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Penn & Teller

I saw Penn & Teller a while ago. Their show is GREAT. I don't know HOW they do any of that stuff that I saw, I could not wrap my head around it. I really did enjoy their show. If you do plan to see Penn & Teller make sure you get seats close or somewhat close to the stage.
The arena is big (their show is at the Rio) and a few times I felt like I should had brought binoculars because it was difficult to see what they were doing and you want to see all that magic and not miss out!

Penn & Teller seem like they are really nice too. They are involved in the community with walks for AIDS, blood donations and Opportunity Village. I admire that very much.

After the show they take their time and pose for pictures and sign autographs. Well, I did not have the chance to take pictures with them the evening I saw the show and I regretted that. And I wanted pics with Penn & Teller dammit! So I drove down to the Rio the other night, I estimated the time frame for when I thought the show would be over. And yes, when I arrived Penn & Teller were busy meeting with their audience, so I waited until it was my turn and I took pics with them. I was super excited and look slightly crazy in the you can see. And yes, Teller talks (in case you didn't know, Teller does not utter a single word in the show). And Penn said something to me but what it was I will keep as a secret, because that is what true magicians do.


I had dinner with my babes (Skrink) at Paymon's this evening. We are both in agreement that the best fries in town can be found there. Sooooo tasty. Full of seasoning and served with a dipping sauce that is mouth watering. I could eat there several times a week.

I'm in bed now, I need to take a shower and sleep because I have a full day tomorrow and should get an early start but I don't want to move. I'm too comfortable.
This afternoon I tried some kind of a lime drink at Starbucks. Of course that is an open invitation for a small selfie photo session. This is the result of that. Well, I really should take a shower and sleep.

Ohhhhh......before I forget. I need to tell you about my new opening line at work. It's usually been the regular "Want a dance" or "You NEED". Yes, I am totally a "wanna dance?" person.
I do not mind holding conversations with people but I'm not going to get interviewed and asked a million questions often including questions about what I might be doing when I get off work (I go home ALONE and sleep motherfucker) and bla bla bla......and then not get a dance. Do you want a dance? Great, then we can talk. If not, I have to go. my new line is "You bitches (or just bitch if I'm asking one person) need/want a dance?". Inspired by Jesse Pinkman of course. When I was caught up in Breaking Bad a while ago, bitch was a very commonly used word for me. I think I called Boss Lady bitch several times a night, she loved it (NOT). Jesse was a bad influence on me, so I blame him. The new line works well in case you wonder....... :-D

