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Face Mask

I totally forgot about this face mask by Caudalie when I was talking about my new products a few days ago. I got it in Vegas and I have used it a few times. I like it and it smells wonderful, very herby. I might use it again tonight, if I stay home. First I am going to take a bath, then put on this mask and follow with a honey mask. That will be nice for my skin. Cleansing and moisturizing.
Now what about Caudalie, a skincare line that I have used for years (I use one of their face sprays, the Beauty Elixir) and animal testing? I always thought that Caudalie did not test on animals, it's a bit more complicated than that since they sell their products in China. This is what I gathered about Caudalie and L'Occitane, another skin care line that I use, "China has laws that state that beauty products must undergo animal testing before human use. So while L'Occitane and Caudalie both released statements to The Daily Mail saying that none of their products are ever tested on animals, the bottom line is that if you sell to China, the Chinese government will require those products to undergo animal testing. So companies who sell to China, even if their products are completely cruelty-free up until that point, then become complicit in supporting the continued use of animal testing. Hence the loss of the Leaping Bunny."

I decided to check back on Caudalie before I get any more of their products to see if they have changed anything about their policies on animals testing and China. There are companies that cancelled plans to enter the Chinese market due to the animal testing policies there, one example is Urban Decay. Kudos to Urban Decay!

Another Hot Day

Another hot day here in Kenai. But towards the evening it started to get a bit cloudy. This is the pic I took at this evening's walk with Chhaya.

During the day all Chhaya has energy for is to lay around. She got a pillow today.

I had my latte and did some shopping.

Kaladi's message to the world.

I took this pic of Chhaya is a sea of dandelions a few weeks ago.

I just ate almost a pound of cherries. It's past 11 pm and I'm in bed. I'm leaning towards no running today......instead I'm going to see what Netflix has to offer.

Midnight Run

I went for a midnight run last night. The sky was still red from the last rays of the sun. I felt very alive. Running alone on a dirt path through the forest, feeling the wind in my face with only the trees as company. It's a great feeling. It was so gorgeous out. Trees are amazing, I feel that the trees surrounding my house are wise old entities that are my friends and watch over me. I'm going to spend most of my day outside today again, perhaps another midnight run later.


The heat is here! This is record heat for me, I have not experienced a hotter day since I have been in Alaska. It can actually get hotter than this, Fairbanks gets high temperatures in the summer. Today it was 84° here on Kenai and it sure felt like it!

I spent most of my day today and yesterday outside in the sun, sprawled out on a blanket tanning and reading.

Chhaya was completely lethargic during the day, I made her a shelter.

I ate some strawberries with whipped cream.

Later in the evening, after it cooled down a bit we went for a walk. These pics were taken after 11 pm, as you can see it's still light out. I absolutely LOVE the long days, the light does not bother me. It's actually amazing!

Pretty flowers, these looked like cotton balls. So cute!

I had the best day today and I am so very grateful for my life. Thank You Universe and Mother Nature for everything! ❤


Lisa Holm, a 17 year old girl in Sweden disappeared a few days ago after ending her shift and closing up the cafe where she worked. She was found murdered. I don't understand, WHY???! How can anyone do this to another person and her family? HOW? Can somebody explain this to me please? I am sick to my stomach and I feel so sad for this young girl, only 17 and she had to go through some truly terrifying events before her life was taken. If there is a God and I don't understand why God allows for senseless cruelty like this in the first place but if there is a God, I pray that Lisa is an angel now. She looked like an angel that's for sure. I am thinking about her a lot. And I never knew her. What is happening in beautiful Sweden?
Not much is known about this case yet besides that there are currently three suspects, two men and a woman. The suspects are immigrants. Important fact? Yes, for me it is. I am sick and tired of immigrants arriving to Sweden and creating havoc. First it was reported that the immigrants were from Poland, now they say Lithuania. From what I have gathered so far, Lisa was raped and the later cut into pieces. If this was my child, if I would had been this girl's Mother, I would had wanted to slowly torture whoever did this to my child to an excruciating death. Like I said, I have not been able to find many facts about this case yet since it just happened. The really big news in Sweden over this past weekend was that the Prince finally married his girlfriend and a bunch of entitled royals gathered for the wedding. One royal hag even wore a fur over her gown, a great example of no class. Classy can't be bought as we all know. I am totally against monarchy and think that it is time for the Swedish "royals" to find real jobs and pay their own way in life. They live off tax payers and they carry lavish lifestyles. Wear bejeweled expensive crowns on their heads when that money can go to better causes. It's a shame and I think that they are completely undeserving of it. European royalty is such an outdated phenomenon and I'm so not impressed.
A murder conviction is Sweden is like a slap on the wrist. If these three suspects really did commit the murder of Lisa I am not sure if they will be extradited to the country they are from or if they will be sentenced in Sweden. If they will be sentenced in Sweden they will live rather comfortably in prison on Swedish tax payers behalf. If I was the woman in charge in Sweden I would be hated by many. I would immediately put a stop to all immigration and scrutinize every immigrant present in Sweden. And this has nothing to do with the murder of Lisa, this is something I feel is long overdue in general if you look at what's going on in Sweden. If they live off welfare with no attempts of finding a job, sit around and beg on the streets all day, reproduce with no means of caring for their offspring, spent years in Sweden with no knowledge of communicating in Swedish, commit violent crimes....then I would send them packing asap. Get the fuck out and go back to where you came from. I personally do not give a shit if you call me a racist. Being called a racist in Sweden is like one of the worst things you can be called. People are scared and afraid to speak their minds, you can actually get fired from your job in Sweden if somebody even thinks you are a "racist". Yeah, how lame is that? Wake the fuck up already! I am not a racist, I'm a realist. Lisa is dead, that means forever gone. Her family have to live with this pain forever. Lisa was only 17.

