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Makes No Sense

So this meme is making rounds on the world wide web. I got into a discussion about it yesterday.
FIRST and FOREMOST, it's a MEME! People put up memes on Facebook like it's the absolute truth, it's a meme so it must be true right? Hello......NEWSFLASH! NO. All it is is a meme, nothing else. Although I think discussion is good. I like hearing people's opinions, sometimes I learn something and other times I'm like WTF?!
So whoever made this meme thinks that Heath Ledger as the Joker is a suitable background for the topic, I don't see the connection myself (did not watch the movie, so maybe I'm missing the point) but whatever.
Also whoever made this meme is under the impression that nobody cares that Planned Parenthood supposedly sells aborted fetuses and/or parts of aborted fetuses. I'm pretty sure people do care, I have read a few articles on the subject. Heard it discussed on a radio show and saw at least one petition against Planned Parenthood in this matter. So people care.
BUT Cecil the lion and Planned Parenthood are two completely different issues. I get upset on a daily basis when I read the news and see what people do to each other, animals and the planet we all share. So this meme to me makes no sense.
Why is Cecil the lion important? Well, human beings will cause the extinction of animals (already have) and the demise of this planet (working on it) if we continue the way we do. Most of us are driven by ego, so am I. I am no exception. I want and I need, I consume and I discard. But up until the last day human beings will continue to reproduce like there is no tomorrow. I believe the planet is overpopulated but I guess it doesn't matter, right?
The lion was living in a protected park, he was lured out by bait, shot and injured. Suffered for almost two days and nights before put out of his misery. Beheaded and his body just left rot. Somebody paid a lot of money for this "pleasure". Somebody that takes great pleasure in hunting for trophy animals. If you look into some other stuff this guy has been accused of you will see that he doesn't seem to be a nice person at all. Of course people are upset and I think rightfully so.
Now to Planned Parenthood. Are they selling fetuses and fetus parts? I don't know, I have not looked into this issue in depth but from what I understand at least one clinic did. Where do these aborted babies go? Is it legal or not? Conflicting reports are coming out daily. I don't think the parts are getting sold as food to some people interested in exotic dishes or as something somebody will put on display in a jar in their living room. If anything it must be for medical research purposes? Organ or tissue donations? Correct me if I am wrong, please do. Medical research that might somehow benefit even the strongest anti Planned Parenthood advocates or their own families in the future. What else do they do with the fetuses you think? Pick them apart and sell them for fun?
I am pro choice. There are laws and regulations regarding abortion. If men could have babies I am certain that abortions would not be as much as a heated issue. Now pay attention to the word PLANNED. Exactly how you should view having children, they should be PLANNED.
Too many people just have sex, oooops get pregnant and now you have a baby! No plan on how to care for this baby. Perhaps the welfare office can help? Then maybe have more babies and just become a welfare queen. Life is good, yeay!
I am a strong advocate for population control. If that was the law people would perhaps take having kids more seriously. Plus, why should taxpayers pay for people's "mistakes"? I also think that people on welfare, men and women should not be allowed to reproduce.
Maybe difficult to regulate cause people have sex but yeah......if you are collecting welfare you should not be allowed to have kids. It only makes sense. If other people (tax payers) support you because you can't do it yourself for whatever reason, then WHY is having kids at that time in your life a good idea? It's not.
