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Work Bitch

A bit more about Britney, I'm not done yet.....When you enter the arena many of Britney's costumes from her videos are on display. Like these two. The red latex (and very sexy) catsuit from "Oops!...I did it again" and this stewardess outfit from "Toxic".

And then you can shop for all kinds of Britney related stuff in the Briney store that is located really close to the arena where she performs her show inside Planet Hollywood.

I like the Work Bitch hat......and you can see how happy I was here, it was right after the show and I had a serious body buzz going. Super excited.

And here is a snippet of the lyrics to "Work Bitch" which I love cause it completely makes sense. You want something, work for it. Britney did. I think she deserves every bit of success and every penny she has, she earned it, she started working for it at an early age.

"You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti?
You want a Maserati? You better work bitch
You want a Lamborghini? Sippin' martinis?
Look hot in a bikini? You better work bitch
You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion?
Party in France?
You better work bitch, you better work bitch"

As for me.....I'm more of a lazy I work but I don't see myself driving a Lamborghini anytime soon, if ever. But I'm totally OK with what I have. At least I'm working and providing for myself.
I LOVE YOU BRITNEY! Would I see "Piece Of Me" again? YES.

It's Britney, Bitch

I was so very fortunate to enjoy (and OH DID I enjoy it too.....!!!) Briney Spears show "Piece Of Me" last night at Planet Hollywood.

Let me start with some pictures, I took many and picking out a handful was not easy.
Inside the arena, view of the stage before showtime. And I was not sitting in a seat far from the stage, I was in the pit up close to Britney. OMG. I was super excited!

The pics are in the order of the show. You heard, 'It's Britney, Bitch" and it was ON.....!
And YES, she was/is AMAZING. I love Britney! ❤ ❤ ❤

I LOVE this pic!

It was over way too soon.....the show is about 90 minutes long and you get to hear all her big hits. I like all her songs so I can't pic a fave......

I have more Britney stuff to put up here but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm in Vegas BITCH and I'm busy! ;-)

Full Days

I have been rather occupied since I got to Vegas, my days are full and not boring like when I'm in Kenai. The Kenai chunk is gone too. A girl came up to me the other night and told me she just wanted to say that she thought I looked "amaaaaazing, just amazing". I thanked her for the nice compliment. I like to compliment people too and have given away two (sincere ones of course, otherwise it doesn't count) in the last couple of days to some random girls.
Me and Chhaya started out the day with meeting up with Julia at Madhouse Coffee, Chhaya joined in on the latte meeting.

Then we all went to a girl named Heather where I got a trim, about an inch or so off my hair while Chhaya waited in the backyard. Julia stayed behind for a trim and a color. Me and Chhaya left so I could eat some Pei Wei takeout and then we went to Red Rock for a walk.
I have to say that Red Rock was unusually beautiful today. It smelled SO GOOD there, I was taking deep breaths of the fresh rain air. It rained here in Vegas yesterday so everything feels fresh and smells like sagebrush. For a minute I just took in the scenery and the quiet and powerful buzz of nature - BEAUTIFUL. I love Red Rock. So grateful that I'm here right now.

Shoot & Massage

Yesterday I had to force myself to get up at the horribly early hour of 9 am, well I actually dragged it out a bit and stayed in bed until about 9 15 until I had to get up and get myself ready so I wouldn't be late. I am usually on time for my appointments. I don't like making people wait.
I met up with Wes and two ladies, Debbie and Lisa (light assistants) at a Starbucks and we drove out far into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area to a place called Redstone.
I recommend a visit to Redstone (not to be confused with Red Rock) if you have some time to spare in Vegas. Massive red rock formations, great place for photos and a picnic.
I have shot there before and I actually lost a high heel there on a shoot. So somewhere out there I lost a black very snazzy heel (Yves Saint Laurent for fashion minded folks). This time around I brought along these that I found at Nordstrom Rack.

I also brought Chhaya and she spent her day sun bathing on the cliffs and looking for lizards. Everybody commented on how well behaved she is and she IS actually that good, until another dog gets in her face.

After the shoot (I hope for a couple of good shots because Wes is a perfectionist) me and Chhaya went to the park closer to the house for two long laps around it. Then I took Chhaya home, rinsed off and changed clothes and headed to my angel Cathy for a 2 1/2 hour long massage. Seriously, I love massages and I love getting my feet and calves rubbed and Cathy is a foot expert. It felt soooooooo good! I want to go back next week.

I got home at a little after midnight and headed straight for the bed with a pint of ice cream in my hand. Long day.

