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Hillary or Trump? Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Neither? Does it really matter? The dissatisfaction with the two presidential candidates is high. It's more like a battle of the lesser of two evils many think. Kind of sad that the country that claims it is the best country in the world came up with two candidates that almost half of the voters are dissatisfied with and that people are making a choice based on the lesser of two evils. Is this the best America can do in 2016, the lesser of two evils?
To me a two party system seems extremely outdated. Not enough choices, the other parties that try to be involved stand no chance. I think a real change will happen only when the two party system is done and over with. A true Democracy should offer and have more choices. I also believe in having people vote in certain decisions, like when the people of England voted for Brexit.
And before people in general start alienating family and friends over whether one is voting for Hillary or Trump they should really educate themselves better in what each candidate stands for overall instead of just focusing on one issue. Yes, people are so wound up over this election that they are willing to lose friends over it if the friend is voting for the other person. Really? Do you really think that your life will change that drastically whether it is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House? Or in this election, whether it is Hillary or Trump? I don't think so.
Most people are content as long as they have the daily comforts they are used to. And if you really want a change then DO something about it. DOING something takes involvement and that is not always comfortable.
I am FAR FROM involved in politics. I am not DOING anything, I am also not voting. Issues that are important to me, that I would look at and study when deciding on whom I would vote for are (in no particular order)......animal rights, environment, health care, education, budget for military, human trafficking, stand on welfare, the protection of individual rights and freedom, how to battle terrorism, global involvement and interests. I can't think of anything else for now.
Also important to me is a presidents education. But also their emotional intelligence. A high education with a degree or two under your belt does not automatically mean that you are intelligent and a good person (I know plenty of examples of this myself). How does this person act in public? How will they interact with other world leaders? What have they done in the past? Have they done good? Do they seem honest, trustworthy and like a stand up good person. LOL.....honest and trustworthy.....I am forgetting that I am talking about US politics now. I am not in Sweden anymore. The $ rules here. Most people can be bought. Lies fly and saying one thing one day and another thing the next is just normal.
Somebody I know told me "it is time for some pussy in the White House". I cringed at that statement and I also said it is an awful and uneducated thing to blurt out. The person that is the MOST qualified should be in the White House, this has nothing to do with gender or has to do with qualification. By the way, there has been "pussy" in the White House since the very beginning.
Every president was married (don't quote me on that.....I am not sure if all 40 something US presidents were married) and I am sure most of the spouses as of lately have been strong and opinionated women that influenced their husband more than once.
I would love to attend the debate that will be held in Las Vegas on October 19 at UNLV. I looked into the possibilities of attending and a ticket to that event seems to be harder to obtain than a ticket to Burning Man.
Perhaps I can pretend to be media? HELLO......!!!? Do you not know who I am???
I write a blog that MILLIONS of people read and I will cover the presidential debate in my blog extensively, I DESERVE to be present! ;-) In fact, I should get my own microphone and be allowed to interject with questions and observations.
I don't know where I stand in this election. To shake up the country, if that is what you want, vote for Trump I guess and see what happens. To stay more on the same course vote for Hillary.
I am more worried about the state of Europe and Sweden. The Islamic State worries me. I care for how we treat animals. And this planet. If you really are the proud American that you say that you are.....then stop leaving your trash behind. Don't let some poor immigrant like me pick up your trash, because I do. For free.
I work for free for America! LOL. I care about human interactions and the importance of being nice to each other. I care about being open minded and possessing knowledge and learning. I think we should read more books and watch less stupidity. I think it is important to talk to each other and learn from each other. We all share the same planet. Me, you and everybody else.

Bingo At The Plaza

What to do in Las Vegas for entertainment? How about bingo at the Plaza? That is what me and my brother did last Saturday. I don't play bingo often and it is rather complicated, well not really complicated more like confusing if you are a novice.
A few more games and I will be a seasoned vet but I think bingo once or max twice per year is all the bingo excitement I can handle. Ask me again when I am 90 something, maybe then I will appreciate bingo more. I'm not a fogbone yet....

But we still had fun playing, although we didn't win anything (of course).
Some people won more than once, one lady won twice and then her friend won once.....WTF? I smell a bingo conspiracy. It is Vegas after all. People hustle here.....all kinds of people, even old ladies.