If abortions were illegal women would still have them. They do in countries were abortions are illegal. It's often dangerous and many women get seriously injured, even die from the complications. Also, WHY should a woman that got raped, even a little girl (child) that got raped and ended up pregnant because of the rape be forced to go through with the pregnancy? Who are you to decide what a woman should do with her body? Of course there should be regulations, which there are, regarding abortion. I do not think abortion should be used as a form of birth control. If somebody goes in for several abortions then perhaps a sterilization should be suggested, discussed and even enforced. Men that are sperm donors to several kids that they do not take care of should get sterilized. Again, PLANNED is the word here. Also if abortions were illegal just think about how many unwanted and uncared for children that you and me would end up having to pay for. There are already so many, too many, unwanted, abused, molested and neglected children here in the US. Some of them get so badly abused that they die form their injuries. Who speaks for them? Perhaps if they had been wanted and planned they would be treated differently?
In Ceausescu's Romania abortions were illegal (with some exceptions). Thousands of children ended up in orphanages (still do) because they were unwanted or could not be cared for. They ended up in orphanages were they stopped growing, they stunted in their development because they did not receive human touch. Children crave human touch and interaction, it's a basic need just like food. Those children suffered, physical and sexual abuse were not uncommon. How is that justified? Get pregnant (perhaps because you either do not believe in birth control, or birth control is illegal or viewed as sinful or abortions are illegal) and then abandon your baby to an orphanage were it will get minimal attention, maybe get abused. What happens to those children when they grow up? Unwanted kids get trafficked, used for sex. And people are horrified that some women have abortions. Think about the bigger picture instead of focusing on abortion and that it might be wrong because the Bible says so. If you are not willing to save all the unwanted children yourself, clothe them, feed them, raise them and provide for them then I suggest you stop pontificating about the Bible and sin.
To me it's a bigger sin to give birth and abandon your baby (unless you arrange for a proper adoption) or give birth and then abuse and/or neglect your child. To me it's also a bigger sin to be a sperm donor and not care for your children. It's also a bigger sin to stand outside Planned Parenthood and shoot (yes, SHOOT with a gun) at the people that work there.
By 1993 marital rape became a crime in all 50 states. Back in the no so distant past a man could demand sex from his wife, rape her and that was fine.The Duggars parents teaches their daughters to never say no to their husband when the guy wants sex. They are a fine church going family that strongly believes in God, as we all know by now. Is that something that you want to teach your daughter? That she has no free will over her OWN body?
Let's say I was married and wanted to penetrate my husband with a zucchini on a weekly basis and he said no but I tackled him and raped his anus. Would that be OK because we are legally wed? Of course not. You are not somebody's property when you get married.
Nobody has the right to rape you and nobody should have the right to decide whether a woman is allowed to have an abortion or not. It's her body and her choice.
I am glad that people all over the world have paid so much attention to what happened to Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. Soon there will be no more lions if people do not change their attitudes regarding wildlife and trophy hunting and just killing animals for fun.'s so much fun to go and shoot defenseless animals! BARF, shoot yourself will ya?
That does not mean that those same people that care about what happened to Cecil do not care about children and abortions. A meme saying so does not make it the truth.

