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I worked last night again. My friend has been doing well in this club but with my luck (always like this when I travel) things have slowed down and a lot of the girls are complaining, even my friend that is a good looking girl. It's a typical Vegas club, way too many girls.....some that should not be dancing at all or should had retired 20 years ago. Aggressive hustle, getting the guys drunk and taken for a ride, don't take no for a answer. Rude and obnoxious guys, thinking they are cool in front of their buddies when in fact they are just pathetic little shits. I'm still making money but nothing fantastic so far, trip and bag is paid for.....of course, with money left over.....of course. When I say fantastic I mean $ 1000-1500 every time I set my foot in the door. Check out these lovely Pamelas (boobs) and the prices for entertainment.

I do have to say that they enforce the limited touching at this place. No crazy groping going on and guys are supposed to keep their wandering hands to the side and no boob touching that I have seen. I like that.
Another typical Vegas occurrence, inebriated girls. NOT SEKSI. The clubs here should have a room set aside for them where they can rest and sleep the booze off so they don't have to lay sprawled out on a (dirty) carpet. Or maybe she was just tired? I have slept at work before from being bored, tired and jet lagged.

New Bag

I'm sprawled out in bed with sore legs after spending the afternoon in two of the malls on the Strip. I have been looking for a new nice black bag to replace the one I have been using for a long time. The Givenchy I saw the other day is gorgeous but I can't spend that kind of money on a bag/purse ($ 2600) I have to stay somewhat within my budget. I could buy it.....but it is kind of a lot for a purse.....I don't have Paris Hilton's money. Found a beautiful bag at Coach, never liked the bags there before.....I always thought that Coach, Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags were ugly and tacky looking. The bag I found today is classic and nice. I told the sales people I'm still browsing and that I might return it if I find a bag that I like more.....and that's no problem.
Found some Honey Dew's in pretty colors, an eye shadow (Fairy Princess!) , a hair treatment mask from Wen (have been curious about Wen hair products for a while) and I needed a new L'Occitane face cream.

My breakfast today was an iced vanilla latte.


Guess what? I went to work here in Vegas. Had an OK night tonight, met lots of nice people even two guys from Sweden, one was too drunk to have a conversation with but the other one was fun to talk to since we carried on in Swedish. I just got out of the shower, laying in bed, my feet need some lotion, I need water and then sleep. Getting up at around noon for food, shopping and Sunset Park again. More details about work another time, if I decide to share......

Park And Beer

Went to Sunset Park today, love that place. Fed the ducks and the birds, the resident feathered creatures of that park are well fed and spoiled. Went running for one lap, going back for more running tomorrow. Dropped my phone and the screen cracked, I'm slightly bummed over that.

Now I'm watching American Hustle with my friend Mikey, eating popcorn and drinking beer, I'm slightly tipsy. I thought about going out but I'm not in the mood to wash my hair and get ready. So no going out, it looks like it's movie night tonight.

My Kind Of Girl

I LOVE this short but spot on video. Brittany, whoever you are - you are my kind of girl!

Thyroid And Massage

I started my day hyperventilating under my hoodie. I went and drew blood to get my thyroid checked, I have been feeling tired a lot lately, sluggish, unmotivated and I have also lost a lot of hair (WTF, not funny) since I am in Vegas, Julia insisted that I go into a lab to get this test done. While there I decided to go all in and splurge on a vitamin B12 shot too, never had one before. Since I am very scared of needles, veins and blood.....the nice ladies working at the lab had me lay down on the table, Julia held my hand, they all talked me through it while I covered my face with my hoodie, chewed on the lollipop in my mouth, hyperventilated and fought back the tears and then it was over with. The results will be back in a few days.
Just thinking back at it now makes me feel weak in the knees and queasy. One time when I went to the doctor for some kind of a procedure that required blood to be drawn I was so scared and jumpy that I had to go home and come back another time, better mentally prepared.
Afterwards me and Julia went to Whole Foods for lunch, I have been eating there everyday. That's my latte from Whole Foods and the band aid on my arm is proof that I drew blood. Then we went to the park and walked.

