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Depeche Mode

The last two nights I have been immersed in music videos on youtube. I love music videos, I used to be addicted to MTV and other similar channels back in the day. So I have been on a personal late night nostalgic journey, remembering when I used to go out in Sweden.....almost every weekend since I was 13. If I missed a weekend it was a personal disaster. When I got a complaint for unruly behavior once from a teacher my Mom did not allow me to go out clubbing (well, more like dancing) the following weekend, I thought I was going to DIE! Me not going out? Unheard of!
And a few years after arriving in the US I discovered raves but that's a whole other chapter. Some of the BEST times of my life have been in a club or at a rave - dancing. I love to dance. Anyhow.....
So while looking at music videos last night I was texting with Mandy, it's like our nightly thing as of lately.....she was telling me about some rather sad stuff. So to cheer her up and steer the conversation in a different direction I wrote, "Depeche Mode" cause I was watching a bunch of Depeche Mode videos since about an hour at that point. She immediately writes back, "How in the hell did u know I was listening to that right now?"
Weird huh? She didn't even know I was on youtube listening to music/watching videos. And of all the music out there we were both listening to Depeche Mode. Mandy likes chameleons, spiders and other insect like pets. I don't. I love latte, she is not a big fan. We both love Depeche Mode and happened to listen to them at the exact same time last night. We are both dancers. We both use MAC's. I'm a Capricorn she is a Pisces. She has three Chihuahuas and I have a pitbull. We both ❤ the color pink. All of those details MUST mean that we were separated at birth, Mandy IS my sister or my other soul spirit human. LOL.

Speaking of Depeche Mode. I love them. I was lucky enough to see them in concert in Vegas years ago. AMAZING. OK! AMAAAAZING. I would love to see them again.
And I finally found a 20 ounce cup for my lattes so I don't have to waste paper cups anymore. I have been feeling bad about being wasteful. I have a couple of 16 ounce cups but since about a year now I've been drinking 20 ounce lattes. Now I have a cup for them. Perfect.

Cold & Cravings

I got up kind of early today. I had to go to the DMV. It's officially cold now. The lawn was frosty and I could see my breath when exhaling this morning.....brrrr.
What I want to do right now is bury myself deep under my covers and go to sleep but instead I'm going to take Chhaya out. I think we are going to go for a long walk, meaning one hour I have to bundle up. We are going exploring I told her.
DMV has been a process. Their photo machine was down a few days ago.....I needed to get a new license since my old one has been expired for over a week now. But all of the picture taking machines in the whole state were down last week, yes imagine that! As a JOKE, I asked the lady handling my paperwork at the DMV if I could provide them with a selfie instead, "Hold on, let me find a real good selfie in my phone real quick". She looked at me like I was insane - LOL. Then I went back last Friday but the line was too long, ain't nobody got time for that! Today there were only 3 people ahead of me and the whole process still took almost 45 minutes, so imagine waiting with 30 people ahead of you. No thanks! Well, I got a license now (driving legally again) and I am happy with the picture, I'm smiling - OF COURSE. When I renewed my passport in Sweden a few months ago I wanted to smile on the passport photo but I was not allowed to. You are no longer allowed to smile (with teeth showing) on the photo used in Swedish passports. In my old passport photo I smiled and I love that pic of myself. But no more smiling. Bleh. Boring. I was going to share my old passport pic with you (cause I just love it soooo much and I am a huge narcissist as you all know by now......oh yes) but then I started to feel weird about what if some weirdo does something WEIRD with it? Trust me, I have encountered some WEIRDOS in my life with BAD intentions towards me, although cleverly disguised as a friend with good intentions. Sooner or later their true colors showed. So I scrolled through my phone and found this pic instead. I'm drinking Earl Grey tea at my friends cafe in Stockholm.

So's cold, I feel frozen. And I have some materialistic cravings. Not that it's going to make my life any better if I acquire these things.....but I still want them.
Pink and beautiful Prada bag. This bag is gorgeous! I NEED! I think that Boss Lady should buy this for me for Christmas......or anyone else that is feeling generous and appreciative of me. ;-)

New bodychain. I think I like this one. Or should I wait for new designs to come out? It's by TatiRocks Jewelry.

Shoes for work. Just because they are cute.