Too Hairy

So since I have bought new shoes and new bra's and I'm in Vegas some of you might be wondering if I'm working......? Me, working? Nooooooo. I have auditioned at at least ten clubs since I've been here (I lost count after ten) and all the managers in charge of hiring told me that I'm too hairy down there (while staring at my neither regions with a look of bewilderment written all over their face) and to come back after I shave. Too hairy? What? I don't get it!
I'm not going to shave! Instead I will live off my meager savings and see how many lattes, pastries and more shopping I can do until I have to start begging for money with all the other hustlers and weirdos doing the same at Las Vegas Blvd.

At least somebody likes my hairy vagine!

Not working....just hanging out. ;-)

Cup Size

I have some new acquired items to show you. First of all, my new gray hoodie from Victoria's Secret - I love it!

And some new bra's from Victoria's Secret. I have a thing for pretty bra's I guess. At work I want to be wrapped in a pretty outfit. The bra is like a decoration in a way. So here are my new beauties that I can add to my collection. The picture does not make them justice I think, I will have to put them on and take pics of each individual one. A black with some rather demure rhinestones, a gray with some long tassels (that's a first), then a white with a small black bow and gold rhinestones from the 2014 Victoria's Secret show in London and finally a baby blue with rhinestones and yellow trim. Oh la la!

Almost every time you step foot into a Victoria's Secret a sales associate will come up into your personal space and ask if you want to be measured. That is, if you are a lady. I doubt they offer to measure men's privates. "Hello Sir, would you like me to measure your penis today? What state do you prefer to get in measured in?" Anyhow. According to THEM (meaning the very persistent at Victoria's Secret sales people) my cup size is a 34 C but I do not consider myself a C. To me, I am a 34 B and I am perfectly happy with that. The reason I say I am a B and not a C is because I am surrounded by boobs at work, I have seen a ton of them in their natural state. Literally. And I know that the sales associates at Victoria's Secret work with boobs too but in a different way than me. I have an idea in my head what size A, B, C, D and even double D boobs look like in the strip club. So when a Victoria's Secret associate recently told me that she indeed had a double D (while wearing a push up bra with padding probably) I looked at her boobs thinking.....that is NOT what a double D looks like in a strip club". I guess it matters how many inches you are around the rib cage and some other math boob calculations that I just do not understand. All I know is I make money at work with my B's. Thank you God! And I know how I want a bra to fit me at work, I want some cleavage that spills over a bit, not to be completely covered up comfy Grandma style by a large cup.....therefore I prefer the B cup over the C. Outside of work I wear sports bra's and once in a while one of my regular bra's, depending on what I'm wearing and where I'm going. Yoga hoodie tank top flip flops sneaker comfy style in private, Victoria's Secret angel style at work.

Red Shoes

So I been wanting to get a new pair of shoes for a while now. Both the chrome (silver) and the pink ones with rhinestones (Stardust 701) finally broke on me due to long usage and I even stapled the pink ones to get more time out of them. Well, sadly they are done and have to go to stripper shoe heaven. Meaning I will sell them to the highest bidder. There is a demand out there for well used stripper shoes.
So where do I go to get sparkling new shoes.....and I'm talking about stripper shoes now although I'm sure there are ladies out there that wear those kinds of shoes outside in the "real" world, like Shauna Sand for example. Well, I go to Red Shoes of course! Located at 4011 West Sahara Avenue, they have a ton of shoes and boots and even outfits and panties. I went with another pair of Stardust 701's by Pleaser but clear ones this time. Since I like that style so much. Here they are - pretty and brand new.

They even have a small stage with a pole at Red Shoes in case you feel you need to impress other shoppers with your amazing (or not so amazing) pole tricks. Don't be shy. Hop on up and start working that pole! My latest pole trick is called "the lazy stripper". Very simple, arch you back and put your butt against the pole and just stand like that and look pretty.
Anyone can do it!

And check out some of the new heights of heels......I call them stilts. Mine are 7" and that is probably as tall of a heel for work that I will have. Everybody asks me how tall I am when I'm at work, like I am some giant or something, when in fact I'm 5'9. So not crazy tall in reality.

These are not for sale, just an "ad" for Pleaser.

So you should check out Red Shoes when you are in Vegas. They have a vast collection of heels, not only for dancers.

And a last pic of my beautiful pink shoes when they were new. I took this pic in February 2012.

Coffee & Croissants

Today me and Julia met up at Sambalatte. It was her first time there and she let me order for her, so I ordered us some vanilla lattes and some almond croissants. The croissants there are very good.

