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Love The One You're With

So last week I stocked up on the latest gossip magazines.....I haven't opened one of those in a while. I enjoy reading everything, a very broad list of subjects, so don't get any ideas now that I only read gossip magazines! I was going to write a blog about the latest celeb gossip, or rather what I think about it but I will stick to one particular subject today. Love. That whole "scandal" that Tori Spellings husband cheated on her with some young girl (well younger than Tori) while he was away in some other town. Tori's husbands name is Dean. I think he should thank his lucky star every day for being married to Tori and he should also kiss her ass every day. He looks so unattractive and so unintelligent that I would never in my life want him on top of me. Tori looks like Farrah Abraham to me and that is not a compliment but she seems rather sweet, in a dumb way. So this douche cheated on Tori and she has squeezed out four of his kids. He has two kids (I think) with another woman but more on that in a bit. Every marriage/relationship is different. And some people have open marriages, although I suspect that Tori doesn't since Dean has now checked himself into rehab (classic lame Hollywood move) to work on his "issues". What the fuck is this rehab shit? What's next? After rehab they will be on the cover of Star magazine surrounded by their brood pretending to be happy again with all the issues solved? Yeah right. My suggestion to Tori is to let this ape man go already. She would be so much better off without him. If that was MY husband and I was the sole bread winner too (because Dean is a major mooch) and I was left at home with four whiny kids while he was out fucking around, feeding the bimbo he somehow managed to bed with the classic line, "Me and my wife have a sexless marriage"..... Bahahhaaaaa.......come on now, sexless marriage and four kids, the youngest not even a year old yet? Anyhow, IF that was my man and I would actually choose stay with him, I would feel HOMICIDAL every time he did anything that annoyed me. Hey, probably every time I looked at him. I would want to cut his dick off, strangle him, push him down the stairs, strike him with the car, push him off a cliff - you name it. I don't think I could forgive that. And I don't think this was Deans first tango. What is especially annoying about Tori and Dean to me is that they both were married when they met. Dean was married with kids. But when he met Tori he probably got so overwhelmed with the thought of $$$ that his family didn't matter anymore. Loser! So if they felt this crazy, amazing love for each other, so overwhelming and strong that they had to leave their spouses to be able to finally be together and reproduce, then why the fuck is this ape cheating on Tori? Were they not soul mates? What happened? Oh, he can't keep his thing in his pants?
In general I am against cheating. Love the one your with. Right? I know that every couple has their own story and their own problems and things can get complicated and I understand sometimes that people cheat. Of course. And I could possible forgive cheating myself, depending on the circumstances. But in this case? It is crystal clear to me, Tori should send Dean packing. She can actually take care of herself, he is only a mooch. But if she does stay......she needs to tie her tubes right away, no more kids. And she needs to get him tested for all the STDs. Yuck. Then she needs to put a shock collar on him and start beating him into submission. Some men just need that extra touch, meaning a good beating now and then, it helps them understand stuff better.
I think couples therapy seems to be a great tool to use, actually before any major issues resurface. I have never tried it but I would totally be up for it if I had to. I'd rather have a mainly good relationship with the one I'm with then go outside and look elsewhere. Unless of course, I'm in an open relationship. I have never tried that so I don't know. And note that I say mainly good relationship, I don't believe that the perfect relationship exists, I'm a realist. Although I believe in mainly good and happy ones. And that's speaking from my own experiences. Most people argue, unless you have a rather meek personality or you are a pushover (I'm not that person). When I say relationship I mean something that's longer than at least a year. Every relationship feels great or close to great in the beginning, it's basically lust that doesn't count in my book.

Here is something else I recently came across.......
"My husband and I are a young couple, married almost two years. He recently told me he isn't happy with me anymore and that he may want to leave. He won't tell me why. He says he doesn't know why. It was a complete shock to me. He refuses to seek marriage counseling and has dealt with a lot of depression for which he won't seek help, either. We have a child, and I am now pregnant again. It hasn't changed his thoughts about leaving. What should I do for myself and our children? What can I do to help my husband change his mind? I'm still deeply in love with him."

What? I feel really bad for this woman. I think that so many people get in a serious relationship way before they are mature enough to do so. And with SERIOUS I mean having kids. That's SERIOUS. I'd say hold off with the kids until you grow up and know yourself a bit, know somewhat what you want. What is the hurry with having kids? I don't get it.
I understand why people have kids but at least try to make it work when you do. Unless you happen to have the kids with a total nut job, then I guess it is better to be single, for the sake of your sanity and the welfare of the kid/s. But then I can only imagine how uneasy and apprehensive I would feel when the ex would introduce our (MY kids, if I had any) to some new questionable (until proven otherwise) woman is his life. way!

