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Check out my pretty new bracelets. The one with the cross I got from Julia and the other two are from Whole Foods. I am going to give my Mom a pink rose quartz with a heart for Mother's Day. I gave her a rose quartz bracelet a few years ago and she wore it when she and my brother picked me up at Centralstationen in Stockholm last summer when I got to Sweden. So I know she will love this one too.

Last Leg

So as you case you have been reading my ramblings for a while, I use fake lashes for work and other occasions too, like if I'm going to a party or something but never during the day (I don't bother with any make up during the day, the simpler the better).
A few months ago I tried teaching a girl at work how to apply them. It usually takes a few times before you get a hang of it, I can get them on in about two minutes, that's one minute each eye. Then they stay glued on all night and I take them off before I go to bed. I've been asked how long they last. I reuse mine many times before I discard of them. These that I put on last night are on their last leg though. I have probably used them 15-20 times. If you are careful with the lashes they can be reused. And why go and buy new when you can reuse, right? At least that's my philosophy. So I switch between a few different styles. I get the brand called Ardell which you can find at any Sally beauty Supply, at Smith's or Vons, most large supermarket chains carry Ardell. In Alaska I get them at the local Fred Meyer. I switch off between the "Demi Whispies" or 105 or 117. Always in black.

The other week I found these pretty dark blue ones. I'm not sure where I would wear them so you could actually notice the blue hue but probably a party/rave although those have been few and far in between lately. I need to go out soon or I'm going to turn into a boring fogbone!

Mount Charleston

We took a little trip to Mount Charleston. Not far from Vegas at all. It's usually cooler there and there are trees, hikes and even skiing, although this weekend is the last one to ski for the season and people were out there skiing in the sun wearing looked wonderful.
I bet Mount Charleston had better skiing this season than Alyeska that had almost no snow.

I love coming to Mount Charleston. I even hiked all the way to the summit of Mount Charleston once (11,916'). If that is something you want to do, research it first. It's a demanding hike but well worth it in the end and it takes all day. On this trip we took it easy, no longer hikes. Chhaya had fun and we found snow.

The views were spectacular. Nature is amazing. Yet, everywhere there were trash. I don't get it. You go to a place like Mount Charleston and leave your trash behind? People disgust me, everyday. No respect, thinking only about themselves.


Just got home from watching Chappie. It was loud, full of shooting and explosions but I thought it was entertaining. Plus I love Yolandi so just that is a huge plus, she is amazing.
I have known about The Antwoord since about 2010, I hope to hear and see more of them in the future, they are different and original and that's not easy to be these days. I'm in bed. Feeling tired. Need to sleep.


The last couple of days I've been trying to understand even a fraction of some new information/knowledge that a friend has been giving me. It's not really working, I'm still confused. It's regarding financial stuff, boring but necessary. I have done some bad financial decisions in my life, had I not done those mistakes I would had been MUCH better off and with MUCH less stress and sometimes even lots of tears and feelings of WHY ME?! But I guess I have to look at the bright side of things, I'm healthy and happy for the most part. I have a lot to be grateful for. Right?
I also visited my friend Roxy a few times and she lives in the nicest and coolest home I have ever set my foot in here in Vegas. I was like.....WOOOOOOOW when I first entered. It makes me happy when people I know are successful. She also has a ton of artwork everywhere that she painted herself. Super cool!
I took another friend to the dentist to get several of her teeth extracted. It started out well but ended rather badly with lots of bleeding and a visit to the emergency room but she is recovering well now. Ouch!
I kidnapped a bottle of Propofol from the dentist office for some party time later. ;-)

I painted my nails glittery pink. Got a new nail polish called "High Maintenance". My polish starts chipping after about two days. And no I have not tried to gel polish. I know it supposedly stays on for weeks. But then do you need to go back to the salon when it starts chipping so they can remove it? Or can you remove it yourself at home? I'm way too lazy for frequent nail salon visits, not for me. I'm not that dedicated to have nice looking nails.

I worked last night. Nothing to write home about. Right now I'm waiting for the sun to start setting and for it to cool down so I can walk with Chhaya in the park. Later I'm having dinner at Paymons Mediterranean Cafe (very yummy in case you are curios, go to the one on West Sahara). And then I will see what I will do later tonight. Maybe nothing, maybe something.
It's so hot I can't even lay out. The sun is burning my skin.

National Puppy Day

Today, March 23 is National Puppy Day. A very important day indeed I think. For us that have a dog companion, we know how much joy they bring us. I just watched a very sad but with a happy ending story about a puppy named Jordan that got thrown in a river after being severely abused. Search for "Jordan puppy" to see the story, you might cry! To the people abusing, neglecting, any way shape or form mistreat their pets. FUCK YOU I hope you burn in HELL. I can't stand people like that, in fact I HATE them. Yes, if a person abuses an innocent animal then I have nothing but hate for them. When you are a pet parent you are responsible for the well being of your pet. Just as when you are a parent of a child. If you can't be responsible, please refrain from getting a pet or a child. Is that so hard to realize? If for some reason you have to get rid of your dog/cat/rabbit/hamster etc make sure you do what you can to find a good home for it. Sometimes life happens and situations arise that we have no control over and you might have to get separated from your pet/s. At least do the right thing if you are ever faced with that situation. As for me, I would become homeless if I had to for Chhaya. I would never abandon her, she is with me until the end and will forever be in my heart and soul. Just thinking about that there are animals out there right now suffering in the hands of human makes me so sad.
National Puppy Day is coming to an end. I'm in bed with Chhaya. Had a long day, got up at 6 am, so I think it's time to sleep now......