I am pro choice and against trophy hunting.

Laundry With Tati

How do you feel about chores? Maybe you have maid service and don't do any? I don't think I could ever have a maid but never say never. But the thought of a stranger cleaning my fridge, bathroom, changing my sheets, doing my laundry and putting it away freaks me out a bit.
I'm rather particular about my cleaning and want it done a certain way. When I stay in hotels I do not let the maid in, ever. If I need towels and sheets I go and ask for whatever item I need and take care of the cleaning myself. I don't like people I don't know touching my things.
So today I did a few loads......lucky you, it's laundry with Tati time!

First of all, you need a clean washer and dryer. If you have a washer and dryer at home that is. If you don't and use public laundromats it's not easy to know how clean the place is.
When I used to do my laundry in laundromats I would always take a quick whiff of the washer machine before throwing my clothes inside. If it ever smelled bad I would pick a different machine. Laundromats are kind of gross I think but I have used them plenty of times, sometimes you just don't have a choice.
When I lived in Anchorage I did not have a washer and dryer in my apartment for example.
Anyhow, so if you DO have said appliances at home - make sure they are clean. It doesn't make sense to try to get something cleaned in a crusty washer machine full of hair, crumbs and sticky residue. Then pick some good detergent and fabric softener. I have used Mrs. Meyer's detergents since January. I used to make my own softener by mixing water with white vinegar, baking soda and lemongrass essential oil. But lately I have been using Seventh Generation. Sometimes a mix of part of Seventh Generation softener and my own home made softener concoction. Read up about softeners like Downy, they are supposedly full of toxins. Try to get "good" products if you can. Well, that's my advice. If you simply don't care then that's fine too I guess. Just don't poison your kids with that stuff, if you have kids that is. Keep the pets in mind too.
So......this is how I do my laundry. I wash all my clothes, except socks and underwear, in cold water. Socks and underwear share a load and are always washed in hot water. Towels, sheets and pillowcases share a load and are always washed in hot water too. All my other clothes like shirts, leggings, jeans, hoodies etc are washed in cold water. Occasionally I hand wash a delicate item like a shirt. My lingerie for work gets hand washed and hung to try. I hang dry most of my clothing. I do put in certain items in the dryer for air fluff then hang to dry.
Towels and bedding and some socks (not all) go in the dryer. After a load of socks and underwear I always run an empty load with hot water and bleach or hot water and vinegar and baking soda. Always. And I don't mix certain items. Like underwear and towels. No. Jeans and shirts almost always a no but jeans and hoodies can mix. Bathroom rugs and rugs in general (if you wash those at home) never mix with other articles. I once visited a friend, without asking she decided to wash my brand new hoodie that was clean too I should add. She stuffed it into a washer full of other dirty stuff like a hallway rug!
I was like, "WTF!!!!!?" So gross! Anyhow, that was laundry with Tati my friends!

Oh and I don't iron. If you hang dry you don't have to. Ironing seems like the biggest waste of time. But then again, I don't work in an office type setting where perhaps you have to show up wearing ironed shirts and slacks.


There was an earthquake here today! Well, there are many earthquakes on a daily basis all over Alaska but I don't notice all of them. I have felt a few, I think today was the fourth (maybe fifth?) that I actually felt and it was SCARY!
I was downstairs in the hallway walking to the laundry room when the door in the hallway rattled. Like horror movie style rattled like there was a monster in there trying to get out. I got SOOOO scared and screamed out loud. Then I saw the lamps in the living room swaying back and forth, so that's when I made the connection that there was an earthquake happening.
It was a 6.3 magnitude somewhere around Mount Redoubt. Now Mount Redoubt is an active volcano and there are plenty of pics of it in my blog since it is usually visible from the road leading up to my house. Today Redoubt was engulfed in clouds, I did drive to the beach this evening to try and get a good pic of it but you can barely see Mount Redoubt in this pic here. But it's there in the background if you look closely. A pretty blood orange buoy made the pic though!

The tide was low and the sun was setting.

I wore my pretty rain boots.

Earlier I picked up a package. I ordered a pretty necklace from TatiRocks, this is my 6th order from her. I have three body chains, one ring, one pair of earrings and now a necklace.
Picture of the necklace will come up another time.

So Cecil the gorgeous lion that brutally got murdered by some idiot the other day has been making headlines. Some dentist from the US went on a little personal quest challenge hunting expedition to Africa, shelled out a crazy amount of money and can now brag that he shot himself a lion in the most cowardly fashion. What a fucking asshole. If that was my dentist I would stop going to him. Just proof that education and compassion and common sense are not related. Obviously. Complete waste of money. He could not think of anything better to to with the money than to go hunting for a trophy kill? Absolutely disgusting.
I wonder if he feels good about himself now?
Human beings - bringing the end of the world closer every day. No respect for anything, all that matters is you and your ego.

Do me a favor. SIGN this petition!

I have signed three different petitions regarding Cecil the lion now. I don't know if it will make any difference.....but I really hope so.

Staying Home

I thought I was going to work last night but the later it got in the day the lazier I felt so I ended up staying home. I'm always like that.......plan on working and then around 5-6 pm I start feeling tired, maybe in need of a nap, or in need of reading a book or cuddling up with Chhaya, so if I'm still undecided by 8 pm and don't have one foot in the shower by 8 15 the latest I'm ending up staying home. When you don't have a schedule it's so tempting and so easy to stay home instead. When I travel for work though I'm really focused and good at working every night.
Instead I took a nice evening walk. Need to take advantage of the late night light while its still here. I love it. I get asked all the time if it bothers me. The light until late that is. Not at all, I wish it was like this year round.