Afterwards I took her to Tivoli Village that is just up the road from where I live (so now you KIND OF know whereabouts my Las Vegas place is located.....), she had never been there either and I wanted to show her Paper Source since we both like greeting cards. In there Julia made us some matching friendship cards. Kind of a symbol that I think is fitting at this time in our friendship.

Afterwards I had to take care of some stuff, then I ate and took Chhaya to the park. Now I'm in bed snacking on mixed nuts and yoghurt and feeling like I could fall asleep any minute although it's only 9 30 pm. I guess I'm tired.

Rabbits And Ducks

Chhaya had a real field day today at Sunset park, a long interesting walk full of sightings of rabbits and ducks. Chhaya is crazy about small furry things like rabbits and squirrels, so she was extra excited and her ears stood straight up almost the whole time.

Sunset park is great, I love going there. And so does Chhaya.

Rabbit patrol.

Sunset park also has a large feathered population, ducks in all kinds of sizes hang out there. Chhaya is curios about the ducks too but the rabbits she just loves. And no, I don't let her off leash so she can chase them.
I went to the Fashion Show mall afterwards to check out some hoodies that I knew were on sale but decided against getting one. Looked cute on but made of kind of shitty quality and I'd rater spend my money on a better hoodie. I actually have a new one from Victoria's Secret that I love but I haven't got around to showing it to you yet. There is also a sale at Diesel (and I love Diesel), I spotted a cute pair of jeans I might need and I saw a few items at Urban Outfitters that just screamed Burning Man. So much shopping so little time! I do have a few new things and I will show them soon.


I went to the Summerlin mall this afternoon. Yes, there is a mall in Summerlin now! It's been there since October I guess, on Sahara and the 215. Anyhow, as always I bring Chhaya. Chhaya comes with me most of the time when I do errands unless I see it not fitting for some reason (rarely). I went in to Nordstrom Rack to look at a pair of shoes, I estimate that I was gone for about 15 minutes, no longer than 20. During that time somebody left this note on my windshield, "Don't leave your dog in the car, idiot". I'm the idiot apparently.

I know this person was only try to be helpful and was maybe concerned that Chhaya had been locked up in the car for hours. They did not know. But the weather permitted the car to be parked outside, the sun was behind the clouds and the window was cracked and Chhaya had water left out in a bowl in case she would be thirsty. I went to Victoria's Secret earlier for perhaps 30 minutes and then I thought it was too sunny so I made sure to park in the parking garage where it was completely shaded. I do everything with Chhaya in mind. If somebody invites me over I ask if I can bring Chhaya. Unless they have pets because Chhaya does not play well with others. I know Chhaya likes it best when she can come with me, even on (boring) errands. Today with everything that I did in between leaving the house and coming back I was away from the house for about four hours. Chhaya can come with me or be alone at home. I know she would rather come with me because included in that four hours was two visits to two different parks so Chhaya could walk, that took at least one hour. Chhaya gets sad when I leave her at home. I do have to leave her at home when I go to work but besides that I try to involve Chhaya as much as possible. She likes driving around with me because I point out certain things to her and that keeps her interested, seems like way more fun than doing nothing besides sleeping if I leave her at home by herself, right? I would never leave her in a hot car, I am very aware of that. And in Alaska if it's cold and I'm doing errands, Chhaya wears a wool sweater and has enough blankets AND a pillow. OR I leave the car running with the heat on for her.
I looked up the law regarding unattended pets in cars here in Vegas, according to it says, "It is illegal to leave a dog or cat unattended in a vehicle during periods of extreme heat or cold." It's mid January, it was about 60 -65 degrees out today and the sun was behind the clouds, so Chhaya was fine and NOT panting when I returned to the car.
Thank You stranger that left the note on the car for me. But today was NOT an extreme heat OR extreme cold day, in Las Vegas in January you will see people dressed in thick winter jackets during the day in 60 degrees weather cause they are cold.
I have seen pets left in cars that were hot before, like HOT outside. The people that know me, know that Chhaya is my baby and that her well being goes before mine. Well, at least the note gave for a blog entry if anything. :-)
Since I am in Vegas now, I have access to my (old) photo albums and here are two of some of my fave pics of me and Chhaya. And I have many.
In Solvang, Caifornia where Chhaya celebrated her one year birthday.

Me and Chhaya at Lake Mead in Las Vegas.

Tonight's big plans? Play with Chhaya and go for another walk. I know people that never walk their dogs or take them anywhere.....those dogs I feel sorry for. I mean, I could go on and on about neglected and mistreated pets.....but I will leave it at that.