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Current Collection

Today me and Julia had pedicures. But first we went nail polish shopping. I found us a brand of nail polish I haven't tried before, Ginger+Liz. Julia wanted something dark so she picked this dark green shade called "Blowing Money Fast" and I went with a light pink shade called "Catch The Bouquet".

Then I had to go to Red Shoes and find another pair of platform heels. So these are my latest, hot pink and sparkly. Pretty!

So the current collection consists of these three pairs, all by Pleaser and all 7". And all of them have rhinestones.

To be correct, I do have one more pair of platforms but they are not comfortable so I don't wear them. I will give them away or something. Julia forwarded me some ad she found on Craigslist. Some guy (I'm assuming it's a guy) wants to buy "well worn heels" for cash, stripper heels are a huge plus. He is also willing to buy heels for dancers.....the only requirement is very pretty feet. My feet can probably pass for pretty. I've had random people compliment them before but since about two years or so now I have corns on two of my toesies.....BOOOOOO! I think it's called corn. Basically a slightly raised bump looking thing on top of the toe, it's from the heels I wear at work. Maybe there is some sort of a corn remover or something I can try, I know it's not calluses. Anyhow.....IF I do email this person willing to buy stripper heels for cash, Julia has to come with me in case we decide to meet up so he can inspect my heels and perhaps feet, in a very public place like Starbucks. Of course!
Actually Julia needs some new heels too.

Matching bra and heels. This might be tonight's outfit IF I go to work. I was planning on going but now I'm feeling tired and lazy. Chhaya is sleeping and I kind of want to lay down next to her, snuggle and go to sleep too......the bed looks soooooo inviting!

Latte Drinker

The days are going by fast and sometimes I feel like I don't have enough time to even put a blog entry together. It's a bit past 4 am here and I am getting up at 11 am, it looks like I will have a full day tomorrow. Since last time I wrote I tried some food I never had before and strolled around downtown Las Vegas last night. Downtown is FUN and I'm not talking about Fremont Street now but more about that another time. Right now I just want to show you my latest pics from The MadHouse Coffee from the other day. I should get paid to drink lattes and eat pastries and then write about it. Professional latte drinker - that sounds great.
I had lunch at The MadHouse Coffee and it was very good, tried an apricot macaroon too which was also good but they should be more generous with the apricot filling.....not enough. Their lattes so far have always been yummy and I also tried a passion fruit iced tea which I liked. I love the artsy paintings on the wall there. It's open 24/7 in case you are in the mood for a late night sandwich, snack and/or a coffee or tea drink of some sort. Plus you might run into me there!


I got some important stuff taken care of and sent off today. Stuff that has been stressing me out, stuff that I did not want to deal with whatsoever.'s out of my hands now for a while and that feel good. Relief! What a great feeling that is.
I met Julia at Madhouse Coffee afterwards. We exchanged Valentine's Day cards and gifts, better late than never. I got a notebook , good cause I needed one. I get ideas and need to write them down, instead I make a mental note and think I'm going to remember every single detail of my thought process during the idea and sometimes I do but sometimes I don't. So I needed a small notebook to keep in my purse. Also a super cute Hello Kitty box with candy inside and a monkey button. Very Da Nang! Julia always knows what I need and what I like.

So this is what I looked like today, for all my fans out there...... ;-)
I got this yellow shirt (or whatever it is called) at a small store in Brooklyn almost three years ago. I did not wear it until my first night at Burning Man last year, I just did not know what to wear it with, no good occasion to wear it I guess. I brought it with me to Vegas and decided to put it on today. And it matches the roses outside my door, therefore the pics.

Snow In Vegas

Woke up to a chilly and grey day and snow capped mountains......snow in Vegas! FUN!
Well, not a lot of "let's take out the sled" kind of snow but still. So me and half of Vegas (seemed like) headed for Red Rock to hike, take pics and gawk at that white stuff on the ground called snow.
I started out this Monday, this new week with a latte and a chocolate croissant at Samba Latte. I've been at home hibernating, eating, feeling sorry for myself and PMS-ing the last two day.....NO MORE of that crap! Going outside and moving around is one of the best remedies for a crappy mood.