After bingo we ventured out for some free world class entertainment on Fremont Street. You do not need $ on Fremont Street, bring a water bottle from home or a cooler with some beer and sit down and enjoy the show. First of all, if you catch Spandex Nation playing live you are in for a treat. They cover 80s hair and metal band hits and they are GREAT! Talk about sing along nostalgia, I love Spandex Nation! I am a fan.
And if you are currently at some confusing crossroads in your life......perhaps thinking about a career change, going through a midlife crisis or are not worry! You can work at Fremont Street, no experience necessary! Just go down there, prepare a costume of some sort (does not have to be elaborate) just show LOTS of skin! You do not have to be in shape, actually if you are in bad shape, have visibly missing teeth, missing a limb or two, look disheveled in general.....EVEN BETTER! If you have a baby.....that will work too, bring the bundle of joy down to Fremont and make it earn it's keep. Don't forget to bring something to collect your tips in and start making money! The hustle on Fremont Street is amazing. There is a WTF moment everywhere you turn. Also people watching on Fremont is priceless. It's a great place to teach your children or yourself how not to behave in public.
Watch the adult drunks stagger around making a spectacle of themselves. I am so glad that I am not a white trash drunk. If I am "offending" any white trash drunks now.....oh well. I was like.....WOW.....these people are going to vote in the upcoming presidential election? SCARY! I don't even know how they FUNCTION in real life? Is it a life style or what is it? Whatever it is scary. Welcome to 'Merica!
Overall Fremont Street is lots of fun. My favorite of all the buskers (hustlers) is CUPID. He is an amazing hustler and has great energy, nonstop smiling and very cute in his own way, CUPID deserves every dollar he makes. He should teach others how to work Fremont Street for the most $$$ rewards.

But I can only take so much of Fremont Street extravaganza. I need to schedule a soul soothing afternoon tea session at the Mandarin Oriental soon......I need balance in my life and the Mandarin Oriental is my cup of tea.
Speaking of tea, me and my brother have similar taste in beverages and enjoyed some milk tea from some Asian place - yummy.

Well......all the good things sadly come to an end and I took Robert (my brother) to the airport yesterday. I miss him already and I feel sad. I hate goodbyes and airports make me feel uneasy because they mean separation to me. I hope he can come back soon. I hate that I am away from family and friends, that is a constant pain in my heart.
Today I am planning on going to the Women's Expo and then I need to find my tweezer or get a new one. My tweezer is missing since Burning Man and my eyebrows have not been this wild looking since I don't even remember when.

Bad Owl Coffee

Today I tried a new coffee shop (for me), it is called Bad Owl Coffee and you can find it on 10575 S Eastern Ave #160, Henderson.
A must visit if you are a Harry Potter fan since the place has a Hogwarts vibe. I liked it, the staff was super friendly and it seems like there are many return customers. It's a bit too far from my neighborhood, so it's not a coffee shop I would go to on a daily basis but I can see myself going again. Thumbs up!


I absolutely LOVE this camp at Burning Man - reFOAMation. I think it used to be called Dr. Bronner's a few years ago when I went for the first time but this year it was reFOAMation. So you wait in line and while waiting you get educated in vegan/vegetarianism versus eating meat - it is GREAT. The meat eaters get stuffed into a cage where they get to suffer in the hot sun, while us vegans and vegetarians get to go ahead in line. The meat eaters are ordered to make animal sounds and roll around in the dust (outside the cage) and "fry like bacon". They also talk about psychedelics and the push/want to decriminalize. The messages are great, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Burning Man, you can learn so much and start seeing the world from a viewpoint you never thought much of before.
So.....when you finally get inside (the line can be loooooong depending on when you arrive) you are asked to take your clothes off. There is a tree in the middle called The Tree Of Life and a dj that plays loud music, a lot of naked people dancing. You can be naked if you want, I think 97% of the people are but I had on my bikini (I'm shy..... ;-) ). Nobody is acting inappropriate or weird, it is AMAZING. The reFOAMation crew are super happy, constantly smiling and dancing and they seem like they genuinely love being there. Then you go inside a boxy looking stall, you get really close together and get sprayed down with rub it in and then you get hosed down with water. This is a GREAT way to keep clean at Burning Man and a really fun and amazing experience. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! I go twice in a row so I really feel clean. And I went two days in a row.

"We are all brothers and sisters on Spaceship Earth! Be kind, reward generously, support good and healthy living. Seek and encourage the best in one another. For whatever unites us is greater than whatever divides us!"

"Make humble and mindful use of the earth’s gifts. What comes from the earth must go back! Do not waste, do not harm the land or people or animals. Reduce, recycle, reuse, reuse!"

"Be an engine for positive change. Enrich the world, make good things happen–share pro ts, share talent, share muscle, share voice! Fund and fight for what’s right!"


Carrot Top

Since my brother came to the US all the way from Sweden to join me for Burning Man I decided to be in Vegas for a while to show him a good time. So the other day we went to see a movie, Don't Breathe . A scary movie, I love scary movies and haunted houses - all that fun scary stuff. And we also saw Carrot Top. He was really good! If I ever see him out and about again, I saw him at Sambalatte last year, I will tell him that I think his show is really good. I don't know how he kept up the energy for the whole show, I was impressed! And he made coffee references so I suspect he likes coffee plus I spotted him at Sambalatte. Another local Vegas celeb that likes coffee is Penn Jillette, he goes to Madhouse Coffee. And me of course, I can be found at Madhouse Coffee and Sambalatte. ;-)

I ran into my friend Janis at Whole Foods the other day, it's the second time we just by chance run into each other there......we are both Whole Foods addicts. She was drinking some smoothie I had not tried yet so I got it yesterday, only get it if you like coconut since that's what it is.

