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Here Again

I started out my trip to Winner South Dakota (yes I'm back here again) out of Kenai at 2 PM Thursday afternoon and I finally made it to Winner around 5 PM the following day (Friday). The first airplane takes about 20 minutes or so.....Kenai to Anchorage. Then I had a nice and relaxing (not) layover for five hours in Anchorage. After that I had a wonderful time from Anchorage to Minneapolis crammed in between two men, one of them on the larger side that spilled into my seat. The seats on Delta are definitely not made for people that carry a little bit of extra weight. I think I managed to sleep for one hour or so, the rest of the time I watched a movie (Maleficent) and tried to ignore the pretty much constant screaming from a hysterical child seated diagonally behind me. Lovely trip. I realized that yes, if somebody was to have Ebola and get on a full and muggy airplane......everybody would probably get infected. So please people, do not fly if you have Ebola! Or any other diseases similar to it. Thank you.
People were coughing and sneezing constantly, nobody seems to be aware of the "proper" way to handle such bodily functions. Then I had to wait in Minneapolis, that has the best airport ever BTW, for a couple of hours for my next flight to Omaha Nebraska. While waiting, one of my fellow passengers decided that Mecca was calling and started praying, interesting. We boarded the plane, then had to deboard due to something not functioning. Once we were on the next plane we took off and I got to Omaha safely. My first time in Nebraska! From there I drove 300 miles or so to Winner. Through gorgeous country I have to say. Golden cornfields, cows out in pastures and large trees showing off the most beautiful colors. This country really is amazing. I'm glad I have seen so much of it.
Once in Winner I located my trailer and met up with Mandy. Then it was time to shower, shave and slap on some eye shadow and lashes. Although I'd much rather sleep but I pulled myself together and went to work.
Same club as last year, Holiday House. The moment I stepped my foot in there I felt regret and wanted to go back home - immediately. I did not want to be here last year, I said I would never come back. But I did, because sometimes time just erases certain memories, softens our impressions. But yeah, this is not a place for me. So I am back to counting down the hours until I can go back home again. I was actually even thinking about just getting in my car and going back home last night but I didn't. I stuck it out until the end, which is 2 AM.
So I'm at McDonald's (free WiFi) with Mandy, catching up. At this point we are thinking about going someplace else to work, she is feeling the way I do. This place is just too much.
Burly and rude. Guys let out the most disgusting farts while they stand around sipping on their beers like it's the most normal thing to do. There is no difference for them where they are at, barn or strip club - it's all the same. Farts, belches, spilled beer and disgustingness in general. I'm just not cut out for that kind of behavior. They also think it's perfectly normal to reach out and grab you too and that is not OK with me. There is way to much contact going on for my liking. SIGH. Why did I come back? I don't know. This is all the stuff that was bothering me about Holiday House last year.......Well, at least I get to hang out with Mandy and I did see some beautiful scenery. So it's not all horrible.
Not much has changed in Winner. They did open up a coffee shop though, that is a major improvement I have to say. So I got my latte in Winner (finally) and a locally made blueberry muffin. Yeay!

On The Road

I travelled all day and night yesterday to get to my destination. Yes.....I'm on the road again. But I really have to catch up on my sleep now, I'm very tired.

The Duggars'

I have been a bit lazy lately about voicing my opinions. I have to catch up on the Islamic State, the shooting in Ferguson and the reaction of Duncan's family after he died of Ebola. I might get to that later this week. Or not.....sigh.
But today.....the Duggars'.

