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Not Much

Not much to tell you......I went hiking again yesterday. Well, hiking and hiking......if you can call a less of a mile easy walk to a lake a hike. But it was nice. Egumen Lake. The ice was making sounds, a few loud cracks but also some other kind of eery sound that I have never heard before, it sounded like, for a lack of a better description.....a series of low didgeridoo hums.
I have never heard that before and both me and Chhaya were fascinated.

Besides this, I haven't done much. Daily lattes of course. Taking care of stuff at home. Eating a lot. Watching lots of TV. Like tonight.....I caught Miley on Leno. I think Miley is great....what I like about her is that she seems to be dancing to the beat of her own drum. I like that.
Go Miley, I wish her lots of success!
I also went for a night walk with Chhaya tonight, it was kind of frosty out and the stars were on full display, so it was gorgeous.

Sorry that I can't be more entertaining. Maybe I'll have something more interesting to write about when I decide to go back to work, right now I am immersed (happily) in a lazy bubble.

Love The One You're With

So last week I stocked up on the latest gossip magazines.....I haven't opened one of those in a while. I enjoy reading everything, a very broad list of subjects, so don't get any ideas now that I only read gossip magazines! I was going to write a blog about the latest celeb gossip, or rather what I think about it but I will stick to one particular subject today. Love. That whole "scandal" that Tori Spellings husband cheated on her with some young girl (well younger than Tori) while he was away in some other town. Tori's husbands name is Dean. I think he should thank his lucky star every day for being married to Tori and he should also kiss her ass every day. He looks so unattractive and so unintelligent that I would never in my life want him on top of me. Tori looks like Farrah Abraham to me and that is not a compliment but she seems rather sweet, in a dumb way. So this douche cheated on Tori and she has squeezed out four of his kids. He has two kids (I think) with another woman but more on that in a bit. Every marriage/relationship is different. And some people have open marriages, although I suspect that Tori doesn't since Dean has now checked himself into rehab (classic lame Hollywood move) to work on his "issues". What the fuck is this rehab shit? What's next? After rehab they will be on the cover of Star magazine surrounded by their brood pretending to be happy again with all the issues solved? Yeah right. My suggestion to Tori is to let this ape man go already. She would be so much better off without him. If that was MY husband and I was the sole bread winner too (because Dean is a major mooch) and I was left at home with four whiny kids while he was out fucking around, feeding the bimbo he somehow managed to bed with the classic line, "Me and my wife have a sexless marriage"..... Bahahhaaaaa.......come on now, sexless marriage and four kids, the youngest not even a year old yet? Anyhow, IF that was my man and I would actually choose stay with him, I would feel HOMICIDAL every time he did anything that annoyed me. Hey, probably every time I looked at him. I would want to cut his dick off, strangle him, push him down the stairs, strike him with the car, push him off a cliff - you name it. I don't think I could forgive that. And I don't think this was Deans first tango. What is especially annoying about Tori and Dean to me is that they both were married when they met. Dean was married with kids. But when he met Tori he probably got so overwhelmed with the thought of $$$ that his family didn't matter anymore. Loser! So if they felt this crazy, amazing love for each other, so overwhelming and strong that they had to leave their spouses to be able to finally be together and reproduce, then why the fuck is this ape cheating on Tori? Were they not soul mates? What happened? Oh, he can't keep his thing in his pants?
In general I am against cheating. Love the one your with. Right? I know that every couple has their own story and their own problems and things can get complicated and I understand sometimes that people cheat. Of course. And I could possible forgive cheating myself, depending on the circumstances. But in this case? It is crystal clear to me, Tori should send Dean packing. She can actually take care of herself, he is only a mooch. But if she does stay......she needs to tie her tubes right away, no more kids. And she needs to get him tested for all the STDs. Yuck. Then she needs to put a shock collar on him and start beating him into submission. Some men just need that extra touch, meaning a good beating now and then, it helps them understand stuff better.
I think couples therapy seems to be a great tool to use, actually before any major issues resurface. I have never tried it but I would totally be up for it if I had to. I'd rather have a mainly good relationship with the one I'm with then go outside and look elsewhere. Unless of course, I'm in an open relationship. I have never tried that so I don't know. And note that I say mainly good relationship, I don't believe that the perfect relationship exists, I'm a realist. Although I believe in mainly good and happy ones. And that's speaking from my own experiences. Most people argue, unless you have a rather meek personality or you are a pushover (I'm not that person). When I say relationship I mean something that's longer than at least a year. Every relationship feels great or close to great in the beginning, it's basically lust that doesn't count in my book.

