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This is one of my fave pics of me from this last year....not only do I absolutely love this pic,
I was at Burning Man when I took it.....having the time of my life.

Photographer Michael Helms.

Few Hours Left

Only a few hours left of has been grey, cold and windy outside today. I just finished eating a great meal, Chhaya too, we are both stuffed and I could probably be like a Grandma and cuddle up under my electric blanket (I looooove that thing) and go to sleep, only to wake up to 2014. It sure sounds tempting! And I might just do that......or? I could listen to Coast To Coast, always interesting on New Years.
I heard somebody talk about the huge anticipation that comes with celebrating New Years. The party you should be at, the fun everybody hopes that they will have and a lot of times it turns out that it is the most overrated night of the year. I have celebrated a few really boring New Years Eve's (BLEH) and even twice I HAD to work, I was scheduled.....YUCK. I never want to work on New Years Eve, I'd much rather be home listening to the radio than work. But I also had some super fun and amazing New Years Eve's, topping the list is Together As One in Los Angeles. FUN is only a scrape on the surface to describe it. Tonight I'm in Kenai, comparing Kenai to Los Angeles or any of the local bars around here to a rave at the Sports Arena in LA is.....well, you just can't compare. So it is what it is. If I could be anywhere partying tonight I would like to be at Berghain in Berlin, getting down to Joel Mull, he plays my kind of music and Berghain is definitely my kind of place. High up on my to do list.
It would also be really cool to celebrate New Years at a place like Machu Picchu or while participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony deep in a jungle somewhere. Or while immersed in a hot spring in Iceland or sitting on a blanket at the foot of Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) in Australia. On the to do list as well.
Do you have any New Years Resolutions? I'm going to quit drinking and smoking, both cigarettes and crack. I heard it's bad for your health and I'm going to try to live healthier next year. Actually.....I don't have any Resolutions. Well, I am thinking that I should try to drink more water and eat more nuts. Yep, that is what I'm going to try to do.
I had to dig up a pic of me at Together As One a few years ago......

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! I'm wishing you much happiness and all the best.


Today I did some personal maintenance stuff. Got a haircut, less than two inches, no plans on chopping my hair off as of yet. Had a pedicure, it was surprisingly good. No color, I haven't had polish for almost two months now, I am letting my toenails breathe. Then I came home and took care of some stuff at home, entertained the thought of going to work. Then I got pretty bad stomach cramps again, so I took I Midol for the second day in a row now. No work, I'm in bed, waiting for the Midol to kick in. My bedding is freshly laundered, I feel sleepy.
And in the mood for some chewy caramel and chocolate.....but I ate it all. Thinking about how great it is that I can take a Midol and expect to feel better. That I am very grateful for. I don't know what I would do if I had a "regular" job and had to go in on a day with bad cramps.
How do people do it? Do they excuse themselves and curl up in a ball while concentrating on breathing in and out (like I do)? Maybe one day I will know. This is all I can muster up with right now. Goodnight!


I just got done with a body scrub. Simple to make at home. Ground coffee, sugar and olive oil is what I used. Mix together, put on some scrubbing gloves and scrub away. Great for the skin. I scrubbed so vigorously that my skin got slightly red for a bit.

Now I'm in bed, it's 4 am and I should sleep. I am addicted to Breaking Bad . I started watching the series the other day and I have probably spent seven hours or so the last couple of evenings worrying about Walter and Jesse. How can you not like Walter? And how many people are just even so slightly tempted to try and cook up their own amazing batch of crystal and rake in the cash? So far I like Walter, he has cojones. Well, maybe I should take out my contacts and go to sleep.


I need to show you the rest of my jewelry that I ordered from TatiRocks Jewelry on Etsy.

I got a pair of long silver earrings with turquoise beads on them and silver feathers at the very tip. Then I got the cutest silver heart ring, connected together by a chain. There is also a silver necklace with a turquoise triangle. Tatiana gave me a silver ring as a gift - how nice! She puts her jewelry in cute boxes with nice stickers on them sends with a card with a message.
My message this time was KINDNESS. This is the second time I ordered from TatiRocks Jewerly. The first time I got a body chain that I absolutely love. I got an body chain with this last order also but I already showed you that one. Love it too. I have two body chains now, enough for a while I think.......