Red Rock was beautiful today. All mysterious looking with low hanging clouds, no sun today, kind of fingers froze a bit, Chhaya did not need any water, she had lots of energy.

Now we are back home. I just ate and Chhaya did too. Tonight's plans.....I'm not sure. ;-)

Oh Yes

So I just found out tonight that The Breakfast Club will be played on big screens across the country next month. Oh yes!!!! I am sooooo going! One of the best movies ever. I love The Breakfast Club, Lost Boys and Pan's Labyrinth. You know when people ask you what your favorite movie is.....? Those are my faves but then of course I love a bunch of other movies.
I don't have a favorite book, there are too many good books. But if I had to go with one it would be "Quo Vadis" by Henryk Sienkiewicz, that is a spectacular read. It takes a genius to write something of that caliber. But really, there are so many great books and movies out there. My favorite colors are probably pink and purple but I love all colors. And favorite food would be FOOD in general. But of course I love certain Polish and Swedish dishes more than anything and I also love Indian food.
But back to The Breakfast Club. Exciting huh to be able to see it on the big screen!? If you don't know anything about The Breakfast Club you are either too young or just don't care for movies. Of course I was in loooooove with the bad boy, John Bender played by Judd Nelson. SEKSI! Yep, me and millions of other girls wanted to get a kiss from HIM. So next month I am going to squeal and giggle while sitting in the darkness of the theater watching this movie.
Anyhow. It's raining here in Vegas tonight. I ate all the ice cream I got last night. Now I'm feeling fat and sorry for myself.....yes, my PMS is in full bloom. Yeay!

Saturday Night

It's Saturday night in Vegas and what's on the menu? Cuddle time and ice cream! I've had a rather hectic week and I really want to relax and just BE. Found some new ice creams that I haven't tried yet and some yummy trail mix to munch on.
Looking forward to just laying in bed, reading blogs (I still read a bunch of people's blogs - I find it entertaining and relaxing), chat with my brother on Facebook, maybe call my Mom, take a bath later, perhaps a honey face mask, find a movie or documentary on Netflix and peacefully drift to sleep. The only things missing is a good book! I have a serious new book craving, need to find something good to read soon, I have a book in mind. I will show you if/when I get it.
A lot of tourists that come through town don't understand how people can live in Las Vegas.....well, some people that live here rarely go down to the Strip for whatever reasons. Some suffer from Stripophobia. I have friends that work as teachers and they very rarely go down there. There is plenty of stuff to do, shopping, restaurants etc far removed from Las Vegas Blvd. I enjoy the Strip, I think it's beautiful at night with all the colors and lights.
And it's entertaining to watch the drunk tourists waddle around.
Today at Boca Park while I was getting my latte there was an auction. They "auctioned off" a fellow with a "heart like Sir Lancelot" and a very white smile to some ladies. All the proceeds would go to some battered women's shelter. I can't recall which one now. Well, they collected $600 in only a few minutes! WOW! I need to start auctioning off some hunky men at Boca Park on weekends to the lonely and wealthy Summerlinites. Seriously. If you are interested, send me an email. The proceeds will be divided. Part of it will go to some charity, concerning animals or children. And part will go to my latte fund. The hunky man will have to see what the lady that picks him has to offer. How about that?

I also went bowling again a few nights ago. Soon I'm going to throw down strikes like a pro. Old Fogbone warning alert!

Heart Attack Grill

I've been craving shakes and fries lately and I've also been curios about a much talked about burger place here in Vegas, Heart Attack Grill, so I went the other night to satisfy my cravings.The Heart Attack Grill is located on Fremont Street. First of all, if you happen to be 350 lbs or more (about 158 kilos or so) you can eat free here, everyday, as long as you buy a soda to go with your free meal. I do not qualify for this free happy meal offer.

The menu features mostly burgers but I did get my shake I've been craving, they put a piece of butter on top instead of a cherry I'm guessing. I also got fries and onion rings. I was happy with the taste of my food, I like almost everything, my taste buds are not hard to please, BUT the shake was too small so I was disappointed in that.

What I did very much enjoy was that all the waitresses were dressed in super cute nurse uniforms. Looking something like this. Plus they will spank you with a wooden paddle (HARD!) in front of everybody if you want.

