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Standing Alone

A few days of winds and chilly weather in Vegas - much welcomed by me. I love when it is on the cooler side here. Wind, clouds and rain.....all of that is much welcome here.
Went to Red Rock yesterday. Took our time. I like to sit and really try to take it all in and feel the nature.

My beautiful girl and the flowers.

On the walk back I looked to my left and saw this tree standing alone a bit majestic.


Here are some captured moments in pictures.....
I walked past this and snapped a pic.....LOVE.

Met Janis for lunch at a place I never been to before, conveniently located close to my house and I loved everything about the place.....


Coffee at The Peppermill.

A coffee drink at The Peppermill, the regular coffee was much better. I could not finish the coffee drink.....bleh.


Happy Easter my friends......or Happy Sunday if you do not celebrate Easter. I don't.
In Sweden I participated more in the Easter traditions, like decorated the house with Easter stuff, boiled and then painted eggs, filled up Easter eggs with candy, dressed up as a påskkärring (witch) with a broom and everything....I think I even went to the Polish Catholic church in Stockholm. Today me and Chhaya are at home with Roxy, we had Thai food earlier and now we are watching a movie and I'm about to have a coffee. Family night.

My little rascal kroiky baby!

Cute and fluffy Easter looking heels......

Image source: yesiamarebelliousflower

Pale Moon

Me and Chhaya walked up to a place where we could see the pale moon appear over the city. It looked very pretty and it was also very windy out. Then we went home and played tug and cuddled, I made pasta and fell asleep. Far away from all the glitz and hustle down on the Strip.

Fun Night

I had a fun night out here in Vegas the other night, I even consumed alcohol......WOW! So first I had dinner at Grand Lux Cafe at The Venetian. I could not resist ordering the pirogies and that turned out to be a very good choice because those were delicious. For dessert I had the key lime pie with whipped cream, the pie was HUGE and I could not finish it all which is very unusual for me. That meal was so good that I am going to return there just to eat it again!
So first let me bore you with some food pics......mmmmmm!

See how happy food makes me? It doesn't take much for me to look this insane.

I needed a pic in the parking garage too with the colorful view behind me. Food pregnant belly = happy belly.

Then me and Roxy continued on to......The Peppermill. I love it there inside the Fireside Lounge, it is so cozy.

I decided to really go all out (PAAAAAARTY) and ordered a BEER for myself. And it was HAPPY HOUR too so my beer was only $2.75. A beer for that cheap at The Peppermill at night?
That is a bargain if I ever seen one! I need to go more often! We both had a Cinnamon Horchata Ale from Blue Moon, I almost finished mine, not quite though. Yeah.....I don't drink much.

This fire pit is so nice. Me and Roxy had great conversation while sipping our beers and just enjoying the ambiance - fun night out!


I just laughed a LOT. Watched a movie called Sisters this evening and no movie can be watched without something sweet to eat (when I watch at home). I found these Ballerina cookies at Cost Plus, made in Sweden.

So yeah...... Sisters is a fun movie, silly fun and Dianne West that plays the Mom has not aged since The Lost Boys and I looooooove that movie! Anyhow......I am really tired. I just want to sleep so GOOD NIGHT!


Starbucks is getting sued from complaining customers claiming that they would get underfilled on their coffee drinks. I concur! I get slightly annoyed when my latte gets underfilled and if the cup feels suspiciously light I check under the lid and I will ask the barista to top off with more milk if the crime of underfilling took place. My latte time is like my daily golden moment and I savor every sip so do not take any of my sips away from me by underfilling!

I miss my "office" in Kenai.....Coffee Roasters and also Kaladi in Soldotna. A lot.
When I am in Sweden I go and have "fika" everyday, sometimes alone and sometimes with company.
Fika is super Swedish and the country is full of places for just that......I love fika!

So the Starbucks underfilling lawsuit.....I wonder what the outcome of that will be and should I join? I used to go to Starbucks all the time but then I discovered that my latte more often than not would be tastier in other establishments. Starbucks still has very yummy whipped cream though......

Judge Diana Hampton

Diana Hampton, Mother of two and a Chief Municipal Las Vegas Judge was found dead in her home a few days ago.
Diana was a dancer first and then bartender at Cheetah's strip club in Las Vegas for seven years while putting herself through school. The cause of death is not known yet. Diana was only 50.
I do not know a whole lot more about the case, I've read some current and older (Las Vegas Sun 2005) articles about Diana. I was not aware that she had been a dancer until now.
This goes to show to all the people that are talking shit about dancers, that you never know how life will turn out. So before you point fingers and talk shit (to make yourself feel better about you and your life) about dancers that you do not even know personally, make sure that your own private home life and how you conduct yourself as a human being is something that you can be proud of.
I could say a lot taken from my own observations but I won't......Pretending that all is well and good on Facebook is NOT always what reality looks like and we all know that.
Having said that, life is a journey and it can be beautiful but also so sad and so scary. You never know when your time here on Earth will be up.

Ice Cream Intake

Me and Roxy are working on our ice cream intake tonight while watching movies. Dulce de leche to share in the bowls and one black cherry amerotto each. A fleeting moment of feel good therapy. I am tired and hoping for a restful, deep and long sleep tonight.
I got my taxes sent off to my accountant today, one thing crossed off the to do list.
I don't know if it is PMS or not but I am feeling very emotional and sad this evening.....well earlier I did, the ice cream and Roxy's company helped to make me feel better.


Me and Chhaya shared meal at Red Rock the other day, a little picnic inside the car. Eating yummies while enjoying our surroundings.

I also did a shot of some pro biotics and dribbled some of it on Chhaya's food.

Then we went for a walk.

Yesterday I tried Muay Thai boxing. Planning on a new career as a professional fighter, I might as well make good use of my long and strong legs.