Boss Lady Is A Hero

Boss Lady did it again! She used her gypsy skills and collected more money for the animal sanctuary in Nikiski. We already did that once, I took a $300 check over there, this is money we collected at work. So some strip clubs actually do give back and do good in society. Actually last Saturday me and Boss Lady joined efforts and helped out a lady and her little puppy that were in some distress.
This time Boss Lady put a cuss jar at the bar, every time you cursed you had to pay a fine. "Had to" should be taken lightly, we don't force people to participate in anything they don't want to. Since I sometimes like to curse (I blame it on temporary bouts of Tourette's) I had some nice men make donations in the jar in my name.....about $50 or so. Boss Lady collected close to $300 again (!) and she and the Big Boss are supposed to take a drive out to Nikiski to deliver the money and check out the sanctuary for themselves today. It's gorgeous out too, a perfect day for a road trip. Here is Chuck with the money. Chuck is one of Boss Lady's much loved and spoiled babies. He is a ferocious Chihuahua.

Boss Lady possesses some very impressive money making skills. She could give any sales people at the markets in Kazakhstan some serious competition, she can sell you anything even if you don't need it. Boss Lady can charm the wallet out of every man with her ways and ample bosom.
I told her that she should become a professional fundraiser person, like a one person Kickstarter. For example, let's say you want money for a certain cause, you would hire Boss Lady and she would in an agreed amount of time collect money for you and then in turn she would get a certain percentage of the profits. I'm sure she would do very well.
I am going to ask her to collect money for me next. I want a new beautiful purse, like Prada, Givenchy or something similar.
Today Boss Lady is a hero. Because of her the Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary in Nikiski will get some much needed donations. I do have great news about one of the dogs that I met when I went out to there last month - Buddy. He was shot in the leg and just got left to die by his previous owner (piece of shit). This big cuddly and happy baby got adopted! Look at that face! ❤

"Buddy is one of the reasons we are fighting for the Kenai Peninsula Borough to provide emergency Animal Services to area's outside of the cities here on the peninsula. Buddy was found shot in his own back yard. His leg was broken by the impact of the bullet. He now has a rod in his leg that will be removed in 3 months. He is available for adoption now to a responsible home."

Pic and text borrowed from the Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary Facebook page. Check them out on Facebook and like them! :-D


Today I had a really bad headache.....what did people do back in the day before the invention of aspirin and such? Chew on bark or just suffered through it? I woke up with a lingering headache, didn't pay it much attention. Met up with my friends Nancy and Jim at Kaladi......

Then I went ahead and continued with my errands. I'm like a soccer Mom, doing errands all day long, sans the kids. By the time I was in line at Fred Meyer waiting to pay for my groceries all I could think about was to breathe calmly and get home as fast as possible so I could take an Excedrin. And when I got home I did just that and curled up in bed. I forced myself to get up about an hour ago and made a Greek salad, I needed to eat something. I most likely got a headache from all the smoke at work last night that I got exposed to, second hand smoke is disgusting.

I scored three bags of bread ends today at Odie's Deli. They give them away for free and I give the bread to the animals. Birds and squirrels. And all the other food scraps that I do not consume, like vegetable and fruit peel and such I throw outside in the forest, I'm sure some kind of animal will eat it.

I have a mama moose and her baby basically living in my yard since a while now. Super cute and not scared of me and Chhaya at all. If anything I'm the one that is scared of the mama moose. They eat the grass and sleep here at night. The mama was so close to the window yesterday that I could had reached out and petted her. In fact I am watching them right now from where I am sitting in the kitchen, they are eating and eating. At least they are safe here, nobody will bother them in my yard. I put out some apple peels for them the other day and they gobbled them up.

So cuuuuuute! Well, I have to get dressed now and take Chhaya for a walk. Clear my lungs with some fresh air.

What's New

What's new with me? Not much.....I've been home all week. Doing what I do.....not much. I did have a meeting about investing my money. More. I already have some investments that made me money (and some that didn't) now I am going to plan for big money (hopefully). I also spent lots of cuddle time with Chhaya. As usual.
I woke up to an earthquake yesterday. That is the third time I got shaken awake by an earthquake in Alaska. This one was a 6.2 magnitude with the epicenter about 80 miles northwest of Anchorage, so I felt it more like a shake since I'm about 150 miles away from Anchorage. But a few of my friends that live there said it was quite scary.
Last night's views from my road. Gorgeous! For those of you who don't know.....the mountain you see in the pics, that is Mount Redoubt - an active volcano. And I can see it from where I live! Crazy!