Anyhow, I did work the weekend and believe it or not but my horoscope for Saturday was right on the money regarding the income. Stages were decent. That is $100 plus laying on the floor right there before I made order of the bills, mostly one dollar bills and some fives.

In some clubs you don't get tipped anything on stage and by that I mean zero. But you usually make up for it by doing lap dances. If you don't, I suggest you find a different club. Here in AK stage tips are decent. Sure, some nights you don't make much if there are not many people in the club but in general you get OK stage money, which is good. I went to work before and did stage only, meaning no lap dances and went home with a few hundred. But I also went to work and left with NOTHING and with nothing that is exactly what I mean. And yes, that has happened more than once. And then there are clubs where the dancers make a lot on stage. With a lot I mean A LOT. Hundreds.....sometimes thousands of dollars. Well, at least that's what the dancers claim. But those clubs are from what I understand some black clubs in Atlanta and some other club in Miami where only (I think?) black girls dance. I could never work there because they would kill me and rip my hair out to use for a weave, cause I'm not black. God forbid a white girl takes a black guys money in the strip club. The black girls HATE that but it's OK if white guys give black girls money. The typical accepted racism prevalent on an every day basis here in America. Also, I do not know how to shake my butt, at all. My twerk don't work and I don't have a PHAT behind, so no rich rapper with money to throw around would like me anyways. But that's OK, I am completely happy with that fact. Ass shaking is NOT my style. And lastly, getting my backside slapped hard all night long would get annoying really fast.
Anyhow, let me see if I can recall anything noteworthy that happened at work over the weekend......
So after I got off stage and put my money away and went out on the floor a guy that was sitting and chatting with another girl comes up to me. Looking really serious and with an intense stare in his eyes he proceeds to tell me that he gave me a $5 bill when I was on stage and that he thinks that I should smile at him and sit down and talk to him after that. The first thing I did was to offer him his $5 back, I really do not have energy for that......please just take your money back and leave me alone, I really don't need your $5. I told him that there were a lot of people on the stage, I can't always keep track of who gives me money and how much. And I also told him that he was sitting and talking to a girl already. Since I am polite I will not go and sit down and butt in on their conversation. I am usually really good at saying thank you for my tips I should add here but sometimes I can't keep up with everybody. This man was really offended. OK then......whatever.
Some other "funny" type told me after putting up ONE dollar on stage that I was only allowed to pick it up not using my hands or my mouth. So that leaves what exactly? My ass cheeks?
I quickly informed him that the last time I checked we were in the US and not Thailand.
Also that he needed to shut his trap and not give me any instructions. You can put a $100 on stage and I would not take that bill with my mouth (tacky and gross) and certainly not with my private parts. Really now! I am not trained in those fine picking up money techniques.
But the winner was the guy from Switzerland that sat down next to me. Talked to me for a few minutes, he was very polite, looked around the room, shook his head and said, "Men have problems". I started laughing, nodded my head in affirmation and said, "YES, men DO have problems!" GREAT observation on his part and so very true! :-D


There are still a ton of people in town butchering fish. Party time on the Kenai for the fishing enthusiasts!

While getting my latte today I checked my horoscope. This is what it said for today July 25.

I'm going to translate that. Today is a 6 - that means that I will make $600 something tonight. Keep digging for the truth - I am hearing a lot of lies from somebody I work with but we all know the truth about her anyways. I don't know what the next line with the Venus retrograde means. Some people are really into planetary retrogrades and read into it a lot, I don't care. But the retrograde starts today and lasts until September 6. And for the people that are really into stars and astrology, a Venus retrograde basically means that you need to tread lightly and be cautious. Plus a bunch of other stuff, look it up yourself, I am planning on going about business as usual......Don't trick new tricks - that means that I can't teach the hookers at work anything because they really don't care, they do what they do and it is what it is. The club is full of nasty girls and more are rolling in. I just shake my head in disbelief and feel bad for their husbands and boyfriends at home and hope that people know that not all dancers are like that.
What else is going on? Not much, I'm in bed resting. I did some laundry as you can see.....