I was actually not feeling well yesterday. I was cold (chills), then I think I had fever, I felt queasy and very weak. So after dropping my brother off at the Strip I stumbled around Whole Foods like a zombie, got this smoothie and some fruit, went home, put on socks and a hoodie and slept/shivered/felt uncomfortable in general on the couch under a blanket all afternoon and night. Don't know what happened, I haven't been sick for a while now but I feel much better today. Still a bit nauseous but no chills or fever.
It's still hot as hell in Vegas - too hot for me. But now I have to get dressed and run out and get my latte!


This year the Man was orange, I like that. I am on a color orange obsession at the I was happy when I caught my first glimpse of a glowing orange Burning Man.
The theme this year was Da Vinci's Workshop, so around the Man you could go and interact and read about stuff pertaining to that time and learn about things.
You can learn A LOT by attending Burning Man, if you think it is a place where all people do is roll around naked in dust and dirt, rub genitals with drunk and on drugs strangers you are wrong. For some it might be but that is not my Burning Man experience at least. It is up to you to make your experience what you want it to be. Burning Man is actually quite civilized, much more so than "the real world" I find. are some pics of the orange Burning Man 2016.

Saturday night is Burn Night. That is when the Man goes up in flames.....
People gather in a circle, watch and wait.

Once the Man burns down you can walk up to the place where he/it (is it a he/she or it?) once stood. It is smoldering hot but some people get naked and run through the ashes or do yoga. It sure is a scene! I am thinking about stripping down to my undies and run a few laps in the heat myself next year, it looks like a lot of fun.

Nibby Time

Chhaya got a new teddy today and it is nibby time. Then she shook it around a bit and ripped the arm open and took the stuffing out of the arm, shook the teddy some more and is now nibbying some more on it.
Today I am lowering her dose of the seizure medication (phenobarbital) and in a while, depending on how she is doing, I will lower it again. The goal is to take her off it completely, or at least have her on a very small dose.

Free Library

I have been having a vision of me sitting at Center Camp Burning Man and reading Orwell's 1984 . I thought it would be fitting reading material for that place. So I brought it with me and also Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Well.....I did not read much. Too many other things to do and see. Distractions everywhere! I did skim through 1984 and from what I gathered I don't care for it too much but I will still give it a shot and read it since it is a classic.

And in case you decide that you really need to read at Burning Man but did not bring a book with you, do not despair! They have a free library there. Of course! Take a lollipop or two also.

Speaking of books, let me tell you a few of the activities listed in the Burning Man What Where When 2016 edition.

Friendship Ceremonies - bring a friend to celebrate your friendship.
Sunset Friendship Weddings - celebrate the love you have for your friends and take a vow.
Early Morning Yoga - start (or end) your day with the sun.
Naked Espresso - join in for an espresso au natural.
Relaxing Foot Wash - bring your dusty feet and smile.
Pussy Day Spa - enjoy champagne, a refreshing body wash, custom pubic hair styling and a pussy massage.
Body Painting.
Teach Me How To Twerk Class.
Best Butt Olympiad - do you have the finest ass in all the land?
Kawaii Maid Cafe Tea Party.
Funnel Cake Party - fresh hot funnel cakes, drinks and dancing in a shaded geodesic dome.
Nobel Prize Winners Lectures - the ideas that redefined what we know about the world.
Burt The Yeti Story Hour - come and listen to tales from a far away land. Burt the Yeti reads a selection of Nordic Folk tales and Children's stories.
The UN's Agenda 2030 & Sustainable Development - explore ways to be a local and global citizen.
Let Them Eat Cock - bring a cup and enjoy the fabulous golden showers of Marie Antoinette. (This one is brought by my friends Sarah Jane ( and Eliza. :-)

And that was only a scratch on the surface of what Burning Man has to offer.
No wonder I had no time for reading!

Da Vinci's Workshop

Burning Man 2016....this year's theme was Da Vinci's Workshop. I arrived to Black Rock City, accompanied by my brother Robert on Monday August 29 and stayed there for one week, leaving Monday September 5. After it is all said and done and over it really goes by in a blink of an eye and you it really over already? And I always want to go back for more.
Since this was my fourth Burning Man in a row I can say that I have established a bit of a routine. I need my latte at Center Camp when I wake up. I really enjoy sitting there with my breakfast, people watching, listening, relaxing and breathing with my bare feet covered in fine Playa dust. Black Rock City Center Camp lattes are the best!
First latte pic at Center Camp 2016 and the Burning Man What Where When book to find out what is going on at the Playa. So much is going on that you will miss out on majority of it, so just go with the flow and take it in as it comes.....

Pretty Center Camp.

And when the sun goes down the Playa lights up. The Man is out there in the middle glowing orange.

Made It Out

Greetings my friends!
I made it out of Black Rock City and Burning Man. Stopped to eat and had an amazing meal, I was especially craving hot tea and now I am super full and tired. Exodus was long and sweltering and I am worn out.
More about my time on the Playa after I get rest and wash all the dust off myself.....