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I got recognized at work tonight......a girl came up to me and asked if I have a blog. Her name is Colette and she told me that she read all my Williston entries and that she ended up going there to work and liked it. It's a pretty cool feeling when I get recognized by a complete stranger that has been reading my stuff, it's not the first time either.
I am SOOO tired, it's exhausting to work in Vegas. I now remember how tired I used to be when I worked here back in the day. I'm going to take a shower now and then enjoy sleeping to the fullest.
Here is a few years old pic of me. My friend Wolf189 has a bunch of undeveloped pics of me, because he is "old fashioned" and shoots with film only, no digital. So once in a while I get a pic of me that I've never seen before. Always a nice surprise!

Photographer Wolf189