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Last Leg

So as you case you have been reading my ramblings for a while, I use fake lashes for work and other occasions too, like if I'm going to a party or something but never during the day (I don't bother with any make up during the day, the simpler the better).
A few months ago I tried teaching a girl at work how to apply them. It usually takes a few times before you get a hang of it, I can get them on in about two minutes, that's one minute each eye. Then they stay glued on all night and I take them off before I go to bed. I've been asked how long they last. I reuse mine many times before I discard of them. These that I put on last night are on their last leg though. I have probably used them 15-20 times. If you are careful with the lashes they can be reused. And why go and buy new when you can reuse, right? At least that's my philosophy. So I switch between a few different styles. I get the brand called Ardell which you can find at any Sally beauty Supply, at Smith's or Vons, most large supermarket chains carry Ardell. In Alaska I get them at the local Fred Meyer. I switch off between the "Demi Whispies" or 105 or 117. Always in black.

The other week I found these pretty dark blue ones. I'm not sure where I would wear them so you could actually notice the blue hue but probably a party/rave although those have been few and far in between lately. I need to go out soon or I'm going to turn into a boring fogbone!