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More Cindy Pics

And here are some more Cindy pics of me. The last ones, unless I decide to put up another one at some point......

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Latest Shoot With Cindy

Here are some pictures from my latest shoot with Cindy. We went to Mount Charleston which is right outside Las Vegas.

I have a few more pics to show......later.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Thank you Cindy, you are a great photographer!


Look at this amazing rainbow that I saw yesterday evening. I wish I could had captured it in all it's glory. There were actually double rainbows going on for a while but the top one was not as strong and vibrant as the bottom one.
So beautiful! It's the second time in about a month that I have seen a beautiful rainbow in this location.

Almond Milk

I had an iced almond milk vanilla latte today. Almond milk instead of regular milk. Although I am a vegetarian I am still eating and using animal products. I eat milk products, eggs and cheese. I have leather purses and pants. I do feel bad about that sometimes. So I am going to make another small step in the right direction (for me) and do the almond milk in my lattes instead of regular milk at least half of the time I get a latte from now on. I do not like soy milk. Or tofu.
Dairy cows don't live lives free from cruelty either. The chickens that lay the eggs we buy in large super markets are probably not happy. I know all of this and I think about it. And it makes me feel bad. I don't want to hurt animals, I don't even kill flies or other insects except mosquitoes.

A dream for me would be to one day have an animal sanctuary. To help animals in need, give them a safe forever home or a foster home until they can find a forever home. It doesn't have to be a large sanctuary. Even helping a few animals is better than not helping at all.
While doing research on animal sanctuaries I came across what Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey are doing for animals. What amazing human beings! I admire them both. Tracey Stewart also wrote a book called Do Unto Animals . I want that book.
Practice kindness to all. ❤


Do you know that you can get a puppacino for your four legged companion when you go to Starbucks? It is basically a little cup of whipped cream.
Starbucks whipped cream is REALLY yummy. I rarely get Starbucks nowadays and when I do I get the chai with whipped cream of course. I feel like the latte at Starbucks is not that tasty, so I rather get my latte elsewhere.
But here are me and Chhaya with our Starbucks treats. Look at her little face when she is devouring her puppacino!


So almost a week ago now Chhaya had a seizure.
The day started out normal, we went to the park and played.

Look at the rascal!

After the park we did errands, when I pulled up and stopped the car at the house I noticed the wanted to vomit. So I quickly got her out of the car and she threw up and immediately afterwards collapsed to her side and started convulsing. It felt like forever, I thought she was dying in front of me. All I kept saying was,, baby, baby! I thought my life was over too.
Some people came over, the man said it was OK, that was a seizure, that she would be fine. I was crying by now......panicked.
She came about and sat up, disoriented and whining. I got her in the car, my feet all scraped up from the pavement (I was wearing flip flops and when Chhaya collapsed I threw myself on the ground).
I drove straight to the emergency vet where they observed her and drew blood to test it. Everything came out normal.

We went home, she was still a bit wobbly and she rested......

Later on she was back to normal and we went for a walk and then she wanted to play with all her binkis. But I made sure she took it easy.
That whole thing REALLY scared me, I have never seen a seizure before. WOW.
I hope this was the first and the last.
My friend Juliana's dog Brigitta has seizures frequently, now I understand what they are going me it is awful.
What could had caused it, neither the veterinarian or I are sure.
I think perhaps she reacted to the dinner I gave her the night before, processed chicken from Trader Joe's. Meaning it had spices and salt, something she had before but that with a combination of a hot day and perhaps she was thirsty and then the vomiting made her tense up and all of that brought on the seizure.
No more processed chicken with sodium and whatever else they add to it. No more.
Well, it's been almost a week and Chhaya is doing good. Me too!

Watching Me

Chhaya is watching me and my posing in between the rocks. I wonder what she was thinking? Probably like......WTF?
The photographer behind the camera that day was Cindy. More pics from that shoot another time.

I just finished a super yummy latte and a huge pastry that reminds me of kanelbulle (Swedish pastry).
Now I am going on a long walk with Chaya, we are going exploring.
It's Friday and nice out. Enjoy!