Lisa. Beautiful angel.


Woke up at noon to sunshine and a blue sky. An absolutely gorgeous day! The first thing I did was to lay down a blanket outside and plant myself on it. I have a friend visiting so when she woke up we drove to Kaladi and then to some shops. Saw two items that I liked but I will think about it for a day or two first before I decide to whether make a purchase or not. That's how I operate. Enjoying our coffee......

Look how cute!

I'm feeling a bit tired and thinking about taking a nap outside for a while. I love sleeping outside.

Personal Choices

A few months ago I started thinking more and more about the personal choices I make in my life and how that affects the environment and the animals. I already eat basically no meat, so far 2015 has been completely meat free although I am NOT a vegan but I do admire vegans for their lifestyle. I encourage everybody to eat less meat, read into what eating less meat would mean for you and the environment and of course the animals. ❤
Now I do use products to clean myself, to beautify myself and to clean my home. I decided to try to make better choices. Did I succeed? Well, here follows a personal inventory of my latest products. Here is where I FAILED (let's start with the bad first). I recently got a face cream from MAC in Vegas that I had seen advertised in a magazine. I decided to try it and I use it before work as a face moisturizer. It's called Mineralize Timecheck Lotion. I liked it and went into the MAC store in Anchorage and stocked up on another bottle since there is no MAC store in Kenai. While in Vegas I also exchanged some empty MAC containers for a new eyeshadow. I believe it's 6 empty containers (of MAC products) that you need to bring in to receive a new eye shadow or lip gloss for free but I might be wrong, so don't quote me on that. Anyhow, I picked out a new eyeshadow called Greensmoke. MAC from what I understand tests on animals. They used to be cruelty free (according to some reports that I read) but since they outsourced to China where products have to be tested on animals they are no longer cruelty free. So FAIL on my part.

I also got some new lip glosses. I ran out of my FAVE by NARS called Coeur Sucre and needed that one. Then I saw a gloss called Angelika and got that one too. I found out that NARS does not test on animals. But then I also got some other glosses by Make Up Forever and Sephora's own brand Sephora and those are not cruelty free. From now on I will stick to NARS.

Now here to some better choices. I got these shampoos and conditioners by Paul Mitchell. Not tested on animals. In fact Paul Mitchell is one of the first hair care companies to publicly oppose animal testing. I can say that The Detangler worked really well on my hair.

I got these really nice and yummy smelling lotions by Pacifica. Not tested on animals.
Good stuff!

And here are some products I've had for a while that I want to tell you about.
Eminence Organic Skin Care. I really like Eminence and my mission is to find some great day and night moisturizers by them to start using daily. Eminence products smell AMAZING and edible. The Honedew lotion is wonderful and I really like the Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser. It has small scrubbing beads (finely ground olive seeds actually) in it and I leave it on my face for a while before washing it off. Love it!

I know I have room for improvement and I am working on becoming a better person for this planet. That is my mission.

Office Time

I'm at the office (Coffee Roasters) with a friend that's in town visiting. She likes quiet productive time accompanied with coffee just as much as I do. So here we are typing away on our Macs, having some office time. It's nice to spend time with a like minded person.
After this I am going to try some Thai food at a new food place that's in town for the summer. Then I need to groom Chhaya a bit. Still waiting for the warm sun. Craving new books to read. And that's about all I have to report for now.

Back In Kenai

I'm back in Kenai to the comforts of my house. Like we say in Sweden, "Borta bra men hemma bäst". Meaning - there is no place like home. I'm hoping for some warm sun soon because I want to lay out and tan and read. It was completely cloudy and windy here yesterday but improved a bit today, although it rained a bit earlier. Current temperature is 55°F. Now you got a weather report from Kenai, Alaska. I'm at home doing laundry and eating. Might go back to the Bush Company in a few weeks or so. Paying $1200/week for a room is steep, even if did OK at the club. I don't really want to part with that big of a chunk of my money. Anyhow, back in Kenai. Exciting! ;-)


This is what the stage at the Great Alaskan Bush Company looks like. As you can see, no pole. You go up one dancer at a time, unless it's showgirl show night or a box party. Box party means it's somebody's birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party and that person gets to lay down on a large "box" that gets pulled into the middle of the stage. A certain number of girls, usually four, will dance around the lucky victim and lightly abuse (spanking and boob mauling) and entertain them. The stage gets lit up by all kinds of lights and it's usually fun to go on stage at the Bush Company.
Showgirl show night used to happen Wednesday through Saturday when I worked at the Bush a few years ago. It seems to have changed to once a week now - Wednesday night.
The girls that do the shows are referred to as show girls and some of the shows that they put on are REALLY good. I loooove watching the shows.
The girls work on a theme and often wear elaborate costumes. I've seen them use fire, liquids, oil, candle wax, paint, glitter, milk, acrobatics, getting pulled onto the stage inside a suitcase, aerial silks - it's very impressive!
If you're in Anchorage, try to go to the Bush Company on a Wednesday evening for show night, you won't be disappointed.

This pic is taken from the upstairs where the dressing rooms are and the office. The regular lights are on here since the night is over. Note the cool wooden statues up in the left corner. The club reminds me of a rustic old time saloon/brothel.

Of course I needed some pics of myself on the stage. This is at the beginning of the night before any people were in the club (only a few) and we had not started stage yet. I could not decide which pic to use, so here are three. The more the better!

And this pic is taken from a small area behind the stage where girls change costumes on show night, apply some last minute lip gloss, fix their hair or outfit before their turn on stage and we also check our privates......pussy check or kitty check. Yes, tampon strings should not be hanging out when on stage, remnants of toilet paper is not SEKSI either or whatever else that could be hanging out inside a vagina. It is what it is.