Work Stuff

I worked last weekend and last night. Let me tell you a bit about it, some work stuff. I met three nice guys from Norway. Nicely dressed and well behaved. I speak Swedish to people from Norway and they speak Norwegian to me and we understand each other perfectly fine. All they did was sit at the stage. And they wanted me to go up so badly that they found the manager and requested that I'd be put on stage. According to them they were waiting for me only. I rarely give out my blog these days, I just don't care to anymore. But one of the guys from Norway had SO many questions regarding my life, he was certain I had so many stories to tell and yes of course I do but I don't have the time to sit and talk about my life at length when I'm at work, I have to take advantage of the busy nights and make money. So I told him to check the blog if he wants to learn about my stories. Who knows if they will ever read this (HEJ NORGE) but yeah.....I need to work when it's busy.......not sit around and just talk, even if somebody is nice and from my neighbor country, it's nothing personal.
Speaking of Norwegian.....the airline with the same name is going to start flying between Stockholm and Vegas later this year. Direct flights to a low price! That's great news, maybe I can finally convince my Mom that she needs to come to Vegas again. She does not like dealing with layovers and airports in general. But a direct flight is rather easy. Just hop on at Arlanda and hop off at McCarran.
That same night a group of Swedish guys were in too, I think four total. They were younger, all wide eyed and acted like they were doing something really BAD and sinful by being in the club. They all huddled together shoulder to shoulder in one of the booths, holding onto a beer bottle each like it was the last beer they would ever have. Super uptight. I was like.....RELAX! Nobody is going to kill you (more on that later, you never know actually it turns out), or rape you and there is nothing weird going on either since everything is done openly and in public. It's not some kind of a dimly lit brothel where you can buy yourself a child to have sex with, it's a strip club in Vegas - good ole' American fun. I could totally tell that they were young, immature and from some small village in Sweden and I was right, they were from some place I never even heard of before. Don't think that everybody that hails from Sweden is open minded and laid back about strip clubs and partial nudity etc. Many are super uptight and do not understand that it's NOTHING serious and just entertainment. Really now, RELAX a bit. I suspect that the strip clubs that exist in Sweden are nothing like most of the clubs here in the US, there must be some major differences between the activities.
Then I encountered a man from China Saturday night that just loved me, I mean almost worship level admiration. He returned last night (Monday) and I remembered him, because I pay attention. People get surprised all the time when I remember them, their name and what we talked about. It's cause I pay attention. I don't do it all the time but enough. This man from China did not speak any English besides "Thank You" and "You are beautiful". I think he told me those two phrases like 50 times. I get compliments at work every night but rarely this heartfelt. At the very end he asked me if I would give him a dance and he ended up getting two. When it was over he said "Thank You" yet again and almost started crying. It was sweet really. He communicated with me by sign language and a translation app on his phone.
Very polite and very nicely dressed. A stylish Tumi bag and an Armani sports coat. Awwwwww.......what a sweetie!
I also witnessed something REALLY BAD last night. Probably the worst chain of events I have ever seen at work and I have seen some stuff throughout the years. It made me feel upset, sad, scared, concerned, helpless.....all those feelings. I don't want to talk about it yet for various reasons but I will write about it soon. Thinking back at it now makes me have that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you are worried or stressed. Not a fun experience.
Well, it's getting late and I'm getting tired. Goodnight from me.

Somewhere Outside Of Las Vegas

Today I met up with Barry for a photo shoot. He has been telling me about a place he has spotted when flying over Vegas, some sort of an old abandoned mine, a place that looks like a giant wheel of fortune. I could not really picture it but it sounded really cool and when we actually arrived at the location I was blown away. I have seen some abandoned mines while traveling through Nevada before but never seen anything quite like this before. WOW. Yes, a giant wheel of (MIS) fortune in the middle of nowhere. Somebody took their time and painted this......Who? When? I would like to find out the story behind this place. We would need at least two more photo shoots to capture the feeling and character of this place. I feel really fortunate that I was able to go here. Thank You Barry! Can we go again pleeeeeease?
This gem is just sitting there.....somewhere outside of Las Vegas.

The Wheel of Misfortune was far from the only cool spot. There were several other mines (areas?) there looking like this....covered in graffiti. Oh the parties somebody could throw here.....perfect for some good beats and dancing while the sun is coming down and stars are coming out. I was envisioning it while walking around taking it all in.

And a small glimpse of my new bathing suit. We did four changes of clothing. I had a few more outfits with me but we didn't have enough time before the sun came down. I think this means we need to go again. :-) Plus it was super windy today and my hair was blowing ALL over the place.....

Inspire News Cafe

So I tried a new coffee shop the other day, Inspire News Cafe. That is kind of a small hobby of mine, it's always nice to try a new place (as in coffee shops) and see if there is something about it that you might like better than the place you frequent. Right now I go to Samba Latte on an almost daily basis. This new place I tried is located on Freemont Street and that is too out of the way for me to visit on a regular basis.

Inspire News Cafe has lots of magazines hanging on the walls. I'm not sure if you can just grab one, read it and then put it back or if you have to purchase a magazine before reading it. My iced vanilla latte was excellent. I did not like the small choice of muffins/cookies they had the day I was there so I only ordered a latte. The location is great if you happen to stay around Freemont Street and need your daily fix of coffee.

Current Weather

The current Las Vegas weather - rain. I even heard some faint thunder earlier but we did not get a proper thunder storm but who knows, there might be one later. Thunder and lightning in Vegas is a rare but a wonderful experience, I have enjoyed a few of those.
Tomorrow morning when the sun starts warming up the desert, it will smell delicious outside. I love desert rain.