There are lots of cool posters and fun decorations all over the place. And they play music videos. When "Youth Gone Wild" by Skid Row came on I decided I definitely like the Heart Attack Grill. Sebastian Bach = best singer of the heavy metal (?) bands, voice of an angel and gorgeous too. So I was stuffing my face with fries and onion rings and singing along to the songs. This is a fun visit if you crave a burger, a shake or some fries and want a different experience than just the ordinary food place offers. I recommend a visit.

News From Vegas

Have you heard of the Mom of four kids that got shot at and died a few days ago here in Vegas in what, after some confusing reports, first was reported to have been a case of road rage and now it's turning into some still unclear story of the victim knowing her assailant. Well let me tell you, that happened two blocks from where I live. First of all, the night of the shooting I was driving home, I turned on Alta and passed a police car parked on the side of the road. The officer was putting out those yellow little things with numbers on them on the road.....I slowed down and had to slightly drive to the left to pass the police car.
I thought......there must be bullets or shells laying on the road that he is locating. The next day when I woke up I heard about the shooting. And today they arrested some 19 year old kid that most likely shot the lady, although supposedly one more guy is on the loose. This is a nice neighborhood close to a school, a church and a park where I take Chhaya for walks. It's the only park I walk to from my house because it's that close, the other two local parks I take Chhaya to I drive to. I drove down Cherry River Drive at 10 50 PM tonight. There were news vans from at least three different local news stations there, setting up to do interviews and plenty of police presence still. Earlier today, around 4 PM or so there were A LOT of cop cars and yellow tape, meaning don't cross. The reports of what really happened are still vague, confusing and keep on changing. The initial story told the day after the shooting is not the story they are reporting now. Hmmmm......I thought something sounded weird with the initial story and I have some theories but that's not too important right now. What is for sure is that the lady (her name was Tammy) that died, woke up that day, most likely feeling like it was just another regular day. Later on she was shot dead and a family shattered. Tammy was married and had four kids. I can't even imagine if that happened to my Mom.......Crazy!
I did not get out of the car or take any pics of cop cars/people. The situation down the street is tense and I don't want to annoy a tired cop.

Some more news from Vegas. Home invasions have increased here since the economy worsened after about 2008. Recently five teenagers got arrested after being involved in a brutal home invasion here last month. Not only did they steal from the family they also sexually assaulted some of them. There were children in the house. The five guys arrested are teenagers. I doubt this was their first criminal act. You just don't wake up one day, feel bored and decide to go and invade homes and beat up random innocent people just for fun. Burglary, home invasion, robbery and sexual assault are serious crimes. I'd rather have my car stolen than have a group of guys break into my house, steal my stuff, beat me up and sexually assault me. I don't know if I would mentally recover from that. And I've had my car stolen here in Vegas and I've been burglarized too. Trust me, that was NOT fun. I was very upset and I still think about it at times but home invasion? That's just too much!
I think these five assholes should be tried as adults and put away for a very long time. To me they seem like violent repeat offenders. They do not belong in society.
And that my friends were some recent and sad news from Vegas.


I found pączki (Polish doughnuts) at Smiths last I had to try them. When I was living at home with my Mom she would make pączki from scratch every Christmas and they were delicious! These ones from Smiths.....kind of yucky. I barely finished one and won't eat the other three. I haven't even been to the Polish Deli since I've been in Vegas. I must be lazy.
In fact I'm feeling very lazy and unmotivated right now. And hungry. I need to find the motivation to get out of bed and go hunt down some food. And get going with my day.

Red Rock Lanes

I went bowling at Red Rock Lanes again, this time with my two loves Fuckface and Skrootie.
I kind of like bowling (I think) this might become my new hobby as I am approaching old age faster than I care for. Bowling and an RV, I think I have my future figured out! :-)
Of course we had to take pictures......well, I HAD to take pictures. Look, me and Skrootie are the cutest.

Fuckface is shy so he will only show his backside.....very SEKSI backside I think.

Since I am a natural and cleaning I decided to borrow the cleaning supply cart and made sure to leave the place spotless.
Bowling shoes are HOT!

I am Skrinkie, that's my other name and this time Skrinkie came in last. I thought I would be a strong second but then Skrootie started throwing down a series of nines and I just could not keep up. Fuckface is unbeatable, for now.