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I am SO tired today. I did not do anything exhausting besides meet up with somebody at Madhouse Coffee this afternoon where we sat and talked NON STOP for FOUR hours and then we went to the park for another 40 minutes or so so Chhaya could walk where we continued talking. Sometimes you have a lot of catching up and lot of explaining to do.
We met up at Madhouse Coffee and that's where we went on my last night the last time I was in Vegas. All the talking made me tired but I think it was needed. Hopefully we got some stuff sorted out.
Anyhow. I had plans to clean around my house tonight but I think I am going to take Chhaya out and then go to bed.
Madhouse Coffee is a 24 hour coffee shop on 8740 West Desert Inn Road in case you want to go. It was way cozier last time I was there, they are in the process of remodeling right now. But the coffee is still good plus they have stuff to eat too. Worth a visit if you like to check out coffee places.


I picked up my sheriffs card the other day. The last time I was in Vegas I had to go and apply for a new one since my old one had expired. Then they give you a temporary card so you can work while they check that you are not a felon or something like that. I'm not sure about all the details regarding that. Basically it takes a while for the permanent card to get issued.
And I did not pick it up last time I was here but now I did, this new card is valid until March 2018. Let's see if I'm still dancing then, only time will tell. I go to the location on 5880 Cameron Street to get my card. It's been a rather fast ordeal. I recall when I got my first sheriffs card, me and Shelley were at some downtown location. It was awful, hot, full of people, screaming kids and it took forever. Like a welfare office. Here are some fees for services in case you are curious.

And I just read this....."Applicants with long or curved fingernails may be required to trim their nails prior to being fingerprinted, in order to prevent damage to our equipment. "
CURVED fingernails? BARF! I recall seeing some women with really long toenails a few times, like grown long with the intention that they look like fingernails or something. I was like.....WHAAAAAT? Ugh.....imagine getting scratched (injured) by those while you cuddle in bed. NOT SEKSI.
And this is what the card looks like. Minus the stickers and tape of course.

I love that the girl in the ad for Spearmint Rhino is a natural brunette. I think the trend is going towards natural. Or the natural look. The days of the enormous implants are passe. Sure you will still see them, this is Vegas after all. But not like back in the day when 8 out of 10 girls at Crazy Horse Too when I started there had implants and bleached blonde hair and blonde extensions.
To each their own. I prefer the natural look. I think what's trendy now is kind of edgy with tattoos (not my style either), some crazy hairdo but it makes stuff interesting when there is diversity and not every girl has the implants and the wanna be Pamela Anderson look, that not many could pull off anyways. There is only one Pam and I always liked her. But if you do opt for implants, make sure they at least appear soft and natural. The bolt on look is definitely not trendy or cute. Get a refund! I have admired some large and soft fake boobies, my friend Shelley has huge boobs (I call them "the torpedoes") but they are soft and look real. I like them. I hope the fake butt trend goes away too. How could that even be something anybody would want? Ass implants or injections. WTF. How do you sit comfortably?
Maybe you do, it just seems so inconvenient to lug around with some extra stuffing attached to your backside. I don't get it but like I said, to each their own. To me, there is nothing like natural. Can't be bought.

Waxing Time

Well I finally decided it was waxing time for my legs. The hair on my legs reached new lengths, I was quite impressed with my Sasquatch style.
I haven't been working and therefore not been occupied with shaving my legs. I usually (when I work) shave up to the knee and then wax my upper legs when the hair gets long enough. Usually every five or six weeks or so.....sometimes longer depending on how motivated I am. My upper leg/thigh hair is kind of fine. When I don't work for a while I let my lower leg hair grow out so I can wax it. That hair is darker and coarser, probably from all the shaving. I like the Sally Hansen wax, it works and it's not that expensive, about $11. I rarely go to a salon for a wax because I have had bad waxes where you basically pay a minimum of $40 for somebody to do a shitty job when I can spend $11 and get it done right. So now all of you know that I waxed my legs and everything that there is to know about that. Very important news, I know! If you need a good waxer, I can assist you. But I won't do any Brazilian waxes. So don't even ask. ;-)

I'm a hairy beast! I was impressed took 1 1/2 jars of the Sally Hansen wax to rid myself of my leg hair. When I wax the thighs only about half a jar is suffucient. Yeay....I'm smooth and hair free now (on my legs that is....he he).

Desert Walk

Perfect day for a desert walk at Red Rock today, not too hot.....overcast and the sand still a bit wet from the rain yesterday and extra red. Gorgeous. Me and Chhaya trekked along the trail for about two hours. I wouldn't call it a hike because I have been on some hikes, me and Chhaya scaled Mount Charleston after all, now THAT was a hike. Today was more of a steady walk up and down the trail. Chhaya exploring and enjoying herself, I did not get sweaty but she was tired when we got home. I didn't stay for the sunset but I have to be at Red Rock for a sunset one of these days, I saw the pink color spread across the sky when I was driving home. Magnificent. It's really nice here in Southern Nevada right now.