I entertained myself this afternoon with shopping. I could not get those cute Free People shorts that I spotted last weekend out of my head, I just had to have them. So I stopped by Fashion Show Mall and got a pair. These paired with a peasant top or a small sports bra of some sort would be perfect for a sunny day at Burning Man. And I stopped by Saks and looked at some Stella McCartney purses. Not bad. The small ones looked too formal for my taste, like evening purses only. I want one for everyday use and the larger ones were not too bad. I'm still thinking about it......

Now I am hoping that the rain will become a drizzle so me and Chhaya can go for a walk.

Been Thinking

I've been thinking about my choices and I have to do better choices. One of my goals in life is to be a better person, if not my MAIN goal in life. I don't care about "impressing" others, I do it for me because it makes ME feel good. Yes, I might write about it here in the blog but it's NOT to brag, like some person erroneously thought and wrote about it on Facebook. It was so transparent that she was talking about me. But hey, it's least I'm doing something instead of nothing or next to nothing. When other people do something to extend themselves for a good cause it INSPIRES me and makes me happy for them, instead of scoffing at them and think that they are bragging. I think, "If they can do something like that, I can too!"
There is nothing wrong to mention that you did something positive (unless you bring it up every other day or still talk about that one good deed you did over ten years ago, except if it really was something spectacular). I admire people that do good. And I want to do more good. It's up to each individual to decide what they want to do with their life.
The other day one of my readers mentioned that I have inspired her to eat less meat and it really made me happy! How did I become a vegetarian? I grew up eating meat. Well, first of all - I love animals, that is the key factor. I was watching a show late one night on how animals are treated in the short time they are alive and right before slaughter. Although I knew about animal cruelty it didn't really resonate with me until that one night and I decided no more meat. That lasted a few years, no meat at all and then throughout the years I have cheated at times. I had meat when going back to Sweden (could not decline my Mom's food), although not a single bite last year when I was there. No meat at all in 2015. I ate meat once for sure in 2014, maybe twice, I can't really recall. But since about 2008 I have basically been meat free with a few exceptions. So really I am a FLEXITARIAN, I have brought that up a few times in my blog but it's easier to say vegetarian. No meat for me means no chicken and no fish. I do eat eggs at times and I do consume dairy. I am aware of how hens and chickens are treated and the horrible abuse dairy cows suffer through, it's really HORRIBLE at some (many) dairy farms. I have read reports and books on this subject. I just read that one large dairy company is promising to improve the life of their cows (Leprino Foods) after several workers got caught abusing the animals. Look up Leprino Foods animal abuse and see what human beings do to defenseless, beautiful and sentient beings. I think that all places that deal with animals for our consumption should by law have 24/7 surveillance cameras streaming live so the public can watch whenever they choose to. These places are so secretive, guarding themselves from any footage. Why? If everything is done right they would have nothing to worry about and nothing to hide. And who the FUCK goes to work on a dairy farm and abuses the cows?
Or any place with animals for that matter. Talk about sick individuals. I believe in mandatory jail sentencing for that shit.
So yes, I drink milk in my lattes, I eat yoghurt, whipped cream, ice cream and cheese. I admire vegans although I am not a vegan. But I do like what they stand for and I understand.
I became a vegetarian because I decided that I could not eat dead animals, simply because I love animals. is my dilemma. I have bags made of leather and some clothes too. I use products tested on animals. I need to rethink my actions and start making better choices. I looked for some vegan purses online and saw that Stella McCartney has a few that look very nice. I mean, I do not really NEED a Prada purse made from baby calf. And Prada has purses in other materials besides leather, like hemp and some sort of a nylon. My small Prada is made out of nylon. So I have options. Now to products. I need to rethink what products I use both on myself as in beauty products and for the house as in cleaning products. It doesn't take much to research this online. So no more ESSIE nail polish for me, meaning I won't acquire any new bottles of ESSIE. I need to make an inventory of my shampoos, conditioners, make up etc and slowly start making changes. I can't promise that everything that I use will be cruelty free but I WILL make an effort. Why? Because for ME, it's the right thing to do. I can say that not eating meat has not affected me in a negative way health wise, at least to my knowledge. I feel healthy, I am strong, I usually have pretty good energy (besides when I'm tired from work but hey, dancing is exhausting)......and I look great. ;-)
I also try to better myself with the stuff most of us in the Western world take for granted. Transportation, running water and electricity. I TRY to think about eco driving, although I do drive everywhere (unless in Sweden or NYC). The last two times I was in New York I was super proud of myself that I did not get in a cab once, not even going to or from the airport. I just HAD to schlep those suitcases on the subway. But in Vegas I drive, never took the bus once here. And there is no such thing as public transportation in Kenai. I also try to be mindful of my water consumption, like when I brush my teeth I turn the water off and I try to not turn on the light when it's not necessary, for example if I just need to grab something out of the bathroom and I know where it might be. BUT Chhaya gets a light on at home when I leave her for the evening. And I slip up at times, then catch myself and always think I can improve.
Trust me, I have no problem fessing up to when I forget myself, I am far from perfect. I don't want to be one of those people that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.
One can start small. Thinking you NEED meat every day is just wrong. You don't. You will survive without it, I promise. I like what Paul McCartney is proposing, Meat Free Mondays.
I think that's great. Do that, start with no meat once a week and ponder what it means......what life is for those animals that give up their life for you. That's how I started thinking. You have to start somewhere to make a change. And you do want to make a positive change for yourself and this world, right?