I have e few hours to spare before I need to take a shower and get ready, so I am going to walk this little rascal and then come home and play with her.


How fucking cowardly it is to sit and wait for animals to step out of a protected area so you can say you "legally" shot and killed them. People do it here in Alaska too, sit and wait for wolves to step outside of the protected Denali National Park. Animals do not have a sense of where the border is drawn. FUCK YOU all of you fucking bloodthirsty cowards. Is that person that killed this gorgeous lion going to eat him cause he was starving or is he going to stuff the lion and display him in his home? This makes me SICK. You are not my friend if you think this is OK.

(Photo: Zimbabwe National Parks & Game Reserves/Facebook)

Read the whole story


Well, since some smart person or people, hacked Ashley Madison and some other douchebag site called Established Men I thought I should add my two cents to the mix. Ashely Madison is like a meetup site for married people looking to cheat, over 37 million members in 46 countries, give and take a certain number of fake profiles. Established Men is a site where men that consider themselves wealthy (money wise) search for money hungry sugar babies to feed. Whoever hacked the sites is threatening to expose all the profiles. I think that is GREAT ! Expose all of them!
In general I am absolutely against cheating. I know that every couple has their own story and stuff happens, life happens and sometimes people cheat. Every single person has their own reason. I don't want to judge anyone but yes, in general I'm against cheating.
I have seen and heard many different stories. The woman married to a man that doesn't want to have sex, they do it perhaps twice a year and she cheated. The married woman that enjoys herself with others around here in this small town when her husband leaves and goes to work on the Slope (Prudhoe Bay). The married men that I encounter at work that are willing to do whatever and give up everything for some "fun". Gross, get away from me!
The woman that I met and talked to last week with the husband she left after she found out about him paying rent for a girl that used to work at the club here, they have two children together I should add.
Oh I too have cheated. As a teenager I cheated on a boyfriend. It was actually quite dramatic and I really hurt him (we both cried a lot) and you know what, to this day I feel guilt over it and it's my biggest relationship blunder ever and that was a long time ago. We were both teenagers, he was a year and a few months younger than me and I though he was immature but later I realized he was "perfect" but then it was too late because he found out about the cheating. The guy I cheated on him with went and told my boyfriend about us after I decided that I wanted to end the little affair and continue on with my boyfriend. The guy thought we were going to be together but I didn't want to, so he decided to get even I guess. That's how my boyfriend found out. Lots of drama. I am still to this day friends with my ex boyfriend.
He is married with two kids and actually very successful and I am happy for him. I am friends with all my significant ex boyfriends, I think that's a good thing.
But back to cheating. If you put that much effort into cheating on your spouse or significant other (if not married) that you create profiles online so you can meet up with people for some meaningless and possibly risky sex, then I think you are putting too much time and energy into it. It seems very deliberate and manipulative and just simply wrong. People make mistakes all the time, like I said I have heard and seen some stuff therefore I do not want to judge but creating a profile with the intention to cheat.....that is too much. And women that only sleep with married men, also a huge NO NO. So not cool. It's one thing if the guy lies to you about being married but if you purposefully seek out married guys then you are a cunning cunt. But then again, I know of a circumstance where the married man left his wife and got married to the other woman and everybody seemed happier afterwards.
I'm sure marriage isn't easy all the time, especially once you have kids. I feel that women sacrifice the most when starting a family. So when a guy cheats on his pregnant significant other or the woman that just gave birth to his child I want to strangle him. Not only do women risk their health (sometimes) with a pregnancy but carry another person inside of them for nine months of their life plus the lifelong responsibility once the kid comes out, give up a possible career and "ruin" their body. The quest for that young and tight body is out of control, you are supposed to bounce back really quick to your pre pregnancy body.
Perky boobs, flat stomach, no stretch marks, tight pussy. I mean it's crazy the pressures society puts on women, it's really sad actually. On top of it your significant other might be ogling other women or going to bars and strip clubs getting way too excited. Seriously if that was me, I would end up on Dateline cause my husband/boyfriend would be found dead somewhere with a severed dick, chopped up and stuffed deep down his throat and a baseball bat jammed up his ass. Yeah, I'm THAT crazy psycho bitch, OK. And proud of it! So yeah, do not talk bad about dancers, contrary to popular belief most of us are not that morally flawed. Cause I have ZERO interest in dating a married guy (I never have), I am against cheating (I learned my lesson) and I know of plenty of NON dancers that cheat. And my favorite kind of guy that comes into the club is actually the guy that is in there by chance (not a frequent visitor at all), that tells me he does not want a dance (and actually doesn't get any all night and sits away from the stage) because he is committed to his girlfriend/fiancee/wife. I think those guys are great.
Much respect to them and I never ever push the issue with some bullshit like, "come on she is not here and bla bla bla". No, I don't do that.
I also know somebody that told me he compares every girl he meets to me and that they never hold up. I only know him from the club and he is young, cute and usually single. It's a nice compliment but.....Just as much as you might be tired of your girlfriend or wife, she is tired of you and your shit too OK, don't fool yourself. Everything is more fun, interesting, hot and heavy and bla bla bla in the beginning - that's normal. Give it some time. There will always be somebody younger, better looking, richer etc. And not every relationship is meant to last forever and some are better off to end sooner than later. But we are not talking about shorter meaningless hookups now, I'm talking about committed, serious relationships. When two people supposedly love each other.
So yeah, people cheat.....millions of people apparently. Different circumstances, sometimes I guess people stay together for the sake of the kid/s or for the joint finances and not much else and they are pretty much OK with extramarital affairs. I can't judge them. I don't know what's going on in their lives. But when the other person is left in the dark and then gets devastated to find out about the cheating then I do have a problem with it. So YES, I think it would be GREAT if everybody on Ashley Madison would get exposed. I don't think sites like that promote anything positive. I mean if you are that unhappy you can separate or divorce right? And let your significant other be able to find happiness somewhere else.
Cheating can be discussed for hours, everybody that ever cheated or been cheated on have their own story, explanation and excuses. Since I have other things to do today I think I am done with my two cents for now.
But here are some public messages from me and Mandy.......I put this up on the announcement board at work.

