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Facial & Massage

I drove to Anchorage yesterday to fix my phone, while I was there I had a facial. Wonderful as usual. This is how cute I looked in my hydrating mask from Korea.

I love every minute on that table, even through the manual and sometimes a bit painful extractions.

Anastasiya that does my facials is the best. Her face massage technique is amazing, she has THE touch. I have worried a bit about where I will be able to find a good esthetician when/if I move from Alaska. Finding a good one is not easy, there are many out there but I think at least half of them have no clue of what they are doing and I don't want them to touch my face. Well, it turns out Anastasiya has the perfect new esthetician for me. Another Russian lady created her own skin care line that Anastasiya actually uses. She lives a bit outside Portland. I love Portland!
So now I have somebody that I can go to for facials outside of Alaska. I'm relieved. I go for facials maybe twice a year, I would go at least three or four times a year, or once a month even if I lived in the same city or at least close by my esthetician. I LOVE facials and massages.
So today I actually had a massage here is Soldotna. A Thai massage, I never had one of those before and I loved it! I got my feet and calves massages (I love that) and the rest of me kneaded, bent, stretched and told that I'm "tall, small, perfect and flexible". :-D
The compliments worked because I booked another session.