Earth Day

Today was Earth Day, it's late when I'm writing this......close to Midnight. I saw that there was going to be some event for Earth Day at Container Park today, that's on Freemont Street here in Las Vegas. I like Container Park a lot, so I asked Julia yesterday if she would come with me and she said yes. And today she decided to bring a boy that lives next door to her with us.
We were planning on taking him and his brother to the book store (Barnes&Noble) some day but he got to come with us to Container Park. Maybe I will have time for the book store next week, or Julia can take them both without me.
So this was me today during the day......

We took the little bundle of energy to the tree house at Container Park, fun for kids of all ages. I'm a big kid in case you didn't know...... ;-)

We built our own house. That later got demolished.

We found a super cool toy store, Kappa Toys. So many cool toys, I have to go back. I saw a back pack I might need, pink with a unicorn on it. Good for Burning Man, or hiking. I like to think for a bit before I buy stuff.

After I got home I changed clothes and took Chhaya to Red Rock. After all Earth Day is about nature and I love the beauty of Red Rock. It's so serene there, just me and Chhaya together taking it all in. We rarely run into other people. I have to be outside, at least do something outside related besides taking Chhaya to the park, on a regular basis. I don't understand how some people can be content with just being inside. Not for me.

I use the timer and set it for ten seconds when I take pics like these and nobody is around to assist me.

This next pic made me think of Uluru, love the name too! That is a place I would like to visit one day.

No Earth Day can be complete without a heart in the sand. I wrote Earth Day above the heart but it's barely visible. I wish I had brought some incense with me to burn with some thoughts and prayers. I believe in the spirit of nature and think it's awful that we, the human race, are destroying this beautiful planet and exterminating animals. I am myself part of the destruction, yes I am very aware of this......

I filled a bag up with other people's litter. I know I said it many times but littering really bothers me. I don't get how you can go hiking or camping and just leave your trash behind? It's just so.....vulgar and low. Everybody can do something, everybody can do their part. I have to admit that since I have been in Vegas I have been lacking in the recycling department.
In Alaska I am really good at recycling but here in Vegas I wasn't sure how long I was going to stay. So I didn't look into curbside recycling. That's what you do here and I'm not even sure how it works I have to admit. Well, I gave some of my plastic and glass bottles to Julia to recycle (Julia recycles and offered to go and take care of the matter - thank you to Julia) and today I took some to Whole Foods. They have three recycling bins by the exit, I suspect it's for the people that eat there but since I buy most of my stuff that I consume on a daily basis from there I will start taking my plastic and glass back to Whole Foods from now on.....or start curbside recycling. No more excuses!