And Mandy sent me this from somewhere in Nebraska......


Last night's line up. Let the scramble for the dollar begin! We actually have fewer girls than normal for this time of year. It's just not worth it for girls to travel all the way here if they can make the same money or more wherever the live or at least not as far away. Makes sense.
This year most of the girls from somewhere else are from Florida. A few lasted a night or two and decided they did not like it and went back home, another one left and started working at the Bush Company. And a few have been up here several times and are back.

I received a message from $atan earlier today.

How do you like THAT?


I love spicy food! My latest addiction is Sambal Oelek (sauce/paste made from chili peppers). I've had it before but now I'm on my third jar in about a month and a half. I'm gorging on Sambal. My Mom used to tell me that spicy foods and also sauerkraut are really good for your stomach because they balance out the good and bad bacteria. I eat sauerkraut once in a while, I'm Polish after all. Speaking of sauerkraut, I am craving some pierogis stuffed with kraut right good!

I looked up if too much Sambal might be bad for you but it seems like there are only benefits to it, I think you too should look into adding Sambal Oelek to your diet. Listen to nurse Tatiana, I want what's best for you! Spicy is GOOD.
Anyhow, I am glad to say that the club was really busy last night. All three stages going for a while and standing room only, that doesn't happen too often. I guess back in the day and we are talking like 10 years or so ago (before my time) it was always like that throughout the summer and girls would make crazy money but not anymore. I mean about a month ago I had the worst Saturday night I've ever had.....$50. Sure, I'm not the super aggressive hustler type but $50 is shitty for a Saturday night in any strip club, although not unheard of. Well, I've got to get going. I have stuff to do!

