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Today I am out wandering around the city on my own. But first me and Angelica had some Polish food for lunch. Polish food = lots of dough, cabbage, sauerkraut, potatoes or soup.
I love it though.....

Then I took the CTA and exited Washington. The CTA smells like Stockholm's "pendeltåg" so I had some good feeling flashbacks.

Now I am relaxing with an Earl Grey Vanilla Creme at Argo Tea. I am trying almond milk instead of regular cow milk, not bad at all. I want to become more aware of the amount of animal products I eat.......

New product. Josie Maran Argan Oil. I am going to use it on my face and see how well it moisturizes. is time for some more wandering around and shopping. It's warm and humid out and I love it!


Went for a stroll by the water on Lake Shore Drive or LSD as the locals here supposedly call it. I am going to miss Chicago when I leave.......

Shared a HUGE creme brulee at Hugo's Frog Bar. Early evening yesterday. I ❤ Chicago.

Lake Michigan

I have never seen a lake as HUGE as Lake Michigan. I can't believe it is a lake! Went on an architectural tour of the city by boat. It was very nice, perfect weather, beautiful water.
After that some walking around the city and onto the pier. I think that I have a new fave city.......Chicago. It used to be New York City, I love that place but Chicago seems nicer.

Also a new fave place for tea. Argo tea, very yummy!

At night we went to King Spa. Open 24 hours, so we didn't get there until 11. We got some scrubbing gloves and got clean from head to toe. I love places like this and King Spa was very nice I have to say. The amethyst room is amazing. In fact all the different rooms were. I tried to take pictures but cameras are not allowed and the pics I did sneak in turned out too dark because I turned off the flash. They even had a room for VAGINE "facials", I wrote a blog about that a while back. You sit on a toilet looking chair while your neither parts get a steam bath with different herbs, the main one wormwood. I really wanted to sit in one of those chairs for a pic but the mean Korean spa attendant would had probably spanked me.

Read my old blog about the VAGINE facial here

Up Early

I woke up at 7 am today. Without an alarm. That is unusual. But there was no clubbing last night. At Starbucks right now, having breakfast. Latte and a Greek yogurt. The Greek yogurt at Starbucks is yummy, try one and see for yourself.
No clubbing last night. Instead we went to some stores and had Mexican food. Do I need any more Hello Kitty stuff? I decided not to get a new Hello Kitty makeup box although I was tempted. The one I have is still holding up. I want like all cute Hello Kitty stuff that I see.

Such a cute backpack!

It was raining in Chicago last night. Even some thunder and lightning. It was nice, the rain was warm - I loved it.

Now I am going back to the house to take a shower and get ready for today. Not sure what we are doing yet. Sightseeing I think.

Porn and Chicken

Last night we went to some event called Porn and Chicken that was held at the Evil Olive in the city. When I first walked in I was like, WTF? But we soon became pretty much the life of the party. Another night of dancing until 4 am, we closed down the dance floor together with some fellow happy and sweaty people. There was porn playing in the main room, also in the main room - lots of sexually frustrated guys, many from countries in the Middle East. LOL.
The porn probably got them very EXCITE (pronounced BORAT style) and then when they saw four girls dancing together they had to make their moves. I absolutely can't stand it when some sweaty dudes that I don't even know come up from behind and try to hump me with with their half hard member. That does NOT fly with me. Keep your distance BORAT if you don't want me to punch you in the face. Usually a quick step out of their way works or I give them the look of death and tell them either NO or FUCK OFF. Works for me! :-D But some of them did not even speak any English, it was quite funny. There was an older small, really skinny man in a suit getting down with a happy smile on his face, he was a cutie, he told me he thought I danced nice in a heavy accent. Another came up and said I reminded him of Cinderella (of all characters) because of my hair. Yea, the hair usually gets lots of attention.
I should start a fan club just for the hair. When my hair gets wet from sweating I know that I am having a good time because I am in constant movement. Then there was another foreigner that just stood around, I coached him to dance and have fun and before he left the club he ran up to me and grabbed my head in a firm grip with both hands and placed a big Kazakh style kiss on my cheek. I think I made him happy. Aside from a few overenthusiastic love starved men I had a great time. I even wore my gigantic ring on my finger, to display that I am taken. You know the ring Chester (my imaginary husband from Linkin Park) gave me but that didn't work. See here
Anyhow, taking photos in the club was not allowed, why I do not understand. I had a discussion with a gorilla bouncer about that. Hello, after all I was the only celeb in the place...... ;-) I definitely wanted some pictures of that crazy freak show and the porn. The porn was a little gross but hey whatever. Plus there was a HUGE disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Biggest I have ever seen and when the lasers hit, it looked so pretty. I think I have breathed in enough smoke from the smoke machines in the last two nights to last me for a while. At least until tomorrow. I love the smell of that smoke by the way.

