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I am about to get ready for tonight's crazy fun (hopefully) party at the Hard Rock, Fetish&Fantasy celebrating 20 years this year. I'm lucky because I know one of tonight's DJs and also host so I get VIP all the way.......yeay!!!

Need to pick out what pair of shoes I'm wearing and glue on my lashes.....better start the process.

Have a very HAPPY and spooktakular Halloween everybody!

Halloween Decorations

Today it's October 31, meaning Halloween! Now I'm going to bore you all with pictures of my Halloween decorations......

Above the gas fireplace (that I rarely use).

Front door.

And I have a few more things outside of the house, spiders crawling up the tree by the kitchen window but the sun was shining so bright this morning that it did not look good on pictures.
And tonight it is party time! I am going to get dressed up and go out and listen to some good music! I got a costume planned......something skintight with some high heels.

Scary Stuff

It's almost Halloween! I LOVE Halloween, it's my fave holiday (is Halloween a holiday though, I guess so.....?).
This evening I went to a restaurant I've been wanting to try for a while, Hearthstone at Red Rock Hotel & Casino. I really liked it but then again I'm not hard to please, I like almost everything. Food makes me happy, I love trying new places to eat. I had a delicious salad made with watermelon, avocado, red onion and feta cheese. Some very tasty potatoes tossed with herbs that almost melted in my mouth, spicy hummus and a very yummy dessert.
I waddled out of there.

Afterwards I went for some scary stuff fun. Haunted houses, three of them. I loooooove haunted houses! These were pretty good and the Gates Of Hell one is rated R, you need to sign a waiver before you go inside and be over 17. They give you a password before entering in case you get too scared and want to quit, the password was PURGATORY. They announced that Gates Of Hell was voted the scariest haunted house in the country.......I don't know about that. OK, it was scary but not THAT scary. You get touched by the actors, isolated, yelled at (I got called cunt) and angrily zapped with electricity - I loved it! And in one of the haunted houses you had to get down on all fours and crawl for a stretch, that was great!
I screamed.....A LOT and laughed A LOT.
What a fun evening! :-D

Da Vinci's Workshop

Da Vinci's Workshop.......that is the art theme for Burning Man 2016! I'm already excited for next year! I can't wait! I am so ready for the heat, the cold, the dust, biking around, dancing and just being there enjoying everything that is Burning Man to the fullest - BRING IT ON!
If I'm not mistaken the first time Burning Man used an art theme was in 1996 and the theme that year was Inferno.
I have a ton of stuff to do today and up until Halloween. The blog might or might not be put on the back burner for a few days depending on how much time I have, I need to sleep and eat too. ;-)
Ohhhhh and I think I am going to start playing Backgammon at Sambalatte once in a while, I'm excited because I love Backgammon!
Here are three pics of me at Burning Man, 2013-2015.

Looked Miserable

So I had a pedi today. The ladies that were working in the nail salon at Boca Park Summerlin, I counted five of them, all looked so miserable that I almost blurted out, "Are you trafficked"?
I mean, is it really that awful to work in a nail salon in Summerlin close to Sambalatte?
You can take latte breaks all day long! I don't think that I am that bad of a client, my feet are pretty nice, I always bring my own nail polish, I usually tip $10 and I don't want to make small talk.
I did enjoy the massage chair I sat in, it did a good job kneading my backside. But seriously those ladies in there need to cheer up a bit. WTF already!

At one of the clubs in Portland I got a brief lesson in sex trafficking, there was even an awareness class in Portland and it was suggested to me that I should attend it but the class happened after I was scheduled to leave and continue down to Vegas so I could not go. I did attend a sex trafficking awareness seminar here in Vegas a few years ago, very interesting. Have I ever seen any sex trafficking at work? No. I'm sure it happens though, I've heard stories. I have seen pimps in the clubs but it's been a while since I saw that. Of course I am very much against sex trafficking and pimping.

This evening I went to my new fave movie theatre, Regal Downtown Summerlin 5.
Super comfortable with king size reclining chairs, you can bring a blanket and take a nap. You can also buy food, desserts and alcoholic beverages there to be enjoyed during the movie. I saw Sicario . It was OK, not bad, good acting.

But I need to sleep now, I am supposed to be up early and look somewhat awake and pretty.
I have a photo shoot scheduled, I'm glad that at least my toes look pretty.


I had plans of taking a bath and cleaning my kitchen last night since I had decided to stay home instead of going to work. But no......after eating ice cream and reading for a while I passed out at an early time for me......I'm guessing by 10 - 11 pm. For some reason I was really tired all day yesterday. That was the first time I tried this ice cream and it was not that good, so I won't have it again.

Now it's Monday and my plans for today are loosely as follows......take Chhaya out, go to Sambalatte, have a pedicure, prepare for a photo shoot tomorrow, maybe find a gym and get a free one week trial pass, walk Chhaya, eat and clean.
The other day I ran out of eyelash glue. HUGE PANIC! (Not really). So by mistake I bought a glue by Ardell that I never tried before, it comes in a small glass vial. I thought why not try that, I mean it is an eyelash glue after all. We are talking for fake eyelashes now, in case you don't know what I am yapping about.....eyelash glue.....what? Well, that was the first and last time I will be using that glue. It smelled very strong, reminded me of how superglue smells.
It BURNT. And my lashes were glued on so hard that I had to wash my face to be able to peel them off and some of my own lashes still came off in the process. What kind of a glue is that? I am telling you, do not use that one! So I got the one I usually use, also by Ardell, that one comes in a tube. Now I am back to normal lash business. I like the 105's and 117's from Ardell for my eyes.