Here is something else I recently came across.......
"My husband and I are a young couple, married almost two years. He recently told me he isn't happy with me anymore and that he may want to leave. He won't tell me why. He says he doesn't know why. It was a complete shock to me. He refuses to seek marriage counseling and has dealt with a lot of depression for which he won't seek help, either. We have a child, and I am now pregnant again. It hasn't changed his thoughts about leaving. What should I do for myself and our children? What can I do to help my husband change his mind? I'm still deeply in love with him."

What? I feel really bad for this woman. I think that so many people get in a serious relationship way before they are mature enough to do so. And with SERIOUS I mean having kids. That's SERIOUS. I'd say hold off with the kids until you grow up and know yourself a bit, know somewhat what you want. What is the hurry with having kids? I don't get it.
I understand why people have kids but at least try to make it work when you do. Unless you happen to have the kids with a total nut job, then I guess it is better to be single, for the sake of your sanity and the welfare of the kid/s. But then I can only imagine how uneasy and apprehensive I would feel when the ex would introduce our (MY kids, if I had any) to some new questionable (until proven otherwise) woman is his life. way!

I have also written some opinions about other relationships that made headlines. Elin and Tiger. She left him (good). Sandra and Jesse. She left him (good). You can search for those entries in the blog if you want to see what I had to say about that.....
I'm not saying love the one your with regardless of what they do. Absolutely not. This is basically about cheating, as in love the one your with, don't go elsewhere looking.
That people break up due to all kinds of other issues, that is a whole different story.

Potato Soup

So....after thinking about making potato soup for a while with a certain recipe in mind I decided to stop procrastinating and finally just did it. After that beautiful walk by Peterson Lake yesterday I came home and got busy in the kitchen. Here are the ingredients (most of them).

I tweaked the recipe a bit, I used eight potatoes, I added two chopped Serrano peppers and I did not have any Cajun spice at home and I totally forgot to pick up parsley at the grocery store, so no parsley in my soup. It took a bit of time to prepare for this soup, lots of chopping and peeling but I enjoy that stuff.....once in a while. And it was well worth it, the soup was yummy! If I make it again I will probably only put half of the soup through the blender, I like more of the potato chunks in the soup as texture. And the Serranos added some good heat. You can find the recipe here .
It's on a blog called I think it's one of the largest blogs is the US.
There are some other recipes on there that I want to try, the Ooey Gooey Cookies, Easy Caramel Sauce (that I will pour on vanilla ice cream) and last but certainly not least the Perfect Iced Coffee. There are so many amazing recipes on the blog, if you are into cooking you should absolutely check it out.

Peterson Lake

It's almost midnight and I had a really nice day, I need to squeeze in a blog entry before this Sunday is over.....I went to Peterson Lake earlier. It has been so nice out lately, very warm for January, I love it and I hope it stays like this. I don't want any more snow, I wish that the snow will melt away and that we will be snow free by mid March. That would be nice! As you can see there is still ice on the lake, thick enough to walk on. There were large patches out in the forest around the lake that were clear of snow, it smelled like wood and earth. I want to go camping! A gorgeous, gorgeous Alaskan afternoon outside! I felt alive and happy to be alive.

When I got home I made potato soup. No, not heated from a can. I found a recipe on a blog that I have been wanting to try for a while. The soup turned out delicious, I will share it with you tomorrow. I don't cook often but when I do, I like to try out recipes, experiment with stuff that I have not cooked before and it usually turns out yummy. And then it was Breaking Bad time again. Walters and Jesse's adventures give me severe anxiety, I yell at them. I don't know about Jesse having a girlfriend, (I am a bit jealous, Jesse is cute in his own way, he is kind too)
I think the girlfriend is really pretty but at this point making money should be the only priority. More Breaking Bad tomorrow. I gotta go YO.


