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Well Spent

I just got back home after two hours of pleasure, I had a massage. I've been going to Cathy for years now. The $100 I give her is money well spent and some chocolate for her too since Christmas is right around the corner.

I love getting my feet rubbed, acupressure style. Rubbed, NOT tickled. Now I'm home wishing I had some ice cream. But it's cold and very windy out, I think my ice cream craving will remain a craving only tonight. Yawn.....I'm tired.

Towards The Mountains

It's Saturday evening and the last day of the rodeo has arrived here in Vegas. There are many people wearing cowboy hats in town right now, doing their thing at the rodeo. Rodeos don't interest me, I think it's animal cruelty some of the stuff that I associate with rodeos. I went to one rodeo in Kenai and was bored after ten minutes.

It's going to be nice to work at a club where I can pick my own songs again. With a decent stage. For now it is what it is.
My dinner this evening consisted of, as it does several times a week, whatever the food bar at Whole Foods had to offer. I don't cook often, so Whole Foods feeds me. And Chhaya too.
She got beef from there today and yesterday.

We went to the park, as we do everyday. I have six parks around here that I rotate in between unless we venture out to Red Rock.

My house is that way, towards the mountains. Those mountains are gorgeous. If you ever visit Vegas, rent a car and go to Red Rock. Explore, go for a hike, look for the wild flowers and breathe in the desert air.

More Red Rock Shoot

Here are some more photos from my shoot last month at Red Rock with Cindy.

And Cindy e mailed me these nice words after the shoot, "It was so great meeting you and working with you yesterday out at Red Rock. I am so very pleased with our images! It is going to be so hard to narrow them down because there are so many amazing shots we got! You are so photogenic and are so fun and easy to work with. I also really enjoyed talking with you and hearing about your interesting life and I like that you have such great interests in Burning Man and nature, etc. You are so great to work with and I love your style!"
It's like getting a nice Yelp review! :-D
I hope to shoot with Cindy again, I rarely take pics with a woman photographer but this was a good experience, she is super cool and knows what she is doing.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Red Rock Shoot

Here are some of the photos from my Red Rock shoot that I did last month with Cindy.
More will come tomorrow. I don't want to bore you with too many pics of myself at once.
I loved shooting with Cindy, we got along great. After looking at the pics I think I need to change my lipstick to some other color when doing photo shoots, that pink glossy stuff might look OK at work but not in these pics. And I don't know why the second pic is huge....I tried making it smaller but it didn't work. Oh well.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.


Are you getting into the Holiday spirit yet? I am. I'm walking around singing Christmas songs, the traditional Swedish ones that I know and getting gifts and cards together. My house is not decorated yet and I don't have a tree but that will come.....maybe. I already sent out some presents to people and got most of my Christmas shopping done. Some gifts will be wrapped up in packages sent in the mail, others will be delivered in bags. Santa Tati is a good friend to have this time of year! And I have a Thank You card to give to the pizza makers at Manhattan Pizza on Charleston and Durango, they are so ni nice to me.

Today I found this angel hanging off a branch in a tree when me and Chhaya were on our daily walk. As you can see.....there is no snow in my neck of the woods.

Christmas is right around the corner. I always miss Sweden this time of year, extra much.

I went to Sam's Town the other week, they have a pretty nice Christmas/Winter display there.

Later on me and Chhaya went to Mikey's to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
It wasn't that great this year I thought. I loved some of the high boots, there were some amazing pants too and that bejeweled bodysuit with a cut out in front. I wouldn't mind having some of that stuff. And I loved when The Weeknd sang "Can't Feel My Face". It's probably my fave song right now. GREAT for stage. Besides that I thought the girls were making too many kissy faces and other nonsense, not enough hot fierce model attitude but whatever.
Now it's bedtime, I am craving sleep.

My Sunday

Hi friends! It's late Sunday evening here in Vegas, I'm at home feeling sleepy and ready for bed but first I am going to tell you about my Sunday......
It was time for a pedicure, I tried a new place (for me) right next to Madhouse Coffee,
Red Persimmon Nails and guess what? I was very pleased (finally!) with my pedi and they even offer a rewards program and wanted to know my birthday, so they probably have some sort of a birthday special too. I like that. The girl that did my pedi was very thorough, this will be my Vegas spot for pedicures!

I went down to Fashion Show mall for a bit and saw these super cute Sorel boots at Free People, I love them! Maybe I get them, not sure yet.

And then I went to Diesel and saw these jeans. OMG, I'm in love! I have to think about it for a bit because they are pricey.

After the mall I drove up towards my area of town and stopped in to Pottery Barn. I really like this wooden star. Pretty. I'm thinking I want two of them but one large and one smaller.

A few weeks ago I found this framed quote in one of the stores at Boca Park. It's from the Velveteen Rabbit, I think it's beautiful and sad and I have pretty much decided to get it.

I came home, ate (pizza and ice cream), played with Chhaya. She is sleeping now.

I'm going to write Christmas cards for my Mom and brother now, I miss them so much......

Later on maybe a bath and a face mask, unless I just curl up next to Chhaya and fall asleep. I'm tired. I hope you had a nice weekend!

No Good Facial

I had a facial this past Sunday. I had looked forward to it and decided to book an 80 minute facial at a place I had not been to before but I read some, what seemed, very promising reports about the place. They use Eminence products, I have tried and liked several Eminence products, they use a special massage technique on the face and I love getting a skilled face massage. The place I went to is called Aminah's. It's located here in Vegas.

I specifically told the receptionist (or whomever I spoke to when I did the booking) to NOT give me a beginner aesthetician since I KNOW what a good facial consists of and feels like.
I do not like when people who don't know what they are doing are picking on my face as in giving me a facial, ripping out my hair as in giving my hair a trim, or fumbling with my feet as in giving me a pedi . I've had so many bad experiences at salons and spas, even the ones that tote themselves as being high end and luxurious that I now wax my own legs and I rarely get pedis when I can do those at home. Why should I spend money on a half assed service when I can do it better myself and for free? So the facial......well, you probably guessed it, it was a no good facial. Decent at best. Not awful. Had I never had a facial before I would had probably thought it was good. The aesthetician needs more training or perhaps she doesn't have that magic touch. I believe that the field in aesthetics should be a true calling, something that you really want to do but I think that here in the US a lot of women and straight out of high school girls enroll in and graduate from "beauty" school just so they can have some sort of a job. Like because they don't know what else to do and beauty school sounds right. Plus anybody can enroll as long as you can pay for the classes. Nothing wrong with that as long as that really is your passion but some of them that I have encountered should not be getting paid for their professional "services". I can do better than some of them and I did not take hundreds of hours of classes.
Well, I did write the lady in charge, Aminah herself and told her what I thought about the facial. She offered me a free facial with her, so I can get a "true Hungarian experience". That is very nice and the right thing to do but she can't give me the facial until January and I don't know where I will be then. So by all means......if you are looking for an OK to good place in Vegas for a facial, try Aminah's. Ask for Aminah herself to get a quality facial or request an experienced aesthetician. The spa was clean, the room and my bed very nice and comfortable, the face massage was very good but my opinion is that the girl that performed the facial needs to hone her skills.
My post facial and post very mentally draining weekend at work face. Up close so you can really see every pore!

Better news, today I found a $10 bill when walking with Chhaya in the park. That is my latte and pastry fund for tomorrow!

And I HAVE to see this film/documentary, Something Better To Come by Hannah Polak! Look it up and spend a few minutes watcing the preview! This is my movie tip to you.