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I got to Coffee Roasters a while ago, sat down with my yummy latte and a blueberry muffin (baked at the premises). It's raining since a few days now. The fire which was raging here a few days ago is more under control now and the evacuated residents were able to come home. I worked last night, there is so much drama and stuff going on in this small club that it's insane. I had coffee with a girl I work with yesterday and that is exactly what we were discussing, all the drama here. I have worked at clubs with hundreds of girls and there were less (that I noticed) bullshit going on than here in this small club. But I guess that might be just the way it is in a small place and a small town. Sharon described me to somebody at work yesterday, she said that she thinks I am beautiful from the inside out. That warmed my heart and made me feel grateful and teary eyed. Sure, it's nice that others might think you have a nice exterior but when others think that you are a nice person - that matters more.
To me. I get teary eyed a lot, several times a day. Just thinking about Chhaya, people I miss, reading the news, seeing that sad ASPCA commercial on TV with those poor animals. I can't take it. Sometimes I wish I could turn off feeling, it's too much at times. I scrolled down through the news and read about an elk called Big Boy that some bloodthirsty cop shot.
The residents in the town where Big Boy frolicked are outraged, Big Boy was kind of a fixture in town and supposedly never harmed anyone. I got sad. Why did the elk have to die? Why kill an animal if all you want are the bragging rights and the animals head on your wall, maybe feel extra tough and powerful that day too? Why? I don't understand it. We have a store in town called Sportsman's Warehouse. When you walk in you walk past a large wall, the wall is full of pictures of people showing off the animals they killed. They hold up their heads, some sit on the animal - grinning. OK, I know that this is Alaska and some people hunt for subsistence, this is legal and accepted here. But do you have to be such a show off about it? Don't get me started on pure trophy hunting. I can't stand it. It makes me sick. I should put up my own pic on that wall inside Sportsman's Warehouse, me hugging and kissing a moose baby or holding a chicken or a little piglet. Showing off that I love animals.
One more absolutely HORRIBLE thing has happened (again) in a different part of the world. Two young girls in India (14 and 15) were found dead hanging, they had been gang raped.
It hurts to read about this, I'm thinking about the two girls and the horror they went through. I don't understand how a human can do this to another human. How can a gang of guys attack and rape a girl or girls and then hang them and let them die? This must be somewhat acceptable in India since it seems to happen on a regular basis.
And with acceptable I mean, the punishment for raping and discarding of women, doing what you want to women if you are a man over there seems to carry a punishment equal to a slap on the wrist. If you are a woman that get raped in India chances are that you will be ostracized afterwards. I can't even think about it anymore, I feel helpless and sad. Is it that difficult to know wrong from right? I am not free of fault and sin. But you don't knowingly harm another person or animal. Unless you defend yourself and examples like such.
Other than that, it is WRONG. What is wrong with people?
Well.....that's all from me today, I feel drained. I am going to take Chhaya for a long and refreshing walk in the drizzling rain, I have to clear my head......Here is a pic from the other day.

Boko Haram

Let me try to put together another blog entry with some substance to it so I can prove to ya'll that I'm not stupid, before I start writing about pink nail polish and Hello Kitty again..... ;-)
Today I want to touch on Boko Haram and the kidnapped girls in Nigeria. Those were girls that went to school, they were abducted because the leader of Boko Haram and his followers do not believe in "Western" education, since it's evil according to them. I'm suspecting that they also think that women in general are below men, have no rights, their life should consist of taking care of the household as in cooking, cleaning and sexually be available to your husband (starting from a young age) and give birth to lots of children, preferably boys.
The leader of Boko Haram made a statement that Allah has instructed him to abduct the girls and sell them on the market. "I will sell women. I sell women". The men that are in Boko Haram consider themselves to be be devout holy men. Other notable things that the leader of Boko Haram has said, "Until we soak the ground of Nigeria with Christian blood and so called Muslims contradicting Islam. After we have killed, killed, killed, and get fatigue and wondering what to do with their corpses - smelling of Obama, Bush and Goodluck - will open prison and be imprison the rest. Infidels have no value."
So according to some devout and holy men of Islam like the members of Boko Haram and such, I (since I do not affiliate myself with Islam) deserve to be killed. They would probably torture me for a long time first because I am a bad woman, showing my body shamelessly and having opinions. Wonderful. I was under the impression that Islam is a "religion of peace"? How come then that so many kill and destroy in the name of Allah? I still have to understand that, can't wrap my head around that fact.
I think the schoolgirls should be rescued, (searches are ongoing) absolutely! The countries in Africa that are being harassed and ran by idiots like these men should be getting sanctioned and boycotted by the world, no more monetary aid that will fund their armies with weapons that kill innocent people. Stop sending money to countries like these!
And since I do not want to come of as an Islamophobe, because I'm not.....I'm just bringing up facts, let me bring up another example of women held against their will in the name of God.
I saved an article I read in a magazine from last year about a Rebecca Musser that at 19 was married off to an 85 year old "prophet" of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yes, these practices are ongoing in Utah in today's USA. Young girls are brought up, brainwashed and forced to marry men that are old enough to be their great grandfathers. All they do it cook, clean, work and give birth. They can't pick out what they want to wear, they have to wear long skirts and keep their hair long and up. Similar to when certain countries that affiliate with the more stricter teachings of Islam decide that women have to cover up from head to toe. Rebecca managed to escape that life and I am happy that she did. Noteworthy is that Warren Jeffs, a former FLDS leader had 80 wives, some as young as 12 and 15. What a grown man wants to do sexually to a 12 and 15 year old that have no possibility of protesting the fact that some old dude is about to mount her is mind-blowing to me.
Warren Jeffs and several other men from FLDS are now in prison where they belong and where they should sit until they draw their last breath.
All human are born free, at least they should be born free. Women have a fully functioning brain (in case you didn't know this) and are meant to live their lives to the fullest, not to be somebody's subservient slave.
Organized religion enslaves people. I do think that there is value to SOME of the Ten Commandments, although I could add some of my own Commandments to the mix but everybody that is not a sociopath should understand this, the understanding of that comes from a place within of morals and ethics.
And while I am of the topic of religion.....The current suggested boycott of the Beverly Hills hotel because it's owner the sultan of Brunei has imposed Sharia law in his country.
Boycott or no boycott? Duh, boycott of course! I stay at Motel 6 when I'm in Hollywood, it's cheap, close to everything I need and I can bring Chhaya, what else can I ask for? Sharia law on the citizens while the sultan and the royal family live a life far removed from any such Sharia lifestyle? Screams double standard! The Beverly Hills hotel has long been known for scouting women that are willing to prostitute themselves for cash and jewelry in Brunei to the men in the "royal" family. Please, there are so many stories out there about that and
"Porta-Potty" girls and all that stuff. And yes, I read "Some Girls, My Life in a Harem" by Jillian Lauren, I wrote a blog about that a long time ago (on July 9 2010). Do I believe her? Yes.
Sharia law does not belong in the today's world. And let me add another bit of my personal opinion before I log off. I think when you are as wealthy as the sultan of Brunei (and others that have significant wealth) it should be your MORAL DUTY to practice acts of kindness and altruism to help the world to become a better place instead of worrying about shit like having a house with 1000+ rooms and more cars than you know what to do with.
If you believe in God, you should know this, "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."