Ok, if you're not familiar with the Duggars'.....they live in Arkansas. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 children (nine girls, ten boys) that Michelle gave birth to. That is very impressive, that woman gave birth to 19 kids, quite a feat! But that is where it stops being impressive to me. Because Michelle squeezed out all these kids, the TV channel TLC gave the Duggars' their own show called "19 Kids and Counting" (I do not watch it). Do not be surprised if Michelle has baby number 20 in the future, although she has been advised by at least one doctor not to have any more babies due to health concerns for the baby. In fact, Michelle was pregnant with baby number 20 but miscarried. I have written about the Duggars' before. I am for population control in today's world. Having children is a selfish decision, you have them because you WANT to. No baby asks to be born, YOU are solely responsible for putting them here. The world is overpopulated and growing rapidly, that is a fact. Does anybody care about that? Hello.....people with a working brain, are you out there? So having 19 because it's supposedly God's will and not your own doing.....I mean to me that is just really wrong and weird too.
I'm sure the Duggars' take great care of all their children and are loving parents. The income from their show is probably helping a lot too, nothing like all of a sudden being able to amp up your lifestyle and grace magazine covers and everything else their "fame" is allowing them to get involved with. I think they are completely undeserving of this fame. How Michelle's body is doing after carrying 19 children is something I am curios about. I'm sure Jim Bob is doing just fine. Ready to impregnate his woman many more times.
I think one or two kids MAX in today's society, regardless of where you live should be the standard or even the rule. Why anybody would want more I don't know. I also think that every adult has a responsibility not only for themselves but also a greater social responsibility (you do what you can, not everybody is privileged enough to live comfortably and in peace)......and one of those responsibilities (out of many) is to not contributing to overpopulating the world.
The Duggars' also have a backwards view on women and sexuality, I think. No, not ever woman out there should follow my example and be a dancer (stripper) and I have met many dancers that have no business doing it at all. The strip club is certainly not the place to be working if you have some serious issues. But it seems like the only life goals a girl growing up Duggar style has is to get married young, start popping out as many kids as possible and please her husband. That's a shitty life in my opinion, I'd rather do what I do than be a submissive breeder. I'm sure the Duggars' would think that I am an awful human for being so scandalous. They don't celebrate Halloween (which is my favorite holiday) they are not allowed to dance (and I actually dance for people and get paid for it, plus I love dancing in general), what they read and what music they listen to is strictly monitored by their parents (that most likely means no Rihanna, whom I love). Bikinis on the beach is a no no, I grew up running around topless on beaches and think nude beaches are great.
The Duggars' thank God for making them "normal". I don't think by saying normal they mean physically healthy, more like they thank God that they are not gay (at least openly). I have no problem with gay people, in fact I thank God that gays exist, they make this world more interesting, colorful and GAY.
What I also think is totally disgusting is that the girls in the Duggar clan are taught that they "always need to be available when he calls". I would never ever teach something like that to my daughter if I had one.

Meaning when he (the guy they end up marrying) wants sex, you better give it to him. WTF!!!!!? These girls are not even allowed to kiss the guy they marry before the wedding, they don't even really know each other, all their time spent together before the wedding is done under supervision. All of that is so backwards. The Duggar clan is made up by nine girls and ten boys. There is nothing mentioned in the article about the importance for the boys to be chaste and virgins. Are the boys allowed to kiss their future wife before they get married or have any experiences with other girls before they get married?
It seems like they think that a woman's most prized possession is her virginity and that takes you back to the dark ages. Basically, you purchase the girl with the ring and then you can rightfully take what's yours - her virginity and continue to have sex with her whenever you want, regardless of what she wants, because now you own her. I personally think that virginity is important for both sexes and that sex should preferably be experienced when you are mature enough and with somebody that you care for. I am not into casual sex or one night stands at all, to me sex is something rather serious BUT I'm not a virgin and I'm not married. And I am not ashamed over that fact. I would think there is so much more to a girl than her untouched body and virginity. Again, women's sexuality is something shameful.
We should be virgins until married, be available for our husband when he demands sex and we should probably not enjoy sex too much either......but pretend that we do to make the husband feel like he is the greatest lover ever (like you would know the difference with not even a kiss until you get married).
I believe that it's wrong to push your backwards religious beliefs on your children. And here we are talking 19 children. Kids should grow up in a different way I think. Look, I am a dancer but that doesn't mean I sleep around, get drunk on a regular basis, make poor choices, do drugs everyday and fuck up. And I was not raised the Duggar way, far from it. I started going out clubbing at 13, nobody ever told me that it was sinful and I somehow managed to grow up to be a well rounded, secure and confident individual. Even though I chose to work in a strip club. MY choice. On the other hand I know of a girl that was raised in a religious spirit so to speak and stayed a virgin well into her 20's, although she offered different hand job techniques (something I thought that only was on the menu in brothels) to please her boyfriends with. Then she got married, pregnant pretty much right away and has been in and out of rehab several times. Great life huh? Once you have children, nonsense like drinking and drugs should not be on your list of priorities anymore.
I would love to see one of the Duggar kids rebel, escape from the clan (cult really) or come out as a flaming homosexual. Now that is a show I would love to watch on TLC. I Escaped The Duggar Cult!