The best little walking/hiking partner in the world. The love of my life. My Chhaya. ❤

Desert Rain

I woke up to rain today....I love desert rain. Me and Chhaya didn't get up until about 2 pm, she kept on sleeping and me too.....otherwise she has been up unusually early, like 9 30 ish which is early for both of us. It must be the sunshine that wakes her up. I left the house and started off my day with a large meal from the hot food bar at Whole Foods. I love the fried plantains you can fill your plate with, I could eat fried plantains and rice everyday. Then we went to the park.

I'm excited over my new detergents that I found. Meyer's. The basil one smells so good.
I don't think I have seen Meyer's in Kenai but I'm back in "civilization" now and have a plethora of product to chose from. I think this is the first time ever that I got dryer sheets.
I am kind of careful with what I use to wash my clothes, bedding and towels with, most of that stuff is loaded with chemicals and toxins. If I had kids I would not use most fabric softeners or dryer sheets and make sure I used an A rated detergent only. There is plenty of information about that online. I mean, why would you want to poison your kids or yourself if you have a choice not to?

Me and Chhaya went for a late night walk where I live. It was beautiful out, all quiet and full of fallen leaves on the ground. I could smell the rain in the air and a mix of herbal scents from the vegetation. So nice!

So I noticed the Master Cleanse displays at the Whole Foods stores here. I guess it really is good to cleanse the body of toxins, flush out the liver and kidneys. I don't think I could do a liquid fast/cleanse though. I would go crazy. No latte? No sweets? I know of a few people that attempted the Master Cleanse, only one stuck it out (and did feel amazing actually) and the others gave up after a few days. I don't feel that sluggish i general and I have more energy than many people I know, I suspect it is because I don't eat meat. Meat seems to make people feel lethargic I noticed. Maybe there are some other kinds of cleanses I could look into because I am pretty sure that I would only last a day on the Master Cleanse. I'm just curious if I would feel any difference cleansing my a good way.

High Roller

So since last year a large Ferris wheel the High Roller has operated down on the Strip.
Well, it's actually not on the Strip, it's somewhat behind. If they could had put it on the Strip actually the views from the High Roller would had been spectacular. I have not been on the High Roller, not sure if I want to but it sure does look pretty with the colors changing against the Las Vegas backdrop.

If you look closely you can see me! ;-)

Pretty art on the Strip. The have opened a Kitson store down there too now.

Chinese New Years is coming up. This year it's the year of the goat. I've also seen sheep. Maybe goat and sheep is the same?

I went to the Forum Shops last night for a quick browsing session. Loved two bras at Victoria's Secret, a light blue one and a white one with crystals. Then I found a Balenciaga bag that was super cute. I want a new bag, my mind was set on a Prada until I saw the Balenciaga yesterday but at the same time I am hesitant if I really need a new bag (honestly I don't).

Then I ended up at Little Darlings. I did not know it but Mary Carey was performing last night. So I saw her do her show, three songs of.....I don't even know how to describe it. Mary Carey looks like she is stuck in the 90's and her moves are very fast and jerky, not alluring whatsoever. I know she does her thing but it was not a pretty sight. I'm sure she has plenty of male fans but to me she looked kind of insane.
Besides that they only played rap and ass shaking was on the menu. I saw one pretty girl go on stage and the rest were just meh....there were a lot of girls though and I did not see them all and after 15 minutes or so I was bored. But I stayed for about two hours hoping to see something good on stage.....but no. Little Darlings has lots of theme "Electronic Dance Mondays", rock music and stripper boxing on Wednesdays, "Throwback Thursdays" with music from the 80' and 90's. Perhaps those nights are better. The crowd was very ghetto, they even allow guys to slap the girls butts when they are on stage (just really awful and tasteless) the whole vibe was trashy actually. Not a club for me. But like I said, maybe the other nights are better.