Sunday Pizza

It's Sunday night, that usually means Sunday pizza for me, unless I make other plans.
Tonight I had a date with myself. That means QUALITY time well spent. I love alone time.
I indulged in reading about nonsense meaning gossip magazines but I find that very relaxing for some reason, I enjoyed every bite of a "Rustic Veggie" pizza from Pielogy and some ice cream.

I've had many people (usually cashiers) comment on my Pippi purse. I keep my money in it, so when I pay for stuff I fish it out of my handbag and the cashier person will see it. I get several positive reactions on it a week. usually they say that they love Pippi and grew up watching her on TV or reading a Pippi book. Well, I grew up with Pippi too and yes, of course I LOVE Pippi. I think most Swedish kids and adults love Pippi. Sometimes I inform the cashier that Pippi is from Sweden, not a single one so far knew that. Yes, Pippi is Swedish.
The woman that came up with Pippi was the very beloved Swedish author Astrid Lindgren and she wrote many wonderful books, I've read most of them, if not all. When I was little my Mom gave me an audio book with Pippi's adventures. I can still vividly remember listening to the record and singing along to Pippi's song....."Här kommer Pippi Långstrump, tjolahopp tjolahej tjolahoppsan-sa
Här kommer Pippi Långstrump, ja, här kommer faktisk jag.
Det är inte illa, jag har apa häst och villa,
En kappsäck full med pengar är det också bra att ha.
Kom nu alla vänner, varenda kotte som jag känner,
Nu ska vi leva loppan, tjolahej tjolahoppsan-sa"


Here are some fresh pics of me when I decided I had enough last night and was in the dressing room, finally took my shoes off and was ready to go home. SO happy to go home! Let me tell you, my poor feet ache and so does my body. I must be getting OLD! ;-)
Or perhaps I should do weekly soaks in Epsom salts, I know girls that I work with that do that. When I stop dancing I might commit to a series of Rolfing sessions so the therapist can really get down into the deep tissue in my body and "fix" whatever might be off. Because these heels and the moves we do when on stage and during lap dances are not kind to the body in the long run.

Then I want to show you what the desk in the dressing room looks like after an evening at work. What's mine is the green bag and the clothes next to it and the lock.
We have.....a mug of coffee filled up halfway with about five cigarettes floating in it. A plastic bag full of eye glasses and sunglasses, not sure what that is about. Props perhaps? A lonely bracelet. An empty KFC bucket with some gnawed on chicken bones. A can of coke. A used band aid. Also on the desk but not in the picture, another half full coffee mug with some drenched cigarettes in it. Gross. Smoking in the dressing room around non smokers?
That should not be allowed. But I have noticed that many (not all) people that smoke only think about themselves and that nasty habit they have. Their mindset is, "need to smoke now and I don't care who else is around". Interesting collection of items! Kind of like a crime scene.

But I have to get out of bed and out of the house now. I need my latte! This is SO me!

Sports Illustrated

I know it's been out a while (since last month I think) so I'm a bit late but here are some thoughts on the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2015. First of all I think Hannah Davis looks super pretty on the cover. She is a gorgeous girl with that extra something that makes her stand out, amazing eyes. I know the cover photo caught controversy because of the way she is pulling down her bikini bottoms exposing the top of her privates basically. I have to agree. There is a fine line between messages. For Sports Illustrated I think they could had kept it a bit more "classy". I think pulling down the bottoms like that is a bit too much, perhaps a finger playfully on one of the hips tugging at the bottoms. Anyhow. But my favorite is Irina Shayk, she has been for years. If she would walk past me I would walk into a wall or a light post because I would turn my head to check her out. OMG, what a beautiful creature! Perfection. She did the cover a few years ago and I loved that cover and she has been in SI swimsuit issues for the last few years now. She was together with that Ronaldo football player guy but they recently separated. Good, I think she is way too good for him.
I love Sports Illustrated because of the gorgeous location shoots and the girls are very good looking for the most part. Of course they do use some photo shop and all that stuff and it's ALL about what you look like but that's the modeling business for you. It has nothing to do with personality and that's just the way it is. I enjoy looking at beautiful girls, it's like art to me. The body mixed with photography can be art.
Now, I am glad that there is no Kate Upton in this issue. I don't think that she has any business to be in SI. Sure she can do modeling but not in lingerie or a bikini, she does not have the body for it. She is too large and floppy and that is my opinion. I don't like Chrissy Teigen at all, Emily Ratajkowski is also a no and I'm undecided about Gigi Hadid.


Today there was's lovely when it's overcast in Vegas on a hot sunny day.
But yesterday I was tanning......I can only lay out for little at a time because I'm pale.
The weather is great right now.
I just got back from dinner with a friend. On my way home I grabbed some ice cream at Whole Foods. My plan earlier today was to work tonight but NO way. I ate too much and I am tired. I always have grandiose plans of going into work but as the day unfolds and I get caught up in doing other stuff and then feel tired later on, work is no longer a priority. That's typical me. If you don't have a schedule it is so easy to just stay at home. Me and Chhaya are going for a walk now and then I am most likely going to bed early. And that's about all I have to say for now. I am tired and my brain is not working. It wants to sleep.