Vegas Work

I'm back at work in Vegas. Not too excited about that I have to admit. It's draining in may ways to dance in Vegas but it's only temporary, I hope. My business license (you have to get an annual business license to dance in Vegas at the cost of $200/year) expires in March and I hope I won't renew that, ever. But never say never, a few years ago I did not want to and did not think that I would dance in Vegas again but here I never say never. I've learned that much along the way on the journey of life.......
I have to say that after 6 1/2 hours at work last night with about 80 other girls it is so nice to sit here at Sambalatte without any loud noise and just relax, sip on my delicious latte, recharge my batteries and just BE. I have to book a two hour massage session with my Cathy and get a pedicure too (not today though).

Boozin' And Socializing

I've been busy with boozin' and socializing since I arrived "home" to Vegas. Two beers in two days is a lot of drinking for me since I rarely drink. I actually had a Colorado Bulldog at work last week, I drank only half of it since I got dizzy after two sips. Yes, I am a habitual drinker as you can tell. One drink and I am giggling and acting sillier than normal.
So I went to Mikey's house last night for beer, food and a movie. We like to drink our Modelos with salt on the rim of the glass, lime and ice. I was curious about the Modelo Negro but did not like it at all......yuck.

Today I met up with Kyla and her boyfriend at Sambalatte. Her super cute puppy Walter came too.

Kyla is a new friend, we met at Burning Man and had a connection. Yeay! I love making new quality friends. ❤ We are already planning on spending more time together at Burning Man next year. I am sooooo looking forward to going!

And me and Chhaya went to Red Rock yesterday and ran into two burros. This is one of them. They are curious and cute but we keep our distance, last time Chhaya got too close to a burro at Red Rock it chased her while braying loudly. Chhaya was like......"WTF?!!!"

Drive Through Nevada

So I took some pictures on my drive through Nevada. I think that the desert is beautiful.
No trees just brush, bushes and Joshua trees but the sky is big and the sunsets breathtaking. And it smells good.

The famous clown motel in Tonopah......!

There are brothels across Nevada. It's the only US state that allows legal prostitution.

There is a brothel connected to the Area 51 Alien Center souvenir shop. It's called Alien Cathouse. Really cool stuff to buy in the gift shop, if you ever find yourself on highway 95 I recommend that you stop there. There is a cafe in there also and I asked the chef if he feeds the ladies that work next door and he assured me that they are indeed well taken care of food wise. I think I will need to stop by again next time I pass through and get a tank top, a visor for Burning Man and some panties with the Bunny Ranch logo. Dennis Hof owns both Alien Cathouse and the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the latter the more famous brothel.

I ❤ Nevada!

Movie & Friends

Busy first day in Vegas and I love it! Yes, I am back in Vegas, arrived late yesterday. This is last night's sunset about 100 miles outside Las Vegas off highway 95. Gorgeous!

The first thing I had to take care of today was my broken phone aka selfie machine. I broke it AGAIN. Even I was in disbelief when it happened. So the screen cracked a while back and I had to drive from Kenai to Anchorage to get it fixed, to the repair cost of $150 (plus gas).
After that I put my phone in the Otter case that I actually got BEFORE last year's Burning Man but never got around to use (lazy). While in Bend my phone stopped working temporarily because condensation had built up inside the Otter case and I had to put my phone in rice to dry it out for about two days, I prayed it would start working again and it did. But I didn't put the Otter case back on (lazy) and that was a mistake. Last night the phone fell out of my bra strap and it didn't even fall a foot but the screen went blank. I found a repair place close to my house here in Vegas and they fixed it in about two hours to the repair cost of $120.
So I have spent $270 just to fix my phone in the last two months, I am NOT breaking this phone again. Yes, I know......I could had gotten a cheaper phone probably but I need my text message and pictures. I have some very important messages from Putin in my phone you know.......There is a silver lining here. I went to At&T (my carrier) and discovered a cheaper plan that I will most likely switch to that will cut my cell phone bill in half. And my computer that decided to stop working when I was in Portland all of a sudden started working again. Yeay! It probably needed the rest. All that matters is that I have my phone back and I made sure to put it into the pink Otter case.
This afternoon I met up with one of my best friends - Mikey. I talked him into watching the new Guillermo Del Toro movie Crimson Peak with me.

I love another of his movies, Pan's Labyrinth .......ohhhhhh I LOVE that movie, it's beautiful and so sad. Watch it! Anyhow, I loved this movie too but Mikey felt the total opposite of me, he did not like it at all. I loved the storyline, the costumes I am sure will be up for an Oscar, the environment was great. Mikey said that the character Mia Wasikowska plays in the movie (the leading part), Edith is who I would had been would I had lived 100 years ago.
I feel like I am an Edith NOW. Sitting at home or at the coffee shop every day writing or thinking about what I should write about next and what pictures to take for the blog. Or I'm excited over a book I'm reading or planning to read.
See, I already went to my Vegas office Sambalatte for goodies and to write.

Since I am back in Sin City and all, we started the afternoon of right with a cerveza each while watching the movie. Na Zdrowie!

Modelo is mine and Mikey's beer, we have a special relationship with Modelo.
After the movie we went to Paymon's to grab a bite to eat. My friend Janis joined us.
That lucky girl is going to Cape Verde on Friday to hike and explore for a few weeks. Me and Janis had a lot of catching up to do so we continued on to Madhouse Coffee and sat there for a while.

I missed my friends! It felt so good to see them. I'm in bed now, very tired and also happy.