I have also written some opinions about other relationships that made headlines. Elin and Tiger. She left him (good). Sandra and Jesse. She left him (good). You can search for those entries in the blog if you want to see what I had to say about that.....
I'm not saying love the one your with regardless of what they do. Absolutely not. This is basically about cheating, as in love the one your with, don't go elsewhere looking.
That people break up due to all kinds of other issues, that is a whole different story.


I woke up to 40 degrees and pouring rain. The road leading up to my house is just mush and there are large puddles of water everywhere. The sun is actually out now and shining on my face, it feels good and elevated my mood. It's amazing how a bit of sun can make you feel after a few days of gray. And that was today's weather report from Kenai AK from your favorite meteorologist Tatiana.
My plans for today are......gym, vacuum, walk Chhaya and work. I have to say that work has been PATHETICALLY BAD since last Friday. I mean, it can't get any worse than this.
I'm basically making latte money. What a total waste of time, effort, gas money, mascara, lip gloss and my good looks on absolutely nothing. I KNOW that I could travel and make decent to really good money in other places but I am thinking about Chhaya. She is the only reason I am not traveling for work. And bringing her with me.....well that is not something I want to do either unless I leave for a longer period of time. Anyways.
I heard about the latest NSA spying on people news. What bullshit all of that is. And it is ONLY because Edward Snowden had some balls that we are now aware of some of the stuff that was going on. Because I highly doubt that we, the regular population, the meek masses of sheep that we are, know exactly what was and most likely still is going on. People call Edward Snowden a traitor and a whistle blower. I think he did a GOOD thing. He deserves a medal.
I like him. I feel the same way about Julian Assange. And I said this a long time ago. I'm not going to venture too far into politics now. Instead I am going to hop in my truck, drive to the gym, break a sweat, admire myself in the mirrors and work on my gluteus maximus.
Happy Friday everyone!

Thug Baby

We all know that opinions are like buttholes, we all have one. I have many opinions about all kinds of stuff. Especially strong opinions about such things as animal rights and the low lifes that abuse animals, people that don't have any business having kids, nasty people that litter, the so called dancers (low budget hookers) that I get exposed to at work, annoying guys and idiots in general. What would life be without these things? Probably boring. So you must be very interested in my opinions and what I have to say, since you are reading this. So here is another one. This one is about the video with the two year old "thug baby." You know, the adorable two year old boy that rattles off bitch, fuck and the N-word while wearing only a diaper, getting coached by some well meaning friends of the family. Sweet!
The Mom of the two year old thug in training is 16 (or 17, I'm not exactly sure), so she probably got pregnant at 15. My advice to teenagers is to keep your legs shut or have an abortion if you get pregnant. I had sex too as a teen (close to 17) and let me tell you, looking back at it I wish I would had waited, because it wasn't anything great or earth shattering.
It would had been much better (for me at least) to wait a bit longer, mature and make better choices. I am not saying save yourself for marriage because I don't believe in that either. But try saving your virginity and those experiences for something meaningful. Teenagers should enjoy and worry about other things than having kids and attempting to raise them. Of course there are the few teens out there that became good parents but come on now, they are not common. If you happened to be that great teen parent, then good for you. Pat yourself on the shoulder because you are a rarity.
I also wonder if the 16 year old Mom is on welfare? If so, she should not be allowed to have any more kids until she gets off welfare and starts earning a living so she can provide for herself and her child. I believe in such things as population control and that people on welfare should not be allowed to breed until they can pay their own way. Yes, I know I'm a total Nazi. If I were the President things would definitely get better, you can trust me on that one.
This 16 year old Mom should be the poster child for all the zealous pro lifers and the religious folks out there that don't believe in birth control, as in what NOT to do.
I actually think that the thug baby has a bright future ahead of him, if the cards get played right immediately. After all, we live in a capitalistic and sensation crazed society where the Kartrashians get glamorized and girls like Malala Yousafzai get overlooked and quickly forgotten by the masses. Kim's huge ass is way more interesting!
I say let the thug baby and his amazing Mom go on living as they were, put a reality TV crew in the house 24/7 and they will get instant fame Honey Boo Boo style. When he is 12 years old he can hire a ghost writer and come out with an auto biography, "Thug Life". Also, Ice Cube should cast him in a new Friday movie. Thug baby can sit on a couch, rolling blunts for the homies, surrounded by thick weed smoke and swearing. Maybe Lil Wayne can take the thug baby on tour with him and then he can release his own album in a year or so. He already knows how to say the three most prominent words in many rap songs - bitch, fuck and the N-word. He just has to learn a few more......I recommend ho, bling, benz, pimpin', fat ass, pussy, some slang terms for gun and there you go!
The Mom says that her boy is smart. Of course he is, there are probably unreleased videos of him reciting his ABC's and MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech. Besides, what Mom does not think that their own kid is smart? I think that Chhaya is smarter than most people I encounter, she is my baby. Time will tell if the thug baby will grow up to be the next Steve Jobs. It is possible, Steve Jobs was actually adopted, so his beginning was rocky too.
I don't know why this video of the baby cursing has shocked the nation? I think this is the reality for many kids in this country. Getting "parented" by unfit people. Hellooooo, wake up and smell the coffee people! If you spend more time worrying about if you have enough beer, liquor, weed or other drugs at home to take you through the weekend or the evening while your kid/s are at home with you, watching your merry "partying".....instead of spending quality time with your kid/s......yes, then YOU too are a bad parent. And that is MY opinion.
I have seen plenty of that and I think it's really too bad......too bad and sad for the kids.