I have no plans for today yet. I got up at 2 pm and I am having a coffee at Starbucks right now. I do know that if I lived in Chicago I would not have to go to the gym. Clubbing a few times a week would keep me in shape, I already lost a few pounds without even trying. This is what sweaty and happy looks like (see pic).

Boom Boom Room

Last night, instead of EDC we went to some club called the Boom Boom Room, also known as Dolphin. That place was great and the music was even better. Lots of freaks to look at.
I danced and felt happy. When the Boom Boom Room ended we went to an after hours club set up in some Italian restaurant with stuff on the walls that looked like this.

All the dj's were all deep into their HOUSE music. Really good. No fake nerd glasses and styled hair. Older fat sweaty dj, some skinny guys with real glasses (not for show). We got home at 8 am and we are going out again tonight. I need to soak up all the HOUSE music that I can while I am here.

More EDC Pics

Although the music was basically awful at EDC it was still fun to people watch. The vibe was still present and alive and everybody, regardless of color, looks and size (even handicap) got along and were there together.
The EDCs I used to go to in LA were absolutely amazing . There was an actual HOUSE area.
I know I keep on yakking about the HOUSE music but if you know that rhythm and love it you KNOW what I am talking about, no need to explain anything else. EDC Chicago had five stages, on the two main ones they played the same crap. Sorry AVICII I know you are popular and all.......even from Sweden but whatever, him and the rest of those guys who are "the big name" dj's right now are not good. I'd rather go to a Justin Bieber concert. I feel somewhat bad for the kids at the massive raves now for they do not know what they are really missing out on. Anyhow......enough of that. EDC had rides, the fireworks and girls dressed in panties and tutu's, even though it was freezing. Here are some of the pics I took.......

In love at the party.

The Teletubbies were out having fun!

Super cute girls!

Almost naked very skinny guy that was dancing up a storm. He was quite entertaining.

We met the cutest little boy, he SAID he was 20.......(I think maybe younger). We tried scaring him with telling him that we were going to rape him and sit on his face. LOL. The things girls can get away with. ;-) Imagine if you walked up to some random girl and blurted out something like that. But instead of getting scared he wanted to know when and where.
Talk about feeling like a child molester.


No EDC tonight, both me and Angelica agreed that it was the worst party we had ever been to. No amount of fun drugs could had changed my mind about that. And before you start assuming anything.....I was completely sober. Put the tickets on Craigslist and had them sold within five minutes. Got maybe 40 calls before I took the listing down. Two excited boys were the lucky buyers. Tonight, some fun (hopefully) club instead.

EDC Second Night

Eeeeehhhhhhh........NOT SO MUCH would be how I would describe and sum up last night. First of all I did dress warm enough, jeans, two hoodies, gloves. I even walked around with the hood over my head and a bandana covering my mouth because of the cold. I got mistaken for a guy twice because of that, LOL, that was the first and I like that! :-D
I have never been to a party where I could not show off my cute shirt and accessories, this was the first. We were both wearing the pink HAPPY shirts underneath. AND.......the music SUCKED. Where was the HOUSE music? Hello.......this is Chicago after all. HOUSE music and Chicago go hand in hand. We walked around in the cold between the different stages trying to catch some good music so we could dance because after all that is what we came for, the music and the dancing. I don't need any E or Molly, I love to dance and can basically go all night. The music was was too trancey, long melodic breakdowns filled with church sounding singing, lots of video game and robot like sounds. Crazy! I know what I like when it comes to music at raves and I am picky. Just standing with thousands of people, squished like sardines, bopping up and down won't cut it for me. BUT it was still fun to people watch and dance the few times we actually did bust some moves. And the fireworks show was amazing, good job EDC!

Check out this amazing pic of the moon and the beam from the stage. Tatiana, master photographer at your service!

This was my SEKSI outfit for the evening. I actually liked covering my face like this, I think I am going to make use of a bandana over my face more.

Met two guys while dancing that wanted to adopt me, one of them thought my backpack was a BUG. He asked "What is that on your back?" When I told him it was my backpack he said that he though it was a bug. LOL. meet some funny people at raves. My backpack is the cutest, it has a deer on it and a mushroom.

We stayed until the end last night. BUT I am not sure if I want to go and do the whole thing again tonight. And that is the first time I have ever said that about a rave.

Misery at EDC

To sum up last night in one word.....FREEZING! It was pure misery, I have never been so cold at a party before. If I knew how cold it would be I would had worn gloves, a scarf and two thick hoodies. It was like 41 degrees and windy. Plus the music sucked and it's by dancing that you warm up. Sure we danced and met people and saw fun stuff but my teeth were shattering and my nose was running and red. Makes for great photos. I had a thin hoodie to cover up with. We both agreed that last night was hands down the worst party we had been to but still stuck it out until 3. Even though we hitchhiked with some cops in a golf cart at the party, they drove us to VIP style to get beer and they definitely broke some laws. ;-)
More pics will be up next week when I can use my computer at a Starbucks or the cold kind of made for less pics and not as cute due to hoodies covering us up and red noses.