Spray Down

Ahhhhh, July is here, which means people are in town, which in turns means that we got more girls at work and that means more drama AND that means I might get some fun stuff to write about! :-D
Last night before work I decided that I was a bit hungry so I stopped by McDonald's and got a small coffee and an oatmeal. Oatmeal at McDonald's you might think? Yes and it's really good too! They have oatmeal at Starbucks too that is good, try it! I took it to go and looked forward to enjoying it when I arrived to work......

When I got to work the dressing room was crowded (more girls at work like I said). We have two dressing room areas. And the one I am in is the smaller of the two and that one that is supposed to be smoke free. Some girls were frenetically spraying themselves down with self tanners, creating clouds of spray. It looked like a chemtrail hazardous area in there, I wish I would had brought a gas mask with me. I opened my locker and decided to wait to eat the oatmeal until the dressing room was empty on girls and chemical clouds. While I bend down and forward to get some stuff out of my locker, this beast......ummmmm, I mean woman, bends over with her bare ass inches away from my head and sprays her neither regions down with a generous amount of FDS. What is FDS? It's Feminine Deodorant Spray in case you do not know. I got a good spray down, face and mouth. I was like.....HELLO??!! I asked her if she could take that to the bathroom perhaps and she replied, with an attitude, that she always sprays her FDS in the dressing room, even in SOUTH DAKOTA OK?! Alrighty then.
Good for you. Then her girlfriend pulls down her panties and sprays her crotch and undies down for a good 10 seconds. More chemical clouds. Yummy. Not.
Now let's talk basic common sense for a second ladies and gentlemen. If you are in a small area that happens to be crowded, it is considered rather rude to start spraying the air down with chemicals, smoke, fart and belch loudly and projectile sneeze. We all know this right? When there are other girls present in the dressing room (if it's a small dressing room) I always step away to an empty area (like the adjacent hallway or a bathroom) if I want to put on some perfume so no other girl needs to inhale it. Or if the dressing room is large enough, I take a step back and make sure nobody is directly behind me before I spritz perfume on myself.
As far as that pussy spray goes.....I don't use that stuff. I shower before work and to me that seems like it should be adequate enough to keep my privates fresh throughout the night. Never had a need for a special deodorant for my VAGINE. But everybody's VAGINE is different I guess. They should make that spray for men I think. BDS. Ball Deodorizing Spray. Men tend to have more hair down there, hence more chance of odor. Right?
This is my latest creation for the announcement board by the way, Strip Club Drama. And the "notes from Charlie" I found in the Backwoodsman magazine. That has been up there for a while, I am responsible for decorating the announcement board.

I had a group of fans from Anchorage in town visiting last night, all in the medical field, mostly surgeons. One has been reading my blog regularly for the last couple of years. So now you know in case you feel weird reading a dancer's nothing weird at all about it. I got people from all over reading about Feminine Deodorant Spray dos and don'ts and whatever else I am doing with my life. Like drinking lots of lattes and eating bread!
This is what I had on last night, in case anyone is curios.

And Boss Lady decided that it is time to collect money for the animal no kill shelter in Nikiski again. It was all Boss Lady's decision this time, she gets all the honor. We have collected a few times before, to the no kill shelter, a spay and neuter fund and a women's shelter. So this is what we got last night. $60. Not bad. Most likely, once we are done with collecting the money I will take the check over to the no kill shelter like I did last time. That was last year. Not only do we offer therapy at the club, we also give back to society! ;-)

Here I am with Chuck. He is Boss Lady's little spoiled baby. This is a normal face expression for Chuck, he mostly looks displeased with the situation in general and he barks angrily at people throughout the night but he is a little cuddly cutie once you get to know him.