It is such crummy weather's been kind of gray, rainy and just bleh for a few days now. I didn't get out of bed until 2 30 today.....even I will admit to that I was in bed longer than I should. I just couldn't make myself get up. Chhaya was rolled up next to me, we were like two peas in a pod. But I took her on a long walk, picked up some dog poop in the yard and now I am enjoying a latte. So at least I have been somewhat productive!
So there were a bunch (thousands actually!) of new laws that took effect with the start of new year. The much talked about news about marijuana laws in Colorado.....but I'm not going to comment on that today. I mean....I am for the legalization of drugs anyways.
One law that took effect in Oregon is that it is now illegal to smoke (cigarettes) in your car when children are present. And children would be anybody under 18. I absolutely applaud and agree with that law. This should be a nationwide law, I guess it is a law in some other states as well. They should include pets in that law too. I'm sure dogs don't want to be in the car with you while you are smoking your gross cigarettes. Yes, it is child abuse to smoke in the car when children are present. And yes, I agree that it is. It is fucking disgusting.....that is what it is. I can't stand it when people are selfish and smoke in the car, even when the windows are rolled down. Nobody wants to breathe your gross and carcinogenic second hand smoke. Thank You!
Another thing I want to bring up......I think obese kids should be looked at as being exposed to possible child abuse. The parent is in charge of feeding the child. I don't understand how anyone can think it is OK that a child is severely overweight? That just brings on all kinds of bad health problems in the future. The future of your child, the future you created and is responsible for. Of course not everybody looks the same, some of us are skinny and some are fat and everything in between, as adults. But a child, toddler, tween and an early teen that is obese? To me, that is BAD and LAZY parenting. Yes, I will probably offend many by saying this, the US is after all the country with the most lard asses walking around, so of course people will feel targeted and offended. But I don't care, I am speaking the truth. If you are size larger as an adult due to your own doing.....whatever, I have no problem with that. It is your body and your life.
What comes to mind is that 13 year old girl in the news lately, Jahi. She is 13 and looks like a sumo wrestler. Why? The reason she went in for surgery was to remove her tonsils because she had sleep apnea, a condition she developed due to her weight I suspect. Then there were shit.....she was unhealthy to start off with and now the parents are freaking out and putting on a big dramatic show. Of course it is really horrible to lose your child to what seems to be routine surgery, although it is always a risk to go under anesthesia, especially if you are obese I can imagine. Now the parents will sue, probably win and then they can live off the millions they will collect from the death of their child for the rest of their lives. And feast on McDonald's and KFC. Only in America! Somebody should had looked into the parenting this girl was subjected to. I'm sure the Mom loved her girl but what is up with weighing that much at 13? How is that not wrong and cruel?
From the mouth of Jahi's Mom, "To watch my daughter just sit there and not have food ... I'm just so happy that she is kind of a thick girl so she still looks good," Nailah Winkfield told ABC’s "Good Morning America." "I tell her every day, 'Jahi, you losin' weight girl, but you still look good.'
WHAT THE FUCK? LOL.....KIND OF a thick girl.....STILL looks GOOD??!! I hope the girl wakes up, sometimes miracles happen....and gets put with a foster family that can feed her good and nutritious food. But this is about her WEIGHT, that it the REAL issue. Yes, I think it should be freakin' illegal to feed your kids such an unhealthy diet so they become obese and develop all kinds of health problems that the rest of the country has to pay for when they can't work later on and sit at home and collect welfare.
Yeah......that is all from my brilliant mind today. Got to go!