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Leap Year

How can I possibly not write an entry today on February 29? Leap year, four more years until the next one. What will my life, your life....the world as we know it look like then? You never know, so be grateful right now today, if you are blessed with the priceless things in life.
I'm going to take Chhaya out for a late night walk in a bit but first I will tell you what I have been up to the last couple of days.....
I drove to check out the sights here in Nevada, Chhaya came with me of course.

I saw a movie and yes, I want to be comfy and cozy when I see a movie, so I make sure I bring an extra hoodie or a jacket and a pair of thick and fluffy socks and then I can stretch my legs out (if there is room to do so of course).
I saw The Witch. I think I had my fingers in my ears and covered my eyes for about a third of the movie, I did not want to hear all the screaming and see certain parts, I found this movie disturbing and I like scary movies although sometimes I don't know why I subject myself to that.....?

Today we went to Nelson ghost town. Found this witch sign in a window.

Chhaya poses for pics like a professional model. She needs an agent and a few contracts.

My beautiful baby and friend - I love her SO much. No words can do justice to describe my love for her.

And I managed to find a new bra.....finally! And a new purse for work. I think the Hello Kitty purse needs to rest for a while. Or for good. I actually already have a "purse" just like this.
I think it's meant to hold your make up (make up bag) but it can be used as a purse too I think.

Tiny Home

I want this tiny home! Sooooo cute and I love it. I want something like this or an RV. Me and Chhaya traveling dream. Reading books, writing, feeling a nice breeze through my hair, cuddling Chhaya and rubbing her legs and paws, take pictures and see new sights, enjoy life. No more sadness in my soul. I'm dreaming of this....


It's almost a must to take a picture in front of the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada" sign when you visit Vegas. But there is another cool sign nearby that makes for a good pic too. Just across the street there is the Harley Davidson store and in front of it you will find "Las Vegas" spelled out in large letters. Great for pics and Chhaya volunteered to pose.

After a few hectic days and nights on the Strip it is nice to take in what nature has to offer, Red Rock is not far from the Strip and worth a visit. The quiet surroundings make for a stark contrast from the almost non stop noise and hustle on the Strip.....

Own Cup

I used to be diligent about bringing my own cup for my daily latte.....then I started slacking but now I'm back on track. I don't want to preach to people about the importance of recycling and the effort of bringing your own cup if you can and then don't practice what I preach. I don't want to be a hypocrite but I know that I am sometimes, then I catch myself and correct myself. So latte in my own reusable cup and two cranberry muffins. My breakfast.

Chhaya says she wants a fun walk or hike later.....that's fine with me.

Ghost Town

Mine and Cindy's last stop on our photo shoot road trip last month was in Nelson Ghost Town Nevada, not too far from Las Vegas and well worth a visit. I definitely need to go back and I want to bring Chhaya so she can see it too. Chhaya needs some pretty pictures there.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Abandoned House

Cindy spotted an abandoned house next to the road in Searchlight Nevada. So we stopped and snapped some shots.
I love the light coming through the cracks.....and the green ledges around the doors and windows.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Joshua Tree And Tunic

I still have some more pictures from my shoot with Cindy, so I am going to put them up but not all at once so you don't get a "pictures of Tatiana overload" and want to barf all over the screen because you are so over it. I hope I get to shoot with Cindy again, it's fun and I like the results. And you might wonder......"Why does she take pictures" or "Who does she think she is...... like.....a model or something?" I take pictures because I LOVE photography and I enjoy being in front of the camera, you know some people take selfies and share them (I do too) and I am lucky enough to have talented photographers like Cindy and others that are willing to take pictures of me for free. It's an exchange, my time for their time. I have liked photography for a long time, since early teen years. Do I think I am a model? No. I am just an ordinary girl that likes to take pictures. It makes for a nice memory, time goes by fast and a picture capture that moment forever.
Me and the Joshua tree......

In a new tunic that I love but I didn't realize my leggings would show through underneath it (so pardon that blunder).

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.


I just got done watching the Grammys. I was under the impression that my beautiful Rihanna was going to perform but I didn't even see her. Was I mistaken, what happened? Well, that made me disappointed....
I love singing and dancing, being a performer as in singer would probably be my dream profession but I am not musically inclined like that but I can fantasize right?
Lady Gaga did a David Bowie number. Now that man was talented and interesting but the most beautiful thing about him was the genuine and pure love he seemed to have for his wife and family. To me that is something so special, I wish we all could have that true and pure love with someone. David Bowie seemed to be a really nice person, I will feel extra much every time I hear Let's Dance from now on, I love that song.
And I really wanted The Weeknd to win at least one (or more) Grammy, his album is amazing, so many of the songs are sooooo good and his voice is beautiful, so I was disappointed there too. One more disappointing thing, this new ice cream that I got, Gelato Fiasco. Yuck. I didn't even finish it and for me to not finish ice cream is like never heard of.....Fiasco for sure. I will try it again in a different flavor before I write it off because I believe in second chances.... But now it's time for bed.

The Love Locket

There is a heart shaped sculpture with padlocks attached to it outside Container Park in Vegas called The Love Locket. I haven't been down there since last year sometime. People attached padlocks and notes to it as a symbol for their love for someone or each cute! Well, it got vandalized recently. Who would vandalize such a beautiful symbol of LOVE and why? Perfect example of the evil and nasty people that are roaming around everywhere. The creator of The Love Locket (Nova May) said that she was sad when she heard the news about what happened but then she said that, "Just like love, the piece was always a work in progress." After dark comes light, and after destruction, you rebuild. What a positive and heart warming message! So what happened next? Well, the Downtown Project stepped in and fixed the part that was vandalized and you can now buy new locks to hang on the sculpture with half of the purchase price going to The American Heart Association. Love always prevails!
Happy Valentine's Day everybody! I wish you all love and happiness.
Me and The Love Locket.....


Ugh......I'm feeling like a gross doughy barf, if that makes any sense? Do you ever just feel like barf? Let's see.....update.....I'm alive but traumatized - still smiling though. Still having my yummy vanilla latte every day, the other night I had two in a day when me and Janis went to Madhouse late after scrambling up and down the mountain at Mountains Edge park after dark with Chhaya in tow of course. Check out the view, well worth it.

I also have four zits right now, well had since they are slowly going away. Four.....I can't recall the last time I had that many blemishes. But whatever. Can you spot them in the pic?
No photoshop or make up as you can see.....I don't care, this is who I am too.
I am writing this from my Samsung since my Mac is out for the count, something about the Motherboard and me using a broken adapter cable that caused something to break, I don't know. I do not speak computer language.
Anyhow I just wanted to check in and say HELLO with a smile and wish you all a beautiful weekend. I bawled earlier cause they were showing some people (on TV) that lost a family member in accidents. One moment here.....breathing, talking and alive and the next moment gone - forever. You just never know.... That was very emotional for me to watch.....WHY does this time here on Earth, the time we call life have to be so painful at times? Anyways.....before I start crying again, much LOVE to all from me and my love Chhaya. XOXO.