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Oma Bra

This bra shop that is called Oma Bra is absolutely fascinating. I did not go inside but I marveled at the largest bra I have ever seen displayed in the window. WOW! It says that they carry sizes up to 52 N. I did not know that size even existed.

Me? 34 B.


Today me and Mandy went to a neighborhood in Omaha called Benson. There is an amazing thrift shop/antique store there called The Imaginarium. I'm not a big thrift shop fan, other peoples used clothes and stuff creep me out a bit but I will make exceptions for something that I really like. The Imaginarium is hands down the best thrift shop I have ever been to, there is some really cool and interesting stuff there and lots of it. I found a brass owl for a friend that collects owls and some super cute mugs with mushrooms on them. I love mushrooms, although not to eat.....unless they are the special kind.

Then we had coffee. And lemon cupcakes.

Amazing mural.

Torture Machine

Went back to the gym when I woke up today and got back on the torture machine. Of all the cardio machines I've tried, it's the one that makes me sweat the most and I feel like I'm really working out. It's a stair master, it's that high one that you have to climb up on. I call it the stairs of torture.....I used to do 30 minutes on it when I lived in Vegas. Always level 4 and the Fatburner option. Now I do 15 minutes. Then I have to quit.

Since I don't have a scale at home and there only is some old outdated scale that I don't trust at the gym I (sometimes) go to in Kenai I made sure to find out what I weigh as of lately. 133. Or maybe 132 since I was wearing clothes when I stepped on the scale. It converted into kilos too, 60.5. Whaaaat??!! Unacceptable! This means it's time to go on an all liquid diet combined with daily enemas and lose at least ten pounds immediately! ;-)

No Bare Nipples

Some clubs have "strange" rules. In this one showing nipple is illegal, therefore those need to be covered up by either tape or some form of latex or puffy paint. Otherwise you are considered indecent I guess. So no bare nipples, or you are breaking the law (I think?). I got light pink and silver glitter puffy paint at Michaels for myself. The club is also providing the dancers with several different colored tapes to choose from.

It rained hard here tonight, I got lost to work and from work. Omaha has very a very complicated road system. Confusing. And I have a very bad sense of direction, I get easily lost.
Work was kind of dragging. I got a new fan, some girl that works at a nearby club. I'm in bed now, going to curl up and sleep soon.
Me earlier I'm in my pajama pants and a tank top.

Feeling Great

OMG I'm feeling great! Happy and alive! It's amazing what some Whole Foods therapy and sunshine can do. I've been eating there every day since I got here. The sun is shining and the trees are BEAUTIFUL in Omaha.....I'm really impressed with this town actually. The trees are large and the autumn colors are on full display - red, orange and yellow. Gorgeous.

I also found a gym and got a pass that is valid for 24 hours, so I'm going back tomorrow.
The gym had my fave machine, the stairs of torture. I'm getting back on those tomorrow.
Life is good right now. :-D


Had to go out and get some necessities. Needed more lotion. Sometimes I use unscented Lubriderm but I love L'Occitane so I decided to try their vanilla cream. Some vanilla body butter from Body Shop too. And vanilla scented shower creme from Bath & Body Works. I like vanilla and I also like honey scented lotions and cremes. Mandy has this creme from Weleda, it's called Skin Food and it smells like essential oils/aromatherapy, I decided I needed some of that too. And a hand creme from Weleda, my other one I've been using it's almost empty.
I think I'm going to get some for my Mom (the Skin Food), it's really nice.
There is a mall here, I haven't been to a mall in about six months or so. I went to Victoria's Secret but they did not have any bras that I thought were cute enough for me. But I might have found some tennis shoes. I need a new pair, or two. I will go back to the mall in a few days and try them on, I'm excited! Right now I'm just laying in bed and relaxing......tired.

Pay To See It

I have to say that I agree with the message on this paper that's hanging in the dressing room in the club. That's right, make them pay to see it. It's a strip club after all and the girls are working. That little fact seems to sometimes be overlooked - yes, the girls are working.
Well, most of the time....I do have my nights when I just kind of sit there and wait for time to go by so I can go home. I go up on stage when it's my turn but that's about it.

It's suggested that the girls don't wear their hair in a ponytail or a bun in this club. Although I think that a ponytail can look cute, even classy if it's a long and sleek pony tail. Bun.....not so much. I usually wear my hair up in a twisted bun or a braid during the day.

New Club

Tried a new club tonight. But first I had to go to the Social Security Office and get a printout of my social security card that I did not bring with me. I did not think that I would leave Winner, so I left the card at home. But sometimes plans change.

The new club is definitely more pleasant and more my style, so I am glad that I left Winner. Tonight was a bit slow but besides that everybody was nice, no drama or craziness to report.

Me and Mandy both have a thing for Hello Kitty purses.

I am quite tired, I drove almost 300 miles yesterday and then started working at the new club today. I'm going to take a bath and go to bed now. Heading straight to Whole Foods when I wake up.

From Winner To Omaha

Me and Mandy escaped Winner yesterday. She decided that she could not take it anymore so I tagged along from Winner to Omaha. I did not need much convincing, I quickly packed my bags too.
I think I like Omaha a lot so far! Upon arriving we went to the largest and nicest looking Whole Foods I have ever been to, I ate delicious food and had an iced vanilla latte, of course!
When the barista made me my latte I almost cried happy tears. Vanilla latte from Whole Foods = BLISS! I'm back in civilization! Hallelujah!

Last Night

Last night was a difficult night, making money was like pulling teeth. It was like haggling for lap dances at a market full of stubborn donkeys aka men with very tight pockets.
Everybody wanted to negotiate. Negotiate what exactly? Some girls flat out refused to pay the house fee because they did not make enough. Which is understandable, since all of the girls there were from out of town and some came from very far away too and paid a lot of money to travel to South Dakota (like me). I talked a bit to a very pretty Russian girl from New York City, she told me that she works at Flashdancers (yeah, she was quite beautiful actually).
The house fee at Holiday House is rather steep, $135/night, plus then there is the daily room fee too $40 to stay in one of the trailers they provide for the dancers, so that adds up to $175. That means you have to make $175 before you make a profit for yourself, it can be stressful and annoying when you don't make money.
Me and Mandy with our ball whackers.

I forced Mandy to wear my favorite outfit.