I have to tell you about my dining experience at Maxine's Fireweed Bistro last week when I spent a couple of days in Anchorage. There was a Maxine's in Girdwood (I guess it closed down?) and I loved it, the food was always amazingly good and I liked the inside, especially if you got a window seat. I heard that they opened one in Anchorage and I was curious if it would hold up to the original. The plan was to go with two of my friends but they both cancelled on me.....ehhhhh.....OK....I was disappointed at first, for about 30 minutes or so but that's life, doesn't always work out as planned. I turned the frown upside down and went to Maxine's by myself and my new book. I have no problem dining alone or going to the movies alone, I'm totally comfortable with that. I must like my own company or something. It was Sunday and I guess they have a fixed menu every Sunday. There were several dishes to choose from as the main course but only one was vegetarian, the risotto. But first there was some bread with a really yummy olive oil dipping mix on the side and a small salad with a horseradish dressing that was delicious. The risotto was good too but the salad was actually better, very memorable. I had the creme brulee for dessert and it was yummy, only because what creme brulee is not? But it didn't blow me away. My choice of beverage? Coffee.
At Maxine's in Girdwood they actually served the coffee with real cream, thick and soooo good but at the location in Anchorage it comes with milk or half & half. They should stick with the old concept.....much better. The service wasn't the best, it was OK. I have found that some (actually many) waitresses tend to be somewhat dismissive if they wait on a single woman or a pair of women because they think that we will tip less or maybe have less money to spend than a man. I can afford to dine at the best places and pay for it with my own money, so it is annoying when I see the waitress put on a show and give extra good service to a table that includes one or several men and act totally different when she interacts with me, usually less attentive and not as friendly. I pay attention to details like that. Note to waitresses out there, it's a restaurant, not a strip club. And I can be rather generous when tipping but I don't like getting obvious worse service than the man sitting at the table over gets. I think the inside was OK, nothing special, the Girdwood location certainly had way more charm. Would I go again? Yes, I would but not on a Sunday. Next on my dining list is The Marxs Bros. Cafe in Anchorage. I should be a food critique or a personal shopper.....n'est-ce pas?

That book is great by the way. Difficult to read at times because it is sad but a really good read. I have another book by the same author, it's called Red and it is worth reading too.

Being Born Is A Gateway

As you all know.....marijuana is basically legal in Colorado and Washington State now. You can go into a pot shop and buy happiness without a prescription written out for an imaginary
(in many cases) ailment or illness. It's still a federal crime it's not without complications. I don't fully grasp the legalities and loopholes of that so I am not going to elaborate any further on that aspect of it.
Several other states are looking into legalizing marijuana, including Alaska (might be the third state to legalize). As soon as that happens I am going to get baked every day, sit at home, watch movies, eat pizza and chocolate. My size 29 Diesel leather pants will not fit on my big ass anymore the day pot becomes legal here. I will have to donate them to somebody with a skinny ass......NOOOOOOO!
Actually I'm joking. I have said it before, I'm not into weed, it makes me feel sick. But I am absolutely for legalizing it. I think all drugs should be legal. People do them ANYWAY.
And that's reality. Make it legal already, all of it. Of course tweak the laws somewhat. Educate the masses. When I did E I educated myself as much as I could about it and all kinds of other drugs too. I sat and read a plethora of information about that stuff for hours. No, I don't think that kids should do drugs, that includes teenagers. But I don't think that teenagers should drink and smoke either. But they do. I did. Smoked when I was 12, for a month. Had my first drunken episode when I was 13 and a few more after that. I don't smoke now, I hate smoking and I very rarely drink.
Even Obama made a statement recently where he said that he does not think that marijuana is any more harmful than alcohol. And I think he is right about that. He does think it's a vice and a waste of time and I agree with that too. And so is alcohol. If you get drunk or buzzed several times a week you are indulging in a vice and you are wasting your time and ruining your health. You are probably a major pain in the ass too (speaking from personal experience) if you are around others that are sober and have to deal with your drunken shit.
I can say this with fairly strong conviction, I am sure that I am healthier than a person that smokes and/or drinks on a regular basis even though I have experimented with several illegal drugs. Alcohol and cigarettes are drugs too albeit legal. The key is, I don't do drugs on a daily basis, not even weekly. More like once a year or every other year. I know, I am such a daredevil! I think certain drugs, if used with some finesse and sensitivity could be beneficial for personal growth. I have studied that enough to be convinced of it. And I am definitely interested in expanding my knowledge in that area. I want to KNOW. If you know what I mean.......
Some say that marijuana is a gateway drug. Being BORN is a gateway to all kinds of bad things. It is UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL to figure that out. We are born with everything we need. Unless we are born severely handicapped or into negative circumstances. But even some handicapped people become successful in many ways and showcase great examples of the strength of the human spirit. I ADMIRE them, the "unfortunate" (for a lack of a better word) that make IT happen, because I am myself a rather lazy human it's probably better that I stay away from pot! I mean, the last time I ate a pot cookie (like almost four years ago) I laid in bed and laughed like a madwoman for hours, at least I had a fun time!
So yeah, being born in itself is a gateway to all the temptations we are faced with in life. We all make mistakes and hopefully we grow and learn.

