital P looks better.)
Many protests around the country, lots of confusion to who would perform or not perform at the inauguration. To make a 16 year old girl feel bad for singing at the inauguration shows what an idiot you are, period. This girl is showing more poise that many loudmouths out there that are supposedly adults. Are you moving to Canada yet? Bags packed or decided to stay and make the best of it?
Because staying and fighting for what you don't think is right would bring on a change if anything and remember the pen is mightier than the sword.
And actions speak louder than words.
The first four years of the 45th President have commenced......let's see what is going to happen. I don't think any one person can make everything great again in a country of so many because it is impossible to please everybody.
Just some snippets from the speech.....

"Today's ceremony, however, has very special meaning because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.
What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people."

"This American carnage stops right here and stops right now."

Who knows.....perhaps I will get deported, I am not a US citizen but if I go I will go to Sweden. I am no innocent angel and some people might look at me and say that I am bad but whatever......fuck'em.
Well......let's hope for a good future. The way I look at it.....humans including myself are greedy, selfish and full of fault. Some more than others. The way we are living, all the damage we are doing to this planet can not be sustained. I feel bad for the innocent - children and animals.

I Still Can't Believe

I still can't believe that George Michael is dead. It is not normal to die that young, yes 53 is young I think. Way too early to die at that age. A lot of speculations to what matter what it was he died too young.
He was a true talent. And also very kind and generous according to many sources. I think he was amazing.....I don't know why but I have been thinking a lot about his passing and I think it is very sad that he is gone. It feels unreal, I wish it wasn't true. I wonder if he can see and feel how very much loved he was by so many?

Sunrise Coffee

I found a new (for me) coffee shop called Sunrise Coffee in Vegas. I like it a lot but I won't go there on a regular basis because it is too far away from me......but super cute place with good latte.

And I really like tip jars like these where you have to make a choice, it makes it fun to tip. They used to do this at Kaladi in Soldotna Alaska too. I have suggested tip jars like these at "my" cafe. When I started the tip jar looked very plain and boring, I definitely spruced it up a bit. I have to take a pic and show you......

Of course I put my dollar into the jar that says Jack would had survived. DUH!
If you have seen Titanic, you KNOW that Jack would had survived if him and Rose would had either shared the raft or took turns somehow. I would had never let my love drown. No way! But I am one of those people that would do anything for the person I love. Then there are those that don't know what love is and only have their own interests in mind. Some of those will regret that one day because true love is hard to find.
It is a grey and rainy day here today, I feel tired, restless and weird. I have some things that I want to get done today. Next on the list is to take Chhaya to the's not raining hard only drizzles.
This was me a few weeks ago, another rainy day and I was at work wearing my rain boots.

Well, I need to get going.

Ringling Brothers

GREAT news that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has announced that it is closing the curtain after operating for well over a century. FINALLY! They have a number of shows left to do in the next four months and then they are done. Declining ticket sales means that people do not want to support animal cruelty anymore. Pressure from various animal rights organizations on the circus is also a strong factor for the closure. Bravo!
I don't care if humans want to put on shows for other humans as long as it's not coerced but to cage animals and force them to perform for an audience is just cruel. The elephants the circus used have retired since a while now I guess, they are at some sanctuary in Florida where I hope they can live comfortably and peacefully. The rest of the animals will still have to perform for a few more months until the circus is done.
I don't know how any adult with a functioning brain can attend a circus with animals and think it is entertaining? Especially not in these times.
When I was a kid my Mom would smoke in the car with me in it although I absolutely HATED it and felt sick the whole time (I hated car rides because of that), women would smoke when pregnant and a bunch of other things that I hope nobody does nowadays since we seem to become more informed about certain issues as time goes by and we supposedly "evolve". Although there are plenty of examples of idiots everywhere that sadly reproduce. But humans are greedy and only care about themselves, so taking themselves and their snotty whiny brats to a circus to watch animals suffer is something they feel they are entitled to do. BARF.
There are MANY pictures and MUCH information online about how animals in captivity are treated.
In the wild they are hunted and killed for pleasure or for certain body parts and left to rot.
Even household pets are not safe from psychos. How about the scumbag that is accused of sticking his disgusting dick into his pitbull more than 100 times? Some piece of shit in Florida and when I googled it, another scumbag in Florida did the same in his backyard a few years ago and a shocked neighbor called the cops. That scumbag had 8 pitbulls in his possession. Now if you look at these scumbag's mugshots you can just see that they are either inbred or slow, or injured from either fetal alcohol syndrome or a long self inflicted exposure to either alcohol or drugs. I hope they both die, soon. I have zero sympathy for trash like that.
And then some other man (of course) also in Florida thought it would be a good idea to try to rape a pitbull that he tried to grab in a park, in this instance he got his dick and balls torn apart by the dog. That dog should get an award. How come no women are running around in public parks attacking adults, children and animals to try to make their rape fantasies reality?
Have I ever been to a circus? Yes, once as a child and once as an adult (a stupid adult) and shortly after that I started becoming increasingly aware of how we treat animals and started making personal choices in my life that would reflect on my awareness.
I am only hoping to be able to better myself and my choices and make this world a better place even if only by small personal efforts and actions (maybe one day something big) before it is my time to pass on.

Lots of great info on here......

I might have to take a drive out to this place......

Coffee Stuff

Some coffee stuff talk this Friday the 13th evening.....
I am trying this coconut cream & almond milk mixture called Better Half instead of dairy half and half for my at home coffee. It works.

After my last two lattes this month were a disappointment at Bad Owl coffee shop I think I am done with that place......not my side of town anyways.

We use Black Drop coffee at "my" cafe. That is me (taking the pic) making a coffee this morning, well pushing a button, the machine is doing the rest.

And yes.....we did get a Yelp review the other day, I was not working that day but it still makes me happy. The cafe is owned by an amazing girl and I want her place to become a success.
"I am impressed by this Black Drop coffee. Best I ever had. I like the decor and hospitality of the staff. Great place. I will be going back this week."

Speaking of Friday the 13th and scary stuff. I love scary movies and haunted houses so I might entertain myself with a scary movie tonight. It's good I have a buff pitbull to hug at night. A very gassy pitbull this evening, she got a mixture of Whole Foods goodies for dinner. Broccoli was one of the ingredients.
Anyhow......many years ago I would sometimes entertain myself and friends with the Ouija board but one evening after a weird (of many) and scary encounter/meeting/occurance or whatever you want to describe it as I decided never again and I have stuck to that promise. I dabbled in that a few times in the past and I think it is real. Scary real. In Sweden we call it Anden i Glaset and I would make my own Ouija boards.....and use a glass and a candle.
Goodnight! :-)

Found A Home

Well this beautiful, friendly and sweet dog found a home. We tried locating the owner/s but nobody responded to our attempts so he is now adopted by a couple that recently lost their pitbull.
They love him already and things are going great so far. He is safe and loved. ❤
I don't know how he got lost or what happened to him, all I know is that I heard a dog barking continuously and when I went outside to investigate I found a scared dog that was lost, hungry and thirsty. Things worked out in the end because I was worried for a while, did not want him to end up in any kind of shelter. I am relieved and happy.