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Bad Pedi

Today I had another bad pedi, one more to add to the list of bad beauty services had in Alaska. I don't understand how a nail salon or a spa can let people that don't have the proper experience or knowledge handle a client's hair, skin or nails and then have the nerve to charge full price for it. If I wanted an apprentice I would go to some kind of a place where students offer beauty services for discount prices, while they are being supervised by an experienced teacher. The absolute worst was when I had a spa pedicure at Allure Spa (supposedly one of the best) in Anchorage, $80 and an absolute joke. I also had the pleasure of having a rather crappy facial at the same place. In Soldotna I had an upper leg wax at Karlene's last summer, also a place that advertise themselves as a higher end spa. It was the worst leg wax ever. No wonder I'd rather do my own toes and wax my own legs. Much cheaper and you don't have to sit there baffled, while somebody is handling you like they never performed a service like that before. And then they expect a tip afterwards. Really?
Some people just don't have the right touch, they only attended beauty school because it's an education that anyone that is willing to pay for can put themselves through and it might lead to a job afterwards. Not because they truly are passionate about the art of esthetics.
Never again will that old man that was handling my toes today going to touch them again.
He was nice but awful at his chosen craft and I went in there for a pedi, not to have the pleasure of sitting close to a "nice" man while he attempted to cut and file my toenails and then perform some fort of a pedi. A pedicure consists of more than removing the old polish and slapping on some new polish and a top coat.

I am excited over my new pretty cleaning products by Method. Especially the pink and the purple bottles, grapefruit and lavender.