Hey, I ate the potato pierogis last night. Food is another gateway to possible disease. We all know that. The pierogis were OK, much better than the ones that you can buy at Fred Meyer but not as good as the ones at the Polish Deli in Vegas. Pierogi party at Tatiana's!

Bejeweled 701

My new beauties arrived! SO PRETTY, lots and lots of rhinestones.....supposedly 10 500 on each pair. I kind of don't want to waste them on work. Maybe I just put them somewhere in the living room as artwork to be admired. I used to have one of my heels as decoration in my bookshelf when I lived in Vegas, that one had large pink rhinestones on it. I also love the box the new beauties came in, the color and the butterflies. The shoes are by Pleaser.


A few days ago while at work I got asked if I have ever done meth. You know, just one of those random questions I get like all the time. Because all dancers are high or drunk all the time, right? Well, I am not shy to talk about my experiences with drugs. Have I tried meth?
Yes, once. In Vegas before I went out to a club (a regular club). I was my usual high energy self at the club but when I got home around 9 am and wanted to sleep......I couldn't and I also felt weird, antsy and angry. That was it, no more meth for me. So sorry, I can't say that I am a member of the local Girls On Meth Club. Because let me tell you, who is not doing that shit at the club here right now? Really? It is so obvious that they do it from their behavior, although they pretend that they don't do it (of course). It also explains why they stay so freakin' skinny although they seem to eat normally and don't exercise. That works when you are a teenager but not when you get to be in your 30's. I don't think that you are a bad person if you do drugs but I think that you need to rethink your lifestyle if the drugs take up more room in your life than certain priorities. Like if you have kids that depend on you or animals. Rent and bills that have to get paid, you know common sense stuff. Duh!
I don't regret any of my experiences with drugs but I prefer stuff that bring me something positive, meaningful and hopefully something I can learn from. MDMA and mushrooms.
I really want to try ayahuasca and iboga, maybe peyote. I don't smoke weed, it makes me sick. But I wouldn't frown at the occasional brownie or cannabis lollipop. I have never done drugs at work, I save those rare and special times for when I am around people I know and trust.
What I do want to warn you about though are these yogurts! I am totally addicted, they are dangerous!