My Love

Last month me and Cindy took a drive to Mount Charleston outside of Las Vegas to do a photoshoot. This was my third shoot with Cindy and this time Chhaya joined.
Here are some of the pics from that shoot (more will be up later).

Look at Chhaya - MY LOVE! Not a day goes by without strangers telling me how beautiful she is. Yes, she is amazing......

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Rape Culture

Anyone been reading about that frat boy/man (named Brock) who raped the girl/woman that he encountered at a Stanford frat party in a very drunken state?
He got sentenced to six months in county jail and probation. I am not sure how long of that he will actually serve and he must register as a sex offender from now on. A public letter from the woman he attacked has gone viral and so has a letter from his Dad. The woman was unconscious when she was raped and assaulted, prior to passing out she was inebriated. So an agreement for any sexual contact with a perfect stranger from her side I think was out of the question. Poor Brock must now register as a sex offender and visit jail for some time. He used to enjoy rib eye steak (yeah, I can just imagine his ass tearing into a bloody steak) but now he has no appetite. Poor Brock's whole life is difficult now and all of this trouble for "20 minutes of action" as his Dad so eloquently put it. WOW. 20 minutes of action huh?
Yeah....WAKE UP CALL you fucking PUNK! You sexually took advantage of a girl that had too much to drink. She was found behind a dumpster in the fetal position with her underwear a bit away from her. Dirty. Two Swedes (yes, people from Sweden) witnessed this event and called the police, one of the Swedes was crying so hard that he could barely speak when telling the police officer what he had seen. Normal? No. One can only wonder what else would had happened to this girl had the two Swedes not seen this and interfered.
AND WHAT ABOUT HER LIFE? Why feel sorry for Brock?
This is a fucking rape culture. Women, we all want it, don't we? Even when we say no. Even from a perfect stranger. Behind a dumpster, anywhere it doesn't matter. Brock needs to go to jail. Perhaps there he will meet a big powerful man that will decide, even against Brock's wishes, that Brock really wants some dick up his ass and will show Brock a good ole' bloody time. I think Brock needs some of that, maybe then he can understand a little bit how he made that girl feel.
She needs to live with this trauma and all the hoopla around it for the rest of her life too. He is the one that assaulted her, not the other way around.
Perhaps start teaching your sons about women's rights. Tell them that porn is NOT reality. That we women don't randomly want it from strangers usually.
I am against that whole frat boy college drinking culture that exists here in the US anyways, never understood it. I went to University of Stockholm for a few semesters before coming to the US. I never drank alcohol at school premises, I took school seriously. It was not some loud hormonal testosterone infused gathering, it was University. And people of both sexes acted accordingly.
Yes, Brock's Dad.....I understand that you are sad and worried for your son. I do, it is your child. But Brock made a BIG mistake and even in today's rape culture this is illegal and he has to suffer the consequences. This girl has a Dad and Mom also and a little sister, imagine how they feel. Imagine if this was your daughter?
Maybe then you would feel differently.

I've had MORE than my share of UNWANTED attention from guys. Trust me, I don't want it. I am not interested in any of their attention. I am sure most girls and women understand what I am talking about.
Somehow I have lived my whole life without a single urge to attack a random stranger that I don't know, knock him down and rape him. I actually do not know any woman that has raped a man.
Writing this makes me think about Lisa Holm in Sweden. Beautiful Lisa had her whole life ahead of her. She was murdered. Her family left to deal with the loss.
It's been almost a year. Lisa, you are not forgotten. I never knew you but your story burns inside of my soul.

April Shoot

Last April Barry took me to the Wheel Of Misfortune somewhere on the outskirts of Las Vegas. His wife Bonnie dropped us off and picked us up. I cannot believe it's been OVER a year now since we did this! Unreal!
This was a mid day April shoot in the desert and the sun was hot, bright and unforgiving. The location is quite AMAZING, I mean just being there walking around and taking it all in is an experience in itself. The sun was blasting my face in the most unflattering way most of the time and it was super windy too that day and my hair was all over the place. But here are a few of the pics.

Photographer Barry Gallegos.