My latest obsession is the body chains, I got inspired by Rihanna, I saw her wearing one in a pic. And I also love knuckle rings. Sooooo cute!

Chhaya's Gift

Chhaya got a gift from Santa too, of course. She deserves all the good things. All puppies should be spoiled with lots of love and attention.
She knows that packages usually mean something fun and knows how to open them. She is a natural.

She got a hedgehog squeaky stuffed toy, one of her favorites. Of course the stuffing is taken out of it by now but I'm going to re stuff it and stitch it together.

And she got a puzzle. You put treats in the compartments and the dog then has to search, lift and rotate to get the treats. Kind of fun and it keeps her occupied and focused for a minute or so, of course she figured it out right away.

Besides this......I'm just at home, eating, watching movies, reading and being lazy in general. That's kind of what you do at Christmas, right?

Only In The Movies

After arriving home from Alyeska this afternoon and promptly unpacking mine and Chhaya's bags (yes, she travels with her own suitcase that holds her food, treats, bowls, collar & leash, booties and jackets) I just stretched out in bed, tired because I got up early this morning. But I didn't want to spend my birthday hibernating in bed so I ventured out and caught a movie,
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty .
Only in the movies does a guy make it from NYC to Greenland, then Iceland while clutching only a briefcase and then finally ends up scaling some mountain in Afghanistan and enjoying a game of soccer with the locals. It was a cute movie. I think that Ben Stiller is very likeable. And when it started out it was Walters birthday. What a funny coincidence! But I have to make a remark about something. There are no strip clubs in Iceland, they got that wrong.
I think (?) The strip clubs got banned there a few years ago, they are striving for an equal society in Iceland and felt that having women taking their clothes off for money basically given to them by men would send the wrong message. Although this is what I do for a living,
I see the point. And yes, I wrote a blog about that a while back. Type in Iceland in my search bar if you want to read my thoughts on that topic. The reason I write "I think" is because it seems like there might be a club called Goldfinger operating outside Reykjavik.
I found some info about the club quite interesting to read....although it is dated 2004. Read it
While in Alyeska I watched a bunch of movies after the skiing was done for the evening. I saw We Are The Millers , in it Jennifer Aniston tries to portray a dancer. You don't see a whole lot of her in action but enough to make me cringe. The "Boner Garage" tattoo on her fellow dancer was just AWFUL. I mean, Boner Garage? WHO came up with that? Of course they have to show a stripper having a tattoo like that. Does anyone on the planet have a tattoo like that? Then the whole scene when the meat head bouncer announces that the girls need to start having sex with the patrons visiting the club as part of the new job guidelines. Seriously?
I have NEVER experienced anything like that. The only thing they got right in that whole trying to capture a strippers allure in that movie was Jennifer's dark fake tan and her long platinum wig. That's it. She should had taken more dance lessons too before starting the filming.
There's still an hour left of December 27......and I'm savoring it by munching on chocolate, drinking tea and enjoying the comfort of my bed. Oh and I have a brand new book to dig into. Life is good! :-)

Another Birthday

Another year and another birthday.....yeay! No especially grand plans for this day as of yet....I'm just going to be my fab self as usual. Maybe another update or some deeper reflections later....

Skiing Is Over

I have been skiing since Monday, Christmas came and went in a flash, it was over before I knew it. Skiing was great fun....I'm in one piece, alive and happy. I also enjoyed the yummy sweet potato fries with that green garlicky sauce from Jack Sprats twice. I think the night skiing was the best, very peaceful. I wiped out four times total....all four the last day today and three out of the four in the same area, too icy and kind of scary but sometimes I force myself to face a challenge because in the end it makes me better.
Well the skiing is over for this time, I'm on the couch, my calves are getting a massage by a shiatsu massage cushion and I feel happy.