It's a nice day today. There was frost on the lawn when I woke up today and the nights are getting cold. I might go to work tonight......if I'm in the mood. Maybe I'll paint my nails too. Pink perhaps? And go running. Life is good! ❤


I have been eating a lot of Anna's gingerbread cookies the evening with a mug of hot tea - yummy. I'm missing Sweden right now and thinking about when I should go again. Since it's such a long plane ride and I have so many friends there and family to catch up with I need at least two weeks. Last time I went I extended my stay because I didn't have enough time.

It's Thursday today....Throwback Thursday. My Mom has these two pics of me on display back home.

I'm not sure how old I am in the first pic.....five maybe? And the second like 18-19. I did my first real photo shoot and they (hair and make up people) made me up like that.


I heard some talk about two of the girls that worked here in the summer and their trips to the grocery stores around town. That they would dress up kind of SEKSI and go up to random guys shopping and advertise their "services". I don't know if they were approaching the men with some kind of invitation about coming into the club and see them naked or if there were invitations to spend other kind of time together. You know, play for pay. They supposedly did some of that also.
Sure, this was gossip but these two ladies built a nice reputation for themselves while being I doubt it is completely unfounded.
Now, going up to guys shopping for groceries can be rather risky. He might be there with his significant other that is just temporary out of sight because she might be bagging up some tomatoes or grabbing milk. If I would had seen two skanks trying to rub up on MY man, well I would had grabbed one of these fish whackers that you can buy at Fred Meyer and smacked them around a bit. Bitch whacker OK?!
Actually I am going to get one of these whackers, not to slap around some skanks with......I am going to slap guys around with it at work. Provide some extra discipline when they don't behave how I see it fitting. Boss Lady will be thrilled when I bring it in next time I work!

Crater Lake

On the way back from Burning Man I stopped by Crater Lake, that's in Oregon. First of all, Oregon is a beautiful place, I need to spend more time there. I know there must be some amazing hot springs and hikes there and I need to explore more of Oregon. Crater Lake is magical. The color of the water is a blue I have never seen before, rich, deep and intense.
No picture I have is making the place any justice.....

The island out in the lake is called Wizard Island, a very fitting name. I can just imagine a Harry Potter style wizard living there with a few owls as company.
I explored the surroundings for a few hours.

My dream right now is to get an RV, travel around the country and see beautiful sights, go for hikes and visit hot springs. Stop for a latte at cute or interesting cafes. Take my time, enjoy, dip my toes in the ocean, lakes and streams. Gaze at a sky full of stars in a forest somewhere. Fall asleep to the sound of chirping crickets and the wind rustling through the trees. All of that and more.


Let's Cook

I am very excited to announce that it's Breaking Bad time for me again. I am going to watch the whole show from the beginning until the end and savor every second. I loooooove Breaking Bad, I think it's the best stuff ever. Even better than Dallas that was my fave when I was little, oh and Little House On The Prairie too of course. When I was little (young teen or tween can't recall exactly) they would show Dallas on Swedish television and I thought Dallas was great, I was fascinated of what I saw. Everybody was so pretty (Pam and Lucy were my faves) there were horses and a ranch - in my mind back then Dallas was the way to live life. Never would I had imagined then that I would live in the US in the future, building up to having my own Dallas kind of life.....oh yes it's going to happen.
I'm not the only Breaking Bad fan, have you read Anthony Hopkins open fan letter to Bryan Cranston (that plays the fantastic Mr Walter White in the show)? If not, you should. Here are some snippets, "I have never watched anything like it. Brilliant! Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have seen - ever. Thank you. That kind of work/artistry is rare, and when, once in a while, it occurs, as in this epic work, it restores confidence. You and all the cast are the best actors I've ever seen."
I have to say I agree. The plot and the acting - superb. I love Walter and I love Jesse.

And before anybody's crappy imagination starts running wild. It's freakin' baking soda and food coloring OK? I have humor, if you don't - too bad for you.

Very Grateful

This will be my last entry about my Burning Man 2014 experience. To sum it up - I had lots of fun, I was happy, it was amazing, I want to go again and I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to go and experience Burning Man again.

If you want to read more about it, check out Sarah Wonderhussy's fantastic blog here
We camped together this year again.


Some parting words that I read somewhere, I don't know who the author is......

"Come with an open mind and an open heart. Let go of any sort of agenda or expectation and you will be right where you need to be."