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Bieber Bashing

What is wrong with adults that are supposed to be mature? How can people put so much emphasis and energy on being angry with Justin Bieber? There is even some petition signed (signed by 261 000 and counting) and presented to the White House because people want Bieber to leave the US. What? Are there not way more important and urgent things to start petitions about than Justin Bieber? Ask YOURSELF.....think back to when YOU were 19.....and imagine IF you had Bieber's millions, because that kid has so much money that he doesn't know what to do with it. Wouldn't you too be having fun? Go out clubbing with your friends? Drive fast cars? Maybe drinking and smoking some weed? Bieber is not doing anything different than MOST American teenagers are doing. Check your own kids if you have any and stop pontificating about Bieber. Your perfect little angels are probably getting drunk and high too, I'm telling you. So, he was you speed? I do. So, he got high (maybe) never done drugs? I have. He goes out and has fun with his friends. I started clubbing when I was 13 and I still have not had enough of music and dancing and I am older than Bieber but I'm not dead YET.....OMG scandal! Yea, he wears silly looking saggy pants and runs around shirtless. I have seen way worse than that, trust me. At least he is in shape. Go to any Walmart in the US and take a look at what some people in there are waddling around in (NOT SEKSI OK). Yea....he does "dumb" stuff. Well, we all have done dumb but harmless stuff, the difference is that regular folks don't have any paparazzi following their every move. I mean seriously, people should be embarrassed to engage in this lame Bieber bashing. Leave the kid your mouth and complain IF he commits a serious crime. Until then, worry about your own dirty deeds.
Everyday I read news about people that do shit that should put them away for life. Everyday. Grown men snatch little girls off the streets in broad daylight, rape and dismember them. Today I read about some freak that raped his little stepsister while she has been held captive, starved and abused by her own father and stepmother for years. These sub humans will get jail time and then in a few years they WILL be out again and statistics show that many sick sex offenders are repeat offenders. People like that should never be let free to roam society ever again! Why don't people rally about that instead? Sign petitions about that and send off to the White House. At least that is IMPORTANT. I'd much rather see mandatory life sentences for sex offenders implemented than Bieber deported. I don't care about what Bieber does, let him have fun. Hey, I hope I run into him one day so I can drive his Lambo or Fisker Karma.
He can even shower me with money on stage, he likes to do that I hear and he is generous also, NICE! So he contributes to the US economy in more ways than one. GOOD! There are plenty of Americans that don't contribute shit, instead they try to figure out how they can get more of something for nothing = handouts. Obama should have Bieber over to the White House for a meet and greet with Sasha and Malia, I bet they would love that. Maybe together they could start some kind of a fund for abused children or children in foster care.
Because there sure are a lot of people out there that prey on kids. Do something USEFUL with your time instead of being envious of a kid that is enjoying his life. Maybe pick up a guitar, learn how to play it and make your own music, that is what Justin did and now he is rich. I am team Bieber on this one.


Got some new that will keep me occupied and content for a few days. One book about pro choice and some stories about that. Oh yes, I am pro choice. And so is the lady in the bookstore that sold me the book, we talked about that for a while and both agreed on that Planned Parenthood does lots of good. And then a book about a woman's rise to a prominent political position in Afghanistan, a country known for not having a friendly attitude towards women.

Books and pizza....a perfect way to spend my afternoon. Pizza is one of those perfect foods. Now I am watching the closing ceremony in Sochi. I wish I was at that party! Then I saw some footage from Ukraine, there are some brave people over there, out fighting in the streets like that, protesting and getting shot at. Take that Occupy Wall Street! What happened to that movement?
One more thing about pregnancies and pro choice. I do think that women should do what is right for them. Because when it comes down to it, women are the ones carrying the baby and going through the trauma squeezing the baby out. And for many women it is a very scary and painful experience. I have spent this last week reading many birth stories about vaginal tears and bad stitching afterwards and long lasting problems in the neither regions after going through the "joy" of childbirth. I bet if it was men that went through all of that there would be no question to whether they should be allowed to have an abortion or not. Not to mention that women are the ones that get stuck with the largest responsibility to caring for the children (in most cases). Therefore you need be more careful and thoughtful to with whom you choose to have your kids with and that goes for men too. Should be common sense right?
I know somebody that has a pregnant 17 year old daughter. The girl has been "dating" the guy for about two months. Why she feels like she needs to be a Mom right now is just kind of strange to me, she is still a child and in high school. And the guy does not want to be a dad and I absolutely understand that. They probably barely know each other, a few months of "dating" meaning maybe going to the movies a few times, riding in his truck and having some sex does not mean that you know that person enough to make a mature decision about starting a family together. I feel bad for the guy. The baby will be ok, because the pregnant 17 year old has her Mom and a large family to lean on for support. But that is not the case all the time. And you can't force somebody to be a father. I think that is really bad, when girls (in this case) and women do that. Get pregnant with some guy, any guy, whoever you are having casual sex with at the moment and then expect what? A marriage and a picture perfect family? How about being responsible and planning to make a family together? Sure, that is many times not a guarantee for forever bliss and happiness but still much better than being irresponsible about reproducing.

Hairy Pits

It's going on one month now.....the not shaving my armpits. Why? Well, I am kind of making a statement. To myself and to anybody that cares to care. My worth as a human being, as a woman.....does NOT depend on whether men think I am "fuckable" or not. Frankly, I couldn't care less about what guys think of me. And I wish that I had realized this much earlier.
You know, when I was a teenager and I was worrying and obsessing about boys and stuff like that. Then I grew up and stopped caring as much.
I am completely aware of that I work in strip clubs and that 99.9% of the money that I make come from men. And I appreciate that. But when the occasional asshole wanders in and tells me loudly that he thinks I am rude/angry/not friendly enough/not this/not that/should smile more/too skinny/too tall/too standoffish/demands my phone number/demands other stuff and bla bla bla I am absolutely going to put my foot down and tell him to shut the fuck up basically. My integrity is priceless, I have said that many times now. I can always make money as a dancer. A few assholes here and there won't make any difference in my wallet.
Therefore I refuse to sit there, quietly with a forced smiled plastered across my face like "a nice girl" and take any form of abuse. I work on MY terms. Oh and believe me, I know how to stand up for myself!
As far as shaving goes. I don't know how brainwashed I am when it comes to that, I'm sure that I am to some degree. I shave, trim and pluck and have done so for a long time, before I started dancing. I personally think that trimming and shaving is cleaner. And that goes for men too. But that's my opinion and it is totally OK if some hairy never shaved woman reads this and doesn't agree. I won't dislike her or judge her for it. I have looked into the history of shaving and it goes back to thousands of years BC.....both sexes have used all kinds of tools (like seashells and flint blades) to get rid of or alter body hair. It's actually quite interesting to read about it.
So I have been going in to work with my hairy pits and proudly announcing that they are hairy and showing them off to everybody. The reactions have been mixed. One of the girls I work with thinks it's sexy. Damn right it is! I think I can safely say that shaving amongst girls and women is very widespread and mainstream in the US. It's more like that you SHOULD shave here and if girls don't start taking care of their body hair at an early age they risk being bullied by their peers. Unless you are home schooled or Amish. That's just wrong. To get bullied because you don't shave your legs or armpits? So very sad and very wrong.
I don't know how long I am going to keep my hairy pits. I might keep it up for a while or I might shave. The point is.....I do whatever I want with my body. If you don't like it.....oh well.