Lucky Cat

Sunday.....Fashion Show mall and enorme iced vanilla latte with whipped cream day!
I scouted Victoria's Secret for a new bra but did not find any. I did see a cute orange sundress though and possibly a bikini. I did find some jeans shorts and a super cute dark purple bralette at Free People though that I need to go back and try on, actually I love almost everything in the Free People store. I admired a pair of gorgeous jeans at Diesel but $300 for some jeans.....? I don't know about that and those were not even the cheapest pair.
Who wants to take me shopping? ;-)

Then I decided today was the day I was going to visit the Lucky Cat at the Cosmopolitan, so I dragged Julia for a "long" walk outside from Caesars Palace to the Cosmopolitan. So you basically give the cat a high five and out of it comes a card with your fortune written on it OR you can win something. Well, I won $5 in free slot play at the Cosmopolitan which I decided to redeem another day. Anyhow, the Lucky Cat is super cute and I think it's a fun place to stop by if you happen to be in Vegas. You can high five the cat and get your fortune told once a day.

And then I finally visited the 3 story Prada store at Crystals. I've been wanting a Prada bag.
I have three right now. One that I don't use anymore and the other two I use on occasion.
I would like one for a more frequent use. I can't say that there was anything that I just LOVED and had to have in the store. What did stand out was a brand new two toned style handbag that was just in. But I wasn't sure. So a possible Prada bag purchase/investment is on hold. Then I am also grappling with the moral dilemma that many Prada bags are made of calf skin (at least the ones I am considering). Some are even made of a combo of calf and lamb.
They even had alligator bags in the store. Hmmmmm.......I might have to reconsider another Prada bag buy, not sure yet.

Missed Out

I am disappointed that I missed out on the breaking ground for the IKEA store that is going to open in Vegas next year. There was a ceremony with people digging into the ground with shovels, they had a large Dala Horse, a table with Swedish snacks set up and local Vegas Swedes dressed in blue and yellow. I'm actually REALLY disappointed that I missed out on this event, it would had been so much fun to be there! Finally Las Vegas is getting an IKEA and not too far from my house either, on Durango and 215. IKEA will employ about 300 people and to quote the article, "Not all groundbreakings generate the nationalist pride of a Norse country, but this is Ikea, so the enthusiasm of the press event boiled down to all things Swedish - including the touted "Swedish values", which will extend full benefits to part-time Ikea employees, something Sandoval described as "extraordinary" and representative of "a culture we really want in our state."
So next year you can get meatballs with that yummy brown sauce and best of all, my personal favorite, Princess Cake!
And I don't understand why they refer to Sweden as a "Norse country" - Nordic yes, but Norse? To me that sounds like Norway and although Sweden and Norway are neighbors, IKEA is Swedish make no mistake about that!
Actually years ago.....I emailed IKEA asking were they planning on opening an IKEA in Vegas anytime soon? I was surprised that there was not an IKEA in Vegas yet, where to me it seemed like the perfect place for the store. Of course I had a vision in my head of me managing the Vegas IKEA too of course, therefore I was hoping to get a promising email back. And I did get an email back, thanking me for the interest and saying that no at that time there were no immediate plans for a Vegas location, the next stop for an IKEA was to be Sacramento. What? Why Sacramento? But now it's happening, well next year. Of course they will be missing out on not having me as the best manager and representative for IKEA EVER but whatever.....The "Swedish values" mentioned in the article make my heart feel a bit achy with pride. I do love Sweden. And I think that it is important to preserve and respect values.

My favorite dessert in the whole world, prinsesstårta (princess cake)! Pic from last summer when I was visiting Sweden.

Me by the Abba museum in Stockholm on Djurgården.

Representing Sweden! Well, I just got home sick......ugh.

I took Chhaya to Red Rock yesterday evening, we go about once a week. We both love it. Chhaya can be a real puppy there, explore, sniff around and look for rabbits and I can take in the beauty and serenity of nature which I need, especially if I have to go to work later in a smokey and loud club.