Here We Go Again

It's almost 4 am here in Vegas, I am exhausted physically and far my 2015 had been rather challenging (and fun too) but I will pull through somehow, if anything for Chhaya and my Mom.
But back to the important story about what happened in Paris, France. Sadly here we go again. Islam the peaceful (really? HA HA what a JOKE!) religion has reared it's ugly head yet again and spread terror and bloodshed. If you do not know what happened in France yesterday I suggest that you find out, it is important. In fact.....I find people that do not care (when they have the means to care) about important global events to be rather unevolved/lazy/self absorbed. Wake the fuck up, at least a little! Or are you just plain dumb?
If so, I guess that's a valid excuse, being dumb that is.
Educated and intelligent people lost their lives because some cowards decided that they and many others were offended due to some, according to them, inappropriate cartoon. Here we go again, anger over a cartoon.
Most religions are based on stories. Stories that nobody that is alive today can vouch for.
A story that some believe in so blindly that they justify killing others in the name of their God. If you openly criticize (use the term criticize broadly here as it can be joke about also) anything pertaining to Islam or Mohammed (or however his name is spelled, cause honestly I don't give a fuck at this point) you get on the bad list and might get killed. There are plenty of examples already of people either murdered or injured because they did, said or wrote something that rubbed some fundamental Muslims the wrong way. I believe that there is an ongoing Islamization of the world and believe me, after seeing some examples of what happens to people if you do not want to become a Muslim, then NO THANKS, I have zero desire to live in a world where I have to live in fear, cover up under a sheet, have my rights taken away from me etc etc.
Back in the day.....hundreds of years ago people did burn women in the name of religion and hunted down and forced Christianity on people but that was a long time ago. Just as women had no right to vote, actually not that long ago. We are supposed to evolve as humans.
And some have evolved and other are stagnant, stomping in the same spot.
I am outraged over what happened in France. The cowards that brutally murdered and injured the victims should be executed in public. That is what I believe. In some Muslim countries people get stoned to death for committing much smaller crimes, sometimes even innocent people get stoned to death. Here we have some cowards that decided to go on a killing spree. I say take them to underneath the Eiffel Tower and give them each one bullet in the head and send their bodies off to their real country, since obviously they had no regard for France although some of them apparently were born there. What a shame! Wake up! Really. No more playing nice and trying to help people that do not appreciate it and don't want help and kindness anyway. Stop catering to bullshit.
This picture fills my heart with much sadness and my eyes with tears. My stomach hurts when I think about what that man went through before he got executed. Only a true piece of shit coward would do such a thing. I pray that the police officer is in a better place now.
If there is a God, he is with God now and the other victims too.
Freedom of speech and personal freedom is everybody's right. Even if you get offended.
So what? I am fucking sick and tired if people getting offended over everything. I am offended that YOU get offended. OK!?
Richard Dawkins, "No, all religions are NOT equally violent. Some have never been violent, some gave it up centuries ago. One religion conspicuously didn’t."


I have been indulging in all of my fave foods. Sambalatte in the morning. Or a morning latte and a pastry or two from Whole Foods.

Today I went to a place called Pieology. You basically build your own pizza and oh it was YUMMY! I shall return there. Pieology is located at the Summerlin mall on Sahara and 215.
I didn't even know there was a mall there until this evening and it was a great surprise because many of my fave stores are there, now I don't have to drive down to the Strip to go shopping. Unless I want to stroll around inside the Fashion Show Mall, still my fave mall in Vegas.

Then I went to Red Rock hotel and casino and had one of these things, a lemon and meringue tart. I think I need to go back and have more, it was delicious. As you can see, this must be one of the better pics I ever took. I think it should be on the cover of a food magazine.
Tarty lemon and sweet meringue......what a great combo!

Still Christmas

It's still Christmas in Vegas and I love me Christmas lasts until about mid January, I still want to hear Christmas music and see all the decorations and indulge in the spirit of the season.
Last night I was down on the Strip, just as busy and full of lights as ever, then I went for a a late night dinner at a Vietnamese place on Spring Mountain, Pho Kim Long II (a very busy and popular spot). I highly recommend that people check out the Asian area on Spring Mountain Road aka Chinatown. Lots of late night dining and shops. And very affordable "foot spa" massage places, that's where I get massages and it's the best massage ever! My Cathy that massages me is wonderful, I love her. It's the only woman that I fantasize about, I always dream about having Cathy rub me for a couple of hours.

During the day I went to Red Rock which is only a short drive from where I live, the winter months are the best for exploring the beautiful desert here. Many cool spots to see and nice hikes in Red Rock.....we are going back there soon.

Just follow the trail.....


Two days into 2015, how are those New Years resolutions going? I entertained the thought of getting into the best shape of my life but I'm not going to make any promises that I can't keep. Going on some diet or cutting out sugar is not going to happen, (I would die) but I might start going to the gym more frequently because I actually do enjoy that.....well most of the time. Or I might just be super lazy and become a dough ball, that too is an option.
What else.....oh I'm in Vegas. I thought that watching the fireworks over the Strip from Mountains Edge park would be a great idea but it turned out that the distance was too big and it was freezing out.....I did not stay out too late on New Years Eve, I was home by 2 30 am like a really boring fogbone. What is wrong with me? I remember when I would be one of the last persons to reluctantly leave the dance floor at the Sports Arena when there were raves there for New Years......
This is the view of the Strip from afar.....on top of a cold "mountain".

A very blurry pic of fireworks over the Strip.

I've made it to my fave place, Whole Foods already (of course) and Chhaya has been to Red Rock and the park by the house a few times. It's gorgeous out. It feels good to be back in Vegas.