Chhaya Approved

This is a dish that is Chhaya approved. Steak with carrots. I cook two or three large carrots until soft. Cut them up in small pieces and mix a little butter in with them for taste. Then I lightly fry some steak (in olive oil) and cut it up in small pieces. It's raw on the inside but looks brownish on the outside. Mix it all together and Chhaya gobbles it up. She also likes yams. Sometimes a little brown rice. I give her natural steak free from antibiotics, hormones and preservatives because that's what I would pick for myself if I ate steak. If the piece is big enough it will make for a meal two days in a row. I just cut in in half and prepare the other piece the next day. Chhaya says "YUMMY!"


Ohhhhhhh I found my fave Teavana tea at the local Starbucks in Soldotna. First of all, I love Teavana and I always stop and sip on their sample teas they offer. Until about one year ago or so there was no Teavana store in Alaska but they did finally open one inside Fifth Avenue Mall, that's in Anchorage. I wonder when they are going to open up a Victoria's Secret?
It's long overdue. Anyhow.....back to Teavana. My fave tea from there is called Youthberry, it's actually a blend of two different teas. Well, they made it easy and blended those two teas and Youthberry is now for sale at Starbucks here. So I'm happy that I now have one of my fave teas in my kitchen cabinet. Otherwise I only drink English Breakfast or Earl Grey. Although I have some green teas too that I got with the intention to drink every day, since green tea supposedly is good for you. But I don't. Tea is great, full of antioxidants.
Also yummy from Starbucks is the banana bread and the pecan pie. I don't care too much for their coffee anymore, Kaladi is SOOOO much better. But I do like the chai at Starbucks
(I order it extra hot). And the whipped cream there is the best, still.

On today's schedule. I'm doing laundry and I have to make Chhaya some food after I finish writing this. Then the usual walk and if I'm up for it and the weather permits, a run later.
Last night I got a first. Some guy asked me if my butt is real. What? He thought I had implants. Again......whaaaat? Believe it or not but some people put implants in their butts or inject their butt cheeks with some kind of fat or something to get a larger behind. There is even a book dedicated to the subject, it's called Shot Girls by Vanity Wonder. I did not know whether his question was a compliment or not. Not that it matters, I l♡ve my butt. I will do as Kim K and Nikki Minaj do when they get those comments.
Here are some old pics of my amaaaaazing ;-) behind. I need new pics, it's even better looking nowadays......

Some Tears

I watched Dateline tonight before leaving for work. I'm fascinated by the stories they show on Dateline but I always get the heebie jeebies watching that.....I guess you never know who you get yourself involved in. Very scary. It's like taking a wild think you know somebody and then it turns out that they are psycho.
This was me before work feeling extremely enthusiastic about driving there.....NOT.

And now I'm at work sitting on the couch. Actually last night I was crying on the couch.....not hysterically but I shed some tears. I was watching Abba videos and that just sent me over the edge.....I was feeling emotional already, homesick and just saaaaad. :-( Nobody saw me, it's not like I was putting on some drama queen was me alone on the couch with Abba. Well, I'm not feeling sad tonight but I better stay away from Abba or anything Swedish. I drove to work in pouring rain and we are really slow. Oh well.....ces' t la vie!

Light Dusting

I can report that there is a light dusting of snow here in Kenai. I hope it will be a while until we get completely snow covered, last year we had to wait for the snow and I think that was good. The winters here are very long, so the longer the snow stays away the better. It's cold and windy. I am going to dress up warm in a bit and take Chhaya for a walk. Rain or shine, Chhaya needs exercise and fresh air. Well, if it's raining Chhaya actually rather just run out for a quick pee and then she wants to come back inside again. I'm even thinking about a "refreshing" run for myself but that might be a bit too ambitious.

I saw this in the store today and I almost....almost bought it. For myself. Just because it is sooooo cute. But then I stopped myself and realized that I'm not going to play with it. So no Hello Kitty rescue set for me. I would had totally bought it if I had a kid though.


I just got home from work. Me and Sharon were unusually loud, even for us, this evening.
We renamed ourselves Smegma and Prairie Dog. And that was like the funniest thing EVER, so we thought. At least I get a few good laughs when I go to work.
Then one guy got quite annoying. First I thought he was joking about wanting to get married etc. But when he would not shut up about it and seemed seriously confused towards the end that I was not going to give him my number (I never do and never make false promises about giving my number to anyone) or go out with him, let alone marry him. He started becoming annoying, he actually bothered me. Really now, I don't know you! And I don't care to know you after that display of mental confusion. I started ignoring him and he kept on coming up to me. Leave me alone!
Then another one was talking about how ROMANTICAL he could that's FUNNY! :-D Romantical......LOL. But I guess it's a valid word (?)....although I never heard it before.
As always the night before this one was supposedly a really good night, it's always the night/s when I don't go to work that I hear are just soooooo good. How come?

