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The Show Is On The Road

After about two weeks in beautiful Oregon (Portland and Bend) I am now back in my lovely Silver State of Nevada. I loved everything about Oregon so I am definitely returning there fact, I can't wait to go back!

The show is on the road again!


Me and Mandy went back to McMenamins this afternoon, a return visit just to soak in the pool. It felt good although the water isn't hot enough but it's still a nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon (for example) and the pool room is very pretty.

I like my bikini, it got used for the first time at McMenamins in Bend.

Stars In Bend

So I am working at Stars in Bend, the only strip club in the area. It is way different than the club I tried in Portland, every club is different. So if you go to one club and see something amazing.....or on the other end of the spectrum, something awful - do not think that all clubs are like that. The same goes for dancers of course, if you have one or a few horrible encounters with dancers, do not assume that all of us are like that. I am not anything like THAT for example..... "THAT" being all that negative stuff connected with dancers aka strippers.

What, no croth stomping at Stars?! I was so disappointed when I found that out.....crotch stomping is my specialty. ;-)

I wore my new bra last night, as usual Victoria's Secret. It has a small pink bow in the middle and and some small rhinestones all over the cups.

Work Tomorrow

So me and Mandy are starting work tomorrow evening at a new club for both of us. I think the manager that did the hiring really liked us, when I got off the stage he told me that he would be happy to have me on the team and when Mandy was on stage he asked me where I had found her and said I made a good choice after I told him that I met her in South Dakota two years ago. We got to sign a 13 page contract. The club seems pretty strict and I like that.

I wish every club had rules like these and adhered to them. My kind of strip club rules! Although this law was definitely not followed in Portland from the little that I saw.

Since we didn't actually work tonight, only auditioned, Mandy decided to try her luck at the penny slots.....she walked away a whole $1.56 richer. Good, now we can finally buy some toilet paper!

I think I will need to sleep soon, both of us are in bed and my eyes feel heavy and tired. Chhaya is sleeping, snoring and dreaming. I'm already fantasizing about my latte that I will enjoy tomorrow, so the sooner I fall asleep the sooner I will be up and latte ready......Goodnight!


I'm in Bend Oregon! Right now me and Mandy are sitting at a coffee shop called Bellatazza, each having a 20 ounce latte.

We didn't arrive until later last evening and relaxed for a bit in a soaking tub at a place called McMenamins. It felt so gooooood! That place had all kinds of nice stuff inside, the building is an old school that got converted to what it is today. Definitely worth a visit if you ever make it to Bend.

Now we are going to take Chhaya for a walk in the park. It's really pretty here!


My visit to Portland has been a failure work wise. The dancing situation here is very complicated but more about that in another entry. I thought for sure that Saturday night would mean work for me but oh no......instead me and Mandy ended up at some Bingo Hall (!!!) with all the other party people aka fogbones of Portland. The bingo game was hosted by a group of white boys that spoke like thugs and thought me and Mandy were very interesting, especially after I sauntered in and offered to swing around one of the pole looking beams in the place for some guaranteed tips. It was a full house in there and Mandy was convinced we would win something for sure and she made me spread out some stuff on the table for luck. But just like the clubs in this town, no luck for us.....and by 1 am I was falling asleep at the table while holding my orange dabber. That bingo game went on forever. Bingo can pay off though, one lady won $400 and another lucky one took home $1000. We only came out of pocket for the game. Yeay!

Although work has been a weird experience here I have fully enjoyed my stay and I am planning on returning for more. Next time I will be prepared about work so it will be better for sure.
I've explored coffee shops......

We had Turkish coffee and delicious food on Stark at a place called Ya Hala.

And I even went to the opening of a night club......

Portland is my kind of place!

Forest Park

Me and Chhaya went to Forest Park here in Portland and that place is magical! And I only saw a small part of it. The citizens of Portland are lucky to have access to such a beautiful place.

Look at the size of the leaves! I felt like I was on a walk through Jurassic Park.

I love the message on the bench.

I think that I will need to spend more time in Portland in the future, I like it here and I want to see and experience more of this city.


Pie is perfect for breakfast! I came back to the Bipartisan today for another slice if strawberry/rhubarb pie and a latte of course!

For the second morning in a row I got woken up to some psycho in the room above me stomping around. Not OK, I do not like getting woken up way too early like that (before 9 is way too early for me) so I'm running low on sleep and feel a bit tired but whatever. I think me and Chhaya might check out Forest Park today. 5000 plus acres of wilderness and trails! But first I have to return to the room and get my phone charger that I forgot.
A pic from last night somewhere in downtown Portland.....

Hello From Portland

Hello from a beautiful Portland! I have been kind of busy since I arrived here AND my Mac laptop decided
to quit responding so I have to try to fix that highly annoying issue when I have some time. I don't like writing on here from my phone.....I'm not ignoring the blog but I've been busy plus there is the technical glitch.
Anyhow, the weather is warm and sunny. It rained a bit yesterday but I did bring an umbrella with me so I came prepared, now I have covered the mandatory when traveling weather report.....
I started off today with Chhaya and a walk in the park.

I love the trees here, everything is so lush and healthy.

Then I met up with my friend that I used to work at the Bush Company (in Anchorage) with, she lives here in Portland.....lucky her!

I had a delicious strawberry/rhubarb pie. I think I might need to go back for some more of that tomorrow.

And I am working tonight. Me and Mandy worked at one of the many strip clubs in Portland last night. We might try a different club tonight or go back to the same. Yes, I have pictures (of course) and a description but that will be a whole different entry. ;-)


Me and Chhaya have arrived in Portland, Oregon. It's beautiful here! The bridge over the Columbia river and the river itself.....WOW, gorgeous!

The first thing we did was to locate a park, we ended up at Delta park. The trees were amazing. Sunshine and warm too. I feel lucky and happy.

Then after plenty of confusion I located the motel. I got lost trying to find it. I managed to drive from Kenai to Portland without getting lost or confused, then when finally in Portland I get lost. How funny is that? After I found my new home (in the ghetto, seriously) I hauled my stuff into my room and then headed straight for IKEA.

When I spotted the Swedish flag I almost cried. I miss Sweden! I signed up for an IKEA card and ordered some vegetable balls and got a side order of meatballs for Chhaya.
Some Princess cake too. I'm going back for more tomorrow. And when you sign up for the IKEA card you get all the coffee and tea you want FOR FREE!

Later in the evening I picked up Mandy at the airport, YEAY! I am laying in bed now and I have to say that I am exhausted. I have so many bruises that it looks like I have been in a traffic accident or in a bad fight. Moving is not easy on the body. I need to sleep and tomorrow I will be ready for Portland! I'm excited!