It started with me having one a day and now I am eating two a day, soon it will be three, I can't help myself they are so delicious. Because of my daily yogurt habit I now have an extra layer of chunk on my thighs, hips and butt. Stomach is still flat. This all happened in the last month, after I discovered this yogurt and scarfed down everything in sight around Christmas time. I know some guys like phat (fat really) asses but I don't care what guys like. I only care about what I like for myself and I like myself on the trimmer side. I have been toying with the idea of going on a cleansing/detox diet. That would mean cutting out all dairy for about ten days or so, eat good protein (although no meat for me) lots of veggies and fruit, add some milk thistle to clean the liver, drink green tea and make a spirulina smoothie in the morning. This is a thought only at this point, I still have two bags of pierogis in the freezer to enjoy.
I have never been on a diet, ever. Well, I did the Atkins diet a long time ago for one day and it ended with me vomiting - gross. I am curious if I would be able to stick with a diet? If I would feel healthier? More energized? Would I get angry? I am a total foodie and I love my lattes and sweets.
I would never do meth or diet pills to lose weight or stay skinny, only the natural and healthy way for me. Besides anybody can get skinny on meth, so that's cheating.
My plans for tonight and tomorrow night, Breaking Bad. I absolutely love that shit. I have been telling everybody I know that they have to watch it if they don't already. I am addicted!
I love Walter White. If anything I am more of a Walter when it comes to meth. I have been trying to find somebody to start cooking with but no luck so far. ;-)

Adagio Day Spa

I had a facial yesterday with Anastassia. She is changing the name of her spa from Anastassia's to Adagio Day Spa. She has taken on more employees, even an apprentice that was present during my facial, and therefore wants to change the name of the place. And she is expanding the business, opening up a spa inside Captain Cook, I told you she was good!
I am a facial afficionado, I know what I want and like and I want quality. I've had facials at Opulence and Allure in Anchorage before, the facials were terrible. I also had a pedicure once at Allure and it was so bad that I honestly thought for a minute that it was a prank of some sort and I didn't think that I should pay for a sorry pedicure like that. Especially since Allure claims to be voted the top 5 salon in the country. Not what I consider the best, not even good - overpriced, overrated and bad quality. Anastassia gives an amazing facial, I walk away feeling great and that I did something good for my skin. And after every time I can't wait to come back for more. The facials are long, meticulous and thorough, only quality products are used and there are plenty of small important touches incorporated, like essential oils, the heated bed you lay on and warm Himalayan balls that get placed under your neck. Also the face massage is THE BEST, Anastassia has that magic touch. I've been to some high end and great spas in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, so I think I can say that I know what I'm talking about.
Anastassia has been complimenting me on my skin the last couple of times I have been there. I am not doing anything unusual, still using L'Occitane day and night cremes. I have been using Josie Maran argan oil on and off for about a year now. Only at night, sometimes alone and sometimes under the L'Occitane night creme. Since a year now I have been using the Clarisonic Mia face brush between one - three times a week, I love it and many people swear by it. If you are into skincare and don't have a Mia face brush I think you should invest in one. To the men reading this, give one to the woman in your life (makes for a great gift).
Besides that, I rarely use sunscreen (I'm lazy in that department) and I do a clay or honey mask once in a while. I have oily skin and slightly large pores and I have noticed a few sunspots around my eyes, so maybe I should start using sunscreen after all. Either that or undergo Fraxel. I don't like that I work in a smokey environment because that is so very bad for your skin and overall health but according to skin looks great. ;-)
Here I am with a face mask underneath and a hydrating and great smelling cloth mask on top.


I am so excited to finally have some real pierogis in the freezer. I went to Anchorage for a couple of days, maybe you noticed my absence from here and missed me?
Don't worry.....Tatiana withdrawals are totally normal. Just take some Xanax and chill out, I will be back at some point.
So I went to the Eastern European Deli (601 W 36) and got some potato and cheese pierogis. They did not have sour kraut pierogis, my favorite, in stock. The pierogis are made locally in Wasilla. I hope they taste good because the ones I got at Fred Meyer are awful. That is NOT pierogis. I am not going to make my own because I am too lazy and I was not paying enough attention to the recipe when my Mom would make them. I was more interested in scarfing them down.

What else did I do? Some shopping. I had a facial (pure BLISS). And I tried out a restaurant for the first time, exciting for a foodie like me. But more about that later. Chhaya is so happy to be back home, she does not like the three hour long drive to Anchorage, especially after dark. It's like playing Russian roulette in the winter, the road is really bad in some places, huge potholes. No lights lining the road, you basically drive with only your headlights to guide you, praying that no large animal will venture out on the road in front of your car. Well, small animals too for me. I don't want to hurt any animal, so I am on the lookout for rabbits and squirrels also. But we are home now. I'm going to take a shower and sleep. More from
me later.