It is now 1 am here and I came home a while ago after having a two hour long massage with my favorite lady Cathy. I love Cathy, I sometimes fantasize that she is rubbing my feet and calves, the best ever! Cathy is from China and our verbal communication is rather basic, today she told me, "You good, you still look beautiful". Awwwww........Cathy is maybe 5'2 and no more than 105 lbs but she is strong. Can't wait to see her again!

I'm going to take my vitamins now, got flax seed oil today for the first time, take out my contacts and go to bed.


Yesterday when I was driving along busy Rainbow Blvd on my way home from the mall I saw a man laying down, sprawled out on his back close to the road. I continued for about half a mile and then I made a U-turn. I HAD to go and check on him. Maybe he was sick or choking, ANYTHING could be wrong. I felt like I was getting put through a personal test of some sort,
to what kind of a fellow human I really am. He was laying close to a 76 gas station so I parked there and walked up to him, he was laying in the gravel with a Coors can in his hand.
He looked Hispanic so I called him Señor a few times until his eyes started to move and he looked at me. He finally sat up and said he was OK and thanked me. I asked if he wanted some Agua and he did, so I went to the gas station and got him some and talked to him a little more, asked if he needed anything else. He again said he was fine and he looked well enough. Maybe the heat and the alcohol made him pass out. But you never know. It could be a person laying there that had a stroke or something. I would had felt bad in my heart if I had ignored him. At least I think that Señor is OK and that makes me feel better. I would had been glad if somebody would had bothered to stop and check on me if I was laying passed out on the side of the road, instead of dismissing me as some drunk or crazy girl.
A few weeks ago when I was driving home from work I passed a girl walking alone along
K Beach Road in Kenai. It was late, around 3 am and it was cold and she did not have a jacket. I passed her but then I felt that I should at least check if she wanted a ride. Trust me walking alone on K Beach in freezing weather and being a girl alone.....I would had been a little uncomfortable if that was me. So I turned the car around and when I got to her I rolled down the window and asked if she wanted a ride. She declined and I totally understand, I would be hesitant too to jump in a strangers car in the middle of the night. But at least I asked and that made me feel better about the situation.
I'm not writing this to brag about what a good and upstanding person I am. I have good and bad sides (oh yes!) but I am trying to be a good and conscious human being, there is always room for improvement. And I know that there are plenty of people that do things for others that I don't even come close to doing. But my point is, if I could take no more than ten minutes out of my day to check that somebody is OK.....then most people can. ❤

Good Morning

I haven't been able to sleep that well since I got to Vegas.....last night I only got four hours of sleep and that's not enough for me , I like and need my sleep. After tossing and turning in bed for a few hours I decided that I would not be able to fall back asleep so I got up and went down to my fave mall in town, Fashion Show.
Good Morning pics and yummy morning drink.

I found a pretty pink bra at Victoria's Secret that I might get, I'm going to think about it for a while. Then I saw a gorgeous bikini and crocheted tunic that I fell in love with at Everything But Water. But do I really need all this stuff? Yes and no, I don't need but I want. What I really am looking for is a new bag, preferably black and not too big so I can use it everyday.
I browsed Michael Kors and Prada but didn't see anything I liked. Then I came across this beauty by Givenchy, exactly what I want. Love it! The pic does not do it justice.

The price is the same as a small functioning car. I want this Givenchy bag!
Is Santa coming soon?


I am finally getting some warm sunshine on me after some cold and dark months in Alaska.
I went to the park today and yesterday and it felt so good and I already feel so much better, good food and weather is least for me. I just now got done in the shower, got ready and now I am going out for a crazy night in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.....! Or does it? Well, it does for me. I am ready for some FUN after boring torture in Kenai.


It's busy here in Vegas....many people are in town for the weekend....St Patrick's Day and March Madness is coming up. The weather is good, I like the winter months in Vegas, end of September until end of March. Summer is a bit too hot for my taste, I don't like the feeling of getting scorched by the sun and wait until sundown to venture outside. Here are some pics from the Strip from the other night. I am going to Whole Foods now for some fooooood......I'm starving and then I am going to walk and maybe run in a park close to my house.