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Ever since Chhaya was a little baby I have been taking her to playgrounds, she loves to climb up on stuff, she is agile like a mountain goat and she bravely runs don the slides. I stand on the sidelines and cheer her on soccer mom style, super proud over MY kid. My doggie kid. :-D

A story just came out about a disgusting couple that kept four little boys in horrible conditions in an apartment. The boys were found malnourished, filthy and communicated by grunting. The apartment was beyond dirty with flies, feces and reeked of cat urine. Even more unbelievable is that these "people" had three OTHER children taken away from them a few years ago for basically the same reasons. Not much upsets me more than abuse and neglect of the defenseless, children and animals. I am absolutely for strict laws on who can or cannot become a parent and even for forced sterilization of anyone found guilty of any kind of abuse of a child. The authorities should had sterilized the couple in this case after they proved to be unfit parents a few years ago, instead these sickos had four more kids. For what? If you are a drug addict or an alcoholic I don't think you should be allowed to have children until you get sober. If you can't take care of yourself you can't care for a child. If you want kids badly enough then sober up and get your shit together! I also do not think that people on welfare should be able to have kids until they can support themselves. That would probably cut down on the people that only give birth so they can collect more money in form of handouts.
How are you going to feed and clothe your children if you can't feed yourself? Newsflash.....the kids should not support you, it is the other way around. People with serious mental issues should also not be allowed to have children. If you are crazy you can barely concentrate on yourself and keeping track of the meds you have to take every day. I suspect there were some sort of mental issues in this case, at least the so called Mom looks like she lost all her marbles a long time ago and the Dad looks like Charles Manson. Creepy.
Same goes for pet owners. If you abuse or neglect your pet then you should not be allowed to have any animals ever again.