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Sitting here and finishing up my coffee.....I have to go and return some movies and get toilet paper, very glamorous. I will refer to this entry when people at work ask me what I do during the daytime. I do the same stuff like everybody else, sleep and run errands. Stuff.
Oh....I forgot to mention that last night some guy got fascinated with my feet and toenails and the funny thing is that my pink toenail polish is looking awful and I need to cut my toenails but I was going to wait until Monday, that is when I am going to get a pedicure. Anyhow, he kept on trying to inspect my feet and I kept on moving them away from him. I mean, first of all my feet look kind of bad right now, although he didn't seem to think so and second, that is a very specific fetish that people pay high dollars for. So no, you can look but you cannot touch!
Then while giving him a lap dance he tried to pull a fast one and touch my VAGINE. I quickly backed away and recomposed myself (my first instinct was to push him really hard but that could had injured him) and then I scolded him. Well, he sincerely apologized and the dance ended there. Of course I kept the money! are a few things on my list of stuff that annoyed me today. First of all this article about a pregnant CHILD in Chile.

"SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — The case of a pregnant 11-year old girl who was raped in Chile by her mother's partner has set off a national debate about abortion in one of the most socially-conservative countries in Latin America.
State TV reported that the girl is 14 weeks pregnant. Police arrested her mother's partner who confessed to abusing the fifth grader. Doctors say her life and that of the fetus are at high risk. But ending the pregnancy is not an option."

Abortion is illegal in Chile, no matter what circumstance. What utter BULLSHIT! I feel serious anger and sadness when I hear about stuff like this.

Then I read an online article about Channing Tatum and that he is now a Dad because his wife Jenna recently gave birth to a girl. He talked about how much he admired Jenna for giving birth and for women in general. Many women LOVE Channing because he is a hot hunk that showed off his fine physique in Magic Mike but he also seems to sincerely love and adore his wife and be a really good guy allover. I like men like that. That is a MAN. Hey guys, LOVE your woman! That is my advice for you! So following the article people chimed in with their opinions about child birth and their man/husband being there for them during that time. Some poor woman wrote, "a man only does this if he truly loves his wife. my husband made me go to a pizzeria with him on the way to the hospital, and I had to watch him eat a whole pizza before we went. I was so hungry, I'd been in labor for 3 days at that point, and couldn't have anything to eat. it was another 47 hrs. and 45 min. before I delivered. doctor didn't believe in C-sections, and then he sewed me up tighter for my husband's better pleasure. unbelievable. I had to have it re-done a couple of years later. how thoughtless and cruel they were."

What the fuck? I'd much rather be single than have a "man" like that. Nobody is free of fault and people make mistakes but that is just plain wrong on so many levels. All of it. The pizza, the sewing up the VAGINE for the husbands pleasure......really? REALLY?! I can't believe the stuff some people do.
Anyhow.....I need to go and get that toilet paper!