I do not watch football.....I don't know anything about football. I'm referring to American football now, not what we call football in Sweden (fotboll). I always thought that American football was confusing, not much happening besides large men laying on top of each other or running short distances (I think). But I guess football is the national sport (I checked recent statistics). So I caught some footage of the first openly gay guy in football, Michael Sam and I thought it was very touching. He got the news that he was drafted, with his boyfriend by his side. I almost cried. And they shared a little kiss, CUUUUTE! But OH MY GAAAAAAWD what reactions it evoked! So, showing violence and murder on TV is OK but not a quick kiss, out of love? What will the poor children think? Let them watch a violent show instead where some dude is chopping up people, much better!
I guess football is a very macho sport and being gay is still looked at as something disgusting and wrong by many guys. Those are the same guys that would love to have sex with two hot lesbians and think that hot lesbian porn is great. Lesbians, only if hot on a male hetero scale = great but men that are gay, oh no that is not OK. Double standards much?
I am, if you maybe missed out on this bit of information so far......very open minded. I don't care whether you are gay, straight, twisted long as you are a good person in general. I can tell you this much.....I'd much rather be around a bunch of gay guys than some straight guys that might think it's OK to rape me, just because they can. How often do you hear of a female rapist out there lurking in the bushes so she can knock some innocent man unconscious and rape him? Or do you ever hear of random gay guys that pray on straight guys? Not that I can think of. Sure there might be a few cases, if you dig around for them.
On the other hand, I hear of rape and sexual assault hetero man on woman all the time.
Guys rape each other in prison too, straight, gay - it doesn't matter when you are locked up and horny, right? I guess it's OK to be gay in prison, some guys seem to think so. Different rules in prison.
I am SO grateful for gay guys and how some of them have brightened my life with their presence, they glitterfy and beautify the world. One such time that stands out in my head was when Carson Kressley was on Dancing With The Stars and danced to Moves Like Jagger.
Best ever! I just wanted to crawl into the TV, hug him and ask him to be my best friend.
I absolutely love Carson. I love RuPaul. Keoki (always). And the list goes on......Carson if you read this.....let's have afternoon tea at the Four Season and chat!
You might think gay sex is gross or sinful. Well, I think that two people can do whatever they want with each other, if it's consensual of course. People like to bring up religion when they pontificate their opinions about gays. Well, if God was so against gays, he would had never made them. I think that you are born gay. Nobody wants the problems that come with being gay. It's much easier to be straight in society. Gays get harassed and even killed on an everyday basis, who wants that? So if God was so much against gays, everybody would had been born straight. Less problems.
There are so many worse things I can think of than being gay. How about being a child molester? Or a rapist? Or an animal abuser?
I heard that some dumb ass came into the club I work at a few weeks ago and loudly called a guy he doesn't even know, sitting at the bar minding his own business, "fag". I happen to know who both are. The dumb ass is a large bully that needs to work on his education, worry about himself and shut the fuck up. The other guy seems to be a nice person and doesn't appear gay to me but even if he is.....SO FUCKING WHAT?! It's good that I was not around to hear that because I would had loudly intervened. I am very sensitive to stuff like that. If you try to, in any shape or form, harass or hurt somebody (uncalled for) when I am around I will step in. I don't care if you are bigger than me, bring it!
You know what, you can be against gays or whatever.....that is your prerogative. We all have opinions......I know this, I have PLENTY about almost everything. Let your opinions flow when you vent with your buddies while doing something macho such as having some brewskis and talking about women and our body parts. Or write a blog! But to bully, harass or use violence to get your (in my opinion narrow minded and backwards) views across.....that is NOT OK.
I remember when I was 16 and went to my first gay club. I was in heaven! Great music, cute boys everywhere and no annoying motherfuckers sneaking up from behind thrusting their half hard penises against my ass (I call them dickthrusters), thinking that is how they will get my attention. That is how you will get my foot in your crotch if anything.
I'm not saying that all straight guys are horrible rapists and bad guys in general and that all gay guys are some innocent lambs with this entry. Of course not, I know better than that. Being a good person has nothing to do with your sexual preferences.