Now to something more serious. I was late to work cause I just had to watch a show on PBS last night called "Surviving Ebola". I found it very interesting and informative and I thought it was so cool to actually see old footage and a current interview with Peter Piot that I have only read about so far. Again it struck me, the courage displayed by volunteer nurses and Doctors Without Borders that willingly choose to travel to places, away from the comforts and often safety of their homes and loved ones, to care for people they have no relation to. I admire them so much. I would never do that. I can admit to that, I don't have that in me.
Those people are truly heroic.
Then on the drive home from work I listened to Coast To Coast Am, on there they too discussed Ebola but this was a more dire discussion. About lies, conspiracies, biological warfare, that we should all be prepared to isolate ourselves and make sure we have enough food and water to survive for a while. I can say that it didn't seem too farfetched. One of the guests even said that he advises people not to plan to have children right now, due to the current state of the world. And that is ONE of the main reasons I don't have a child. I don't want to put an innocent child into this world because I don't like what I see. Why would I want to subject another person, my OWN child to possible suffering? Sure, these are only speculations but I don't think the discussions I've been catching snippets of on Coast To Coast AM lately are a bunch of mumbo jumbo. It scares me. Ebola. IS.
Possible biological warfare. Is this done on purpose somehow? I don't know. But I do know that being healthy is priceless. Having food and water is priceless also. You don't need much else. But I'm about to fall asleep now, it's after 4 AM and Chhaya kept the bed nice and warm for me. That too is priceless, the friendship we have with out beloved pets.

The Moon

Another evening here with a magnificent moon. This is what I saw on my walk with Chhaya a few hours ago. We walk here.....just us. Sometimes we see moose, sometimes caribou or some birds. Besides that, it's quiet.

Chhaya and the moon.

After the walk I was frozen. It's time to dig up the long johns and some warm gloves. One of my toes is still recovering after getting cold tonight.
Besides that I'm exhausted for no reason at all. I think I'm going to wash my hair and go to sleep early. Unless I try to stay up and try to look for the lunar eclipse. It starts a little after midnight tonight and goes on for a few hours.


The moon was so big and gorgeous last night. I was in the right place for a good pic, this is the moon over the Kenai river last night.

There is a lunar eclipse tonight I guess, I might be able too see that too. If I'm not sleeping.
Besides this I am annoyed. I am dealing with a missing money order that was cashed by not the person it was intended for and fraud on my credit card. Got the credit card taken care I'm getting a new card sent to me and I have to inform all the places that I have recurrent billing with of the new credit card number. Time consuming, annoying. Then I have to trace the money order and try to get my money back for it. WTF. Stuff like this is exhausting. Bleh. So I'm feeling annoyed.
One more FUN fact......I guess there were some people from Africa in the club last night I heard (I wasn't there). One of them recently arrived from Africa. Not Liberia. But still, Africa. After they left, the table and chairs they were using and the pool sticks (they played pool) got wiped down with bleach. I don't think any of the girls interacted with them last night.
Last Saturday night a guy from Kongo was in.....he told me he is here working, in between here and Japan I guess on some ship, so he had not physically been in Africa for a while.
I interviewed him, oh yes I did. He was very nice. But last night he brought in a friend, that person was newly arrived from Africa. I am not interested in getting any kind of disease - HIV, the flu, Marburg, Ebola, chlamydia, HPV.....etc. NONE of that stuff that you can get from another person. I intend to stay as healthy as possible. Next time management tells me that I HAVE to talk to somebody or do a lap dance for somebody just because they happened to make it in the "buy one get one free dance", or the "get one free" or the "$10 off a lap dance" jars that we have on stage ( rollbacks at Walmart OK....I don't like it whatsoever) I will remind them of that I am an independent contractor and I interact with people at my own discretion. That's the law. You can't force me to do anything actually and then yell at me and call me STUPID (true story) when I protest and question stuff. You can call me ugly if you want, if that's what you think, cause I really couldn't care less. But do not call me stupid, because if you think that I am stupid then your IQ levels better be way up there.